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News Archives for Feb. 2004

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Story Date
'Passion' violence not typical pulpit sermon 2/27/2004
'Traveling Lady' to hit Waco, then to New York 2/27/2004
2nd Annual Latina Conference to be held Saturday 2/27/2004
Allocation process may be revised, improved 2/27/2004
Basketball teams need home wins 2/27/2004
BU softball appears on game show 2/27/2004
Jazz ensemble wows audience Thursday 2/27/2004
More Bliss violations uncovered 2/27/2004
Old-school 'Sing'ers reminisce 2/27/2004
San Francisco should pursue gay marriage suit 2/27/2004
Track to compete for Big 12 championship 2/27/2004
First Mondays to host faculty talent show 2/26/2004
Former Bears play lights out 2/26/2004
Long-term effects of Atkins still uncertain 2/26/2004
Material desires form of 'slavery' in America 2/26/2004
Seeking lessons abroad 2/26/2004
Whites-only scholarship promotes discrimination 2/26/2004
YCT to discuss boycott 2/26/2004
City of Waco OK to ban protest in school zones 2/25/2004
Civil rights leader visits BU Chapel 2/25/2004
Day of Ashes honors sacrifice 2/25/2004
Faculty shares religious faith 2/25/2004
Men's tennis defeats ranked opponents Auburn, Kentucky 2/25/2004
Professors grill Brooks in meeting over budget slash 2/25/2004
BU wins regional College Bowl 2/24/2004
Colorado football coach's suspension justified 2/24/2004
Engineering Week events underway 2/24/2004
Lady Bears can taste NCAA bid after Sooners victory 2/24/2004
Men's basketball overcome by Missouri in last few minutes 2/24/2004
Minority Greek council created 2/24/2004
Waco Hippodrome celebrates 90 years at anniversary bash 2/24/2004
'Ancestor' gives historical show 2/20/2004
Basketball teams look for home wins 2/20/2004
BU freezes hiring, nixes capital spending 2/20/2004
Congress divvies up more SLF money 2/20/2004
Daniel vying for Arkansas job 2/20/2004
Grandparents to visit this weekend 2/20/2004
Legacy students invading Baylor campus this weekend 2/20/2004
Schools, businesses OK to ban camera phones 2/20/2004
Speaker to encourage family business values 2/20/2004
BU hockey player scores acting role in 'Miracle' 2/19/2004
BU law hosting moot court 2/19/2004
Children climb aboard 'Seabiscuit' bandwagon 2/19/2004
Lady Bears steal OSU victory 2/19/2004
Pharmacists have right to refuse filling prescriptions 2/19/2004
Rugby club set for playoffs 2/19/2004
Scientists discuss drug discoveries 2/19/2004
Students challenged to understand other faiths 2/19/2004
Students poised to showcase talent tonight in 51st edition of Sing 2/19/2004
Wintertime blues cause 'SAD'ness 2/19/2004
'Passion' advertisement OK on race car hood 2/18/2004
Author, radio personality speaks to students 2/18/2004
Houston builds transit system, renovates downtown 2/18/2004
No. 11 Bears catch another victory 2/18/2004
Planning for '04 Welcome Week now underway 2/18/2004
Speakers for poetry fair named 2/18/2004
Students challenged to understand other faiths 2/18/2004
V-Day aims to put end to violence 2/18/2004
Women's tennis drops singles and doubles competitions to TCU 2/18/2004
Baylor baseball warms up despite snow to win series 2-1 2/17/2004
Black fraternity joins Sing lineup 2/17/2004
Browning library hosts ultimate valentine 2/17/2004
Campus construction projects nearly done 2/17/2004
Christian hip-hop duo livens up Chapel 2/17/2004
Guantanamo prisoners should face review panel 2/17/2004
Knowing BU parking laws valuable tool 2/17/2004
Student to pay her way to Africa, help AIDS victims in need 2/17/2004
Baylor organizations send items to soldiers 2/13/2004
Baylor tennis to play over weekend 2/13/2004
Browning library hosts ultimate valentine 2/13/2004
Chamber SLF request axed by Congress 2/13/2004
Foreign students sharing culture 2/13/2004
Gay marriage issue hot topic locally 2/13/2004
Groups honor black history 2/13/2004
Massages rub out stress, improve people's health 2/13/2004
Professor receives funding for research 2/13/2004
Tax increase beneficial to helping smokers quit 2/13/2004
Art center planning Valentine's Day bash 2/12/2004
Artists' network created 2/12/2004
Baylor baseball geared up for successful 2004 season 2/12/2004
Couple shares love story at BSM 2/12/2004
Professor discusses sacrifice, peace, war 2/12/2004
Slave's son first urged black history recognition 2/12/2004
Teenagers should know their legal abortion rights 2/12/2004
Track and field teams find success, continue to rise in rankings 2/12/2004
Alumni association designates Kilgore to head up organization 2/11/2004
Baylor struggles against former Bear 2/11/2004
Broadcast networks right to implement delays 2/11/2004
BU spring enrollment falls by 426 2/11/2004
First black graduate recalls past at BU 2/11/2004
Have exciting weekends without breaking the bank 2/11/2004
Sloan speaks to ministers 2/11/2004
Track and field teams find success, continue to rise in rankings 2/11/2004
Baylor basketball slam-dunks A&M 2/10/2004
Baylor group hosting AIDS Awareness Week 2/10/2004
Baylor's foundation rooted in old buildings 2/10/2004
FDA issues ephedra ban, skeptics question legitimacy 2/10/2004
Judge cuts out 6 of 7 charges in BU civil case 2/10/2004
Planning for Bearathon underway 2/10/2004
Red Raiders defeat Lady Bears in three-point heartbreaker 2/10/2004
Softball steals second in weekend tourney 2/10/2004
Student back home after India venture 2/10/2004
Truett shouldn't have revoked Bass' scholarship 2/10/2004
ABS gala features 'Essence' editor 2/6/2004
Business student turns his intrigue for T-shirts into lucrative business 2/6/2004
Former Baylor player makes waves at OSU 2/6/2004
Judge should postpone executions for court ruling 2/6/2004
No. 17 women challenge Tech 2/6/2004
Saturday's Harp Sing honors 160-year-old Southern ritual 2/6/2004
Softball gears up for season opener 2/6/2004
Student Congress allocates $4,000 2/6/2004
Tunnel of Oppression educates students about prejudice 2/6/2004
Act requires campus police to release info 2/5/2004
BU hits recruitment jackpot in Texas 2/5/2004
BU theater's 'Woman' begins its run today 2/5/2004
Club baseball will hold spring tryouts 2/5/2004
Minister urges students to pursue social change 2/5/2004
Provost nabs Lifetime Achievement Award 2/5/2004
Student leaders seeking input 2/5/2004
Two students perform at Super Bowl XXXVIII 2/5/2004
University police records should be more accessible 2/5/2004
Updated Shakespeare play visits Waco theatre 2/5/2004
'Kiss Me, Kate' headed to town 2/4/2004
Baylor cuts gay student's Truett scholarship 2/4/2004
BYX annual event to minister to students with food, music 2/4/2004
Donors give generously in '03 2/4/2004
E-mail virus hits campus 2/4/2004
Faculty evaluations must be more accessible 2/4/2004
Lecturer to speak on investments 2/4/2004
Morriss replaces losses, announces new recruits today 2/4/2004
Waco outskirts offer change of pace 2/4/2004
'Kiss Me, Kate' headed to town 2/3/2004
Battle of the grill 2/3/2004
Black History events offer many cultural experiences 2/3/2004
Globetrotters bring world tour to Waco 2/3/2004
Lady Bears' late run bests Cornhuskers 2/3/2004
Leaders' scrutiny of SLF growing 2/3/2004
Peacemaker shares experiences with students 2/3/2004