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News Archives for Oct. 2004

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Story Date
Baylor's Roxy Grove holds annual Halloween organ recital 10/29/2004
Bears to face TAMU Aggies Saturday without King 10/29/2004
Congress votes to uphold Leach's veto 10/29/2004
Electoral college will determine election 10/29/2004
Former felons' basic rights should include voting 10/29/2004
Halloween candy can scare, too 10/29/2004
Hitting the road makes the school year spontaneous 10/29/2004
Pausing for Day of the Dead 10/29/2004
Plenty of screams available at Texas haunted houses 10/29/2004
Security cameras may be dummies 10/29/2004
Students must vote, take action Nov. 2 10/29/2004
Urban legends haunt campus 10/29/2004
BU hosts ministry conferences 10/28/2004
Chapel guest blends rap, John's Gospel 10/28/2004
Chapman takes 'new' direction, creates fresh album 10/28/2004
Citizens, reporters share equal access 10/28/2004
Dodd, Creager provide strong sounds for Texas country fans 10/28/2004
Friends relieve stresses of school 10/28/2004
Local elections play major part in democracy too 10/28/2004
McLennan County prepares for Nov. 2 10/28/2004
McNeal shines in Aggies' offense 10/28/2004
Muslims of Waco educate about faith 10/28/2004
NBC chief speaks at Baylor on reporting, world affairs 10/28/2004
Porn event attracts many 10/28/2004
Prof speaks on nihilism in U.S. 10/28/2004
'Christmas' comes early, flops 10/27/2004
'Grudge' forgets reality 10/27/2004
'Talk' offers realistic chick-lit 10/27/2004
Answers for future journey found in God's promise 10/27/2004
Bad, good of Bears' ISU performance 10/27/2004
Faculty panel tackles election issues 10/27/2004
Leach vetoes swing event funds 10/27/2004
Lecturer lauds great leaders 10/27/2004
National Rock the Vote campaign comes to Baylor 10/27/2004
New library phones will help students 10/27/2004
Police officers have right to talk to media 10/27/2004
Tennis to play in nationals 10/27/2004
Tough time opens view to reality 10/27/2004
'Vote or die' even after elections 10/26/2004
Astros fans deal with years of postseason woes 10/26/2004
Baylor comes up short against ISU 10/26/2004
Bears soccer falls to Mizzou 10/26/2004
Editor to discuss Roosevelt, Churchill 10/26/2004
Fox group responsible for 'indecency' on TV 10/26/2004
Nebraska pounds BU, 3-1 10/26/2004
Regents vote to up tuition 6.4 percent 10/26/2004
'54 grads prepare for 50th reunion 10/22/2004
'Primer' creators filled many roles 10/22/2004
1909 brought new event to campus: homecoming 10/22/2004
Alumni recall favorite off-campus hangouts 10/22/2004
Baylor alumni participate in local politics 10/22/2004
Baylor stocks football food for homecoming events 10/22/2004
Bears to face Cyclones for homecoming 10/22/2004
BU bridge replaces railroad tracks 10/22/2004
BU Faculty Senate provides discussion 10/22/2004
BU's Golden Wave Band made of nearly 1/2 freshmen; still growing 10/22/2004
BU's No. 1 women's distance racer draws strength from family 10/22/2004
Class of '79 reunites 10/22/2004
Cost of Floyd Casey skyboxes may change when fees paid off 10/22/2004
Floats, bands, viewers have helped make parade part of tradition 10/22/2004
Freshmen guard flame from theft 10/22/2004
Gear up for Halloween with classic horror flicks 10/22/2004
Graduation alerts seniors of nearing job responsibilities 10/22/2004
Immortal Ten memorial stalls halfway 10/22/2004
KWBU president leaves 10/22/2004
Lady Bears set to slide tackle Mizzou 10/22/2004
Lady Bears to face No. 3 Nebraska 10/22/2004
Last call for advisement before registration begins 10/22/2004
Letters to the editor 10/22/2004
Locals profit from stadium overflow 10/22/2004
Morriss balances coaching his 'kids' with family life 10/22/2004
Practice, tradition, all part of Pigskin Revue 10/22/2004
Record breaking class offers hope 10/22/2004
Reflection on past needed for morale, spirits 10/22/2004
Regents' agenda: tuition, new programs 10/22/2004
Scholar studies child interaction 10/22/2004
Statue fund raising needs more attention 10/22/2004
Student Congress allocates $1,300 to swing dance society 10/22/2004
Sundance winner comes to Waco 10/22/2004
Touchdown Alley ignites team spirit pre-game 10/22/2004
'Shaun of the Dead' dawns on theaters 10/21/2004
BU's touring choir to perform Friday 10/21/2004
Christian fallacies also seen in democratic ideals 10/21/2004
Film takes on BU turmoil 10/21/2004
Flea market attracts diverse shoppers 10/21/2004
Lady Bears' golf wins Aztec tourney 10/21/2004
Letters to the editor 10/21/2004
Protection needed for federal whistleblowers 10/21/2004
Sports writers debate Astros, Bears, BCS title 10/21/2004
Waco fills up on Vitek's for 32 years 10/21/2004
Weekend time for meeting others 10/21/2004
Awards laud small businesses 10/20/2004
Candidates battle for spot in Congress 10/20/2004
Car names not just for males 10/20/2004
High-speed network relies on 'dark fiber' 10/20/2004
Medical technology offers hope for life 10/20/2004
New events to spice up homecoming celebration 10/20/2004
Understanding Middle Eastern tradition important 10/20/2004
'Huckabees' quirky but deep 10/19/2004
'Premier' army jazz band gives first-time Waco performance 10/19/2004
Abuse affects one in three women, studies say 10/19/2004
BU debate team No. 1 in country 10/19/2004
BU staff to acquire extra vacation days 10/19/2004
College memories include road trips 10/19/2004
Constant Malachi return to Waco 10/19/2004
Faculty buy ads to oppose Senate vote 10/19/2004
Kerry wrong choice for sake of nation's integrity 10/19/2004
Lady Bears' volleyball pounds NSU 3-0 10/19/2004
Love of math, money led new BU prof to accounting 10/19/2004
New Björk of art 10/19/2004
Online network connects students 10/19/2004
School plan provides good step for students 10/19/2004
3 Baylor professors head research group on $300,000 grant 10/14/2004
Baylor debates Britain on stem cells 10/14/2004
Baylor to face embattled NU in Saturday conference game 10/14/2004
Cancer victim remained 'uplifting' despite illness 10/14/2004
Candidates' traits vary in effect 10/14/2004
Chet Edwards addresses AAUP 10/14/2004
Christians' political choice does not reflect values 10/14/2004
Documentary spells out serious competition 10/14/2004
Lady Bears fall to Texas Tech, 3-1 10/14/2004
Letters to the editor 10/14/2004
More teams sought for charity event 10/14/2004
Surgery not answer for child obesity 10/14/2004
Ballot opens for 'Professor of the Year' 10/13/2004
Bears need changes to win more games 10/13/2004
BU alumni association to offer loans 10/13/2004
BU's continuing education celebrates 25 years 10/13/2004
Faculty Senate plans upcoming survey 10/13/2004
Law should change for parental custody 10/13/2004
Striving for success can leave people lost, stressed 10/13/2004
Study abroad book aids in experience 10/13/2004
Surgeries give cancer victims options 10/13/2004
Terms of dating can get gray 10/13/2004
Volleyball to face Texas Tech tonight 10/13/2004
World political scene different with war on terror 10/13/2004
'Mean Girls' acts as social commentary 10/12/2004
140 boats sail in Brazos regatta 10/12/2004
Baylor administration needs praise, not criticism 10/12/2004
Bears lose second Big 12 game, 30-10 10/12/2004
Breast cancer survivors join race 10/12/2004
BU revamps internal reporting process 10/12/2004
BU Soccer loses 1, ties 1 over weekend 10/12/2004
Film explores Texas team 10/12/2004
Hustle, humor fill profs' noon hoops 10/12/2004
Letters to the editor 10/12/2004
School needs consent for R-rated movies 10/12/2004
Speaker traces land fossils 10/12/2004
Students critique presidential debate 10/12/2004
'Power of Porn' to receive $7,500 10/8/2004
B/MU's matchup to appear on FSN 10/8/2004
Battle of the Bands to kick off football game 10/8/2004
Baylor's Students for Social Justice to hold AIDS walk 10/8/2004
Bears try to win first Big 12 game against Mizzou 10/8/2004
BU spirit should shine on Saturday night TV 10/8/2004
Candidates answer to voters 10/8/2004
Fair, rodeo liven up Waco this weekend 10/8/2004
Important game must roar with students' loud cheers 10/8/2004
International missionaries from 15 countries to speak, meet with students 10/8/2004
Letters to the editor 10/8/2004
Live life as lesson for others 10/8/2004
Parents' prayer group grows 10/8/2004
Professor worked with urban child laborers on Guatemalan streets 10/8/2004
SHARK: 'Joy and Lady deserve better' 10/8/2004
Talented vocalist embarks on music career 10/8/2004
Texas Collection gets new director 10/8/2004
Baylor graduate brings Lebanese taste to Waco 10/7/2004
Baylor, UT-Austin approve funding for law students 10/7/2004
BU needs peaceful solidarity 10/7/2004
BU students get experience as actresses in Dallas play 10/7/2004
Cancun's character, food come to Waco 10/7/2004
CHIP budget cut leaves 150,000 uninsured 10/7/2004
Eating at Flo's similar to home-cooked meal 10/7/2004
Faculty Senate to conduct survey 10/7/2004
Letters to the editor 10/7/2004
Living-learning centers to aid with relationships, grades 10/7/2004
Music, worship focus of 3-day Hearn Symposium at Baylor 10/7/2004
New Chalk Talk radio show 10/7/2004
Panel to focus on home media 10/7/2004
Republican voice spawning fear of future, not debate 10/7/2004
Scholar refutes 'The Da Vinci Code' 10/7/2004
Student, faculty voices both needed on issues 10/7/2004
Swanson comes out of shadows to be team leader 10/7/2004
Big 12 North Division 10/6/2004
Big 12 South Division 10/6/2004
Candidates must understand, respect minority voters 10/6/2004
Collection of hymns comes to BU library 10/6/2004
Congress ready for student opinions 10/6/2004
Faculty won't comment on vote status 10/6/2004
Forbes: Issues cut across party lines 10/6/2004
Four bands play for UBC crowd of 150 10/6/2004
Letters to the editor 10/6/2004
Political Web logs tackle campaign 10/6/2004
State should not issue special interest plates 10/6/2004
900 students, 100 companies attend Baylor's career fair 10/5/2004
Elevator situations awkward 10/5/2004
Feminine aspects endanger men's traditional role 10/5/2004
Five 5-star soundtracks that affected our generation 10/5/2004
It's no 'Finding Nemo,' but 'Shark' flick is still good tale 10/5/2004
Lady Bears beat No. 24 Jayhawks 10/5/2004
Lecturer says 9/11 driven by politics 10/5/2004
Letters to the editor 10/5/2004
New BU prof says students are 'interesting' 10/5/2004
No. 5 Longhorns tuneup for OU beating Bears, 44-14 10/5/2004
One-time rock musician plays nonsecular music for Chapel 10/5/2004
Patriot Act secrecy infringes on rights 10/5/2004
Prof teaches students about slavery 10/5/2004
Railway to cut commutes 10/5/2004
Recycling plan targets cell phone pollution 10/5/2004
StuCon opposes faculty vote 10/5/2004
Welcome Families program aims to connect Americans, foreigners 10/5/2004
'05 seniors choose class gift 10/1/2004
'Sunshine' spotless experience for viewers 10/1/2004
Bears to take on UT Longhorns 10/1/2004
BU's all-female Round Table introduces faculty, spouses 10/1/2004
Busy schedules dominate lives of seniors 10/1/2004
HSA celebrates Latino culture 10/1/2004
LEAF asset to BU family 10/1/2004
Letters to the editor 10/1/2004
StuCon may give anti-porn event $10K 10/1/2004
Student's journey for LSAT provides stress, positivity 10/1/2004
Students should have input on new sports 10/1/2004
Traditional festival includes dance, food 10/1/2004
Undergraduate 'Pulse' to publish academic papers 10/1/2004