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News Archives for Jan. 2004

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Story Date
ATO fraternity returns to campus 1/30/2004
Baylor Gold wants new recruits 1/30/2004
Baylor grads win awards at Sundance 1/30/2004
Baylor helps Iraqi universities 1/30/2004
No. 16 Lady Bears hungry for NCAAs 1/30/2004
Student Congress supports publishing professor evaluations 1/30/2004
Baylor basketball falls to No. 25 OU 1/29/2004
BU key to Carter's blood drive 1/29/2004
Guest artist visits Waco 1/29/2004
Major Jesuit topic of church-state lecture 1/29/2004
Pre-med, Pre-dent Day coming soon 1/29/2004
Texas traffic law requires drivers to slow down 1/29/2004
Wis. bill paves way for more organ donation 1/29/2004
'Newlywed' dines at local establishments 1/28/2004
BEST program seeks applicants 1/28/2004
District 17 candidates debate issues at BU 1/28/2004
Sex selection shouldn't be option for parents 1/28/2004
SLC revives Total Wellness Program for students 1/28/2004
Soldiers visit class, speak on media, war 1/28/2004
Waco readies for 38th Super Bowl 1/28/2004
70 teams show up for debate tourney 1/27/2004
BU Success Center hosting fair today 1/27/2004
Chinese student group celebrates new year 1/27/2004
Men's tennis battles gusty winds, cold temperatures in Monday's win 1/27/2004
Men's, women's teams gain conference wins over weekend 1/27/2004
Music school celebrates 100th anniversary with concert tonight 1/27/2004
SLF needs improvements to allocation process 1/27/2004
Students discuss Third-World poverty 1/27/2004
Baylor track team continues to rise in national rankings 1/23/2004
Ethnically diverse music to visit Chapel 1/23/2004
Former BU athlete sues Bliss, school 1/23/2004
KOTs to volunteer at fishing event 1/23/2004
Mavericks struggling to meet expectations 1/23/2004
Music school celebrates 100th anniversary with concert tonight 1/23/2004
Student Congress allocates $9,000 1/23/2004
Students interest in mentoring increases 1/23/2004
Waco should continue seeking hotel proposals 1/23/2004
Atkins diet another trend for fast food restaurants 1/22/2004
Baylor's tennis teams gain national recognition 1/22/2004
Campaigns attracting local help 1/22/2004
Chinese begin celebrations for latest Year of the Monkey 1/22/2004
Drained dam reveals litter 1/22/2004
Elms mixes rock, Christian themes 1/22/2004
Group of students film local movie 1/22/2004
Krispy Kreme set to open in Waco 1/22/2004
Lady Bears outhustle Jayhawks 1/22/2004
Waco Hippodrome theater celebrates 90th birthday 1/22/2004
Waco joins national league 1/22/2004
Baylor's tennis teams gain national recognition 1/21/2004
Bears overcome tough season, roster changes 1/21/2004
Big Daddy's closes doors, moves catering to Clarion 1/21/2004
BU academic concerns raised by 'Trib' report 1/21/2004
Bush's proposal won't solve immigrant problem 1/21/2004
Edwards, challengers prepare for new district 1/21/2004
IFC gets $13,000 allocated for event 1/21/2004
Psychology professor receives APA award 1/21/2004
Safeguarding your computer from harmful bugs, hackers 1/21/2004
Senator emphasizes relationship with Canada 1/21/2004
SUB to receive complete makeover 1/21/2004
Survey addresses health issues 1/21/2004
Two men indicted in Baylor carjacking cases 1/21/2004
Volleyball adjusts to new coach 1/21/2004
Web site offers students new alternative for textbooks 1/21/2004