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News Archives for Sept. 2003

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Story Date
Baylor professor pens novels 9/30/2003
BU student reaches out to Waco's special-needs community 9/30/2003
Coach advises students to set high goals 9/30/2003
Hillsong to take stage tonight 9/30/2003
Journalist leaves lasting impression 9/30/2003
Men's tennis fares well at tourney 9/30/2003
Program adds to on-campus living 9/30/2003
Six girls, one car, free snacks compose new campus transportation 9/30/2003
SMU wrong to shut down YCT bake sale 9/30/2003
Waco museum receives national honor 9/30/2003
Area heart walk set for Oct. 11 9/26/2003
Coach advises students to set high goals 9/26/2003
Entire team shouldn't be punished 9/26/2003
Freshmen get down and dirty at Follies 9/26/2003
Future looks bright for cross country runners 9/26/2003
Rowing Club to host first fall invitational 9/26/2003
Six girls, one car, free snacks compose new campus transportation 9/26/2003
Teachers learning newest techniques 9/26/2003
Web poll: Students not taking care of vehicles 9/26/2003
'Idiots' coming to Hippodrome 9/25/2003
'USA Today' reporter among guest speakers 9/25/2003
4-day event designed for skill building 9/25/2003
Childhood literacy focus of conference on Friday 9/25/2003
Digitization center to provide new tools to library system 9/25/2003
Excise tax on beer shouldn't be increased 9/25/2003
Game room adds new life to cheap fun 9/25/2003
New class applies video game technology to real life 9/25/2003
Retreat goals include informing students about Judaism 9/25/2003
Ashcroft must allow press in conferences 9/24/2003
Brothers create online compilation of Waco area churches 9/24/2003
Deans emphasize importance of studying abroad 9/24/2003
Lady Bears look to continue winning streak 9/24/2003
Sloan addresses students' concerns at 2012 forum 9/24/2003
Bears defeat Bearkats, 27-6 9/23/2003
Concerts explore various sides of conflict through music 9/23/2003
Cyclists to pedal around Waco 9/23/2003
Event fused food, music, fun 9/23/2003
Hispanic Baptist Youth Day bridges gap between Baylor, cultures 9/23/2003
Student concerns purpose of forum 9/23/2003
'Battle of the Bands' to hit 5th Street on Saturday 9/19/2003
Bears anticipate 2004 season 9/19/2003
Bears look for second home victory against SHSU 9/19/2003
Brooks steps down from board of regents 9/19/2003
Businesses recruit BU students at fair 9/19/2003
Fall 2004 tuition set to increase 9/19/2003
Freshman seminars cater to wide interests 9/19/2003
Friends for Life reaches out to Waco 9/19/2003
Parents should not be forced to pay tuition 9/19/2003
Students question value of emergency phone boxes 9/19/2003
Students rank Baylor Law best in state 9/19/2003
Congress right to hold owners responsible 9/18/2003
General speaks of his persistence, dedication 9/18/2003
Greek cancer fund raiser, concert to feature Ingram 9/18/2003
Internal inquiry quiets conflict of interest concerns 9/18/2003
Law grad wages battle against world slavery 9/18/2003
National media spotlight may fade 9/18/2003
NoZe gives Baylor much-needed laugh 9/18/2003
Presidents learn how to tap into resources 9/18/2003
Volleyball claims No. 1 spot at tourney 9/18/2003
Volleyball falls to Missouri 9/18/2003
'Lariat' editorial staff receives well-deserved national SPJ honors 9/17/2003
13,937 students enrolled for fall 9/17/2003
Baylor alum to share 'Shrek' secrets at SMU 9/17/2003
Faculty senate divides issues into 8 sections 9/17/2003
JMU students right to protest removal of pills 9/17/2003
Letters to the editor 9/17/2003
Music, poetry performers to fill library's garden area 9/17/2003
Parties hope regent committees resolve conflicts 9/17/2003
School may add master's program 9/17/2003
Sleep deprivation increases as freshman adjust to college 9/17/2003
Social work students move from 'bubble' to reality 9/17/2003
Students, Baylor family must unite behind university, administration 9/17/2003
Bears score first victory 9/16/2003
BU youth program enriches lives of high school kids 9/16/2003
First families of Baylor announced Friday 9/16/2003
Letters to the editor 9/16/2003
New York interns gain hands-on experience 9/16/2003
Phi Beta Kappa receives national honor 9/16/2003
Professional writing offers chance for behind-the-scenes production 9/16/2003
Program combines sports, marketing 9/16/2003
Regents reiterate faith in Sloan's leadership 9/16/2003
Steppin' Out goes to Dallas 9/16/2003
Studying abroad provides valuable cultural experience 9/16/2003
UT proposed five-year limit unfair 9/16/2003
Volleyball claims No. 1 spot at tourney 9/16/2003
Acts prepared for After Dark variety, talent show 9/12/2003
Baylor 2012 student board formed 9/12/2003
Bears look for home victory over SMU 9/12/2003
Chamber has many activities planned 9/12/2003
Kolache Fest to celebrate Czech culture 9/12/2003
Letters to the editor 9/12/2003
Professor vs. Parent: some choose the role 9/12/2003
Students may lose Pell Grant funding next year 9/12/2003
Students, leaders rally, pledge loyalty to Sloan 9/12/2003
Tradition running strong for 43 years 9/12/2003
VA Hospital should not be closed down 9/12/2003
Women's golf swings into action for fall tournaments 9/12/2003
BU students list favorite hot spots 9/11/2003
Cycling geared up for race 9/11/2003
Faculty Senate vote was 'opportunistic' 9/11/2003
Faculty speak out in Sloan's defense 9/11/2003
Freshman leaders selected 9/11/2003
Lady Bears struggle at tourney 9/11/2003
Men's golf has eye on success 9/11/2003
Mock trial group begins on campus 9/11/2003
President's leadership wrong for BU 9/11/2003
Residence hall laundry facilities upgraded 9/11/2003
Sloan supporters gather in prayer 9/11/2003
Strecker Museum closing until move into Mayborn Complex 9/11/2003
T-shirts, buttons show BU support 9/11/2003
Tragic events taught student journalists how to tell the news 9/11/2003
Twin Towers replica on display at center 9/11/2003
Award-winning violinist to visit Waco 9/10/2003
Dorms experiencing capacity problems 9/10/2003
Elite Circle Grille renovation pays homage to Elvis 9/10/2003
Even with 'license-plate immunity' parking tickets aren't easy to avoid 9/10/2003
Grub club feeds Wacoans, reduces waste 9/10/2003
Lady Bears struggle at tourney 9/10/2003
LEGOs bring back memories of youth 9/10/2003
Men's golf has eye on success 9/10/2003
Sloan gets no-confidence vote 9/10/2003
Sloan supporters gather in prayer 9/10/2003
Soccer faces first defeat 9/10/2003
Strecker Museum closing until move into Mayborn Complex 9/10/2003
Students need to accept risks of file-sharing 9/10/2003
Baylor names new athletic director 9/9/2003
Career Fair to help students get jobs 9/9/2003
Crowded movies, metric system: A few of his least favorite things 9/9/2003
Democrats' battle should be brought back to Texas floor 9/9/2003
Design ideas wanted for former Fountain Mall site 9/9/2003
Football falls to N. Texas 9/9/2003
Freshman, Student Congress elections today 9/9/2003
Fulbright program helps graduates study abroad 9/9/2003
Homeless find aid, shelter at Set-Free 9/9/2003
Residence hall laundry facilities upgraded 9/9/2003
TX Legislature shouldn't push redistricting 9/9/2003
'Greedy' Republicans ensuring Texas majority 9/5/2003
Aggies, Wildcats teams to watch during 2003 Big 12 football season families 9/5/2003
Balloonists touch down in Waco 9/5/2003
Cosby delivers comic relief 9/5/2003
Cross country sprints into successful fall season 9/5/2003
Dotson able to receive fair trial in local courts 9/5/2003
Extradition closer after Perry signs official warrant 9/5/2003
Failure to commit makes for messy 'Le Divorce' 9/5/2003
Football faces Mean Green 9/5/2003
Friends of Baylor donates $1 million 9/5/2003
Future of Waco's VA Hospital threatened 9/5/2003
Judge can still show beliefs by his actions 9/5/2003
New fitness programs at SLC available for students 9/5/2003
Sister's move, first days of school show importance of strong families 9/5/2003
Tennis players ranked in top 100 9/5/2003
Well-known evangelist heading Antioch event 9/5/2003
'Frankenstein' exhibit explores book's effects 9/4/2003
'Pirates' provides welcome escape, plenty of pageantry 9/4/2003
Baylor should stand behind president 9/4/2003
Drew hires new assistant 9/4/2003
Lyric Opera to present 'La Traviata' 9/4/2003
Port Authority transcripts lack news value 9/4/2003
Rugby tackles 2003 season 9/4/2003
Sister's move, first days of school show importance of strong families 9/4/2003
Tennis players ranked in top 100 9/4/2003
Welcome Week, camps aid freshmen 9/4/2003
'U.S. News' gives Baylor programs high marks 9/3/2003
Bargain hunting: the college student's financial survival 9/3/2003
Cooperation needed for drivers, walkers 9/3/2003
Creative touches make dorm, apartment living cozy 9/3/2003
Fall semester brings influx of revenue to local businesses 9/3/2003
Government should not regulate fights 9/3/2003
More locations take BearBucks 9/3/2003
Relay for Life participants take strides toward cure for cancer 9/3/2003
Sister's move, first days of school show importance of strong families 9/3/2003
Soccer takes tourney title 9/3/2003
Students help select new dorm furniture 9/3/2003
Texas Democrat breaks ranks, returns home 9/3/2003
Ticket sales predicted to increase 9/3/2003
Valparaiso coach best pick for Baylor 9/3/2003
'Italian Job' offers plenty of rewards for second time around 9/2/2003
40 years later, King's speech still moving 9/2/2003
Accused student's murder trial set 9/2/2003
Baylor not defined by news but by how students react 9/2/2003
Bears lose heartbreaker in home opener 9/2/2003
Campus mourns Dennehy's death 9/2/2003
Changing face of BU encourages alum 9/2/2003
Chapel Fridays add to freshman experience 9/2/2003
Cosby plans visit to boost university morale 9/2/2003
Court ruling denies freedom of religion 9/2/2003
Football: A work in progress 9/2/2003
Guidance toward a path of success 9/2/2003
Several visit Place 2 BU 9/2/2003
Student athletes find new home at Arbors 9/2/2003
The Broadcast's mature sound captivates crowd 9/2/2003
Volleyball wins annual Baylor Classic 9/2/2003