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News Archives for April 2003

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Story Date
'Deep Throat' investigation was worthwhile 4/30/2003
Brakerlane rocks the radio 4/30/2003
Christian denominations divided over just war theory 4/30/2003
Dallas Mavs deserve a little bit of respect during playoff time 4/30/2003
Plenty of fences still need mending, across the globe and even in Waco 4/30/2003
Research, teaching equal parts of Baylor 2012 4/30/2003
Shaving heads, helping research 4/30/2003
Slo-Pokes has a variety of fare 4/30/2003
Baylor track wins 4 titles 4/29/2003
Box offers window into homeless life 4/29/2003
Exhibit expresses personality of art faculty 4/29/2003
Girl Scouts honors Central Texas role models 4/29/2003
In learning about other faiths, they strengthen their own 4/29/2003
Model Arab league displays diplomacy 4/29/2003
New quest in life a result of cancer 4/29/2003
Pro-troop and anti-war ideas are compatible 4/29/2003
Raising, killing pet fish teaches a freshman truths on how to survive 4/29/2003
Religious ethicists ponder justification of war 4/29/2003
Students should look forward to another year of opportunities 4/29/2003
Tennis team takes Big 12 4/29/2003
'Down With Love' gives male/female relationship view 4/25/2003
Anyone can win at wetlands 5-K race 4/25/2003
Baylor adds Austria program 4/25/2003
Collecting books for local kids 4/25/2003
Despite Iraqi claims, some Americans are anything but 'clever' 4/25/2003
Letter to the editor 4/25/2003
Letter to the editor 4/25/2003
Local golf course gets approval 4/25/2003
Middle schoolers get biology help 4/25/2003
Music sale happening this weekend in Austin 4/25/2003
Old organization sets new purpose 4/25/2003
Stressed out with class? Try reading some good books over the weekend 4/25/2003
Student athletes give back to community 4/25/2003
Student Congress ends year with allocation 4/25/2003
Students need warning about road closings 4/25/2003
Turkish official compares nations 4/25/2003
4th Island Party set for Saturday 4/24/2003
Budget woes may force A&M to drop department 4/24/2003
Campus group supports U.S. troops with encouraging apparel 4/24/2003
Comic books reach a broader audience than many suspect 4/24/2003
Counseling center grows with campus 4/24/2003
Counseling center grows with campus 4/24/2003
Hard work, commitment are all part of Wilmoth's game 4/24/2003
It's time for the girls to play 4/24/2003
New city manager appointed 4/24/2003
Stiffer penalties needed to curb fan violence 4/24/2003
Time and distance prove that even the best of friendships can change 4/24/2003
Time and distance prove that even the best of friendships can change 4/24/2003
Women golfers finish at No. 7 4/24/2003
An Easter spent singing to inmates provides insight into Christian love 4/23/2003
Baseball drowns Horned Frogs in major slugfest, 22-4 4/23/2003
Brother-sister duo Boomkat drop CD 4/23/2003
Cyclists to ride across country 4/23/2003
Donation to further education 4/23/2003
English professor to receive honorary doctorate 4/23/2003
Funny cast makes 'Malibu' a success 4/23/2003
Letter to the editor 4/23/2003
Letter to the editor 4/23/2003
Libraries observe 100th birthday 4/23/2003
Man should not be arrested for saving his dog 4/23/2003
Rainy day didn't stop festivities 4/23/2003
'Patriot II' strips citizenship from Americans 4/17/2003
2002-2003 Student Congress allocations total $41,431.10 4/17/2003
Alumna advances in 'All-American' show 4/17/2003
Baylor announces award for outstanding law alumnus 4/17/2003
Browning library gets new director 4/17/2003
Cafe brewing up close to campus 4/17/2003
Campaign promises could prove difficult to fulfill for officers 4/17/2003
Karate heads to nationals, special instructor visits 4/17/2003
Letter to the editor 4/17/2003
Softball gets hooked by the Longhorns, 4-0 4/17/2003
Syria, other Middle Eastern countries, fear U.S. aggression in Iraqi aftermath 4/17/2003
They've been gone for 10 years 4/17/2003
14 votes made the difference 4/16/2003
All students capable of learning to serve in their community 4/16/2003
Alumna gives career advice 4/16/2003
Breaking through the glass ceiling 4/16/2003
Campus fire causes no major damage 4/16/2003
Florida bill unfairly targets foreign students 4/16/2003
Football staff hopes clinic will generate more interest in sport 4/16/2003
Football staff hopes clinic will generate more interest in sport 4/16/2003
Hotwire's sound not 'Routine' 4/16/2003
Letter to the editor 4/16/2003
Letter to the editor 4/16/2003
Nicholson, Sandler team up in flat 'Anger Management' 4/16/2003
Save the world in Golden Sun 4/16/2003
Softball struggles through rough 7 innings 4/16/2003
Solo artist keeps name alive 4/16/2003
Student alcohol use under examination 4/16/2003
Tennis captures Big 12 league crown 4/16/2003
'Shock and awe' inappropriate as a game title 4/15/2003
Blood drive to help professor's children 4/15/2003
Classics students take top honors 4/15/2003
From surfing to salvation: Switchfoot on life, new CD 4/15/2003
Green and Gold previews 2003 season 4/15/2003
Letter to the editor 4/15/2003
Letter to the editor 4/15/2003
Letter to the editor 4/15/2003
Letter to the editor 4/15/2003
Libraries celebrate 100th anniversary 4/15/2003
St. James' 'best of' album is collection of diverse hits 4/15/2003
Standing in line with his beliefs 4/15/2003
Alumna gives career advice 4/11/2003
Diesel's new action flick has no fuel 4/11/2003
Former pilot tells tales of war 4/11/2003
Forum set for students to discuss diversity 4/11/2003
Fowler brings honky-tonk sound, redneck lyrics to West 4/11/2003
Groups' conference to inspire ambition, success in Hispanic women 4/11/2003
L.A. Times correct to fire photojournalist 4/11/2003
Lady Bears win doubleheader 4/11/2003
Leach, Pierce win student offices 4/11/2003
Letters to the editor 4/11/2003
Poets analyze: What is art? 4/11/2003
Reconstructing Iraq will prove a tougher task than U.S. thinks 4/11/2003
She recognized the face of a killer 4/11/2003
Step show celebrates diversity 4/11/2003
Student access to faculty evaluations more complicated than at first glance 4/11/2003
Students experience anti-U.S. sentiments 4/11/2003
Tenure, hiring processes scrutinized 4/11/2003
The Baylor Lariat 4/11/2003
Additions to Nintendo empire make for gaming fun 4/9/2003
Bears split doubleheader with Raiders 4/9/2003
Bill up for vote would create cabinet for external vice president 4/9/2003
Capitol inspired outlook 4/9/2003
Course to explore psychology, film 4/9/2003
Department store takes on new name 4/9/2003
Endorsements: Vote for Hill, Pierce and Heath 4/9/2003
Focusing on today's students 4/9/2003
Gold Rush designs, voting forms online 4/9/2003
Graduate programs ranked high by 'U.S. News' 4/9/2003
Letter to the editor 4/9/2003
Letter to the editor 4/9/2003
Relient K has playful, punk sound 4/9/2003
Student Elections Spring 2003 4/9/2003
Student Elections Spring 2003 4/9/2003
Tenure process takes various levels of teaching, research into account 4/9/2003
'Where Angels Fear to Tread' offers sweet-to-the-soul praise 4/8/2003
4 contenders, 4 visions for BU 4/8/2003
Baylor takes time to play 4/8/2003
Baylor tennis drops match to Tulane, 6-1 4/8/2003
Candidates present platforms, answer questions 4/8/2003
Faculty freedom at heart of tenure 4/8/2003
Former governor Richards to give speech 4/8/2003
Letter to the editor 4/8/2003
Letter to the editor 4/8/2003
Loss is heartbreaking for Baylor 4/8/2003
Mayor correct to enforce unpopular ban 4/8/2003
Men's club volleyball gets chemistry back 4/8/2003
Mistakes won't keep track team down 4/8/2003
Softball beaten by Cornhuskers during 2 game weekend sweep 4/8/2003
Student writer continues Tolkien legend in Middle Earth 4/8/2003
Toys 'R' Us generation full of anxiety as graduation, real world approaches 4/8/2003
UT shows no mercy to Bears 4/8/2003
Waco kids to experience Diadeloso 4/8/2003
Young competitors vie for position on Waco City Council 4/8/2003
Brainy heroes 'The Core' of science fiction adventure 4/4/2003
Chronicling history as it happens 4/4/2003
Columnist evaluates religion 4/4/2003
Dr Pepper Hour about to expand 4/4/2003
Letter to the editor 4/4/2003
Letter to the editor 4/4/2003
Letter to the editor 4/4/2003
Letter to the editor 4/4/2003
More freelance journalists needed in Iraq 4/4/2003
Poetry festival begins Monday 4/4/2003
Renowned musicians to perform on campus 4/4/2003
VP hopefuls set their platforms 4/4/2003
WNIT final calls for sellout 4/4/2003
'Earth and Sky' a poetic mystery 4/3/2003
Brookstock bands rock for Mission Waco 4/3/2003
Hutto releases first solo album 4/3/2003
Journalism as a profession is forced to silence dissent as battle continues 4/3/2003
Lady Bears get 1st conference victory 4/3/2003
Law school team takes 3rd in New Orleans competition 4/3/2003
Letter to the editor 4/3/2003
New sorority adds diversity 4/3/2003
Nobel Prize winner to speak today 4/3/2003
On-campus campaigning begins 4/3/2003
Playday planned for ADPi charity 4/3/2003
Sororities shares spirit of Easter 4/3/2003
Students need tools to make evaluations of faculty members 4/3/2003
Supreme Court correct to reject ACLU brief 4/3/2003
Survey gives input on library services 4/3/2003
Administration makes questionable move by nominating Justice Owen 4/2/2003
Bears slug UTSA with 4 home runs in 10-3 victory 4/2/2003
Complete French over the summer 4/2/2003
Copyright infringement suit unable to keep Napster off Internet 4/2/2003
Drive-in provides old-fashioned open-air entertainment 4/2/2003
Food, fun and Big 12 baseball 4/2/2003
Homestead is fresh, filling fare 4/2/2003
Letter to the editor 4/2/2003
Men's tennis team stays in perfect form 4/2/2003
Professor releases book challenging faith, traditions 4/2/2003
Student body must mull success, future in upcoming election 4/2/2003
Use of animals in war is shaky, but acceptable 4/2/2003
Women hoops capture bid to NIT finals 4/2/2003
Annual 'gateway' a display of culture 4/1/2003
By The Tree, Phat Chance to perform Saturday night 4/1/2003
Habitat gives Waco families a fresh start 4/1/2003
Lady Bears defeat Kansas Jayhawks, 6-1 4/1/2003
Letter to the editor 4/1/2003
Letter to the editor 4/1/2003
Magazine editor uses print to expose televangelists 4/1/2003
MBA students take 1st place 4/1/2003
Men's tennis team stays in perfect form 4/1/2003
MTV should continue to air war videos 4/1/2003
Professor releases book challenging faith, traditions 4/1/2003
Tunnel shows viewers everyday tensions 4/1/2003
Women hoops capture bid to NIT finals 4/1/2003