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News Archives for March 2003

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Story Date
'Coalition of willing' masks U.S. attempts to legitimize conflict 3/28/2003
Bridging gaps across space and time 3/28/2003
BU nursing student jazzes up Mavericks 3/28/2003
First lady of Texas fights domestic violence with compassion 3/28/2003
Harvard professor to share faith 3/28/2003
Harvard professor to share faith 3/28/2003
Letter to the editor 3/28/2003
Letter to the editor 3/28/2003
Letter to the editor 3/28/2003
Letter to the editor 3/28/2003
Local economy survives Davidian image 3/28/2003
Problems exist within forum of Friday Chapel 3/28/2003
Showtime! hits stage today 3/28/2003
Student leader named Truman scholar 3/28/2003
Tunnel shows victims' worlds 3/28/2003
Willis Brownstone has heartfelt lyrics 3/28/2003
Author discusses ossuary's biblical significance 3/27/2003
Baylor combats ease of plagiarism 3/27/2003
Club volleyball teams post home wins 3/27/2003
Competition gives hands-on experience 3/27/2003
Endowment to fund Baylor 2012 3/27/2003
Entrepreneurship program ranks in top 12 3/27/2003
Fraternity sponsors Hoops for Homes 3/27/2003
Lady Bears fend off Fresno State, 72-65 3/27/2003
Nurses send troops good reads 3/27/2003
Runners race to fund cure 3/27/2003
Seniors should enjoy last bit of college life before reality arrives 3/27/2003
Student's story wins national accolade 3/27/2003
Tax exemptions proper thanks for troops 3/27/2003
Ethan Durelle cuts first CD 3/26/2003
Finding homes difficult at first 3/26/2003
Graduate hopes to be named the first 'All-American Girl' 3/26/2003
International focus part of 2012 goals 3/26/2003
Killeen prepares for impact of war 3/26/2003
Letter to the editor 3/26/2003
Letter to the editor 3/26/2003
Make way for curling classes 3/26/2003
Memories Deli offers quick fare 3/26/2003
NCAA, MLB both make right decisions 3/26/2003
Tony winner comes to Waco 3/26/2003
2012 goals include strength in sports 3/25/2003
Baseball takes wins from OU during three-game weekend 3/25/2003
Cowgirls upset softball team 3/25/2003
Faculty faith, learning strong in Baylor 2012 3/25/2003
Faculty look back on life in their 'fort' 3/25/2003
Hispanic students form club to celebrate their heritage 3/25/2003
Lady Bears advance to 3rd round in WNIT 3/25/2003
Letter to the editor 3/25/2003
Letter to the editor 3/25/2003
Letter to the editor 3/25/2003
Letter to the editor 3/25/2003
Letter to the editor 3/25/2003
Life in dorm creates sense of community on Baylor's campus 3/25/2003
News coverage desensitizes citizens to war 3/25/2003
Sensors, counter gauge availability of parking spaces 3/25/2003
Track has stellar performance 3/25/2003
2012 goals include strength in sports 3/21/2003
Breathe inspires worship 3/21/2003
Citizens recall Davidian standoff 3/21/2003
Conflicting emotions of anger, relief clash as Iraqi war begins 3/21/2003
Congress approves additional offices 3/21/2003
Festival connects faith and the arts 3/21/2003
Freshman Council delivers on promise 3/21/2003
Lady Bears claw Panthers in first round 3/21/2003
Lady Bears claw Panthers in first round 3/21/2003
Letter to the editor 3/21/2003
Letter to the editor 3/21/2003
Malpractice cap good protection for doctors 3/21/2003
Mass 'die-in' an odd, yet appropriate example of citizens' right to protest 3/21/2003
Professors discuss justifications for war 3/21/2003
Young grads keep spirit alive 3/21/2003
Basketball reaches 'Madness' 3/20/2003
CD fights underage drinking 3/20/2003
Opening delayed for cafe 3/20/2003
Pulitzer winner discusses setting 3/20/2003
Red Raiders on sidelines for March Madness 3/20/2003
Softball tunes up for Big 12 with win 3/20/2003
Student involvement needed to publicize One Book, One Waco 3/20/2003
Students aired views on the eve of combat 3/20/2003
Students' character crucial to Baylor 2012's success 3/20/2003
Tennis drops matchup with Longhorns 3/20/2003
Visitation violations decrease 3/20/2003
Young grads keep spirit alive 3/20/2003
A little taste of Monterrey with Rene's authentic fare 3/19/2003
Abortion ban needed health exemptions 3/19/2003
All-American Wariner claims 7th in 400 3/19/2003
Birdies and eagles are no match for Bears 3/19/2003
Chapel to add extra session 3/19/2003
Drawing the campus closer 3/19/2003
F.Co offers down-home country style 3/19/2003
First Presidents' Forum attempts to create 'One Baylor' 3/19/2003
Letter to the editor 3/19/2003
Letter to the editor 3/19/2003
Organization presidents to gather for 1st forum 3/19/2003
Rats! 'Willard' is not scary 3/19/2003
Softball snatches doubleheader from SFA 3/19/2003
Weeklong jog around Bear Trail yields few results 3/19/2003
Writer to discuss honing the craft 3/19/2003
Blood drive to benefit professor's sons 3/18/2003
Boston professor nabs dean position 3/18/2003
Construction just part of building the vision 3/18/2003
Country music fans ditch the Chicks 3/18/2003
Despite justifications for war, America faces future full of loneliness, isolation 3/18/2003
In light of gas crisis, fuel-guzzling SUVs should stay off road 3/18/2003
Jars of Clay, Caedmon's Call coming to College Station 3/18/2003
Lady netters drop 1 of 2 , men sweep 2 3/18/2003
Letters to the editor 3/18/2003
Poverty simulation puts students homeless on the streets 3/18/2003
Students, DPS must cooperate over parking 3/18/2003
Women take on Northern Iowa in NIT 3/18/2003
Americans mistaken by depicting France as enemy of the U.S. 3/7/2003
Congress puts restrictions on funding 3/7/2003
Gallery features patients' work 3/7/2003
Graduate student pushes for clean water 3/7/2003
Letter to the editor 3/7/2003
Letter to the editor 3/7/2003
Letter to the editor 3/7/2003
Letter to the editor 3/7/2003
Maine teachers should quiet personal views 3/7/2003
New law affects women's options 3/7/2003
New ROTC staffer has military service in her blood 3/7/2003
Today's Davidians focus on 7 seals 3/7/2003
'Hillbilly' show wrong to exploit stereotypes 3/6/2003
Baylor housing applications to change 3/6/2003
Celebrities abusing status by promoting anti-war sentiments 3/6/2003
Drivers to battle for fewer spaces 3/6/2003
Female health is clinics' priority 3/6/2003
Hidden treasures abound in Armstrong Browning Library 3/6/2003
Karate Club has outstanding showing 3/6/2003
Letter to the editor 3/6/2003
New club toasts speaking skills 3/6/2003
New MTV show offers modern stage for historical drama -- high school 3/6/2003
Tanning salons fill as break approaches 3/6/2003
Women's hoops claim last home game 3/6/2003
'Breathe' to offer refresher after spring break 3/5/2003
Ash Wednesday observances to take place today 3/5/2003
Baylor defeats the UTA Mavericks 7-4 3/5/2003
Bush administration silent on questions about post-war Iraq 3/5/2003
Dallas-based Formal Method brings 'new school rock' 3/5/2003
Debate between Bush, Hussein not a bad idea 3/5/2003
Letter to the editor 3/5/2003
Letter to the editor 3/5/2003
Noches Tejanos offers mouthwatering Tex-Mex flavor 3/5/2003
Nu-metal band Kordova rocks the rafters, tops charts 3/5/2003
Sexual behavior rarely discussed 3/5/2003
Students have new destination for trash 3/5/2003
Travel outside U.S. requires some caution 3/5/2003
Basketball star encourages students to make history 3/4/2003
Bearathon off to a promising start 3/4/2003
Bears overcome by Buffaloes 72-59 3/4/2003
Canadian runner takes to Texas life 3/4/2003
Clubs give Carnivale a European flavor 3/4/2003
KOT takes 13th win in 'All-University Sing' 3/4/2003
Letter to the editor 3/4/2003
Letter to the editor 3/4/2003
Men's tennis wins 2, women's drop 2 3/4/2003
Spring break missions give students a chance to serve 3/4/2003
Students, like birds, grow weary fighting multiple distractions 3/4/2003
Turned back an appropriate sign of protest 3/4/2003
UCLA professor to visit campus 3/4/2003
Universities and students both share responsibility for quality of education 3/4/2003