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News Archives for Feb. 2003

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Story Date
'All-University Sing' incorporates more than performance 2/28/2003
150 runners signed up for first Bearathon race 2/28/2003
Bears down UTSA 9-0 2/28/2003
Begging for breasts a sign of Americans' vulgar materialism 2/28/2003
Davidian controversy persists 10 years later 2/28/2003
Decision on game seating delayed until season's end 2/28/2003
Forum to be dedicated today 2/28/2003
Fraternity plans dime collection 2/28/2003
Gift of gospel is still growing 2/28/2003
Letter to the editor 2/28/2003
Letter to the editor 2/28/2003
No 'Novocaine' needed to hear Kings of Leon's blues-rock EP 2/28/2003
Political rights not suspended in classroom 2/28/2003
Professor 'fair' after surgery 2/28/2003
Remembering the day that forever altered Waco's image 2/28/2003
Student government right to deny funds 2/28/2003
Student government right to deny funds 2/28/2003
Student Life Fund debates continue 2/28/2003
Swept 'Away' by smooth jazz 2/28/2003
The Baylor Lariat 2/28/2003
'David Gale' executed to imperfection 2/27/2003
A behind-the-scenes look at Sing 2003 2/27/2003
Ad campaign offers mental edge to citizens 2/27/2003
Conference focuses on youth 2/27/2003
EastX performance has chaotic energy 2/27/2003
French reluctance for war with Iraq hinges around untapped oil reserves 2/27/2003
Helping families get out of harm's way 2/27/2003
In Colombia, Bush's policies of restraint the smartest move 2/27/2003
Lady hoops lose by 22 to UT Longhorns 2/27/2003
Letter to the editor 2/27/2003
Neighbor's offers fresh, 24-hour service 2/27/2003
New text popular around nation 2/27/2003
Officers do more than write tickets 2/27/2003
Owners vouch for clubs' safety 2/27/2003
Patrons must keep lid on things 2/27/2003
Students bring win home 2/27/2003
Students plan to launch BIN 2/27/2003
Texas Collection names new leader 2/27/2003
'Doughnuts and coffee' stereotype falls flat after shift with Waco PD 2/25/2003
Baylor offers resources for study-abroad scholarships 2/25/2003
Bears knock out USC during weekend 2/25/2003
Changes to registration include online-only catalog 2/25/2003
Fraternity honors member with drive 2/25/2003
High school students experience crisis management at Baylor 2/25/2003
Hoops tops Huskers 2/25/2003
Hysterectomy lawsuits not suited for court 2/25/2003
Letter to the editor 2/25/2003
Letter to the editor 2/25/2003
Letter to the editor 2/25/2003
Mbiti to speak on African missions 2/25/2003
North Village complex gets campus input 2/25/2003
Overloaded packs lead to bad backs 2/25/2003
Student Government drops the ball with Welcome Week bill 2/25/2003
Students get view of eating disorders 2/25/2003
Weekend invitational claimed by Baylor 2/25/2003
Congress finalizes recent allocations 2/21/2003
France, despite past alliances, takes puzzling stance on war against Iraq 2/21/2003
Frazier faces death penalty 2/21/2003
iSOLA rocks the stage in Waco 2/21/2003
It all boils down to 7 minitues 2/21/2003
It all boils down to 7 minitues 2/21/2003
Jesus now providing legal, eating advice to desperate society 2/21/2003
King of hard-core hip hop takes his place at the top 2/21/2003
Letter to the editor 2/21/2003
Professor discovers water contaminants 2/21/2003
Selby offers versatile sounds on 'Dirt'-y CD 2/21/2003
Sending a bit of America abroad 2/21/2003
Sorenstam deserves shot at PGA Tour 2/21/2003
Students prepare for College Bowl 2/21/2003
VictoryFest has fun, games for all Big 12 basketball fans 2/21/2003
Arkansas should perform execution 2/20/2003
City looks at requiring annual dog relicensing 2/20/2003
For budding writers, finding inspiration just takes open eyes 2/20/2003
Letter to the editor 2/20/2003
Letter to the editor 2/20/2003
Letter to the editor 2/20/2003
Marketing expert discusses impact of product placement 2/20/2003
Moonshine as fuel source could be the answer to America's fuel crisis 2/20/2003
Professor wins classics award 2/20/2003
Recruiters trek across America 2/20/2003
Reservists withdraw from BU as the calls come 2/20/2003
Step the right way next time 2/20/2003
Students ready for court 2/20/2003
Study links faith, community service 2/20/2003
'Arcadia' challenges audience with math, science, romance 2/19/2003
'Old School' makes the grade with outstanding cast, humor 2/19/2003
Ban on French water, wine an unwise move 2/19/2003
Baylor Information Network to offer multitude of services to BU students 2/19/2003
Bikers have new trails to explore 2/19/2003
Bush's pulpit politics emerge as he makes case for war in Iraq 2/19/2003
Chefs battle to change image of campus food 2/19/2003
Curtain rises on Sing's 50th 2/19/2003
Diadeloso moves to Fifth Street 2/19/2003
Le Cafe's exotic, adventurous tastes please the palate 2/19/2003
Letter to the editor 2/19/2003
Mulkey gets high marks on fashion 2/19/2003
Sluggers have a knock-out performance 2/19/2003
Student body president changes allocations 2/19/2003
Alumni eager for high school students to experience BU life 2/18/2003
Baseball nabs two of three at Classic 2/18/2003
Baylor families embrace a 50-year-old tradition 2/18/2003
Baylor tennis teams earn home wins 2/18/2003
Big Fat Greek Wedding a stellar film, but snubbed by Academy Awards 2/18/2003
Career services offers opportunities for future planning 2/18/2003
Families mourn victims of wreck 2/18/2003
Fort Hood receives local support 2/18/2003
Involvement solves freshman woes, builds community 2/18/2003
Lady Bears rally, upset Tech in OT 2/18/2003
Letter to the editor 2/18/2003
Letter to the editor 2/18/2003
Letter to the editor 2/18/2003
Local colleges to increase tuition 2/18/2003
Reality love shows provide an escape from regular lives 2/18/2003
Religious liberty topic of Phipps' speech 2/18/2003
School wrong to arrest 11-year-old 2/18/2003
Troupe will grace Chapel this week 2/18/2003
WNBA player to swoop into campus 2/18/2003
Administrators aim to have more diversity on campus 2/14/2003
Baseball team heads to Houston 2/14/2003
Bear pit could face alterations after mascot research 2/14/2003
Campus to welcome grandparents 2/14/2003
City offers scenic parks, nice settings for those in love 2/14/2003
Cupid's arrows, mythology part of Valentine's Day lore 2/14/2003
DARE Bear gives students reason to stay drug-free 2/14/2003
Guys must use craftiness and guile to be true player on the day of love 2/14/2003
Halting racial traffic stops 2/14/2003
Honors College reserves housing 2/14/2003
Letter to the editor 2/14/2003
Letter to the editor 2/14/2003
Old shelters useless in attack, Doak says 2/14/2003
Single status doesn't have to be a curse, even on Valentine's 2/14/2003
Student Congress passes $16,500 in allocations 2/14/2003
U.S. would be wise to heed World Court 2/14/2003
Valentine's Day not only for couples 2/14/2003
Waco stores see slight increase in business 2/14/2003
Bear pit could face alterations after mascot research 2/13/2003
Birds' deaths not caused by disease 2/13/2003
Conference faces diversity challenge 2/13/2003
Diplomacy, not force, needed for dealing with North Koreans 2/13/2003
Evidence mounts against Iraqi regime 2/13/2003
Fairness, responsibility to students determines allocations for SLF funds 2/13/2003
Honors College reserves housing 2/13/2003
Lady golfers swing into spring season 2/13/2003
Law students compete at BU 2/13/2003
Letter to the editor 2/13/2003
Letter to the editor 2/13/2003
Librarians offer online help 2/13/2003
Medical Service Organization brings defibrillators to campus 2/13/2003
Men needed for the catwalk 2/13/2003
Newcomer stakes place on Baylor court 2/13/2003
Teams aim for April nationals 2/13/2003
Texts add faith to social work 2/13/2003
Tolkien enthusiasts crowd into philosophic presentation 2/13/2003
Waco stores see slight increase in business 2/13/2003
War apprehension drives up gas prices 2/13/2003
'How to Lose a Guy' a romantic winner 2/12/2003
'How to Lose a Guy' a romantic winner 2/12/2003
BYX, FCC should receive allocations 2/12/2003
Damone's CD is a throwback to '70s punk 2/12/2003
Environmental studies majors explore nature in the rain forest 2/12/2003
Ferrell Center needs energetic fans to intimidate conference opponents 2/12/2003
Former student charged with capital murder 2/12/2003
Intramural soccer canceled 2/12/2003
Letter to the editor 2/12/2003
Monday Morning to play Friday 2/12/2003
NATO support fades as Turkish request for aid turned away 2/12/2003
Pageant winner focuses on child safety 2/12/2003
Reaching beyond black and white 2/12/2003
Sororities to compete in annual 'pranks' at Minglewood Bowl 2/12/2003
All students should be more aware of U.S. political climate 2/11/2003
Author to discuss the gift of water 2/11/2003
BYX, FCC should receive allocations 2/11/2003
Campus officer hears 'the strangest things' from visitors 2/11/2003
Chapel to focus on black history 2/11/2003
Christians should not fear offending listeners when preaching the Gospel 2/11/2003
Community, relationships vital to Christian students 2/11/2003
Congress faces funding dilemma 2/11/2003
Graduates, student design television program 2/11/2003
Lady netters fall 4-3 2/11/2003
Letter to the editor 2/11/2003
Manned space flight should continue 2/11/2003
NATO support fades as Turkish request for aid turned away 2/11/2003
Reaching beyond black and white 2/11/2003
Scholars to share research 2/11/2003
Wildcats escape with hard fought win 2/11/2003
'Darkness' fails with legend of tooth fairy 2/7/2003
'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern' come to Waco Civic Theatre 2/7/2003
Couple answers call of God 2/7/2003
Helping to map their futures 2/7/2003
Jail escapee steals costume from Baylor theater 2/7/2003
Radar guns, couches add to the absurdity of living in America 2/7/2003
Rejects are 'All-American' punk 2/7/2003
Scholarship honors memory of student 2/7/2003
Student leaders petition for seats 2/7/2003
Students discover the past 2/7/2003
TTEG funds essential for higher learning 2/7/2003
Twice-sold clothes 2/7/2003
Workout needs couch potatoes 2/7/2003
At the center of campus, a rally of peace 2/6/2003
Chief master seargent speaks from experience 2/6/2003
Decades of history on display in library 2/6/2003
Even those who cannot fight still serve America by honoring our vets 2/6/2003
Gospel Fest to fill Waco Hall with Heavenly Voices Saturday 2/6/2003
Letter to the editor 2/6/2003
Letter to the editor 2/6/2003
Morris unveils signees, soccer gets 1 2/6/2003
Professor back by demand 2/6/2003
Student Foundation acted too quickly by canceling tradition 2/6/2003
University releases enrollment report 2/6/2003
UT wrong to withhold camera information 2/6/2003
Water ski team wipes out competition 2/6/2003
Baseball drops home opener to SWT 2/5/2003
Bears overcome Aggies to win 77-69 2/5/2003
BU students should heed Bush's call, try mentoring in the local community 2/5/2003
Carter BloodCare in critical need of certain blood types 2/5/2003
FBI oversteps bounds with racial profiling 2/5/2003
Hambones serves up food for the soul 2/5/2003
Lecturer says fundamentalists destroy hopes for peace 2/5/2003
Letter to the editor 2/5/2003
Letter to the editor 2/5/2003
Peace rally provides an open forum for discussion, debates 2/5/2003
Record numbers apply to be CLs 2/5/2003
Texas native Cramer releases eclectic CD 2/5/2003
Weighing all of the options 2/5/2003
Bears slam Classic 2/4/2003
BU wins in 2 OTs 2/4/2003
Faculty gather for fellowship, meditation at Evensong 2/4/2003
Gun database simply impractical 2/4/2003
High school students get taste of college 2/4/2003
Letter to the editor 2/4/2003
Letter to the editor 2/4/2003
Letter to the editor 2/4/2003
Letter to the editor 2/4/2003
Men's tennis beat Mustangs 2/4/2003
Model host missed step show 2/4/2003
New campus clubs offer fun options 2/4/2003
NoZe brothers spring pingpong surprise on chaplain 2/4/2003
Stock market dip put dent in Baylor endowment 2/4/2003