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News Archives for Sept. 2002

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Story Date
Animal rights group should try spending money on humanity 9/27/2002
Banged-up Bears struggle, fall to Cougars 3-1 9/27/2002
Boshers bounces back from injury 9/27/2002
China relations subject of President's Forum 9/27/2002
Conference to focus on religion, science 9/27/2002
Convenience may undermine security 9/27/2002
Diplomat focuses on current 'world war' 9/27/2002
Letter to the editor 9/27/2002
Letter to the editor 9/27/2002
Love lives are on the line in Bear Country as hierarchy of dating scene breaks down 9/27/2002
Many join for Relay to raise cash for cure 9/27/2002
Student Congress approves fund use 9/27/2002
Student input essential for dorm designs 9/27/2002
Alumni services expand 9/26/2002
Congress calls for campaign finance reform bill 9/26/2002
Freshman hitter learns to handle new pressures 9/26/2002
He's the man behind the scenes -- literally 9/26/2002
Letter to the editor 9/26/2002
Letter to the editor 9/26/2002
Moving to a different beat 9/26/2002
New intramural fields facing problems 9/26/2002
Privacy a key part of lawyer's speech 9/26/2002
Pro-war policy shift a bad idea by U.S. leaders 9/26/2002
Swift justice is the only way to deal with violent fans 9/26/2002
Vinson pays bail, released from jail 9/26/2002
'Four Feathers' recounts days of old 9/25/2002
'She Loves Me' opens Thursday 9/25/2002
Be very, very quiet -- it's deer season 9/25/2002
Christianity distinguished by sense of brotherly love 9/25/2002
Cross country faces early season test 9/25/2002
Former student makes miraculous recovery 9/25/2002
Lending a helping hand fulfills student 9/25/2002
Letter to the editor 9/25/2002
Mission Waco reaches out with Christian ministry, love 9/25/2002
New club offers heart-stopping thrills for speed seekers 9/25/2002
Notification not the right way to curb drinking 9/25/2002
Pump Station adds more possibilities to Waco night life 9/25/2002
Put that fork down and get on the trail 9/25/2002
SHARK van broadcasts video of alleged abuse 9/25/2002
Student opinions should drive campus debates 9/25/2002
Terry & Jo's thinks big with fresh fare 9/25/2002
Various mission trips teach life lessons 9/25/2002
'American Candidate' makes mistake by bringing politics back to the people 9/24/2002
A house packed with smiles 9/24/2002
Award recipients strive to represent all parents 9/24/2002
Bears sack Tulsa 37-25 despite late turnovers 9/24/2002
Early drinking can lead to addiction 9/24/2002
Letter to the editor 9/24/2002
Letter to the editor 9/24/2002
Letter to the editor 9/24/2002
Letter to the editor 9/24/2002
Miss America pageant should be called what it is -- beauty contest 9/24/2002
Professor to appear on ABC newscast 9/24/2002
Residence hall plans get rave reviews 9/24/2002
Small religious groups create community for students 9/24/2002
Students march in pride parade 9/24/2002
U.S. should continue to support Israel 9/24/2002
Viewers choose Baylor grad as 'Survivor: Thailand' favorite 9/24/2002
A decade of worship under the bridge 9/20/2002
Barrett's spirit scores goal with team 9/20/2002
Bears hoping to blow away Golden Hurricane Saturday 9/20/2002
Bush library plans 'ahead of the game' 9/20/2002
Campus prepares for families' visits 9/20/2002
Clean dorm rooms await parental inspection 9/20/2002
Club sports provide students fellowship, competition 9/20/2002
College football Saturdays offers perfect stress relief 9/20/2002
Guerrilla Troupe's comedy keeps students laughing 9/20/2002
Letter to the editor 9/20/2002
Lights are bright on Waco Hall for After Dark 9/20/2002
Livin' high in the land of the lofts 9/20/2002
Local businesses anticipate huge profits this weekend 9/20/2002
Network will let students rate professors, sell books 9/20/2002
Open Door Arts Festival brings culture, crafts to Waco 9/20/2002
Plenty of great BU sports to go around 9/20/2002
Remembering a friend they lost 9/20/2002
Students turn campus into golf course 9/20/2002
Travel, take classes with study abroad 9/20/2002
Vocal studio students have one-on-one instructions 9/20/2002
Bears fall to Buffs in Big 12 opener 9/19/2002
Becker wears down in 3-set slugfest 9/19/2002
Bible comes to life in Chapel 9/19/2002
Building a unit of sisterhood 9/19/2002
D.C. forum keeps the faith 9/19/2002
Fraternity suspension finalized after appeal 9/19/2002
Humor, sarcasm are sometimes lost on audience in printed word 9/19/2002
Letter to the editor 9/19/2002
Letter to the editor 9/19/2002
Letter to the editor 9/19/2002
Open container law increases violations 9/19/2002
Pinney using African bark in cancer research 9/19/2002
Student dies after 3-day coma 9/19/2002
Students debate U.S. ability to win war against Iraq 9/19/2002
Vietnamese students to celebrate Autumn Moon 9/19/2002
Without force, U.N. resolution falls flat 9/19/2002
A day to expand children's imaginations 9/18/2002
Air Force should rethink punishing pilot 9/18/2002
Americans must use patriotism to guard against enemies within 9/18/2002
Application deadline early for community leaders 9/18/2002
Bebo Norman shows his audience the 'real' truth of God through song 9/18/2002
Christian artist bring sounds of worship to Waco 9/18/2002
Executive stresses strong leadership 9/18/2002
Fraternity places in U.S. top 15 9/18/2002
Latin Dance Society adds some spice to life 9/18/2002
Letter to the editor 9/18/2002
Letter to the editor 9/18/2002
Reality TV goes Christian 9/18/2002
Smith hopes to spike knee injury and compete 9/18/2002
Summer of gold for Baylor track star 9/18/2002
Tomato, Tomato's a la carte menu misses the mark 9/18/2002
'U.S. News' still ranks school in tier 2 9/17/2002
Buddhist shares thoughts about world conflicts 9/17/2002
Bush's call for support a veiled threat to United Nations 9/17/2002
Distinguished ethicist to open lecture series 9/17/2002
Enrollment drops to 5 year low 9/17/2002
Higher test scores brings Tier one closer 9/17/2002
Letter to the editor 9/17/2002
Letter to the editor 9/17/2002
Letter to the editor 9/17/2002
Letter to the editor 9/17/2002
Letter to the editor 9/17/2002
Museum studies names director of Mayborn 9/17/2002
Policy requires parental notice of student crimes 9/17/2002
Student in coma after collapse on Bear Trail 9/17/2002
Weekend sports events leave Bears with mixed results 9/17/2002
Bear mascots treated with kindness, love 9/13/2002
Bears, Karas to battle blitzing Lobos 9/13/2002
BU begins hunt for new provost 9/13/2002
Chapel services on the Web 9/13/2002
Columbia grad mixes humor, truth in book on college life 9/13/2002
Letter to the editor 9/13/2002
Letter to the editor 9/13/2002
Letter to the editor 9/13/2002
Letter to the editor 9/13/2002
Letter to the editor 9/13/2002
Letter to the editor 9/13/2002
Non-majors stay in touch with strings 9/13/2002
Series on leadership begins with DEA director 9/13/2002
Volleyball blocker aims to kill competition 9/13/2002
Wearing honor on your wrist 9/13/2002
'La Boheme' brings romance, tragedy 9/12/2002
Arming pilots puts volatile element in sky 9/12/2002
Bears kick Cowgirls around, stay perfect at 5-0 9/12/2002
Corporations help design new major 9/12/2002
Flag burning must be allowed if we enjoy true patriotism, freedom 9/12/2002
Handling stress made easier with outreach, group therapy 9/12/2002
Letter to the editor 9/12/2002
Letter to the editor 9/12/2002
Letter to the editor 9/12/2002
Off the field, back in the skies 9/12/2002
Office to help settle roommate disputes 9/12/2002
Pacifism allows free reign for terrorism under Iraqi regime 9/12/2002
Priest gives his stance of religion's relationship with war 9/12/2002
Rats may hold key to human aggression 9/12/2002
Tennis serves up international aces 9/12/2002
9/11: In Their Words 9/11/2002
Airports won't heighten security 9/11/2002
Answering the call of duty 9/11/2002
Bears breeze through Baylor Classic 9/11/2002
Campus to take time to honor lives lost 9/11/2002
Crawley dominates opposing players 9/11/2002
Letter to the editor 9/11/2002
Letter to the editor 9/11/2002
Loneliness, rage come to surface as America remembers Sept. 11 9/11/2002
Many looked to faith for comfort 9/11/2002
Military personnel deserve thanks for sacrifices they make 9/11/2002
Muslims recall Sept. 11 reactions 9/11/2002
NYC, D.C. students remember the wait 9/11/2002
One year later, America ready to protect itself 9/11/2002
ROTC savors recruitment increase 9/11/2002
When Manhattan lost its soul 9/11/2002
Bears have Golden touch in 50-12 rout over Bulldogs 9/10/2002
Campaign interns earn credit while gaining experience 9/10/2002
Letter to the editor 9/10/2002
Letter to the editor 9/10/2002
Letter to the editor 9/10/2002
Letter to the editor 9/10/2002
Letter to the editor 9/10/2002
Police warn running red lights dangerous 9/10/2002
Pulitzer Prize-nominated author to speak 9/10/2002
Religion professor joins tribute to heroes in NYC 9/10/2002
Researchers receive funds for experimentation 9/10/2002
Resident chaplains provide counseling, friendship 9/10/2002
Soccer remains undefeated 9/10/2002
Sororities look forward to new building 9/10/2002
Success should be a part of Christian ethos 9/10/2002
Supporting Iraqi war means losing beliefs in humanity 9/10/2002
Author signed for 2 more novels 9/6/2002
Baylor aims for redemption against Samford 9/6/2002
Bears have Golden touch in 50-12 rout over Bulldogs 9/6/2002
For late night snack, check out Memorial 9/6/2002
Freshmen compete for class officer positions 9/6/2002
Group opposes bears' treatment 9/6/2002
Letter to the editor 9/6/2002
Music provides solid groundwork for all educational pursuits 9/6/2002
Place2BU program enters second year 9/6/2002
Professor asked to represent U.S. in conference 9/6/2002
Seminary holds convention to celebrate Jewish high holy days 9/6/2002
Volleyball names anniversary team 9/6/2002
Waco Hippodrome seeks volunteers for upcoming season 9/6/2002
Changes necessary to pull football team out of the basement 9/5/2002
Daycare experience opens up a window into children's humanity 9/5/2002
Disaster drill prepares city for the worst 9/5/2002
Home Sweet Home: Creativity and coordination brighten cozy confines of residence halls 9/5/2002
IFC event features BU, OSU alumni 9/5/2002
Lee scores goals with humor, commitment 9/5/2002
Letter to the editor 9/5/2002
Letter to the editor 9/5/2002
Letter to the editor 9/5/2002
Living overseas changes outlook on life for two friends 9/5/2002
New Oso Clean Wash 'N' Fold keeps laundry oh-so fresh 9/5/2002
Stanton rallies behind football coach 9/5/2002
U.S. shouldn't wait to oust Iraqi dictator 9/5/2002
'Playboy' penalty upheld 9/4/2002
A little food goes a long way for some hungry students 9/4/2002
Baseball fans must learn to forgive, forget 9/4/2002
Exhibition gives students a taste of campus diversity 9/4/2002
Katie's offers frozen treat for ice cream fans 9/4/2002
Letter to the editor 9/4/2002
Letter to the editor 9/4/2002
Memorial food court remodeled 9/4/2002
Morrison Hall houses specialized programs 9/4/2002
Nursing shortage rises as baby boomers age 9/4/2002
Realizing God's love means extending hand to both friends and strangers 9/4/2002
Rising country star returns for concert 9/4/2002
Shortage of parking spaces continues 9/4/2002
Student minds should be set on safety 9/4/2002
SUB adds new meal choices 9/4/2002
Ullja's serves up coffee, smoothies 9/4/2002
West Nile arrives in Waco 9/4/2002
'Playboy' participants face possible sanctions 9/3/2002
Administration makes right move with frat 9/3/2002
Baseball, dogs leave wet mess in every fan's living room 9/3/2002
Baylor honors TV pioneer in national religion coverage 9/3/2002
Bliss kicks senior Greenleaf off team 9/3/2002
College Council working to unify community 9/3/2002
David Crowder Band creates unique worship style 9/3/2002
Dove award nominee challenges students to show faith 9/3/2002
Exchange replaces Mail Drop 9/3/2002
Fund-raiser featuring Bill Cosby sold out 9/3/2002
Gold Rush returns for 2nd spirited run 9/3/2002
Golden Bears steamroll Baylor, 70-22 9/3/2002
Letter to the editor 9/3/2002
Letter to the editor 9/3/2002
Look abroad for the summer, Baylor tells students 9/3/2002
New faces of leadership join residence hall staff 9/3/2002
New locations to accept Bear Bucks by Sept. 15 9/3/2002
New Waco businesses cater to BU students 9/3/2002
Senate hopeful visits local school 9/3/2002
Soccer team runs past Cajuns, Bulldogs for 2-0 start 9/3/2002
Volleyball begins year of competition with three losses 9/3/2002
Winning sign design will mark official Bear Trail route 9/3/2002