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News Archives for Dec. 2002

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Story Date
After dismal fall athletic efforts, BU faithful can look forward to spring 12/6/2002
Class puts robots to test 12/6/2002
College experiences provide knowledge, foundation for life 12/6/2002
Congress changes bylaws for SLF 12/6/2002
Court correct in ruling on vets' health care 12/6/2002
Gamecube titles provide fun for gamers of all ages 12/6/2002
Getting back what they paid 12/6/2002
Junior goalie bound for World Cup 12/6/2002
KY coach returns to Texas to lead Baylor Bears 12/6/2002
Lady Bears rout Golden Lionettes 104-38 12/6/2002
Letter to the editor 12/6/2002
Letter to the editor 12/6/2002
Sev members take their obsession for music to new levels 12/6/2002
Student art adds to commons' atmosphere 12/6/2002
Transforming the sound of the Christian music industry 12/6/2002
Uniforms honor alumni's valor 12/6/2002
'Solaris' fails to address deeper issues raised in the movie 12/5/2002
Alum asks: 'What would Jesus drive?' 12/5/2002
Appraiser sets value of Browning artifacts 12/5/2002
Finding new places to stay for the holidays 12/5/2002
Freshman named 1st Baylor Icon 12/5/2002
German sophomore emerges as Bears' ace 12/5/2002
Groups help build gazebo for residents 12/5/2002
NCAA should consider dumping BCS 12/5/2002
Roberts returns with a vengeance in Bears' 92-71 win 12/5/2002
Shakespeare from a biblical perspective 12/5/2002
Students accused of hazing 12/5/2002
Supreme Court reviews affirmative action policies in university case 12/5/2002
Carry seasonal joy throughout the year, not just during holiday break 12/4/2002
Fifth Street festivities are much bigger 12/4/2002
Former chaplain saw Baylor through the decades 12/4/2002
John Kerry the best person to represent Democrats in 2004 12/4/2002
Miranda needed to protect individual rights 12/4/2002
Old homes sparkle for holiday season 12/4/2002
Professors celebrate their Jewish heritage 12/4/2002
Survive the 'Worst-Case Scenario' and enjoy holiday bliss 12/4/2002
The attraction of experience 12/4/2002
1st BU chaplain, 84, died Sunday 12/3/2002
Defensive driving seems disturbingly absent from streets around Waco 12/3/2002
Glee club spreads cheer this week 12/3/2002
Group welcomes investors of all majors 12/3/2002
Judge correct in releasing church records 12/3/2002
Junior, family die in Oklahoma plane crash 12/3/2002
Keep it out of sight, out of crooks' hands 12/3/2002
Letter to the editor 12/3/2002
Musical competition finishes tonight 12/3/2002
Size doesn't matter in church search 12/3/2002
Students experiencing new INS regulations 12/3/2002