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News Archives for Nov. 2002

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Story Date
America must accept TIA for security in a post-Sept. 11 world 11/22/2002
Army correct to discharge gay linguists 11/22/2002
Group welcomes investors of all majors 11/22/2002
Kevin Kline delivers impressive performance in latest film 11/22/2002
Letter to the editor 11/22/2002
Mammoth site may become U.S. park 11/22/2002
Professors given opportunity to see relic 11/22/2002
Regional championship to be held in Waco 11/22/2002
Ringing in the Christmas spirit 11/22/2002
Thanksgiving offers time to relax before real-world pressure arrives 11/22/2002
Weekend tournament opens season 11/22/2002
Alumni association votes in interim executive vice president 11/21/2002
Blix deserves a fair chance to do his job as chief U.N. weapons inspector 11/21/2002
Former hostages share their story in Chapel 11/21/2002
Internet2 more feasible with new grant 11/21/2002
Letter to the editor 11/21/2002
Organizations bring carnival to campus 11/21/2002
Student composer brandishes talents 11/21/2002
Survey asks students about landscaping 11/21/2002
TIA program invades privacy rights 11/21/2002
Women acting like girls show signs of estrogen overload 11/21/2002
'Machine aesthetics' enhances art work 11/20/2002
Advertising campaign aims to increase college enrollment 11/20/2002
Bears slam dunk Bluechips 101-83 11/20/2002
Church celebrates 123 years of prosperity amid problems 11/20/2002
Committee needs coaching insights as well 11/20/2002
Hippodrome presents a Broadway favorite 11/20/2002
Jeffrey announced as next provost 11/20/2002
Lassie, Benji, Cujo to invade the city 11/20/2002
Letter to the editor 11/20/2002
Letter to the editor 11/20/2002
More 'bang' for your buck at Captain Billy's 11/20/2002
Shoeboxes spread holiday cheer worldwide 11/20/2002
Sibling trio produces music with 'soul'-ful message 11/20/2002
Student Life Survey essential to evaluate campus concerns 11/20/2002
U2 gives fans its best 11/20/2002
Women of 'The Bachelor' just trying alternative way to find soul mates 11/20/2002
'Martin Unplugged' offers full night of music, poetry 11/19/2002
'The Bachelor' tries promising love, but falls painfully short 11/19/2002
BU staffer, mother-to-be dies from aneurysm 11/19/2002
Canterbury House residents share living, worship space 11/19/2002
Cheney's words highlight important lesson for Bush on Iraqi inspections 11/19/2002
Club volleyball team sets up wins at SWAC tournament 11/19/2002
Cowell calls it quits 11/19/2002
Cross country falls short of NCAA bids 11/19/2002
Gun maker should not be held liable 11/19/2002
Hard work results in beauty with interior design program 11/19/2002
Letter to the editor 11/19/2002
Preparations for life after college 11/19/2002
Sloan set to name provost today 11/19/2002
Sooners on 'Q' for Big 12 South title, run over Bears 49-9 11/19/2002
Timberwolves ask senior to take role of mascot Crunch 11/19/2002
'8 Mile' not just for rap fans 11/15/2002
Alumna highlights post-graduate woes 11/15/2002
Exhibition an easy win for women 11/15/2002
Female rabbi speaks on the role of women in religion 11/15/2002
Letter to the editor 11/15/2002
Offering a taste of home to others 11/15/2002
Preparations for life after college 11/15/2002
Program offers break for drowsy drivers 11/15/2002
Real discrimination happens all the time in our daily lives, even at BU 11/15/2002
Students are forced to pay hidden costs for illegal music files 11/15/2002
U.N. unwise to delay ban on cloning 11/15/2002
U.N. unwise to delay ban on cloning 11/15/2002
Vallejo infuses Latin flavor in 'family affair' rock band 11/15/2002
58 teams to compete at cross country regional 11/14/2002
Bears torch Superstars in 128-55 rout 11/14/2002
DOJ wrong to promote racial profiling 11/14/2002
Former CNN anchor speaks about faith 11/14/2002
Graduates take top scores in CPA exam 11/14/2002
Heart walk raises funds for research 11/14/2002
Model U.N. places high at competition 11/14/2002
Office to focus on total body 11/14/2002
Something different for BU study breaks 11/14/2002
Sometimes words are not necessary 11/14/2002
Bargain shoppers' paradise 11/13/2002
Bears looking for a rebound from disappointing season 11/13/2002
BU students 'release' their rowdy side 11/13/2002
For ex-surgeon, the pen is mightier 11/13/2002
Group sells float for charity 11/13/2002
Hockey dad wrong to sue league for MVP 11/13/2002
Home Grown drops immature punk CD 11/13/2002
Letter to the editor 11/13/2002
Letter to the editor 11/13/2002
Letter to the editor 11/13/2002
Letter to the editor 11/13/2002
Orchestra welcomes musician 11/13/2002
Professor ratings just a part of their project 11/13/2002
Student out of ICU after bout with meningitis 11/13/2002
Students make time to hold one another responsible to God 11/13/2002
Students to battle with covenant 11/13/2002
The littlest missionaries 11/13/2002
Baylor receives $3.2 million from BGCT budget 11/12/2002
Dorsch wins first national collegiate title 11/12/2002
Law students rate first in Texas exam 11/12/2002
Letter to the editor 11/12/2002
Longhorns roll over listless Bears 41-0 11/12/2002
Native Americans share culture 11/12/2002
New resolution solidifies U.N. supremacy 11/12/2002
Republican Congress gives Bush a chance as bipartisan leader 11/12/2002
Squirrels, not bears, more ferocious as mascots after attacks in England 11/12/2002
Students to debate professors at Martin 11/12/2002
Technical help line more available to students, faculty 11/12/2002
Bears prepare to face 4th-ranked Longhorns on Saturday 11/8/2002
BGCT to determine whether to fund BU 11/8/2002
Boy Scouts wrong to force atheist's choice 11/8/2002
Christian scholars address economics 11/8/2002
Letter to the editor 11/8/2002
Letter to the editor 11/8/2002
Letter to the editor 11/8/2002
Memorial lampposts encourage us to honor sacrifices on Veterans Day 11/8/2002
Musician brings new attitude 11/8/2002
Provost candidates make cases for job 11/8/2002
Students lift their voices for tri-state music competition 11/8/2002
Veteran remembers Pearl Harbor 11/8/2002
Aggies gig Bears 3-0 for second time 11/7/2002
Class project focuses on outrunning market 11/7/2002
European Union shouldn't use U.S. as model 11/7/2002
GOP wins Congress, raises concerns over government control 11/7/2002
Letter to the editor 11/7/2002
New political group plans anti-war panel 11/7/2002
Program pioneers research in sports, exercise, nutrition 11/7/2002
Programmers take 5th in competition 11/7/2002
Putting an old heresy in new media 11/7/2002
Recent election proves that America votes on personal ethics, not issues 11/7/2002
Sorority mixes fun, spuds and charity 11/7/2002
'We are all priests in Christ' 11/6/2002
3-strikes law an effective punishment 11/6/2002
A new way to shape the city 11/6/2002
Averitt leads over Renschler for Senate 11/6/2002
Dunnam gains strong edge in early polls 11/6/2002
Junior in critical care with severe meningitis 11/6/2002
Lady Bears conquer fears, win 83-63 11/6/2002
Letter to the editor 11/6/2002
Loudermilk's 'Red Album' a diverse, melancholy cut 11/6/2002
Perry holds comfortable lead over Sanchez 11/6/2002
Steele avoids bitterness by turning to faith for guidance 11/6/2002
The 'Truth' is: Charlie stinks 11/6/2002
Bears have mixed results in weekend of sports contests 11/5/2002
BU sacks head coach after 4 losing seasons 11/5/2002
Church has 'wake-up call' for those that like to sleep in 11/5/2002
Dancers portray Joan of Arc's life 11/5/2002
Exercise your basic rights by going to vote 11/5/2002
Gubernatorial race focuses on education 11/5/2002
Lady Bears reload after losing four starters from 27-6 team 11/5/2002
Letter to the editor 11/5/2002
Letter to the editor 11/5/2002
Notre Dame's coach serves as a shining example of winning 11/5/2002
Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay will be remembered as pioneer for hip-hop 11/5/2002
Students learn career ethics 11/5/2002
There's smoke, but no real fire 11/5/2002
'Barbershop' apologies are ridiculous 11/1/2002
Bears hope to avoid edge of the Kliff against Red Raiders 11/1/2002
BU researcher provides evidence in AIDS case 11/1/2002
Christian artist returns to Waco for praise-filled performance 11/1/2002
Cultural expo meets at BU 11/1/2002
Letter to the editor 11/1/2002
More than just your typical girls' club 11/1/2002
Perry vs. Sanchez: Dirty campaign ads color governor's race 11/1/2002
Professor speaks about political future of Kenya 11/1/2002
Sociology professor publishes study on women and power 11/1/2002
Steppin' Out plans for 3,000 students 11/1/2002
Student Congress gives $6,735 treat 11/1/2002