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News Archives for Oct. 2002

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Story Date
Alabama gets first crack at sniper suspects 10/31/2002
BU sues donor over accounting, property management 10/31/2002
Coming soon to a television near you ... 10/31/2002
Congressional candidates focus on community, transportation 10/31/2002
Dewhurst vs. Sharp: Ideas collide in race for powerful position 10/31/2002
Gas-related deaths raise questions on Russian anti-terrorism agenda 10/31/2002
Letter to the editor 10/31/2002
Letter to the editor 10/31/2002
Leveling the playing field for women 10/31/2002
Mud flies faster as elections approach 10/31/2002
Baylor receives telecom grant 10/30/2002
China, Nicaragua, Oregon among mission destinations 10/30/2002
Golf team ties with Lamar in tournament 10/30/2002
Kirk vs. Cornyn: Senate race to focus on military, tax cuts 10/30/2002
Letter to the editor 10/30/2002
Letter to the editor 10/30/2002
Love for Baylor not limited to only those who support administration 10/30/2002
Music school shows that practice really does make perfect 10/30/2002
Trick-or-treating in the halls 10/30/2002
Tuition jump necessary for campus growth 10/30/2002
Alumni organization shows lack of faith in BU administrators, visions 10/29/2002
Bears lose homecoming, quarterback in 44-10 whipping 10/29/2002
Comedian delivers cultural punch line 10/29/2002
Edwards vs. Farley: House race focuses on education, army 10/29/2002
Falun Gong practitioners protest government persecution 10/29/2002
Golden Bears ads legitimately voice concern 10/29/2002
Injuries take toll in loss to Cyclones 10/29/2002
Letter to the editor 10/29/2002
Letter to the editor 10/29/2002
Regents approve tuition increase, new housing 10/29/2002
Renschler, Averitt campaign public issues in Senate race 10/29/2002
'First Family' has seen 100 years of changes to campus 10/25/2002
'The Ring' sends chills up the spines of thrill seekers 10/25/2002
A once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfill a lifelong dream 10/25/2002
All-University Sing celebrates 50 years of performance 10/25/2002
Alumni strike gold with silver screen 10/25/2002
Anniversary team flourishes after BU 10/25/2002
Baseball team finds depth and prospects in fall practice 10/25/2002
Baylor Icon competition searches for next superstar 10/25/2002
Bears must find end zone against tough Wildcat defense 10/25/2002
Building codes, fires among hazards of float construction 10/25/2002
Bush's woes cannot compare to former national leadership 10/25/2002
Chamber's right to word not fair to other groups 10/25/2002
Dallas band Flickerstick gets wild for rock shows 10/25/2002
Foote-steps bring writer to Baylor 10/25/2002
Freshmen take time out to become keepers of the flame 10/25/2002
Haunted houses provide tricks and treats for Halloween season 10/25/2002
Letter to the editor 10/25/2002
Letter to the editor 10/25/2002
Movie-inspired parade theme first for S. Russell 10/25/2002
Old friends remember prankster times 10/25/2002
Organizations get extra event funds 10/25/2002
Parade tradition dates back to 1909 10/25/2002
Rugby alums return for the pitch 10/25/2002
State representative candidates vie for position on Nov. 5 10/25/2002
Baylor Gold shines a light for potential football players 10/24/2002
Body art, dancing and more 10/24/2002
Jiang's snub of BU only the latest in line of world leaders skipping Waco 10/24/2002
Korea, Iraq pose separate problems 10/24/2002
Masters program gets global boost 10/24/2002
New director takes the stage today with Symphonic Band 10/24/2002
Panelists bring knowledge of China's foreign policy and domestic challenges 10/24/2002
Talbott shares insights from recent trip to China 10/24/2002
United States would be better off taking time for domestic issues, not Iraqi leader 10/24/2002
'Grace'-filled Scotish pipes 10/23/2002
Baris provides fresh 'Italian treat,' coming closer to campus 10/23/2002
Bears try to end Big 12 skid at A&M 10/23/2002
Competition is no contest 10/23/2002
Fulbright grant sends professor to Canada 10/23/2002
Golf teams win, continue fall success 10/23/2002
Letter to the editor 10/23/2002
Little-known history revealed 10/23/2002
Pigskin offers alumni, students top sing acts 10/23/2002
Prison band a bad choice for VH1 concert 10/23/2002
Professors give views on U.S. foreign aid 10/23/2002
Race-related political ads color issues that are already complex 10/23/2002
SR-71's CD 'Tomorrow' falls short 10/23/2002
Athletics shut out in conference action over the weekend 10/22/2002
Deep South comes to life in his novels 10/22/2002
Executive emphasizes social responsibility 10/22/2002
Letter to the editor 10/22/2002
Letter to the editor 10/22/2002
Letter to the editor 10/22/2002
Military, FBI join forces in hunt for sniper 10/22/2002
She got mad, then got even 10/22/2002
Spotlight lacking in battle against bulge 10/22/2002
University ministries' psychologist helping students cope 10/22/2002
Wedding planning made easy 10/22/2002
'Three Sisters' director looks to capture heart of story 10/17/2002
Air Force secretary remembers BU days 10/17/2002
Area youths play for radio program 10/17/2002
Belafonte's comments off the mark 10/17/2002
CL working hard to rock the vote 10/17/2002
Evaluations aid in cycling improvement 10/17/2002
Freshman brings Savage ability to Baylor soccer team 10/17/2002
Harts 'n Crafts adds new twist to area shopping 10/17/2002
Letter to the editor 10/17/2002
Letter to the editor 10/17/2002
Letter to the editor 10/17/2002
Sorority works to grant child's wish 10/17/2002
Specialists to address future of aviation 10/17/2002
Tigers maul Bears 3-0 in Big 12 match 10/17/2002
Breast cancer awareness month brings warnings to all women 10/16/2002
Following in their teachers' footsteps 10/16/2002
Health Center prepares for flu season 10/16/2002
Justice for All sues for free speech at UT 10/16/2002
Lecture series to address politics and religion in modern world 10/16/2002
Letter to the editor 10/16/2002
Planetary concerns revive old club 10/16/2002
University vision relies upon active community spirit within students 10/16/2002
Amateur radio fans broadcast to campus 10/15/2002
Bears ripe for the picking by Wrecking Crew 10/15/2002
Campus government largely unknown 10/15/2002
Chapel spiced up by Latin band Salvador 10/15/2002
Going the extra mile to make them learn 10/15/2002
Letter to the editor 10/15/2002
Men, women should rethink standards to conquer dating scene 10/15/2002
One Book program makes 1st selection 10/15/2002
Overflowing crowd greets historian 10/15/2002
Pastel colors detract from woman's ideal view of boyfriend: manly man 10/15/2002
Political slams sully Carter's Peace Prize 10/15/2002
Soccer ties A&M, loses to Longhorns 10/15/2002
Some Christian artists cross over into mainstream music 10/15/2002
Student facilitates food drive to benefit starving children 10/15/2002
'Gag the Ags' a great way to fire up spirit 10/11/2002
A time to relax, a time to stretch 10/11/2002
An Aggie-gagging evening 10/11/2002
Band hands out musical mix 10/11/2002
Bears hope to end another streak against A&M 10/11/2002
Depression test now online 10/11/2002
Featured lecturer a master of history, literature 10/11/2002
Feeding 5000 returns to Waco for weekend performance 10/11/2002
Giving military aid to Pakistan wrong way to fight terror 10/11/2002
Letter to the editor 10/11/2002
Letter to the editor 10/11/2002
Letter to the editor 10/11/2002
One Book program makes 1st selection 10/11/2002
Rock band defies laws of 'gravity,' on fast track to stardom 10/11/2002
Rosario-Tull a physical presence for the Bears 10/11/2002
Sorority helps victims of abuse 10/11/2002
'Dime Lady' looks to raise funds for group 10/10/2002
13 million reasons to fight an epidemic 10/10/2002
Judge honored for work with children's program 10/10/2002
Letter to the editor 10/10/2002
Letter to the editor 10/10/2002
Letter to the editor 10/10/2002
McLane doing well after cancer surgery 10/10/2002
Music lovers, record labels duke it out in war of copyrighting 10/10/2002
Sorority helps victims of abuse 10/10/2002
University should fund Steppin' Out 10/10/2002
Volleyball defeats Tech in 3 games 10/10/2002
Bears ready for Red Raiders tonight 10/9/2002
BU should be praised for attitude, opportunities it provides students 10/9/2002
BU singer garners recognition for vocals, songwriting 10/9/2002
Bush must act swiftly to buoy U.S. economy 10/9/2002
Concerts bring world flavor to campus 10/9/2002
Cultural boundaries a challenge to ministry 10/9/2002
Hannibal Lecter returns in the fall thriller 'Red Dragon' 10/9/2002
Letter to the editor 10/9/2002
Letter to the editor 10/9/2002
Lights, camera, ACTION 10/9/2002
Nothing new to say in Monday's pro-war speech 10/9/2002
Series presenting renowned artists 10/9/2002
'The highest call you can answer' 10/8/2002
After big win, Bears face a tough schedule 10/8/2002
Bears overcome adversity to snap Big 12 losing streak 10/8/2002
Fans hoping for a new coach should look no further than current sidelines 10/8/2002
Habitat main problem for BU mascots 10/8/2002
Hildebrand's teammates give him the boot off 'Survivor' 10/8/2002
Letter to the editor 10/8/2002
Missionary: U.S. poor need ministering, too 10/8/2002
Penland makes room for its newest resident 10/8/2002
Players, fans reflect a winning attitude at Saturday's game 10/8/2002
Soccer team splits weekend matches 10/8/2002
Students ready to compete 10/8/2002
The Baylor Lariat 10/8/2002
$5,747.95 allocated toward Steppin' Out, mascot 10/4/2002
'Trapped' leaves audience with no escape from monotony 10/4/2002
Bears have chance to end Big 12 skid 10/4/2002
Cuba provides U.S. with opportunity to extend olive branch 10/4/2002
Food, music on 5th Street 10/4/2002
For some, hurricane hit home 10/4/2002
H.O.T. fair celebrates 50th birthday 10/4/2002
Panel forum allows student interaction 10/4/2002
Ruef's speed blazing the way for team goals 10/4/2002
Seminar focuses on variety in Christian music 10/4/2002
Sparks' tear-jerker gives needed break 10/4/2002
Transforming lives 1 mission at a time 10/4/2002
Bears looking to win the battle on all fronts in Big 12 play 10/3/2002
Big 12 chooses BU to hold conference 10/3/2002
Broadway musical to show at Hippodrome for one night only 10/3/2002
Campus group aims to protect recreation areas 10/3/2002
Counter-Strike hits campus as part of video game seminar 10/3/2002
E-mail server restored after Monday crash 10/3/2002
Free speech, politics collide with ad ban 10/3/2002
Hefty credit card bills rack up quickly for unsuspecting students 10/3/2002
Letter to the editor 10/3/2002
Letter to the editor 10/3/2002
Letter to the editor 10/3/2002
Nobel Prize winner talks about peace, justice 10/3/2002
Student Life Fund available to provide organizations help for planning events 10/3/2002
Web site will provide students alternative to bookstore 10/3/2002
Wetlands project creates habitat for new wildlife 10/3/2002
1 room, 2 worlds 10/2/2002
Baptist group rounding up new shoes for world orphans 10/2/2002
BU-TSTC program helps teens explore science 10/2/2002
Communication on issues critical with upcoming elections 10/2/2002
Court: Yes, that CD cost too much 10/2/2002
Evaluations a vital part of network 10/2/2002
HOT acts offer country, rock performances 10/2/2002
Injuries open the door for eager replacements 10/2/2002
Letter to the editor 10/2/2002
Letter to the editor 10/2/2002
Letter to the editor 10/2/2002
Students complain about cell hang-ups 10/2/2002
Williams' performance saves underdeveloped 'One Hour Photo' 10/2/2002
With Big 12 play looming, Bears make final adjustments 10/2/2002
8 Texas companies honored for values 10/1/2002
Baylor goes 0-for-Oklahoma 10/1/2002
Baylor's first black fraternity celebrates 9 years on campus 10/1/2002
Cherry raises award amount for recipients 10/1/2002
Dorsch outlasts Papp in all-Bear final 10/1/2002
Letter to the editor 10/1/2002
Letter to the editor 10/1/2002
Letter to the editor 10/1/2002
Letter to the editor 10/1/2002
Local Italian restaurant plans new location near downtown 10/1/2002
Opening doors an act of manly submission 10/1/2002
Priest balances divergent roles as clergyman, scientist 10/1/2002
Resale stores offer variety of styles, items 10/1/2002
Student-run Spanish Mass gives multicultural service 10/1/2002
University addresses trademark violation 10/1/2002
Vaccine should get approval before release 10/1/2002