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News Archives for Sept. 2001

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Story Date
Cherry Awards bring 'best' to classroom 9/28/2001
Cynical attitude toward government unhelpful now 9/28/2001
Fall Premiere set for this weekend 9/28/2001
Leaders must use religious rhetoric with caution 9/28/2001
Not seeing green Pat Neff after wins disappointing 9/28/2001
Regents push for dorm life 9/28/2001
ROTC offers chance to help 9/28/2001
Speaker focuses on terrorism in Middle East and America 9/28/2001
Telethon strokes entertainment industry's ego 9/28/2001
Bears won't blow off Cyclones 9/27/2001
Crop-dusters take to skies after 2-day grounding 9/27/2001
Discussion of funds should be in public 9/27/2001
Fans, students, band showing great support 9/27/2001
Frequent false fire alarms pose dangerous situation 9/27/2001
Hollywood feeling terror's effects 9/27/2001
Jordan's return good for country 9/27/2001
Lawyer still unable to enter country as Baylor alumnae remain captive in Afghanistan 9/27/2001
Professors reflect on Afghan refugee situation 9/27/2001
Ridge will perform well in new job 9/27/2001
Soccer team starts Big 12 9/27/2001
With law students out, several university departments to take former law school space 9/27/2001
Aramark executive informs employees of attack's positive stories, tragic realities 9/26/2001
Crawford Coffee Station welcomes presidential business 9/26/2001
Cross country racing to the top 9/26/2001
Flag fervor hits supply, raises concerns 9/26/2001
Kicker's confidence restored 9/26/2001
Parents of the Year nominated by BU sisters 9/26/2001
President Sloan answers student questions about 10-year vision, tuition increase 9/26/2001
Professor: Waco ripe for boom 9/26/2001
Terrorism czar must use restraint 9/26/2001
Worldly fears preventing BU from moving up 9/26/2001
'Parents of the Year' to be announced at football game 9/21/2001
4 Baylor teams to compete this weekend 9/21/2001
A Parents Weekend plan comes together 9/21/2001
Aid worker committed to serving others, father says 9/21/2001
American values worth protecting 9/21/2001
Bears return after week off 9/21/2001
Bodybuilding workshop stresses diet, goals 9/21/2001
BU volleyball faces Colorado Saturday 9/21/2001
Businesses profit from Parents Weekend 9/21/2001
Friends unite in prayer for Mercer 9/21/2001
Guerilla Troupe set to perform After Dark skits 9/21/2001
In lieu of parents, international students turn to Baylor family 9/21/2001
La Petite a study in good food, entreprenuership 9/21/2001
Local reserves called to state of readiness 9/21/2001
Parents converge on campus 9/21/2001
Parents, make the most of weekend 9/21/2001
Parking woes worsen with arrival of parents 9/21/2001
Plenty to do on Parents Weekend 9/21/2001
Regents approve 10-year vision, flat tuition rate 9/21/2001
Small restaurants offer tasty eats near campus 9/21/2001
Start of fall may dampen Weekend 9/21/2001
Students come 'clean'--if for only one weekend 9/21/2001
Students consider hiding new vices 9/21/2001
Students cope with aftershock of terrorist attacks 9/21/2001
Technology keeps students, parents in touch 9/21/2001
Tickets scarce for After Dark show 9/21/2001
5 tennis players grab rankings in Preseason Top 100 9/20/2001
After 2-week break, football team hungry for competition 9/20/2001
Airports need security overhaul 9/20/2001
Band plays at wrong time at Arkansas State game 9/20/2001
BU exhibit features faculty authors, artists 9/20/2001
Classes should have been canceled following terrorist attacks 9/20/2001
New patriotism shouldn't be lost 9/20/2001
Parking ticket funds could provide plenty to victims 9/20/2001
Simple things remind us of world's beauty 9/20/2001
Student governments discuss college council 9/20/2001
Top scholar to teach at BU 9/20/2001
Aid workers only foreigners left in region; U.S.-chosen lawyer cannot enter country 9/19/2001
Airport guarding transitions 9/19/2001
Ballplayer dismissed after DWI 9/19/2001
Bears add Southern Illinois to complete schedule 9/19/2001
Bush leading nation well 9/19/2001
Captive alumnae 'fine,' officials say 9/19/2001
Chapel to be broadcast live starting Monday 9/19/2001
Downtown growth gives students more 'hangouts' 9/19/2001
Economy's plunge won't dip into endowment, officials say 9/19/2001
Grade school vital to 'Tier 1' push 9/19/2001
Intramural volleyball playoffs begin tonight 9/19/2001
Muslims misunderstood, now wrongly face discrimination 9/19/2001
Volleyball team gears up for Big 12 9/19/2001
Women's soccer triumphs over TCU 9/19/2001
Attempted carjacking foiled 9/14/2001
Big 12 reverses its decision 9/14/2001
County joins America in mourning 9/14/2001
Enrollment peaks at 14,221 students 9/14/2001
Fear, insecurity lead to racism 9/14/2001
Fighter jets force down Crawford pilot 9/14/2001
Fuel headed to H.O.T. for 'Pikes Present' 9/14/2001
Golden Key erects Red Cross donation boxes 9/14/2001
Golf teams stranded 9/14/2001
Jibe looking for 'new vibe' in Waco 9/14/2001
MCC to open Bosque River Stage Saturday 9/14/2001
Red Cross goes into overdrive 9/14/2001
Small fire flares in chemistry lab; damage minimal 9/14/2001
Students' perceptions change in America 9/14/2001
Tragic events a new experience to many 9/14/2001
U.S., allies will be ready to respond 9/14/2001
Attack's ripples not likely to reach banks 9/13/2001
Birth control policy hypocritical 9/13/2001
Freshman officers, Student Congress reps elected 9/13/2001
Gas prices stay low in Waco 9/13/2001
Minnesota allows game to continue 9/13/2001
Naming victims tough task: Forensic scientists will be challenged to distinguish people 9/13/2001
Pac 10, Big East and ACC postpone their athletic competitions 9/13/2001
Sparsely attended meeting addresses safety concerns 9/13/2001
Students exhibit patriotic colors 9/13/2001
Students filled with sadness, acceptance over national tragedy; many feeling 'overwhelmed' by flood of emotions 9/13/2001
Terrorist attacks shock us, reminder of what's important 9/13/2001
Area law enforcement officials discuss tragedy's effect on campus 9/12/2001
Baylor, alumni react to yesterday's act of terrorism 9/12/2001
Big 12 postpones games 9/12/2001
Blame may be placed on all followers of Islam, BU muslims fear 9/12/2001
Brennan Manning Chapel appearance rescheduled in wake of tragedy 9/12/2001
Good times with friends lost on CD 9/12/2001
Internet, phone traffic grinds to a near halt 9/12/2001
National crisis disrupts university schedule, leads to class cancellations 9/12/2001
NY, DC attacks, Afghanistan explosions could alter outcome of prisoners' situation 9/12/2001
Professors debate 'symbolic' effect of terrorism 9/12/2001
Record numbers vote 9/12/2001
Reno speech cancelled 9/12/2001
Students find solace in prayer groups 9/12/2001
Terrorist events call for courage, faith 9/12/2001
Travel impeded by FAA decision to ground planes 9/12/2001
Waco joins effort to aid victims of Trade Center attack 9/12/2001