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News Archives for April 2001

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Story Date
'Lariat' offers lessons about life, journalism 4/27/2001
'National Geographic' editor speaks 4/27/2001
Austin museum honors Texas history, Bullock 4/27/2001
Baylor to retire Judge in May 4/27/2001
Brazos River Festival offers exhibits, shows 4/27/2001
Cancer awareness should begin at 20 for women 4/27/2001
Cannes Festival celebrates cinema 4/27/2001
Democrats to hold meeting on campus 4/27/2001
Diet pill dangerous for students 4/27/2001
Editorial board analyzes effects of year's most notable events 4/27/2001
Endowment suffers effect of economy 4/27/2001
Events added to Welcome Week 4/27/2001
Faculty, students create band with Celtic flavor 4/27/2001
Groundbreaking of Immortal Ten statue planned 4/27/2001
Intramural changes make sports more 'professional' 4/27/2001
Janet Reno slated to speak at Baylor 4/27/2001
Lady Bears open Big 12 4/27/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/27/2001
Monies to honor fallen Corps pilot 4/27/2001
New band adds touch of jazz to Christian music 4/27/2001
No. 18 BU makes final conference trip to OSU 4/27/2001
Reporters should not be politically active 4/27/2001
Rugby team will play for national title 4/27/2001
Senior class names physics 'legend' professor of the year 4/27/2001
Softball gears up for Big 12 weekend 4/27/2001
Study: Demand for nurses is high 4/27/2001
Triathletes raise funds for leukemia patients 4/27/2001
Why did the bovine cross the interstate? 4/27/2001
Baylor manages to win doubleheader at Getterman 4/26/2001
Bear Briefs 4/26/2001
Campus sign project nears completion 4/26/2001
Habitat finishes latest house 4/26/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/26/2001
Local church still training missionaries 4/26/2001
Many areas at Baylor need improvement over next 10 years 4/26/2001
New signs put image over quality resources 4/26/2001
Plasma research center to open 4/26/2001
Rolph reflects on politics, people 4/26/2001
Sloan: Salaries key in Tier-1 quest 4/26/2001
Value of student press can't be overlooked 4/26/2001
Women's golf finish 3rd in Big 12 4/26/2001
'Derby Days' set stage for charities 4/25/2001
Baseball salvages split doubleheader at UTA 4/25/2001
Business past leads to present successes 4/25/2001
Day needed to give 'borrowed' stuff back 4/25/2001
Dorms enter intramural sports scene 4/25/2001
Get more rest to live a healthier life 4/25/2001
Lady Bears face UTA today at home 4/25/2001
Language no obstacle for teaching assistants 4/25/2001
Men's golf team wins 1st Big 12 title 4/25/2001
Radar range lets drivers elude cops 4/25/2001
Student Body President 4/25/2001
Tennis knocks off TWU 6-1 4/25/2001
Texas Senate should approve bill giving juries more options 4/25/2001
Waco looking to colleges to help economy 4/25/2001
Allergy sufferers said to have hard time this spring 4/24/2001
Baseball rebounds to claim 2 of 3 from Longhorns 4/24/2001
Classics students garner honors 4/24/2001
DB duo taken in NFL draft 4/24/2001
Grad ceremony won't include outside guest 4/24/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/24/2001
Men's tennis upsets UT on road 4/24/2001
Networks offering plenty of the same 4/24/2001
Nun discusses death penalty at Chapel 4/24/2001
Officials: Truett to survive fund drop 4/24/2001
Oklahoma drops Lady Bears in weekend softball tilt 4/24/2001
Role at paper teaches goals of journalism 4/24/2001
Seniors continue in hunt for jobs 4/24/2001
Student Congress' decision to deplete fund irresponsible 4/24/2001
Students: '2nd ring' policy unsafe 4/24/2001
Bears play Texas in Austin 1st 4/20/2001
BU religion students, faculty discuss plans with Harvard 4/20/2001
Coach gets a place in Hall of Fame 4/20/2001
Creating new schools at BU an important 10-year goal 4/20/2001
Factory to be converted into lofts 4/20/2001
Golf teams ready for Big 12 tourney 4/20/2001
International match builds confidence 4/20/2001
Lady Bears defeat Bearkats 4-2 4/20/2001
Let animal cruelty case be put to rest 4/20/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/20/2001
Nice air 4/20/2001
Paper's changes long overdue, welcomed 4/20/2001
Sports Briefs 4/20/2001
Student Fund depleted after Congress vote 4/20/2001
'Lariat' to undergo reorganization 4/18/2001
Baseball swept by Nebraska 4/18/2001
Become more aware of world around you 4/18/2001
Bikers prepare for Bear Downs 4/18/2001
Congress to debate how to use fund 4/18/2001
Fizzling market need not deter internship search 4/18/2001
In general, 'Lariat' changes to improve its content, staff 4/18/2001
Lady Bears top Texas 2-0 4/18/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/18/2001
More students raise new issues 4/18/2001
New Game Boy features speed upgrade, larger screen 4/18/2001
Roommates find ways to coexist as year ends 4/18/2001
Soccer faces Mexican National Team 4/18/2001
Sophomore to get Goldwater award 4/18/2001
Tennis begins final weeks 4/18/2001
Undergrads organize new academic journal 4/18/2001
Aikman, Jordan face uncertain futures 4/12/2001
Bears face conference rivals 4/12/2001
Bush eager to welcome spy plane crew members 4/12/2001
Bush submitsbudget proposal 4/12/2001
Chapel guest speaks about more than polls 4/12/2001
Computer store lets students test Palm Pilots 4/12/2001
Extra eaters make for a mad rush at mealtime 4/12/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/12/2001
Literature is guest speaker's topic 4/12/2001
More travel doesn't mean more trouble 4/12/2001
Road rage likely to make an appearance during break 4/12/2001
Softball splits 2 with Tech 4/12/2001
SUB local site for bone marrow donation registration 4/12/2001
Truett funds run dry prior to completion 4/12/2001
Victims' families have right to watch McVeigh execution 4/12/2001
Week of all-nighters makes student wiser 4/12/2001
Bear Brief 4/11/2001
Bears lose to No. 1-ranked Rice 5-1 4/11/2001
BU joins forces with area schools to recruit nurses 4/11/2001
Bush, Zemin need to wise up, talk calmly 4/11/2001
Charter school moratorium may fix financial problems 4/11/2001
Don't make excuses; become organ donor 4/11/2001
Enrollment squeezes classes 4/11/2001
Film depicts life of '70s drug trafficker 4/11/2001
Lady Bears play Tech in twin bill 4/11/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/11/2001
Parking amendment sparks disagreement 4/11/2001
Princeton prof talks 'secrets' 4/11/2001
Sports briefs 4/11/2001
Truett fills 3rd dean position in 4 months 4/11/2001
Abortion issue forces some to make stands 4/10/2001
Backbone of nation lies in agriculture 4/10/2001
Ballclub to play No. 1 4/10/2001
Ballplayers return to team 4/10/2001
Bear Briefs 4/10/2001
Bear Briefs 4/10/2001
Campus election results 4/10/2001
Current internal VP elected into presidency 4/10/2001
Distance learning program exists; not BU's top priority 4/10/2001
Hollywood glorifies marital infidelity 4/10/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/10/2001
Man arrestedon theft charges in SLC probe 4/10/2001
Men win 4x400-meter relay, 400 hurdler shines at Texas Relays 4/10/2001
Nigerian student aims to help internationals 4/10/2001
Party ends with fight; 2 men in custody 4/10/2001
Poor voter turnout reminds officers to do new jobs well 4/10/2001
Softball team drops 2 games to Nebraska 4-2, 2-1 4/10/2001
Sports briefs 4/10/2001
Vice presidents prepared to start tenures 4/10/2001
Warm weather sends many out to local golf courses 4/10/2001
1,045 turn out for early voting 4/5/2001
Bats carry Smith's 250th 'W' 4/5/2001
Baylor brings in its own karate 'Sensei' 4/5/2001
Bear Briefs 4/5/2001
Bush's first actions far from moderate 4/5/2001
Day of the Bear turns 66 this year 4/5/2001
Easter play returns to BU 4/5/2001
Habitat begins building 61st house in Waco 4/5/2001
Lady Bears split 2 again 4/5/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/5/2001
Sloan gives $4,055 to distribute 'Jesus' 4/5/2001
Speaker focuses on fountains 4/5/2001
Sports briefs 4/5/2001
Video more effective tool for evangelism than 'Kevin' 4/5/2001
Waco Chamber joins area 'corridor' 4/5/2001
Your passion could be just a course away 4/5/2001
Arts and Sciences Reps 4/4/2001
Bear Briefs 4/4/2001
Candidate Platforms 4/4/2001
Chinese student finds faith, future at Baylor 4/4/2001
Comedy troupe moves beyond intermission 4/4/2001
Honor Council 4/4/2001
Hour of pain worth paying tribute to Dad 4/4/2001
Junior Class VP Nominees 4/4/2001
Law students respond to school's lower rank 4/4/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/4/2001
Martha Stewart says to tip 15 4/4/2001
Men's tennis team plays No. 2 TCU 4/4/2001
Museum to holdseminar 4/4/2001
Religion changes get OK from profs 4/4/2001
School of Business Reps 4/4/2001
School of Education Reps 4/4/2001
Screwdriver, $50 would solve problem 4/4/2001
Shurley for President 4/4/2001
Softball to double dip Bobcats 4/4/2001
Spring Elections 2001 4/4/2001
Spring Elections 2001 - cont'd 4/4/2001
Student band moves act to campus, prepares for Thursday's Diadeloso 4/4/2001
Students in middle of Crawford city politics 4/4/2001
Terrell for External VP 4/4/2001
Vauk for Internal VP 4/4/2001
Writer's relative speaks at library 4/4/2001
All students should have opportunity to run for office 4/3/2001
Alumnus promoted by NRCC 4/3/2001
Ballclub gets 2nd Big 12 sweep 4/3/2001
Big-screen TV stolen from Quadrangle for 3rd time 4/3/2001
BU officials dealing with cat incident 4/3/2001
Candidates preparing to blaze campaign trail 4/3/2001
Duke Blue Devils National Champs 4/3/2001
Individuals need to change, not laws 4/3/2001
Lady Bears squeeze 2 from OSU 4/3/2001
Law school rank slips past top 50 4/3/2001
Letters to the Editor 4/3/2001
New fire codes light fuses of staff, faculty 4/3/2001
Nursing school still searching for dean 4/3/2001
Philosophy speaker honors retired prof 4/3/2001
Sports briefs 4/3/2001
Student life reorganization includes spirit 4/3/2001
Women 2, men 3 in weekend meet 4/3/2001