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News Archives for March 2001

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Story Date
'ShowTime!' ensemble turns 20 3/30/2001
Black looks for '10' at Final Four 3/30/2001
Congress debates sorority allocation 3/30/2001
Fan support for athletics vital over next 10 years 3/30/2001
ISSA to present musical showcase 3/30/2001
Kansas State visits for weekend series 3/30/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/30/2001
New program gives students chance to use call to Christ 3/30/2001
Presidential hopefuls off and running 3/30/2001
Schools, justice system to benefit from Senate 3/30/2001
Shakespearean drama opens Tuesday 3/30/2001
Some spread Gospel too aggressively 3/30/2001
Sports briefs 3/30/2001
Web domain not open to 'Review' 3/30/2001
Wildflowers begin to bloom, color Texas landscape 3/30/2001
Women's club volleyball team receives charter 3/30/2001
'Survivor' speaks with Chapel students 3/29/2001
Assassin of civil rights leader dies in Mississippi 3/29/2001
Baylor edged in battle of the Bears 3/29/2001
Certain people must be held to higher standard 3/29/2001
Class to help students get jobs 3/29/2001
Debate tournament to come to campus 3/29/2001
Fiesta on the River tonight at Minglewood 3/29/2001
Fraternity tourney aids youth center 3/29/2001
Josefy, other 'bashers' mistaken about paper 3/29/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/29/2001
Londoners dress well, lack good manners 3/29/2001
Profs' Web sites to get face-lifts 3/29/2001
Scholarships available 3/29/2001
So who is that Kevin guy, anyway? 3/29/2001
Softball team finally starts Big 12 play 3/29/2001
Sports briefs 3/29/2001
SUB fund raiser fuels doughnut debate 3/29/2001
Budding actor indebted to 'Peanuts' series 3/28/2001
Classrooms serve as pit stop for information highway 3/28/2001
Dorms to get new in-house chaplains 3/28/2001
Forgiveness focus of speaker's talk 3/28/2001
Gold Card already making waves in Waco 3/28/2001
Group asks Congress for funding of event 3/28/2001
Harder test not answer for better Texas schools 3/28/2001
Lady Bears play A&M 3/28/2001
Letter to the Editors 3/28/2001
Past poet laureate to read works tonight 3/28/2001
Proper care key for healthy pets 3/28/2001
Sanchez able to make Perry sweat in 2002 3/28/2001
Sports briefs 3/28/2001
Student exclaims: iWon $10,000 3/28/2001
Vesper night paves path for cultural diversity 3/28/2001
Waco teen held on robbery charges 3/28/2001
Baseball players break out brooms 3/27/2001
Baylor shares name with student's child 3/27/2001
Bear Briefs 3/27/2001
Bears swat Oklahoma State 6-1 3/27/2001
BU Gold team victorious in spring practice finale 3/27/2001
Bush's campaign promises now depleting 3/27/2001
Changes in store for religion classes 3/27/2001
Consider legality, cost when searching for Web papers 3/27/2001
Cultural experiences aid our development 3/27/2001
Flat-rate tuition charges some students too much 3/27/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/27/2001
Only Baptist groups get charter 3/27/2001
Poets to kick off festival 3/27/2001
Rugby repeats Division II Texas Rugby Union champs 3/27/2001
Sports briefs 3/27/2001
Track teams post 11 first-place finishes 3/27/2001
2 ballplayers suspended indefinitely 3/23/2001
2001 Oscar picks honor safe cinema, ignore small films 3/23/2001
3 toss hats into ring for District 2 seat 3/23/2001
Award set upto honor student 3/23/2001
Baseball team travels to Kansas 3/23/2001
Bear Briefs 3/23/2001
Building new residence halls necessary for BU expansion in next 10 years 3/23/2001
Christian drama group set to tap hard-hitting issues 3/23/2001
Controversial spring break bill approved 3/23/2001
Even postal service guilty of selling out 3/23/2001
FBI: School shooters' profile left to uncertainty 3/23/2001
Football team closes out spring practice 3/23/2001
Have Mercy: Christian band talks about contracts, touring 3/23/2001
Lady Longhorns takes reins in Big 12 race 3/23/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/23/2001
Local firearms dealers take part in process procedure 3/23/2001
NASA presents annual powwow this weekend 3/23/2001
Professor's book makes easy sell 3/23/2001
Rapper Eve's second effort mixes sass, substance 3/23/2001
Sports briefs 3/23/2001
Steppin' Out attracts more than 3000 students 3/23/2001
Track teams crack open DP 3/23/2001
Waco looks into switching street directions 3/23/2001
Ballplayers could face charges in cat death 3/22/2001
Bear Briefs 3/22/2001
Bear Briefs 3/22/2001
Couples are focus of course 3/22/2001
Gooch-Stephens lecturer to present 2 talks 3/22/2001
Lady Bears to play No. 10 Longhorns 3/22/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/22/2001
McCain-Feingold bill may improve campaigns 3/22/2001
Society's notion of 'ideal body' unhealthy 3/22/2001
Softball takes 1 of 2 against UTSA 3/22/2001
Stifling spontaneity harms young minds 3/22/2001
Village's sheep found in BU parking garage 3/22/2001
Wins, free stuff key to attendance 3/22/2001
5 million immigrantsshow face after tally 3/21/2001
Arts education programs too important to be cut 3/21/2001
BU needs stricter admission standards 3/21/2001
Calling all participants to Diadeloso 3/21/2001
Clubs provide forums to practice languages 3/21/2001
Congress proposes bill targeting service fees 3/21/2001
Drivers endanger self, others in trivial game 3/21/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/21/2001
Magellan Society sponsors interest day 3/21/2001
Online resources aim to ease students' academic woes 3/21/2001
Products offer safer, sunless option for tanners 3/21/2001
Return of warm weather signals start of tanning season 3/21/2001
Student Body President 3/21/2001
Baseball gains first Sunday Big 12 victory 3/20/2001
Careful planning key to great vacation 3/20/2001
Cheaper AIDS drugs vital to halting epidemic 3/20/2001
Harvard astronomerrevisits helio theory 3/20/2001
Husband-wife teaching team helps in AIDS cause 3/20/2001
Iowa professor speaks on women, the 1970s 3/20/2001
ITC aims to ensure reliability 3/20/2001
Knight unfit for work with college students 3/20/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/20/2001
Signs intended to guide visitors around campus 3/20/2001
Softball team back to field after hiatus 3/20/2001
Sports Brief 3/20/2001
Sports Briefs 3/20/2001
Students decide on candidacy for posts 3/20/2001
Turnaround season ends in first round 3/20/2001
2 schools relish historic grants 3/16/2001
400 acres set aside for trade zones 3/16/2001
Alumnus vies forWaco City Council post 3/16/2001
Baseball team plays Sooners 3/16/2001
Baylor needs to become top research institution 3/16/2001
Bear Briefs 3/16/2001
Bear Briefs 3/16/2001
Benefit concert draws international talent 3/16/2001
BU men shift focus to future 3/16/2001
Congress approves building reform bill 3/16/2001
Conservative paper gets BU's approval 3/16/2001
Department of Justice needs to address issue 3/16/2001
Duke blanks men's tennis team 3/16/2001
Lady Bears begin NCAA trek 3/16/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/16/2001
Luck o' the Irish hits town 3/16/2001
NCAA tourney snubs Winthrop Eagles 3/16/2001
Sports briefs 3/16/2001
Spring Fling brings rodeo, shows 3/16/2001
Student governmentplans 'Build-a-Basket' 3/16/2001
Students hesitant to turn in cheaters 3/16/2001
Students prepare for sales conference 3/16/2001
Truett assistant dean resigns seminary for newspaper 3/16/2001
'Cosmo,' 'Vogue' leave women confused 3/15/2001
Bears fall to Lobos at 'the Pit' 3/15/2001
Bill targets online sale of alcohol 3/15/2001
BU network leaves little room for games 3/15/2001
March Madness hits SLC 3/15/2001
Metropolitan areas top job list for graduates 3/15/2001
No Happily Ever After for Bliss' Bears 3/15/2001
Profs, students debate validity of 'exam files' 3/15/2001
Same voting machines needed across nation 3/15/2001
Sports briefs 3/15/2001
State's black bears not just in Waco 3/15/2001
Students protest Bush's tax cuts 3/15/2001
Two Lady Bears earn top honors 3/15/2001
Waco-BU dialogue must go beyond meetings' end 3/15/2001
Bears bash UTSA 14-3 3/14/2001
Bears' trip to NIT starts tonight at 'The Pit' 3/14/2001
Bosque watershed root of lawsuits 3/14/2001
BSM ministers in Guadalajara 3/14/2001
BU aims to top list of tech advances 3/14/2001
Campus papers needn't apologize for printing ad 3/14/2001
Colorful panes get evening spotlight 3/14/2001
Dedicated fan 'shockingly' supportive of Baylor sports 3/14/2001
Honor code at issue in class 3/14/2001
Poll says students aware of demand for their services 3/14/2001
Professors venture to Spain for hands-on experiences 3/14/2001
SAT not good indicator of intelligence 3/14/2001
Schott will be missed, but her spirit endures 3/14/2001
Senior team leaders rake in awards 3/14/2001
Sports briefs 3/14/2001
Athletic department, Stanton deserve praise 3/13/2001
Baseball has strong show during break 3/13/2001
Bears claim title 3/13/2001
Congress bill targetsbuilding rental fees 3/13/2001
Do a little dance 3/13/2001
Forget planners, learn from Arabic society 3/13/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/13/2001
March madness ... 3/13/2001
Men place 14 at NCAA Indoors 3/13/2001
Police raid local car audio store 3/13/2001
Sports Briefs 3/13/2001
Studentkilled incollision 3/13/2001
Talent, drive make for winning season 3/13/2001
Tournament run leads to NIT bid 3/13/2001
Youth program ministers to locals 3/13/2001
'Lariat' talks genes with biology professor 3/2/2001
Baylor spring break sports schedule 3/2/2001
Bears play Tigers this weekend 3/2/2001
BU should create more varsity sports programs 3/2/2001
Bush's budget speech more of same 3/2/2001
Bush's early days as president 'refreshing' 3/2/2001
Country duo, Grammy-winning band release new recordings 3/2/2001
Country duo, Grammy-winning band release new recordings 3/2/2001
Couts still recovering 3/2/2001
Ethical conflicts emerge from genome 3/2/2001
International students choose sight-seeing for break 3/2/2001
Lady Bears seeded No. 6 3/2/2001
Men's basketball looks to stop skid 3/2/2001
Professors defend evolution theory 3/2/2001
Rest and Relaxation 3/2/2001
SLC summer rates approved by Congress 3/2/2001
Solicitation source of cash for schools 3/2/2001
Spring break hours 3/2/2001
Student travellers offer safety tips 3/2/2001
Bear Briefs 3/1/2001
BU falls by 3 in closing seconds 3/1/2001
Bush tax cut depends on budget surplus' size 3/1/2001
City tackles pains of campus parking 3/1/2001
Construction plans continue as funds are available 3/1/2001
Lady Bears reach 20 plateau 3/1/2001
Lasting love requires communication 3/1/2001
Letters to the Editor 3/1/2001
New policies allow more off-campus food 3/1/2001
PAWS program helps students learn cultures 3/1/2001
Proposal may cut cost of summer SLC usage 3/1/2001
Softball team cracks top-25 3/1/2001
Student credit cards add to bankruptcies 3/1/2001
Tennis teams climb in latest rankings 3/1/2001