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News Archives for Feb. 2001

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Story Date
BearBriefs 2/28/2001
Bears canvass state for recruits 2/28/2001
Cloning has more potential benefits than ethical issues 2/28/2001
Display aims to reduce eating disorder cases on campus 2/28/2001
Get the Facts on Eating Disorders 2/28/2001
Lady Bears close out regular season 2/28/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/28/2001
Local parochial school will close its doors in May 2/28/2001
Meeting lets Waco, BU talk about community relations 2/28/2001
Men take on OSU 2/28/2001
Skills vary for each student's combine 2/28/2001
Sports Briefs 2/28/2001
Student debt rising, survey says 2/28/2001
10-year vision focus of regents' spring meeting 2/27/2001
Athleticism factor distinguishes sports 2/27/2001
Band performs during campus lunch hour 2/27/2001
Bears drop 3rd straight since Kansas victory 2/27/2001
Bears take 2 in Big 12 opener 2/27/2001
BU spring break should coincide with Tech, A&M 2/27/2001
Campus & Waco 2/27/2001
Couts strains hamstring at Nebraska 2/27/2001
Donors fund building projects 2/27/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/27/2001
Meetings bring community, BU together 2/27/2001
Metaphysical debates damage both groups 2/27/2001
New seminary deansees first day of work 2/27/2001
Softball team wins third tourney title 2/27/2001
Sports Briefs 2/27/2001
Technology raises possibility of human cloning 2/27/2001
What do you see? 2/27/2001
Women's basketball stomps Nebraska 2/27/2001
Alumnus talks Oscars 2/23/2001
Bears hit road to battle Tigers 2/23/2001
Bears open Big 12 play 2/23/2001
BU helps build houses 2/23/2001
BU is 1 of 8 schools to host fitness event 2/23/2001
Campus beautification important to 10-year vision 2/23/2001
Children shouldn't always be protected 2/23/2001
Current voting system needs improvement 2/23/2001
Diva performs for Junior League 2/23/2001
Duo hopes to spread comedy 2/23/2001
Grammy broadcast offers music, fashion surprises 2/23/2001
Italian club plans Mardi Gras festivities 2/23/2001
Lady Bears defeat SMU 2/23/2001
Lady Bears take on Neb. in Lincoln 2/23/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/23/2001
Officials: Jobs easy to find if you work at it 2/23/2001
Paper name ruffles feathers 2/23/2001
Probe of TSTC man continues 2/23/2001
Religious currents focus of conference 2/23/2001
Sports Briefs 2/23/2001
Spring break in line with WISD 2/23/2001
Student may toss hat into Waco politics 2/23/2001
Thailand program seeks grads to teach 2/23/2001
The Segues continue to entertain 'Sing'-goers during breaks 2/23/2001
Athletes show commendable character 2/22/2001
Baylor juggling 4 construction projects 2/22/2001
Fun Run to aid Cuban missions 2/22/2001
International recruiting strategies secret to success 2/22/2001
Involvement efforts are in progress 2/22/2001
Lady Bears fall to No. 8 Oklahoma 2/22/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/22/2001
Problems from cloning far exceed its benefits 2/22/2001
Proposed bill may require volunteer work to graduate 2/22/2001
Sing judges' expertise helps performers 2/22/2001
TSTC man eludes law enforcement 2/22/2001
UT drops Bears 2/22/2001
Vendetta against Clinton is a waste of time, money 2/22/2001
Women's Tennis ranked No. 14 2/22/2001
Boston-based band performs a set in SUB 2/20/2001
BU batters swing victories 2/20/2001
BU connects with Internet2 2/20/2001
Business to tow students' cars 2/20/2001
Groundbreaking for Panhellenic building slated after 20 years of planning 2/20/2001
Job fair brings hope for employment 2/20/2001
Lady Bears tame Tigers, win 97-81 2/20/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/20/2001
No. 13 Oklahoma drops Baylor hoopsters 2/20/2001
Sloan to speak at ministry conference today 2/20/2001
Softball team wins tournament despite dropping 1st game to Tennessee squad 2/20/2001
Students lobby for health bill 2/20/2001
Students should participate in local, world opportunities to end hunger 2/20/2001
Was United Nations coalition right in Friday's bombing of radar systems in Iraq? 2/20/2001
Was United Nations coalition right in Friday's bombing of radar systems in Iraq? 2/20/2001
'Silence of the Lambs' sequel offers new thrills, more gore 2/16/2001
Attracting minorities important goal for BU 2/16/2001
Bear Briefs 2/16/2001
Bears finish up homestand 2/16/2001
Closing shop 2/16/2001
Film's actors outshine script in remake 'Sweet November' 2/16/2001
Hunger ministries join forces with local groups to give aid 2/16/2001
Internet services help job search 2/16/2001
Interstate upgrades to affect footbridge 2/16/2001
Lady Bears look to break attendance records 2/16/2001
Lady Bears will attempt to tame Tigers 2/16/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/16/2001
Low sales force employee cuts 2/16/2001
Men look for another upset 2/16/2001
Online research assistant enters virtual marketplace 2/16/2001
Regents propose new science building instead of renovations 2/16/2001
Rotary Club seeksto award monies 2/16/2001
Sing returns for 48th year 2/16/2001
Softball on road again 2/16/2001
State rates poorly in several key areas 2/16/2001
Student Congress passes safety allocation 2/16/2001
Theater standard opens tonight 2/16/2001
Thirsty? Just drink water 2/16/2001
Unattractive, selfless people need not apply 2/16/2001
Women's tennis swept by No. 1 2/16/2001
Alpha Phi Alpha to hold convention 2/15/2001
Bear Briefs 2/15/2001
Bears maul visiting Bobcats 22-3 2/15/2001
Before hanging up, walk in their shoes 2/15/2001
Lady Bears sweep Longhorns in women's basketball 2/15/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/15/2001
Men's golf team beats all district competition; finish 3rd in Houston 2/15/2001
NAACP leader to speak 2/15/2001
Net filtering system offers ability to sell data 2/15/2001
Parents of hit-and-run victim file wrongful death lawsuit 2/15/2001
Prep is focus of job fair 2/15/2001
Residents protest excessive dog feces 2/15/2001
Schools, libraries need funds more than we do 2/15/2001
Sports Briefs 2/15/2001
Student journalists passionate, dedicated 2/15/2001
Team members push each other to break records 2/15/2001
'Majors' weekend aims to get recruits 2/14/2001
2 scholarship hopefuls enter final proposals 2/14/2001
Baylor faces Southwest Texas State tonight 2/14/2001
Bear Brief 2/14/2001
Bush should hold off on Mideast peace talks 2/14/2001
From travel to tapes, student aids team 2/14/2001
Groups get in high gear for Sing 2/14/2001
If you don't invest in BU, you won't get much out of college 2/14/2001
Intramural department adds weekly statistics 2/14/2001
ISSA to target students in final phase of fund-raiser 2/14/2001
Leaders: city not keeping tech experts 2/14/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/14/2001
Library greeter dies after 20 years at library 2/14/2001
Men knock off top ranked KU 2/14/2001
Officials hope to route Bush tourists through Waco airport 2/14/2001
Opponents' arguments shaky at best 2/14/2001
Scholar's Day to highlight graduates 2/14/2001
Social work dept. gets new chairwoman 2/14/2001
Soon, everything will have marketing twist 2/14/2001
Sports Briefs 2/14/2001
Baseball team wins middle game, loses series at the Ballpark 2/13/2001
Bears for Life to sell roses to benefit AngelCare center 2/13/2001
Bears upset No. 5 Kansas 2/13/2001
BU team will try its hand at trivia 2/13/2001
Construction a constant on I-35 2/13/2001
Golden Bear Awards tallied, 7 Bears gets honors 2/13/2001
Human genome poses hard questions 2/13/2001
Letter to the Editor 2/13/2001
Navy must admit fault in recent sea accidents 2/13/2001
Police write upcitations, sieze kegs at party 2/13/2001
Sloan makes 'Ballpark' official 2/13/2001
Softball team forced to share weekend tourney title with 3 other teams 2/13/2001
Speaker discusses black history 2/13/2001
Sports Briefs 2/13/2001
Student Congress smart to delay bridge bill vote 2/13/2001
Students: Swapping not dead yet 2/13/2001
Track blazes competition 2/13/2001
Valentine's Day opens door for romance, activities 2/13/2001
Women's basketball defeats Lady Ags 2/13/2001
YCT to tackle same-sex Defense of Marriage Act 2/13/2001
Brochure aims to attract minorities 2/9/2001
College proposes writing minor 2/9/2001
Congress votes to revise bridge bill 2/9/2001
Global holiday traditions range from romantic to quaint 2/9/2001
Hate crime focus of debate 2/9/2001
Heart-shaped World 2/9/2001
Lagging economy concern in Waco 2/9/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/9/2001
Parking headaches predicted 2/9/2001
Pilots stand behind Baylor aircraft 2/9/2001
Proposed bill would cut taxes from phone fees 2/9/2001
Safer off-campus housing should be priority for Baylor's 10-year vision 2/9/2001
Seminar combines study, travel 2/9/2001
Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be explored for future oil production? 2/9/2001
Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be explored for future oil production? 2/9/2001
Student band remains in No. 1 spot in national contest 2/9/2001
University choirs set to perform in weekend Gospel Fest 2/9/2001
Bridge access should be restricted, not closed 2/8/2001
BU-Waco relations to suffer if bridge closes 2/8/2001
Doctor: Treat flu early 2/8/2001
Group offers Valentine serenades 2/8/2001
Lady Bears' basketball loses 3rd straight game 2/8/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/8/2001
Local cafe to host Christian singer in 'intimate' setting 2/8/2001
Mammoth site looking to go public 2/8/2001
National signing day brings fresh talent to teams 2/8/2001
Race relations imperfect, improving 2/8/2001
Staff concerned as Baylor looks at post-retirement health benefits 2/8/2001
Student group makes a comeback 2/8/2001
Student shoots for free tuition 2/8/2001
Baseball wins home opener 5-2 2/7/2001
BU group responds to growth of sports careers 2/7/2001
Expansion projects increase energy use 2/7/2001
Judge delays prof's trial; police academy to begin 2/7/2001
Keys to studying are motivation, location 2/7/2001
Lady Bears to face Tech 2/7/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/7/2001
Melding teaching, religion BU's duty 2/7/2001
Men's basketball falls to winless Aggies 73-69 in College Station 2/7/2001
Stratton's past paves way for present success 2/7/2001
United States should lead way in aiding India 2/7/2001
2 BU alums picked in pro soccer league 2/6/2001
Baseball team gets 2 wins at Enron 2/6/2001
Brain wired to complement religion 2/6/2001
Lady Bears drop 2nd-straight game 2/6/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/6/2001
Nearly 30 athletes meet, help in Special Olympics 2/6/2001
Opportunities abound for motivated students 2/6/2001
Overcrowding spurs expansion 2/6/2001
Race relations leave room for improvement 2/6/2001
Relay, indoor champ off to nationals 2/6/2001
Shots fall, losing steak ends at 4 in conference 2/6/2001
Softball gets upset road victory 2/6/2001
Stray cat population soars in community 2/6/2001
Vandalism puts statue in storage 2/6/2001
Women's tennis ups unbeaten record to 4 2/6/2001
After taking act to Austin, Clover prepares for local venue 2/2/2001
Bear Brief 2/2/2001
Book-based film opens at theaters 2/2/2001
BU officials should be more student-friendly 2/2/2001
Bush's faith-based funds may help local groups 2/2/2001
FDA says it might remove white blood cells from donations 2/2/2001
Fountain dunks, serenading dot history of BU traditions 2/2/2001
Hunters justified in killing for food 2/2/2001
Lady Bears lose to Cowgirls by 3 in overtime 2/2/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/2/2001
New post to steerbuilding projects 2/2/2001
Opening day nears for all-university 5-on-5 basketball tourney 2/2/2001
Pledging guidelines implement star system 2/2/2001
Punk show brings together local bands for concert 2/2/2001
Receiving free tuition should require talent 2/2/2001
Shooting key in Baylor vs. Tech 2/2/2001
State test changes don't affect ed school priorities 2/2/2001
Weekend conference drawstalent from organ world 2/2/2001
Bertelsmann, Napster will charge all surfers 2/1/2001
BU should help build, run homeless shelter 2/1/2001
Caffey family's statement 2/1/2001
Celebration to include Harvard professor 2/1/2001
Center enters era of new discoveries 2/1/2001
Churches campaign for 'Jesus' videotape 2/1/2001
Dorm hours may see future changes 2/1/2001
Internships key to good jobs later on 2/1/2001
Lady Bears hope to keep focus at OSU 2/1/2001
Letters to the Editor 2/1/2001
Man sentenced to 10-year probation for student's death 2/1/2001
Men's tennis team holds serve with win over Lamar 2/1/2001
Minority groups vie for food approval 2/1/2001
Sports Brief 2/1/2001
Story of birth, class mixes myth, fact 2/1/2001