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News Archives for Nov. 2001

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Story Date
Baylor grad student trying hand at Texas politics 11/30/2001
Bears cruise past Cal State, 92-56 11/30/2001
Budding martial artists to learn from Jiu Jitsu pro 11/30/2001
Environmental Studies Department undergoes evolution 11/30/2001
Former TSTC student sentenced in bomb materials case 11/30/2001
Friendship of retiring missionaries-in-residence valuable to international students 11/30/2001
Important to protect embryos from research 11/30/2001
Student Life Center to offer ADHD testing at fraction of cost 11/30/2001
Training school that taught Mercer, Curry continues preparing overseas missionaries 11/30/2001
Volleyball team to face No. 9 CSU in NCAA tourney 11/30/2001
Bears' Roberts receives Big 12 Rookie of the Week honor 11/29/2001
Congress to vote on electoral code revisions, computerized voting bill 11/29/2001
New community counseling director looks to gain accreditation for program 11/29/2001
New student organization addresses social justice issues 11/29/2001
Riding club, land owner disagree over contract 11/29/2001
U.N.'s role in establishing new Afghan government crucial for success 11/29/2001
Bin Laden's capture won't determine victory in war against terrorism 11/28/2001
Lady Bears dominate Sam Houston, 87-42 11/28/2001
Men's basketball wins in final seconds 11/28/2001
Professors: writing should not just be for English classes 11/28/2001
Quilt informs students, comforts families of AIDS victims 11/28/2001
Bears lose offensive coordinator 11/27/2001
Football team trounces Salukis 56-12 11/27/2001
Freed aid workers get White House welcome 11/27/2001
Gloomy season requires re-evaluation of coaching staff, membership in Big 12 11/27/2001
Long-time Baylor benefactor dies 11/27/2001
Proposed 'great texts' major under review by administrators 11/27/2001
Safety concerns prompt Riding Association move 11/27/2001
Students should show BU allegiance 11/27/2001
Volleyball team receives NCAA tourney bid 11/27/2001
Aid workers reunite with family after imprisonment by Taliban 11/16/2001
Baylor flag football team ranked No. 1 in NCAA tournament 11/16/2001
Bears look for first conference win against OSU 11/16/2001
Bush, Russian president address crowd at Crawford High 11/16/2001
Congress OKs two allocations, delays voting on electoral code 11/16/2001
Do findings of latest ballot review matter now? No: Election is over, Bush doing well 11/16/2001
Do findings of latest ballot review matter now? Yes: Shows Gore had will of voters 11/16/2001
For BU volleyballer, ability is all in the family 11/16/2001
Lupe Medina program still growing 11/16/2001
Partisanship is back; country is better for it 11/16/2001
Baylor alumnae released after 104 days in captivity 11/15/2001
BU, Waco welcome Russian president 11/15/2001
Crawford talks building better relations 11/15/2001
Detained alumnae evacuated from Kabul by Taliban 11/15/2001
Local church celebrates the release of aid workers 11/15/2001
Russian journalists adapt to changes in press paradigm 11/15/2001
Student Congress to vote on allocations, electoral code revisions 11/15/2001
Students profit from Spanish exchange program 11/15/2001
Bush arrives in Waco to prepare for Putin's visit to 'Western White House' 11/14/2001
Chapel to become a sophomore experience beginning in 2005 11/14/2001
Detained alumnae evacuated from Kabul by Taliban 11/14/2001
Head coaches' salaries overshadow those of university presidents 11/14/2001
Landing tonight's Fuel concert good move by Baylor leaders 11/14/2001
Anti-abortion display leads to re-evaluation of approval process 11/13/2001
Baylor, MCC, TSTC to give Waco students taste of college life 11/13/2001
Forum intended to alleviate students, Wacoans' fears 11/13/2001
ID again needed to enter Baylor libraries 11/13/2001
International press representatives set up in SLC 11/13/2001
Pathetic support hurting team 11/13/2001
Poor first half dooms Bears 11/13/2001
Some activities displaced by press presence in SLC 11/13/2001
Student Congress' vote against BSM allocation good move 11/13/2001
2-time Pulitzer-Prize winner offers career suggestions to students 11/9/2001
Author talks terrorism, describes road to Pulitzer 11/9/2001
Bear statue stolen from SUB dining room 11/9/2001
Bears look for 1st conference win against Tigers 11/9/2001
Congress defeats BSM allocation bill 11/9/2001
Forum to help community members, students better understand war on terrorism 11/9/2001
Riding bus helps ease congestion, provides cleaner air 11/9/2001
ROTC vigil to honor veterans 11/9/2001
Student section moved closer to court for basketball seasons 11/9/2001
Bosque River watershed idea could improve Waco water's taste 11/8/2001
Club baseball team enjoys early successes 11/8/2001
International press' use of SLC golden opportunity 11/8/2001
Lady Bears begin pre-season tonight 11/8/2001
Native American students publicize Powwow with dance at Fountain Mall 11/8/2001
Phosphorus levels cause stir in Waco water debate 11/8/2001
Soccer begins conference tournament today 11/8/2001
Student Congress to vote on $2,500 BSM mission trip allocation 11/8/2001
America must prepare itself for casualties 11/7/2001
California students add new meaning to college road trips 11/7/2001
College Republicans host Sessions visit 11/7/2001
School-imposed prayer cheapened 11/7/2001
Updike to deliver lecture at Baylor 11/7/2001
Volleyball team faces Oklahoma 11/7/2001
BU professors guard separation of science, religion 11/6/2001
Chick-fil-A founder shares Christian business philosophy 11/6/2001
Learn about issues in today's election, and go vote 11/6/2001
Panel addresses religious, ethical issues in light of attacks 11/6/2001
Small fire at Big Daddy's; no damage apparent 11/6/2001
Student lobbying group no longer active organization 11/6/2001
Students can do more for Waco community 11/6/2001
Students, visitors interested with Truett building preview 11/6/2001
UT hands Baylor 28th straight conference loss 11/6/2001
Anthrax coverage by media scary, but necessary 11/2/2001
Anti-abortion group's display misleading 11/2/2001
Baylor Theater puts on 'Fantastick' show 11/2/2001
Bears hope to rebound against Longhorns after homecoming loss 11/2/2001
Former Baylor student spreading 'U.S. message' 11/2/2001
Steppin' Out moves to Sunday, expands outreach 11/2/2001
Talent, depth fill simply set musical 11/2/2001
The Place 2BU 2-steppin' alongside Steppin' Out 11/2/2001
Undergrads not welcome at law library 11/2/2001
Volleyball team suffers tough loss to Colorado 11/2/2001
Big 12 Championships looming for soccer team 11/1/2001
Big 12 Championships looming for soccer team 11/1/2001
BU shouldn't allow anti-abortion group's disruptive images 11/1/2001
Disparate opinions on display offered during campus forum 11/1/2001
Door opening to liberal voices 11/1/2001
Graphic anti-abortion display spurs student protest 11/1/2001
Halloween not the same today 11/1/2001
International press corps to use SLC during Putin's Crawford visit 11/1/2001