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News Archives for Oct. 2001

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Baylor high-definition program gains DIRECTV spot 10/31/2001
Cross country teams have good showing at Big 12 championships, preparing for regionals 10/31/2001
Immortal Ten statue soon to take shape 10/31/2001
Non-Christian professors vital to learning 10/31/2001
Perry's words in East Texas ignore court ban of school prayer 10/31/2001
Professor emeritus talks on liberal education at Beall Russell lecture 10/31/2001
Toll of U.S. war could be high 10/31/2001
Baylor funding reduced at BGCT meeting 10/30/2001
Christian allusion evident in Harry Potter movie 10/30/2001
Date rape focus of evening event 10/30/2001
Doubles team claims regional title 10/30/2001
Individual liberties must be protected when officials implement new bill 10/30/2001
Legendary physics professor to retire in May 10/30/2001
One-sided contest makes finding positives difficult 10/30/2001
Tech offense dumps Bears 10/30/2001
Triathletes run for leukemia 10/30/2001
USA Today international correspondent shares war stories 10/30/2001
Visions for use of Waco mammoth site varied 10/30/2001
With lawyer's help, former BU grads detained by Taliban send message of thanks 10/30/2001
Yell leader answers call to homeland defense 10/30/2001
Alumni make mark in majors 10/26/2001
Alumni network helps graduates get connected 10/26/2001
Alumni, students: Don't let university forget about vision 10/26/2001
Alumni, students: Don't let university forget about vision 10/26/2001
Baxter takes talent to NFL 10/26/2001
Baylor's Pigskin Revue gives voices a rest from football game 10/26/2001
Bigoted words reminder of regretful past 10/26/2001
Brian Skinner takes talents to Toronto Raptors 10/26/2001
Congress OKs ASA allocation 10/26/2001
David Wesley makes history for Celtics after graduating from Baylor in 1992 10/26/2001
DPS apprehends burglary suspect 10/26/2001
Family gets high marks for Homecoming attendance 10/26/2001
Fans give shocking support to ignite school spirit 10/26/2001
Food for thought combines smoothies, sandwiches with art 10/26/2001
Freshmen 'guard' legacy of bonfire tradition 10/26/2001
Homecoming a chance to revisit BU traditions 10/26/2001
Homecoming Extra opens campus, classrooms to alumni 10/26/2001
Local shops offer vintage wear 10/26/2001
Oldest collegiate parade expected to draw crowds of up to 10,000 10/26/2001
Packard deserves lasting tribute 10/26/2001
Passing the torch: new students learn during Freshman Mass Meeting 10/26/2001
Pat Neff a little less green these days 10/26/2001
Ten-year vision officially unveiled as homecoming arrives 10/26/2001
Terrell named 2001 homecoming queen 10/26/2001
Traditions abound in football program rich with both history and talent 10/26/2001
With lawyer's help, former BU grads detained by Taliban send message of thanks 10/26/2001
Coach expects basketball team to be improved despite lack of experience 10/25/2001
Congress to vote on ASA culture fest allocation 10/25/2001
Customs allow bonding, reflection 10/25/2001
Executive MBA program ranked No. 31 in world 10/25/2001
Fall break with family entertaining 10/25/2001
For security's sake, pilots need options, weapons in cockpit 10/25/2001
ISSA hand art to benefit New York victims 10/25/2001
Lee, Rosario-Tull receive conference, national honors after win 10/25/2001
Stipends for graduate students appreciated but 'not enough to live off of' 10/25/2001
Trolley service adapting new look along with new name 10/25/2001
Construction during Chapel disrespectful 10/24/2001
Freshman sheds redshirt, gets thrown into quarterback mix 10/24/2001
Ice hockey team skates past TCU, looks forward to successful season 10/24/2001
Inmate riot sets local jail on fire 10/24/2001
Oladipo chooses South Africa for Fulbright commission 10/24/2001
Senior class examines options for class gift 10/24/2001
Zest for school easy to lose 10/24/2001
Bears fall to No. 2 Nebraska 10/23/2001
Break provides unique time of praise 10/23/2001
Criticizing war hardly un-American 10/23/2001
Hosfeld becomes winningest coach in Baylor volleyball history 10/23/2001
Lawyer of 2 Baylor alumnae still awaiting word from Taliban court 10/23/2001
Model U.N. directors write book to help other teams 10/23/2001
Plan developing for new intramurals complex 10/23/2001
Truett construction affecting Bear Trail, safety of pedestrians 10/23/2001
Waco to show informative program on dealing with Anthrax 10/23/2001
Young citizens can play part in current war 10/23/2001
'Lariat' SLF editorial right on target 10/18/2001
'Overrated' chant at game inappropriate, embarrassing 10/18/2001
Alumnae send Scripture home 10/18/2001
Averitt backed up by names, but not conservative record 10/18/2001
Bears to do battle with national champs 10/18/2001
City wetland to take shape over break 10/18/2001
City's planning services department denies retail complex of fast food 10/18/2001
College Council inks by-laws, mission statement 10/18/2001
Last 2 weekends prove Baylor has good team 10/18/2001
Professors take different approaches to teaching about Mideast 10/18/2001
Raytheon still waiting on anthrax test results 10/18/2001
Soccer team tops Oklahoma 10/18/2001
Some CEOs using attacks as scapegoat 10/18/2001
Students seek outdoor adventures 10/18/2001
Though short, fall break appreciated 10/18/2001
'Break' gives no time for pleasure 10/17/2001
Anthrax scare touches area with Raytheon investigation 10/17/2001
BU profs let loose in band 10/17/2001
Crew teams finds success despite cash-flow troubles 10/17/2001
Defense of Averitt good try, but pol steadily scores low 10/17/2001
DPS doing OK, only police state would ensure full protection 10/17/2001
FBI's warning reassuring, not unnerving 10/17/2001
Freshman to run for USA team 10/17/2001
Hillcrest program targets educators 10/17/2001
Hispanic alumnus key player in NAFTA's development 10/17/2001
Legacy of parents' work overseas seen in lives of missionary kids 10/17/2001
LPs still music to student's ears 10/17/2001
Nearly half of endowment campaign goal raised 10/17/2001
On-campus internships prepare students for careers 10/17/2001
Prayer shapes mindset of patient pastor 10/17/2001
Theologian speaks on letters of Apostle Paul 10/17/2001
Baptist Studies launches research information Web site 10/16/2001
Captive Alumnae enter plea of innocent 10/16/2001
Habitat for Humanity dedicates house 10/16/2001
Instead of cookie, Lake deserves thanks 10/16/2001
Jones must not know Lake, or else his opinion would be different 10/16/2001
New recycling program looks to gain more success 10/16/2001
No. 4 Cornhuskers leave Bears' offense shell-shocked 10/16/2001
Should U.S. declare war on Afghanistan's Taliban? No: Formal declaration will lead to larger military operation, more death in already devastated country 10/16/2001
Should U.S. declare war on Afghanistan's Taliban? Yes: Declaration gives war purpose, legitimacy; allows America to engage in long-term military action 10/16/2001
SLF allocations raise questions about priorities 10/16/2001
Waco raising funds for hazardous materials team 10/16/2001
'Woman' gives Baylor theater a good name 10/12/2001
Actors' first production of the year is under way 10/12/2001
America hated because it's class bully of world 10/12/2001
Area prepares for Big 12 fanaticism 10/12/2001
Authors, Baylor team up to promote art, literature 10/12/2001
Bears set to defend home winning streak against No. 4 Nebraska 10/12/2001
Bio-terror not new to world 10/12/2001
Crossing streets poses danger on campus 10/12/2001
DPS doing 'great job,' took bravery to catch naked man 10/12/2001
Flu vaccine delayed indefinitely 10/12/2001
Local health authorities say not to panic about anthrax scare 10/12/2001
Magellan Society request reduced significantly 10/12/2001
Parking game should change 10/12/2001
Religion department ministers to pastors 10/12/2001
Riverside begins weekend of headline gigs 10/12/2001
Student Congress should allocate money only to students 10/12/2001
Texas Comptroller Gives Optimistic Growth Prospects for Texas 10/12/2001
Vigil affirms city's diversity 10/12/2001
Volleyball sweeps Oklahoma; Coach ties BU record for career victories 10/12/2001
Weekend events planned to attract BU students 10/12/2001
Armstrong Browning a little known campus treasure 10/11/2001
Armstrong Browning Library jumps for Jubilee 10/11/2001
Attack on Averitt misleading; official far from liberal 10/11/2001
Current battle will test Bush's truth telling 10/11/2001
Faculty Senate taking donations for disaster relief 10/11/2001
Flying lessons a rush for students 10/11/2001
Leading archeologist speaks on Egyptian discoveries 10/11/2001
Mayor: college towns benefit in uncertain times 10/11/2001
Student leaders: Fund crunch may be result of more requests, less money 10/11/2001
Student Life Fund allows Baylor organizations to benefit campus 10/11/2001
Students deserve more from dean of Chapel 10/11/2001
Women's golf team wins New Mexico tourney 10/11/2001
Aramark is moving to accept credit cards in food courts 10/10/2001
Avoiding Arab costumes a good idea this Halloween 10/10/2001
Baylor professor, artist's stitchings put on exhibit 10/10/2001
Choosing one's wardrobe hardly a 'real-world' decison 10/10/2001
Golf teams 'putt' on prime performances 10/10/2001
Late night streaker disturbs students studying in library 10/10/2001
Lawyer of detained alumnae to return to Afghanistan today 10/10/2001
Missionary work fraught with danger, involves sacrifice 10/10/2001
Not an ordinary year for fall sports 10/10/2001
Police offer advice on how to prevent carjackings 10/10/2001
Student Life Fund allows Baylor organizations to benefit campus 10/10/2001
Student Life Fund guarded by Congress, president 10/10/2001
U.S. responsible for 'acts of terror' around globe 10/10/2001
After Brooks 80th anniversary, future unsure 10/9/2001
Antioch Community Church concerned about detainees, but not fearful 10/9/2001
Baylor grad frightens in 'Jeepers Creepers' 10/9/2001
Bears fall to Aggies in close game 10/9/2001
Bellmead gas station bomb threat false alarm 10/9/2001
Blood drive among most successful ever at Baylor 10/9/2001
Challenge program shouldn't be scaled back 10/9/2001
Editorial's assumptions about on-campus living wrong 10/9/2001
Hispanic Heritage Month offers variety of events 10/9/2001
New song wrongly targets people's fears 10/9/2001
Reality of military action hits home 10/9/2001
Sense of security again tested 10/9/2001
Student Life Fund guarded by Congress, president 10/9/2001
Understanding hatred of U.S. perplexing 10/9/2001
University to buy back faculty housing 10/9/2001
Volleyball sweeps weekend games for first Big 12 wins 10/9/2001
Women's cross country nationally ranked 10/9/2001
29 missionaries to be on campus for Missions Emphasis Week 10/5/2001
Adults could learn lesson from kids' camp 10/5/2001
After Brooks 80th anniversary, future unsure 10/5/2001
Baylor grad frightens in 'Jeepers Creepers' 10/5/2001
Bellmead gas station bomb threat false alarm 10/5/2001
Bring Gold Rush to Kyle Field for Saturday's game 10/5/2001
Editorial's assumptions about on-campus living wrong 10/5/2001
Even in DPS' backyard, car theft still a problem 10/5/2001
Former Baylor baseball player receives defensive award 10/5/2001
Hispanic Heritage Month offers variety of events 10/5/2001
Kip Averitt scoring low on the conservative scale 10/5/2001
Students at risk for hepatitis, meningitis 10/5/2001
University to buy back faculty housing 10/5/2001
Women's cross country nationally ranked 10/5/2001
America already winning battles in terrorism war 10/4/2001
Armstrong Browning Library prepares to open 50-year-old time capsule 10/4/2001
Cartoon poking fun at president inappropriate 10/4/2001
Freshman Challenge program dwindling with drop in class size 10/4/2001
How long will patriotism last? 10/4/2001
Leadership, nation's future key topics for retired general 10/4/2001
New club baseball team to play Austin Community College this weekend 10/4/2001
New college council a positive step for BU-Waco relations 10/4/2001
Nobel Laureate connects major world events to Christian revivals 10/4/2001
Rodeo participants face rough ride to championships 10/4/2001
Soccer looks for Big 12 wins 10/4/2001
Texas A&M rivalry may help swing momentum in Bears' favor 10/4/2001
Volleyball team looks to turn tide, get back to winning ways 10/4/2001
We must weigh options before retaliation 10/4/2001
10-year vision will affect us all 10/3/2001
America's actions a repeat of history 10/3/2001
Back-up QB gets shot at spotlight 10/3/2001
BU group dances into center stage 10/3/2001
Callers check on 'cubs' 10/3/2001
Christian songwriter holds workshop 10/3/2001
DPS should do all it can to prevent campus theft 10/3/2001
Education graduates still in high demand 10/3/2001
Fischel in jail for leaving scene of student death 10/3/2001
Government always must honor 'will of the people' 10/3/2001
H.O.T. Fair set for 48th year 10/3/2001
INS can monitor foreign students: Authority has not been invoked in past 10/3/2001
Shopping center to benefit economy, I-35 corridor 10/3/2001
Symposium honors Augustine 10/3/2001
Who wants to be a golf millionaire? 10/3/2001
Women's basketball team cracks Top 25 10/3/2001
'Bearing' needle for good cause 10/2/2001
'Lariat' receives top honors at Baptist press competition 10/2/2001
Adding more on-campus housing not best idea 10/2/2001
Car burglaries considered preventable crime 10/2/2001
Compco long distance falls short of BU needs 10/2/2001
Endowment looks to gain $500 million by 2005 10/2/2001
If now not time to query authority, then when? 10/2/2001
Protesting government dismaying 10/2/2001
Questioning public officials vital to democratic way 10/2/2001
Student aid to match rising tuition 10/2/2001
Student group helps save local family from eviction 10/2/2001
Volleyball team suffers tough loss 10/2/2001
We as students can do more for community 10/2/2001