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News Archives for Aug. 2000

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Story Date
a.html 8/31/2000
Armstrong Browning Library closes for fall renovations 8/31/2000
Baylor Bears Football Schedule 8/31/2000
Baylor Coaches 8/31/2000
BU may take part in 2012 Olympics 8/31/2000
Cub steps toward .500 8/31/2000
Free market at BU 8/31/2000
Holding the world in their hands 8/31/2000
Hotels offer ID discount 8/31/2000
Letters to the Editor 8/31/2000
Magazine's satirical jabsprick pompous Pharisees 8/31/2000
Newest Bears must contribute now 8/31/2000
P.A.R.T.Y. 2000 draws on-campus criticism 8/31/2000
Plan, but leave room for life's surprises 8/31/2000
Program helps cut freshmen dropouts 8/31/2000
Sloan advises students to enjoy Baylor experience 8/31/2000
$10 tickets available for football season opener 8/30/2000
'Galileo' theater season's opening act 8/30/2000
Baylor Recycling developing new program to alleviate difficulties 8/30/2000
KWBU exceeds goalof $15,000 8/30/2000
Letters to the Editor 8/30/2000
Losing key players high net to clear for volleyball squad 8/30/2000
P.A.R.T.Y. 2000 good 8/30/2000
Police reveal P.A.R.T.Y. 2000 policy 8/30/2000
Republican group sees its revival 8/30/2000
September Music Events 8/30/2000
Waco PD just trying to prevent tragedy 8/30/2000
Cut officials slack 8/29/2000
Emeritus music dean dead at 87 8/29/2000
Filter system to block Net porn 8/29/2000
Football's defense boasts new attitude this season 8/29/2000
Gore to give environment top priority 8/29/2000
Local police ready to slow big parties 8/29/2000
Mexico's leader to bring change 8/29/2000
Nursing student, freshman killed in summer crashes 8/29/2000
ResNet says no to Napster 8/29/2000
Reynolds service at university ends 8/29/2000
Seize opportunities of new semester 8/29/2000
Student recruiters promote Baylor to prospectsdlkfjdfsdfsdfdsfsdfsd 8/29/2000
Temple group earns discovery center bid 8/29/2000
Truett taking up parking 8/29/2000
University's budget increases by 6.9 percent 8/29/2000
Volleyball team's weekend scrimmage chance to evaluate players, coaches 8/29/2000
Waco Construction loses campus contract 8/29/2000