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News Archives for March 2000

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Story Date
'Romeo is Dead' dirties up, twists Shakespearean tale 3/31/2000
2nd-yearBU playergarnersattention 3/31/2000
Academic freedom series set to run through weekend 3/31/2000
African Studies program sponsors lecture 3/31/2000
Bear Briefs 3/31/2000
Clinton adviser to speak in Chapel 3/31/2000
Devoted fan follows teams closely 3/31/2000
Latin American Studies conference begins tonight 3/31/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/31/2000
Night in Rocketown brings Christian artists to campus 3/31/2000
No. 7 track team fights injuries for Houston meet 3/31/2000
Officials look at students behind the wheel 3/31/2000
School prayer debate sparks local interest 3/31/2000
Shared resources leave ResNet open to hackers 3/31/2000
Showtime! 2000 to begin Saturday 3/31/2000
Some drivers ignore area's new stop sign 3/31/2000
Spicy señorita 3/31/2000
Sports Briefs 3/31/2000
Spring Forward! 3/31/2000
Students to sweep Waco Creek 3/31/2000
Survey Says 3/31/2000
Van Cliburn winner to perform Tuesday 3/31/2000
Women's tennis to battle Duke 3/31/2000
Bears pick up win against Mary Hardin-Baylor 3/30/2000
Bovine Blunder 3/30/2000
Elian's TV interview proves pointless 3/30/2000
Fiesta on the River returns 3/30/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/30/2000
Rutgers professor discusses education 3/30/2000
Softball splits serieswith Roadrunners 3/30/2000
Sports Briefs 3/30/2000
Student court hears oral arguments 3/30/2000
Tracksters bring speed to football 3/30/2000
Ugandan orphans to perform concert 3/30/2000
Artist enjoys solo act 3/29/2000
Baseball drops game to U of H 3/29/2000
Bear Briefs 3/29/2000
Checks & Balances 3/29/2000
Christian Ethics center welcomes new director 3/29/2000
College days numbered, so capitalize 3/29/2000
Faculty to take part in Bear Downs 3/29/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/29/2000
Practice reaches 'critical' stages an d 3/29/2000
Softball looks to bounce back in doubleheader against UTSA 3/29/2000
Sports Briefs 3/29/2000
Students reorganize worship team on campus 3/29/2000
TB test recommended for child-care workers 3/29/2000
Bear Briefs 3/28/2000
Bear Briefs 3/28/2000
College Web applications gain popularity among students 3/28/2000
Diversity Defended 3/28/2000
Filing for student government positions runs through this week 3/28/2000
Irish carillonneur to play in Pat Neff 3/28/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/28/2000
Native Americans kick off culture week 3/28/2000
No. 15 BU baseball team takes 2 from Oklahoma 3/28/2000
ROTC grads off to good start 3/28/2000
Settlement late but obviously needed 3/28/2000
Softball splits weekend series 3/28/2000
Student Court readies for case hearing 3/28/2000
Swedish ambassador shares about diplomacy 3/28/2000
Track earns 13 1st place medals 3/28/2000
UNICEF worker discusses benefits of international work 3/28/2000
Women's tennis eeks out 4-3 win 3/28/2000
'Mission to Mars' dies on the launch pad 3/24/2000
Africa's inequalities enlighten student 3/24/2000
Air fares rise with gasoline prices hike 3/24/2000
Alumnus places at organ competition 3/24/2000
Baylor to meet OU for 3-game opener 3/24/2000
Bear Briefs 3/24/2000
Bears begin conference play against Cyclones 3/24/2000
BU debate teams head to nationals 3/24/2000
Campus Safety 3/24/2000
Casual attire trendmay leave the office 3/24/2000
History department sponsors awareness month for women 3/24/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/24/2000
Local churches, student ministries sponsor revival 3/24/2000
Men's tennis battles for Big 12 dominance 3/24/2000
Play depicts last day in life of controversial journalist 3/24/2000
Renowned lecturer to speak on Monet at campus art series 3/24/2000
Sports Briefs 3/24/2000
Student Congress changes electoral code 3/24/2000
Students find other ways to earn language credits 3/24/2000
The 6th Annual Beall Poetry Festival Monday to Thursday 3/24/2000
Track teams look for 'good show' at home meet 3/24/2000
Web site makes finding affordable schools easier 3/24/2000
Bear Briefs 3/23/2000
Compromise will preserve our liberty 3/23/2000
Cotton kindness 3/23/2000
Creatine users should know product's side effects 3/23/2000
Farewell 3/23/2000
Leaders try measures to combat student-voter apathy 3/23/2000
Legal team advances 3/23/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/23/2000
Popular Segues seek cast members 3/23/2000
Sports Briefs 3/23/2000
Student court: Formal hearing needed 3/23/2000
Taking it for the team 3/23/2000
Bear Briefs 3/22/2000
Constitutional rights being perverted 3/22/2000
Defensive veterans ready to lead 3/22/2000
Drug Culture 3/22/2000
Entrepreneur to speak about business success 3/22/2000
Hitting the dance floor 3/22/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/22/2000
No. 9 men's tennis defeats No. 2 Duke Tuesday 3/22/2000
School prayer issue persists 3/22/2000
Seminary professor to retire after 6-year teaching stint 3/22/2000
Sports Briefs 3/22/2000
Artist at work 3/21/2000
BearBriefs 3/21/2000
Break the spring blues with a trip to class 3/21/2000
Campus leaders take Rolph to student court 3/21/2000
Discovery center forces changes to historic village 3/21/2000
Hooray for BYX 3/21/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/21/2000
Officials request Census filing 3/21/2000
Reading, understanding lease vital for apartment renters 3/21/2000
Sports Briefs 3/21/2000
Women's tennis ends streak,bounces back for win at KU 3/21/2000
Baseball team set for game against Tech 3/17/2000
Flexibility 3/17/2000
Flute professor to playduring faculty recital 3/17/2000
Fraternity plans 'island party' that includes 8 live bands 3/17/2000
Ice hockey team's hopes melt with Congress' votegovernment 3/17/2000
International students to perform at concert 3/17/2000
Making political dreams come true 3/17/2000
Men's tennis thrashes Hurricanes in 4 matches 3/17/2000
Organist advances to semifinals in Dallas 3/17/2000
Practice makes perfect 3/17/2000
Primary turnout a lowly 7 percent 3/17/2000
Rugby club puts streak on the line 3/17/2000
Softball team sweeps a pair, 2-1, 6-0, from UT-Arlington 3/17/2000
Sports Brief 3/17/2000
St. Patty's festivities to kick off in Waco 3/17/2000
Women's tennis to play Kansas teams 3/17/2000
Do Your Part 3/16/2000
Dreams will be realized in due time 3/16/2000
Forbes to visit BU for President's Forum 3/16/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/16/2000
Not wanting to know deters women from mammogram tests 3/16/2000
Poets celebrated in Browning Day 3/16/2000
Spring football brings new hope 3/16/2000
Tennis to face Canes at Streich Court today 3/16/2000
Water, water everywhere and nary a drop to drink 3/16/2000
Basis for power beads much older than recent trend 3/15/2000
Baylor runner sets record 3/15/2000
Bear Briefs 3/15/2000
Bush, Gore clinch party nominations 3/15/2000
Consider banishing cars from campus 3/15/2000
Forward named to newcomer squad 3/15/2000
Hidden Benefits 3/15/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/15/2000
President of world hunger relief movement to speak today 3/15/2000
Softball splits doubleheader 3/15/2000
Sports briefs 3/15/2000
Early voting high locally 3/14/2000
Football team gears up with 'Pay Forward' theme 3/14/2000
Indecision 2000 3/14/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/14/2000
Local election breakdown 3/14/2000
Religious TV critics should lighten up 3/14/2000
Sports briefs 3/14/2000
Spring break marks beginning of Lent 3/14/2000
Student killed in wreck 3/14/2000
Super Tuesday leaves Bush, Gore standing 3/14/2000
$1 mil donation funds scholarship 3/3/2000
Baseball readies for weekend game against A&M 3/3/2000
Bears gear up for Iowa State game 3/3/2000
Concerts continue over break 3/3/2000
Congress supports hockey players 3/3/2000
Hazards abound on spring break 3/3/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/3/2000
Local band plays Waco music scene 3/3/2000
Sloan answers faculty questions on hiring 3/3/2000
Softball to make rounds on West Coast for 10 days 3/3/2000
SportsBriefs 3/3/2000
Spring Break Athletic Schedule 3/3/2000
Students work together to develop swim club at BU 3/3/2000
Take time out to enrich relationships 3/3/2000
Travel Tips 3/3/2000
Women's tennis plays host to Lady Buffaloes Saturday 3/3/2000
Active spring break schedules require preparation 3/2/2000
DPS to impound bikes locked to rails 3/2/2000
Driver program expands to 58 motels 3/2/2000
Habitat founder speaks in chapel 3/2/2000
Institute chief wins awards 3/2/2000
Late rally lifts Baylor over Rice 3/2/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/2/2000
Responsibility 3/2/2000
Society makes 'tolerance' a buzz word 3/2/2000
Softball drops 2 games to SFA 3/2/2000
Stukes' 3-point shot propels Bears to win 3/2/2000
Women's tennis edges A&M 5-4 3/2/2000
Bears face Wildcats at Ferrell Center today 3/1/2000
Freshman class plans masquerade ball for student body 3/1/2000
Gas-price hike takes toll on students 3/1/2000
Letters to the Editor 3/1/2000
MP3 Headache 3/1/2000
No. 7 Texas Tech destroys Lady Bears, 105-52 3/1/2000
Sheriffhopefuls face off 3/1/2000
Truett Seminary seeks accreditation 3/1/2000
Why considering Miles Davis is cool 3/1/2000
Win over Okla. State hikes baseball's ranking 3/1/2000
Women's tennis to play Texas A&M at home 3/1/2000