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News Archives for Oct. 2000

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Story Date
'Rich and Famous' explains drive for acclaim 10/27/2000
Baylor runners ready for conference 10/27/2000
Bears go south to face No. 22-ranked Horns in football 10/27/2000
Bush, Gore changing focus 10/27/2000
Campus political activists prepare post-election plans 10/27/2000
Edwards seeks 6th term in Congress race against Farley 10/27/2000
How the editorial board will vote on election day 10/27/2000
How the editorial board will vote on election day 10/27/2000
How the editorial board will vote on election day 10/27/2000
How the editorial board will vote on election day 10/27/2000
How the editorial board will vote on election day 10/27/2000
How the editorial board will vote on election day 10/27/2000
How the editorial board will vote on election day 10/27/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/27/2000
Local chairs discuss platforms 10/27/2000
McLennan County voters eye tight races 10/27/2000
Message boards give fans forum to discuss football team 10/27/2000
Students to begin enrolling Tuesday 10/27/2000
Truett stands to gain $1 mil from BGCT 10/27/2000
Volleyball on road to visit long-time nemesis UT 10/27/2000
Waco mayor calls on students to vote, pitch in 10/27/2000
3 men suspected in store robbery 10/26/2000
Baseball outlook appears good 10/26/2000
Bear Briefs 10/26/2000
Bears avenge earlier loss to Wildcats in volleyball 10/26/2000
Camping for courses 10/26/2000
Campus groups debate presidential platforms 10/26/2000
Habitat includes recycling in plans for building house 10/26/2000
Learn some of life's lessons in case world ends today 10/26/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/26/2000
Pruit Symposium targets art, Christ 10/26/2000
Recycling needed 10/26/2000
Rolph approves North bill only after revisions 10/26/2000
Sloan fields faculty questions at forum 10/26/2000
Women's golf claims top-10 finish but wished for more 10/26/2000
Apathy hampers recycling policy 10/25/2000
Baylor poor in all aspects of blowout loss to Huskers 10/25/2000
Black sororities finally part of building plans 10/25/2000
Bush's crime policies have worked 10/25/2000
Dr Pepper Hour serves as forum for local races 10/25/2000
Graduate students teaching more courses, gaining skills 10/25/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/25/2000
Music Briefs 10/25/2000
Q&A brings campus up-to-date 10/25/2000
Screams features special events during last weekend of October 10/25/2000
Sophomore records journey of freshman year in book 10/25/2000
Volleyball looks for revenge against K-State 10/25/2000
Why hide? 10/25/2000
Campaign Finance 10/24/2000
Candidates see 2 sides of same coin 10/24/2000
Dr. Laura's carelessness distressing 10/24/2000
Evangelist's daughter makes campus stop 10/24/2000
Freshman killed in head-on collision 10/24/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/24/2000
Most books never die in preservation system 10/24/2000
Nebraska rolls to win over Bears 10/24/2000
Polyani Center's future is unclear 10/24/2000
Soccer keeps clean slate for October 10/24/2000
Student Congress brings political candidates, campus together 10/24/2000
Students pick several ways to spend break 10/24/2000
SWAT team helps citizens learn patrol 10/24/2000
Tech defeats Baylor in 5-game marathon 10/24/2000
'Survivor' spin-off hits State Fair 10/19/2000
7th & James Church splits from S. Baptists 10/19/2000
Baylor prepping for Nebraska's Big Red Machine 10/19/2000
Bear Brief 10/19/2000
Bear Brief 10/19/2000
Bear hoops have been busy 10/19/2000
Debates may not affect student votes 10/19/2000
Effective on-campus recycling program long overdue 10/19/2000
Empty seats, packed bags signal 1st fall break 10/19/2000
Good deeds just a mouse click away 10/19/2000
Gore gets nod from YouthVote 2000 10/19/2000
In era of rapid change, educators place premium on critical thinking 10/19/2000
Kiev Symphony Orchestra, Chorus perform to benefit School of Music 10/19/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/19/2000
Musicians bring Texas flair to Waco's Oktoberfest 10/19/2000
Polanyi official's e-mail concerns some faculty 10/19/2000
Police continue search for 3 elusive suspects 10/19/2000
Reforming Polanyi 10/19/2000
Soccer needs final push for NCAAs 10/19/2000
Baylor sweeps Horned Frogs in 3 games 10/18/2000
BGCT leader picked for Truett board post 10/18/2000
Gun control policy 10/18/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/18/2000
Mideast summit destined to have no significant effect 10/18/2000
Missouri governor killed 10/18/2000
Penalties, young offense hurt chance for BU win 10/18/2000
Polanyi committee suggests compromise 10/18/2000
Professors say relationship classes will go beyond popular psychology 10/18/2000
Pundit dishes up election spin at conference 10/18/2000
Spirited in St. Louis - Gore, Bush vie for command in issue-focused finale 10/18/2000
Alcohol awareness programs spreadacross campus 10/17/2000
Bear Brief 10/17/2000
Bear Briefs 10/17/2000
Bears 'sloppy' in four-game win over Cyclones 10/17/2000
Bears blanked, fall to Texas A&M 24-0 10/17/2000
City officials: Renovate area neighborhoods for students 10/17/2000
Defense holds its own in loss to Aggies 10/17/2000
Election panels to inform voters 10/17/2000
Soccer returns with two wins after rigorous trip 10/17/2000
Student Congress urges students to avoid drowsy driving 10/17/2000
Student welcome wagon greets Texas leader 10/17/2000
Sweetest Day's noble intent exploited by companies 10/17/2000
Waco-BU relations 10/17/2000
Bear Briefs 10/13/2000
Bears gear up for battle with Aggies 10/13/2000
Browning Library to offer electronic tour guide system 10/13/2000
Comedy-inspired band Saucy Jack takes shape, starts search for venues 10/13/2000
Fall theater season continues with Shaw's play 'Misalliance' 10/13/2000
Freshman a champ, now a starter 10/13/2000
Irresponsible bike riding could result in injury, death 10/13/2000
Local economy to remain prosperous 10/13/2000
North visit approved 10/13/2000
Peruvian speaker focuses on Hispanic advantages 10/13/2000
Pray for mideast 10/13/2000
Soccer's road trip last of season but important 10/13/2000
Volleyball falls to Huskers, looks to rebound Saturday 10/13/2000
Waterdeep to play at Waco Hall 10/13/2000
Bear Briefs 10/12/2000
Bush, Gore debate gains more student interest 10/12/2000
Code not direct on pregnant students 10/12/2000
Fair ride workers say H.O.T. secure 10/12/2000
Gore fights for Florida votes after Bush's numbers rise 10/12/2000
Latest Israeli, Palestinian outbreak closer to Baylor 10/12/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/12/2000
Missionaries: BU helped to pave way 10/12/2000
Phone offers new way to check e-mail 10/12/2000
Spend student fund 10/12/2000
Better than expected: Bears give Texas Tech a fight 10/11/2000
Candidates' tax cuts 10/11/2000
College too short to put barriers around you and pals 10/11/2000
Competition fierce in intramurals 10/11/2000
Exhibit features faculty art, books 10/11/2000
Friends turn old-school pastime into repair business 10/11/2000
I-35 construction to continue as demand grows along 6-state road 10/11/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/11/2000
No. 1 Huskers next for volleyball 10/11/2000
Physicist delivers 'cool' presentation 10/11/2000
'Remember the Titans' glosses over race issues; Washington coasts through performance 10/10/2000
A&M upends Bears in close 4-game match 10/10/2000
Backpack lock targets students, hikers 10/10/2000
Bear Briefs 10/10/2000
BU tennis takes own tourney 10/10/2000
Caedmon's Call's new release lacks substance of early work 10/10/2000
Coming Up 10/10/2000
Dangerous driving 10/10/2000
Display stolen from Muslim-related booth 10/10/2000
Letter to the Editor 10/10/2000
Members of all races must compromise to ease tension 10/10/2000
Missionaries share experiences with students 10/10/2000
October Arts Calendar 10/10/2000
Political figure's venue to hinge on Congress vote 10/10/2000
Server crashes disrupt campus 10/10/2000
Soapless dorms anger residents 10/10/2000
Soccer defeats OSU, ties OU in weekend 10/10/2000
Students seek more variety in debates 10/10/2000
Tech blanks Bears 28-0 10/10/2000
Texas' low college enrollment concern for education board 10/10/2000
Bear Briefs 10/6/2000
City planners consider Baylor's growth 10/6/2000
Class introduces students to American food 10/6/2000
Don't wait, act now 10/6/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/6/2000
Seize opportunity to vote: registration due Tuesday 10/6/2000
Seminary Day put off until meeting 10/6/2000
Soccer to battle Oklahoma schools 10/6/2000
Texas education improved thanks to Perot, Richards 10/6/2000
Texas Tech 'Air Raid' offense next for BU 10/6/2000
Third parties find niche in local races 10/6/2000
Third parties find niche in local races 10/6/2000
Up in the air 10/6/2000
Volleyball captures win in Colorado 10/6/2000
1st round to Gore 10/5/2000
Bear Briefs 10/5/2000
Bear Briefs 10/5/2000
Boy band Simply Six retires from After Dark 10/5/2000
Chapel students injured by falling fraternity letters 10/5/2000
Concert Calendar 10/5/2000
Congress may OK improvements for SUB 10/5/2000
Credit card smarts key for all students 10/5/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/5/2000
Men's rugby team good last year, maybe better now 10/5/2000
Napster, RIAA begin court battle 10/5/2000
NPR transition frustrates students wanting airtime 10/5/2000
Officials: Students to pay summer fees 10/5/2000
Refusing to blindly agree with peers builds character 10/5/2000
Signs of reunification positive for North, South Korea after Olympics 10/5/2000
Zellweger, cast shine in fantasy-centered comedy 'Nurse Betty' 10/5/2000
Baptist conventions' dispute negates Bible's message 10/4/2000
Baylor experts say No gaffes, but no clear victor 10/4/2000
Bear Brief 10/4/2000
Blessid Union of Souls to perform as part of HOT Fair concert series 10/4/2000
Bush, Gore square off in 1st debate 10/4/2000
Energy shortage 10/4/2000
Group aims to unify varied Hispanic cultures 10/4/2000
Heart O' Texas Fair Concert Schedule 10/4/2000
Hispanic Heritage Month 2000 Schedule of Events 10/4/2000
October Arts Calendar 10/4/2000
Pool's closure creates conflicts 10/4/2000
Reynolds rallies BGCT support 10/4/2000
State blood shortage motivates more donors 10/4/2000
Tale of two halves dooms Baylor in Saturday's loss 10/4/2000
Underclassmen to play key role against Buffs 10/4/2000
Women's golf relaxes, finishes Preview 5th 10/4/2000
Zoo seeks student votes to develop new attractions 10/4/2000
Asian sorority campus' 1st 10/3/2000
Baptist rally to highlight BGCT funding proposal 10/3/2000
Bear Brief 10/3/2000
Bear Briefs 10/3/2000
Big 12 opener tough on Bear football team 10/3/2000
Good for Seminary 10/3/2000
Letters to the Editor 10/3/2000
Maryland gun control law unlikely to stop gun violence 10/3/2000
Senator visits Baylor, TSTC space facility 10/3/2000
Teaching award program reaches its 10th year 10/3/2000