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News Archives for Sept. 1999

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Story Date
'A Woman's touch' 9/30/1999
Bears lose tight match-up with SMU, 1-0 9/30/1999
In this country's politics, popularism sells 9/30/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/30/1999
Man charged with makingobsene calls 9/30/1999
Out of context 9/30/1999
Society of Women Engineers begins Baylor chapter 9/30/1999
Stop to consider if you'd rather smell the daisies 9/30/1999
UT student still missing after football game 9/30/1999
Women's golf takes 2nd place in University of Colorado tourneyfinish 9/30/1999
Autumn Moon Festivalset for weekend opening 9/29/1999
Baylor Symphony begins 55th season 9/29/1999
Bears viefor 1st-everwin against Longhorns 9/29/1999
Discussion group focuses onscience's relatioship to religion 9/29/1999
In Dallas, there's a not-so-boring state of affairs 9/29/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/29/1999
Players battle again for positions 9/29/1999
Rep. explains voteon hate crime bill 9/29/1999
Soccer begins tough four-game stretch 9/29/1999
Students meet, greet movie actor 9/29/1999
Texas A&Mputs parentallaw into effect 9/29/1999
Working Together 9/29/1999
*STUDENTS SPEAK* 9/28/1999
Awareness levels increase after mass shootings 9/28/1999
Bear Briefs 9/28/1999
Bears try to battle back from Texas drubbing 9/28/1999
BU Round Table readies for new year 9/28/1999
BU volleyball suffers 1st conference loss 9/28/1999
Clueless students need to hang up their cellular phones 9/28/1999
Double standard 9/28/1999
Hundreds attend SLC opening Saturday 9/28/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/28/1999
Pat answers to suffering only worsens patient's condition 9/28/1999
Rice professor wins'99 Cherry Award 9/28/1999
Soccer tussle results in red cards 9/28/1999
Sports Briefs 9/28/1999
'Palestinian state inevitable,' professor says 9/24/1999
BluesFest to rock downtown for 4th year 9/24/1999
BU prof earns Grammynomination 9/24/1999
Coming to Life 9/24/1999
Cross-country to hold meetat Texas Farm Bureau[pew 9/24/1999
Decade of fund-raising endswith MLK statue unveiling at UTasfdasas 9/24/1999
Dedication, tour set for Saturday 9/24/1999
EA Sports tournamentmakes stop in Waco 9/24/1999
Film projectdocuments missionaryin Brazil 9/24/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/24/1999
Slick facility 9/24/1999
Soccer team ready for physical match-upies for physical match-up 9/24/1999
Speaker warns againstrelativism in society 9/24/1999
Student Congress approves Tutu speech funds 9/24/1999
Students post 45.5%CPA exam passing rate 9/24/1999
Taming UT QB'major' for Bears 9/24/1999
Volleyball puts Big 12record on the line 9/24/1999
Waco weekends anything but dull in Waco 9/24/1999
When in Texas, do as Texans do 9/24/1999
A prayer for more light in plague of darkness 9/23/1999
Attendance lags at volleyball matches 9/23/1999
Baylor cleans up with road beautification 9/23/1999
Comedian puts twist of humor in sermons 9/23/1999
Counseling center offers'short-term'treatment 9/23/1999
Donationshelp fundDavidianchapel 9/23/1999
FILM FORCESDebate wages on about conflicts in 'Star Wars' 9/23/1999
Funny 'business' 9/23/1999
Golfer edges fieldfor tournament win 9/23/1999
Intramural volleyball finalsbegin today in Russell Gym 9/23/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/23/1999
Marriages during college years subject to high divorce rate 9/23/1999
Pianist brings taste of Russia to artist series 9/23/1999
Students raise money for cancer society 9/23/1999
Study finds public, private salary gap still exists 9/23/1999
Volleyball makes huge statement to Big 12 9/23/1999
Waiting to wed 9/23/1999
15-year-old student gets jump start on college 9/22/1999
Accountability 9/22/1999
Better morals, not tougher laws will cure violence 9/22/1999
Contest registration begins for HOT Fair and Rodeo 9/22/1999
Ex Virgin recording artist makes stopat local hot spot saoWacoShooter 9/22/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/22/1999
Parkdebatedrags on 9/22/1999
Student government conducts survey in Chapel-Forum 9/22/1999
Baylor effort no match for Oklahoma's game 9/21/1999
BU Volleyball sweeps 4 tournament matches 9/21/1999
Duo pianists set for concert 9/21/1999
Enrollment tops 13,000 9/21/1999
Inevitable Evil 9/21/1999
Lessons to be learned from BU's growth 9/21/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/21/1999
Loyola mauls Bears' winning streak 9/21/1999
Regents hike tuition to $355 per semester hour 9/21/1999
Strength from the Sun 9/21/1999
Student charged with drug possession 9/21/1999
* Students Speak Out * 9/17/1999
3 S.W. Seminary students deadafter church shooting 9/17/1999
Baylor wind ensemble opens season 9/17/1999
Bears looking for upset, sooner than later 9/17/1999
Bears prepare for air attack 9/17/1999
BU music profs wincomposing awards 9/17/1999
BU volleyball gears up to host Bear Invitational 9/17/1999
Causes of random violence have been ignored for years 9/17/1999
Church shooting close to home for some BU students 9/17/1999
Deadline nears for Fulbright scholarships 9/17/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/17/1999
Library eliminates guided tours 9/17/1999
No Sanctuary 9/17/1999
Seminary boasts 40 percentincrease in fall enrollment 9/17/1999
Simon, Dylan rock stage together 9/17/1999
Voter apathy aboundsin student elections 9/17/1999
Women's soccer takes 4-game win streak to Arizona 9/17/1999
AG rescinds portion of Hopwood decision 9/16/1999
Alcohol violations on rise 9/16/1999
Bear Briefs 9/16/1999
Church Under the Bridge tocelebrate 7th anniversary 9/16/1999
Costner's newest filmstrikes out 9/16/1999
Equal Opportunity 9/16/1999
Fair-weather fans shouldn't concentrate on little storms 9/16/1999
Hurricane Floyd blows into Southeast U.S. with 150 mph winds 9/16/1999
It's long past timeto cut out dissection 9/16/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/16/1999
Regents set to vote on tuition, fee hike 9/16/1999
Religion still touchy in Russia 9/16/1999
Sports Briefs 9/16/1999
Striking up the band 9/16/1999
TERROR 9/16/1999
Top squads need more attention 9/16/1999
Wells battles in big leagues 9/16/1999
105 companies cater to students at career fair 9/15/1999
BSM coffee houseserves fun, fellowship 9/15/1999
BU professors lend talent to tragic opera 9/15/1999
Burning Questions 9/15/1999
Coaches find 'marked improvements' headed into Okla. 9/15/1999
Computer-induced eye strain a pain for conscientious students 9/15/1999
Cyclescommon sight on campus 9/15/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/15/1999
News Briefs 9/15/1999
Report: College studentsprey to financial aid scams 9/15/1999
Sensationalistic media can make bad events worse 9/15/1999
SLC bulks up with new fitness center 9/15/1999
Student governmentelection results 9/15/1999
'96 master plan defines BU look 9/14/1999
Baylor makes noise Saturday at Heart Walk '99 9/14/1999
Baylor volleyball drops first match to SMU 9/14/1999
BU football game story on the Web 9/14/1999
BU regroups with 'strong' practice after Saturday's loss 9/14/1999
BU women's soccer wins Maryland Fila Tournament 9/14/1999
Chili connoisseurs can test skills at cook-off 9/14/1999
Good Choice 9/14/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/14/1999
Local Calendar 9/14/1999
Race relations actions much louder than words 9/14/1999
Simply musical 9/14/1999
Tutu speech changed to Ferrell Center 9/14/1999
'Heart of a Champion' 9/11/1999
Bears lose heartbreaker to UNLV 9/11/1999
Acute Spectrum 9/10/1999
Bears fix eyes on home win 9/10/1999
BU to play at SMU without Chuha 9/10/1999
BUGWB alumni to playhalftime salute to Waco 9/10/1999
Entertainment Briefs 9/10/1999
Ex-lesbian speaksto College Republicans 9/10/1999
Foreign films bring world culture to Baylor 9/10/1999
Injured Cameron plays cheerleader role 9/10/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/10/1999
Music festival rocks for God 9/10/1999
NASA rep to present campus speech 9/10/1999
Obtuse reaction to Tutu's tolerance no surprise 9/10/1999
Pit gives Chamber opportunity to meet supporters 9/10/1999
Quorum call 9/10/1999
'U.S. News' ranks engineering school No. 16 9/9/1999
Bear Briefs 9/9/1999
Bush's plan anything but 'compassionate' 9/9/1999
Fliers blast Baylor over Tutu speech 9/9/1999
Fraternity Forum camps on Mall 9/9/1999
Just so you know . . . 9/9/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/9/1999
Local park a cozy spot for Fan Jam 9/9/1999
Local park a cozy spot for Fan Jam 9/9/1999
Mood disorders attributed to suicide among women 9/9/1999
New attitude equips Bears 9/9/1999
Pennant fever takes Texas by storm with Rangers, Astros leading divisions 9/9/1999
Serving meals with'Jungle'-like efficiency 9/9/1999
Show features buffet of musical tastes 9/9/1999
Sloan choosesspeech over Chapel Q&A 9/9/1999
Steele suspends players for violating team policy 9/9/1999
Student Apathy 9/9/1999
'Time to get up and make the donuts,' BU 9/8/1999
15 to 1 odds students will hear Tutu's speech 9/8/1999
Bear Briefs 9/8/1999
BUE Credit Union announces drawing for one semester's tuition 9/8/1999
Chaos reigns in East Timor as residents flee 9/8/1999
Cross Country makes good showing at Houston Rice Relays 9/8/1999
Defensive coordinator finds silver lining from game 1 9/8/1999
DVDs wage technological war with VCRs 9/8/1999
Fun centerplans draw criticism 9/8/1999
Indonesians at BU react to martial law in East Timor 9/8/1999
Latino-based fraternity to receive charter 9/8/1999
Learning is an art form in Dallas print exhibit 9/8/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/8/1999
Politics at work 9/8/1999
Self-checkout debuts at Moody Library 9/8/1999
Sharing Care 9/8/1999
Thursday night rocks at Ranch 9/8/1999
TouchStone reaches 1,600 plus 9/8/1999
Volleyball looks to stay perfect at Texas Christian 9/8/1999
Bear Briefs 9/7/1999
Bearobics Bash to kick off expanded classes 9/7/1999
Bearpassingattackgetsgood reviews 9/7/1999
BSM hosts music auditions 9/7/1999
BU volleyball wins Arkansas Classic 9/7/1999
Career Services opens doors for students with web site 9/7/1999
Cross Country Rice Relays results 9/7/1999
DPS increases handicappedparking fine 9/7/1999
Government gives students a louder voice 9/7/1999
Heart Walk Weekbegins today in SUB 9/7/1999
Kickin' the Habit 9/7/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/7/1999
Local Calendar 9/7/1999
Making a home in a hotel 9/7/1999
Seeking to serve others? 9/7/1999
Soccer team outlasts TCU, San Diego over weekend 9/7/1999
Special session called minus full Congress 9/7/1999
Suspect arrested in connection with car burglaries 9/7/1999
Waco band hopes to turn heads with album 9/7/1999
1999 BIG 12 PREVIEW GUIDE 9/3/1999
A fresh start 9/3/1999
Baylor University, Waco, Texas 9/3/1999
Bears aim to 'light up' home opener 9/3/1999
Bears make beeline to Boston 9/3/1999
Bears not totally injury-free for season opener 9/3/1999
Bears' success directly affected by fans 9/3/1999
Cross country makes run for first meet of the season 9/3/1999
Evolution, religion can mix at BU 9/3/1999
Fall 1999 Intramural Sports and Fees Entry deadline Season starts 9/3/1999
GRASS is greener in geology department 9/3/1999
Injured student ticketed after collision on 8th 9/3/1999
Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 9/3/1999
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan. 9/3/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/3/1999
Libraries retire ID card scanners this year 9/3/1999
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla. 9/3/1999
Students should take precautions in heat 9/3/1999
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 9/3/1999
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 9/3/1999
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. 9/3/1999
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. 9/3/1999
University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. 9/3/1999
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 9/3/1999
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. 9/3/1999
University of Texas, Austin, Texas 9/3/1999
Useless Profiles 9/3/1999
Vandals slash car tires 9/3/1999
Volleyball team set for weekend tourney 9/3/1999
Waco Symphony to sponsor fun run 9/3/1999
Bears start on winning trackwith 3-game win over UTA 9/2/1999
Bishop Tutu due to speak at Baylor 9/2/1999
BU professor returns from Turkish disaster area 9/2/1999
Ducking Muck 9/2/1999
For the best education, try a residential liberal arts college 9/2/1999
Journalistic neutrality essential for liberty 9/2/1999
Kiln fire causes hot stir 9/2/1999
New officers bring new agenda to College Republicans 9/2/1999
On his World Tour 9/2/1999
Recent facelift on intramural fields catches eyes of other universities 9/2/1999
Seeking to serve 9/2/1999
Student input improves sports coverage 9/2/1999
Students say ID card readers 'just what the Dr ordered' 9/2/1999
Wildfires continue out West 9/2/1999
'Party' servesoptions forvolunteering 9/1/1999
Baylor Interdisciplinary core hires new assistant director 9/1/1999
Bear Briefs 9/1/1999
Bears open tonight at UTA 9/1/1999
Contract cuts KWBU out of live football 9/1/1999
Cross country prepares for weekend meet 9/1/1999
Earning v. Learning 9/1/1999
Latin killed the Romans, now it's killing me 9/1/1999
Letters to the Editor 9/1/1999
Local Calendar 9/1/1999
Making a fresh start 9/1/1999
Melody Ranch 'swings' into fall with dance trend 9/1/1999
New parking garage ready for students 9/1/1999
Officials peg Sept. 26 opening day for SLC 9/1/1999
Reno reopens investigationinto Davidian incident 9/1/1999
With leading scorer out, supporting cast must step up offensively 9/1/1999