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News Archives for Feb. 1999

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Story Date
'Aryan Birth' brings racism issue to stage 2/26/1999
Administration, Student Congress push for change in T-shirt licensing 2/26/1999
All University Sing: behind the scenes 2/26/1999
Baseball breaks in new field 2/26/1999
Bear Briefs 2/26/1999
Bear Necessities 2/26/1999
Bicycle violations subjectto $10 fine 2/26/1999
Cricket's hops with fine dining 2/26/1999
Faculty helping students: a tradition 2/26/1999
Jim Carrey gives surprise dramaticperformance in 'Truman Show' 2/26/1999
Job fairs come to campus 2/26/1999
Photographer shares wisdom in mixing faith, work 2/26/1999
Seniors prepare for final basketball game 2/26/1999
Softball tiesseries 2/26/1999
Year 2000 bug haunts campus as millennium nears 2/26/1999
'Perspectives' convocation presents 2 leading figures in musical theater 2/25/1999
'Safe Break' shows dangers of alcohol 2/25/1999
Baseball keeps winning streak 2/25/1999
Baylor Heritage Club to honor Class of '49 2/25/1999
Concert, symphonic bands to perform show 2/25/1999
First jazz concert to be held 2/25/1999
Golf team beats A&M, fields 3rd spot 2/25/1999
Local zoo helps flood victims 2/25/1999
Moot court lets students preview law 2/25/1999
Senselessness of debate reveals odd priorities 2/25/1999
UT hooks Baylor men's basketball 2/25/1999
When considering Baylor tradition, remember the legacy of Pat Neff 2/25/1999
'Burning' pays tribute to The Clash 2/24/1999
Baseball team to take game to Huntsville 2/24/1999
Cold virus runs wild 2/24/1999
Columnist urges journalists to be fair 2/24/1999
Grammys to hit the Web 2/24/1999
Lady Bears to play final 2 games this week 2/24/1999
Lady Thatcher, indeed! 2/24/1999
Local band to play at Scruffy's 2/24/1999
Looking back, looking inward 2/24/1999
Margaret Thatcher 2/24/1999
Political content fuels fiery debate 2/24/1999
Ring Out ceremony marks pivotalpoint in evolution in student's life 2/24/1999
Seminary studies nearing $10 mil fundraising goal 2/24/1999
Softball prepares for season opener against Southwest 2/24/1999
Thatcher entertains queries 2/24/1999
Alpha Phi Alpha honors black women 2/23/1999
Bears pull off victory 2/23/1999
Celebrate our heritage 2/23/1999
Debate team takes top spots 2/23/1999
Drama teaches lessons for living 2/23/1999
Drug law may be implemented 2/23/1999
Entrepreneurship program explores collaboration 2/23/1999
Internet addition eases hassles, security needed 2/23/1999
Law school building site disrupts research center 2/23/1999
McCAP promotes abstinence 2/23/1999
Men's tennis now in top 10 nationally 2/23/1999
New language lab gives students better learning environment 2/23/1999
Preparation for Thatcher begins 2/23/1999
Scholarship office works to get students 'packaged' 2/23/1999
Students prepare for trips 2/23/1999
Tradition a powerful force in society 2/23/1999
VSA to celebrate New Year 2/23/1999
'Martian' not so out-of-this-world 2/19/1999
APO lends helping hand to philanthropies 2/19/1999
Back's proves to be nice surprise 2/19/1999
Basketball teams looking for win 2/19/1999
Bears travel to Houston tourney 2/19/1999
Christians persecuted even today 2/19/1999
Health services to move to Student Life Complex 2/19/1999
History in the Making 2/19/1999
Lecture series 'Y2K and You' discusses potiential computer problems in year 2000 2/19/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/19/1999
Mac/PC debate hot topic nationwide 2/19/1999
PC/Mac battle divides students unnecessarily 2/19/1999
Robinson Tower to become new registration site 2/19/1999
Rodeo association honors scholarships 2/19/1999
Six Shooters live CD features local favorites 2/19/1999
Tennis team fails to break streak 2/19/1999
Track has high hopes for championship 2/19/1999
Bear Briefs 2/18/1999
Bears face Longhorns in first Big 12 match 2/18/1999
Chapel guest discusses Christianity 2/18/1999
Gajdzik set to join elite players in college tennis 2/18/1999
Lady Bears fall to Sooners 76-67 2/18/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/18/1999
Loss of coach damages women's soccer team 2/18/1999
Notre Dame steals coach by showing right respect 2/18/1999
Regents should complete projects, then start more 2/18/1999
South Korean economy takes road to recovery 2/18/1999
Students create personal pages on web 2/18/1999
UniqueBoutiques You don't have to leave Waco to find something special photos by Lee Ann Hagan 2/18/1999
Weekend 'Heart Run' to benefit HOT's Heart Association 2/18/1999
Wizards cheer squad put on ice 2/18/1999
'Dash' game to give away money 2/17/1999
Bears out run Roadrunners in baseball 2/17/1999
Changes cause reaction 2/17/1999
Dung-speckled walkways unhealthy, need washing 2/17/1999
Intramural basketball teams lace up for all-university championship battle 2/17/1999
Lady Bears anticipate rematch with Sooners 2/17/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/17/1999
Men's tennis looking to capture conference title 2/17/1999
Recent accidents raise concerns 2/17/1999
Use of hidden cameras damages public trust 2/17/1999
What is leadership? 2/17/1999
Board of Regents approves 2 new degrees for Truett Seminary 2/16/1999
Bubble won't always exist 2/16/1999
Ceremony honors women's soccer team 2/16/1999
Freshman killed inhead-on collision 2/16/1999
Guinness says relativism compromises morality 2/16/1999
Lady Bears trio lights up court 2/16/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/16/1999
Macs out, PCs in 2/16/1999
Migraines interfere with students' daily routines 2/16/1999
Model U.N. team wins 2/16/1999
Regents approve fundraising projects 2/16/1999
Student Life Committee, students discuss campus issues 2/16/1999
Success deserves support 2/16/1999
To cure senioritis, why not operate on pass/fail? 2/16/1999
Trip to Hawaii puts softball at 4-3 2/16/1999
'Friendship' theme inspires photo contest 2/12/1999
'Message in a Bottle' delivers tear-jerking treat to romantics 2/12/1999
3 letters to live by 2/12/1999
Alum talks of BU controversy 2/12/1999
Baseball prepares for Ole Miss 2/12/1999
Basketball team prepares for A&M 2/12/1999
Baylor defeats TCU 2/12/1999
Coach written off season 2/12/1999
Elite Cafe gives bad impression 2/12/1999
Fire damages restaurant 2/12/1999
Holiday provides chance to bridge BU gender gap 2/12/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/12/1999
Nation needs new challenge: let's journey to Mars 2/12/1999
Organist to perform recital 2/12/1999
Professor to do research in Norway 2/12/1999
Researchers say birds harmful to health 2/12/1999
Search begins for new soccer coach 2/12/1999
Speaker lectures on Garden of Eden, glorification of women 2/12/1999
Students make collecting a pastime 2/12/1999
SWT deathsspark campusresponse 2/12/1999
Top Ten Romantic Movies 2/12/1999
Workshop to focus on inner city 2/12/1999
Cafeterias illustrate food selection of less fortunate 2/11/1999
Couples make local library popular for wedding site 2/11/1999
Day of love not just for couples 2/11/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/11/1999
Men's tennis no longer the underdog, favored to beat No. 32 TCU 2/11/1999
Missionary works to relieve world hunger 2/11/1999
Peer education informs students on healthy lifestyles 2/11/1999
Photograph newsworthy, never intended to hurt 2/11/1999
Public denied true story by media relations rule 2/11/1999
Researcher says dating in early stage usually marked with deceptions 2/11/1999
Scholarship Day presents sociology professor 2/11/1999
Seminary site project on hold 2/11/1999
Softball team starts off season in the Aloha state 2/11/1999
Solar-powered production plans underway 2/11/1999
YCT leader resigns 2/11/1999
Baylor tennis teams catch media attention 2/10/1999
Baylor, Tech looking for sigh of relief 2/10/1999
Common Grounds hosts V-Day special 2/10/1999
Decision made to keep Brooks Hall open for next fall 2/10/1999
Internet search sitesattract users 2/10/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/10/1999
Life in the Loft 2/10/1999
Nuremburg website first step in planning murder 2/10/1999
OSU breaks Lady Bears' recent winning streak 2/10/1999
Student interest sought 2/10/1999
Students are missing out 2/10/1999
Additional bins needed 2/9/1999
Baylor athletics looks better than ever 2/9/1999
Brass quintet to perform all-Bernstein program 2/9/1999
Catholics to build new center 2/9/1999
Faculty and students to present projects 2/9/1999
Illusionist delivers Christian message 2/9/1999
Junior dies in auto accident 2/9/1999
KWBU unable to air due to transmitter 2/9/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/9/1999
More can be done to help hungry, less fortunate 2/9/1999
New printing procedure requires student ID scan 2/9/1999
New system just another ticket to student's money 2/9/1999
Sororities brainstorm to help Alpha Delta Pi 2/9/1999
Volunteers participate in park cleanup 2/9/1999
Weekend in California leaves Bears 1-2 overall 2/9/1999
'At First Sight' offers look at real-life romance story 2/5/1999
5 Big 12 teams ranked in top 35 going into season 2/5/1999
Bear baseball starts this weekend 2/5/1999
Buzzard Billy's provideschange-of-pace experience 2/5/1999
Club raises tough issues about campus politics 2/5/1999
Digital technology upgrades KWBU 2/5/1999
Disgrace of impeachment proceedings make third party viable, possible star looming behind scenes 2/5/1999
ECO club works to spread awareness 2/5/1999
Exercise, healthy diet best prevent a heart attack 2/5/1999
Football standout makes leap to basketball 2/5/1999
Hunger Awareness Week prompts university involvement 2/5/1999
Legacy program geared to hook alumni children 2/5/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/5/1999
Nearly 600 more students in class over last year 2/5/1999
Series of proposed state laws directly affect students 2/5/1999
Sloan: 1 SLC pool is down the drain 2/5/1999
Still Nifty at Fifty 2/5/1999
Coachless soccer team signs 2 recruits 2/4/1999
Construction on athletic facilities progressing 2/4/1999
Counseling center offers workshop on test anxiety 2/4/1999
Foreign Film Festival shows last 3 movies 2/4/1999
Fraternities' step show celebrates culture 2/4/1999
History fair promotes education 2/4/1999
It's a good start, but ... 2/4/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/4/1999
Members enjoy Greek life but face busy schedules 2/4/1999
Mentors help kids 2/4/1999
Move a favorable one for BHCS, school of nursing 2/4/1999
Oklahoma scatters pass Baylor, 58-59 2/4/1999
Police caution students on robbery, carjackings 2/4/1999
Songwriter to perform at Seventh and James 2/4/1999
Steele signs 22 in his 1st class 2/4/1999
Students should be judged on individual basis only, prejudice against university unfair to hard-workers 2/4/1999
Women's volleyball adds powerful duo, still on talent search 2/4/1999
'Spirit' steps into Waco 2/3/1999
Campus blood drive produces 97% of goal 2/3/1999
Inconsistent performance turns students elsewhere 2/3/1999
Intramurals uses scale to patrol sportmanship 2/3/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/3/1999
Nursing school to reap benefits 2/3/1999
Soccer coach quits 2/3/1999
Speakers to question how religion, photography mix 2/3/1999
Sports Briefs 2/3/1999
Super Bowl advertising performed worse than Falcons 2/3/1999
Support critical for team entering pivotal games 2/3/1999
Track star races her way to success 2/3/1999
Zeta helpsPanhellenic through sale 2/3/1999
'Libertas' abuses journalistic standards, rules 2/2/1999
'Prelude to a Kiss' pokes fun at romance 2/2/1999
Baylor celebrates a week of a month-long event 2/2/1999
Deanna Dikeman photo exhibit opens today 2/2/1999
Economist discusses welfare, capitalism 2/2/1999
Exxon Robbery Update 2/2/1999
February marks healthy heart month 2/2/1999
Fire causes damages 2/2/1999
Law graduation to present former FBI Director 2/2/1999
Letters to the Editor 2/2/1999
Men's tennis upsets SMUwith emotional victory 2/2/1999
Paper disgraces university 2/2/1999
Sports fans can rejoice, editor says 2/2/1999
University honors, awards 2 alumni 2/2/1999
WEEKEND REVIEW From Staff Reports 2/2/1999