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News Archives for Oct. 1999

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Story Date
Baylor Notebook 10/29/1999
Bears eye No. 6 Kansas State 10/29/1999
BU joins forces with A&M 10/29/1999
Cross country teams race toward NCAAs 10/29/1999
Historically funny 'Second City' comes to Waco 10/29/1999
Man chargedwith unauthorizeduse of vehicle 10/29/1999
Salvation Army gets musical treat 10/29/1999
Seniors to take field for final regular-season game 10/29/1999
Steppin' into tradition 10/29/1999
Symposium focuses on decline, restoring of citizenship 10/29/1999
Time to make haste before college is a waste 10/29/1999
Undefeated rugby team to take on U. of Dallas 10/29/1999
Unfounded 10/29/1999
Volleyball team to battle struggling Cyclone squad 10/29/1999
Access Denied 10/28/1999
Bear Briefs 10/28/1999
Bears regain edge over U. of Colorado 10/28/1999
BU golf team takes 1st with home-course edge 10/28/1999
Carve a pumpkin, roast a turkey, trim a tree -- in October? 10/28/1999
Dow will include more tech stocks 10/28/1999
Driving awarenesscomes to campus 10/28/1999
Extra student seating puts cart before horse 10/28/1999
Lady Bears win Classic with total score of 635 10/28/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/28/1999
Model U.S. team builds cooperation and consensus 10/28/1999
Program aims to provide warmth 10/28/1999
Pumpkin carving tradition signals Halloween 10/28/1999
Steps being taken to prevent more driving tragedies 10/28/1999
Study: Students shop compulsively 10/28/1999
Tenors sing to chapel crowd 10/28/1999
ar.html 10/27/1999
Church uses haunted house to share gospel 10/27/1999
Don't just hum along to our school song, learn it 10/27/1999
Golf teams earn tournament wins Tuesday 10/27/1999
Guest reveals basics of financial planning 10/27/1999
International Week honors BU's diversity 10/27/1999
Local golfers rememberlife of fellow sportsman 10/27/1999
Local museum exhibits scary possibilities 10/27/1999
No Code 10/27/1999
Organ students prepare for holiday concert 10/27/1999
Prof-grad student friendship subject of play 10/27/1999
Program aimsat fitness for life ness 10/27/1999
Search begins for finance VP 10/27/1999
Social work program integrates ethics, values 10/27/1999
Trainers gear up for campus fitness 10/27/1999
Volleyball seeks vindicationfor early season loss to CU 10/27/1999
'College is about the experience, not just the learning' 10/26/1999
Baylor drops ball with Tech miscues 10/26/1999
Cross country runners sweep SWTS meet 10/26/1999
Hankamer student makes waves as company owner 10/26/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/26/1999
Nearly 200 attend service for 4 students 10/26/1999
Observance 10/26/1999
Speight Garage nearly complete 10/26/1999
Bears set to avenge '98 lossagainst Texas Tech Saturday 10/22/1999
Campus group hosts events for breast cancer awareness 10/22/1999
Distraction 10/22/1999
Graduates find big companies appealing 10/22/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/22/1999
Memorial service will honor lost, console those left behind 10/22/1999
PAWS reaches beyond 'Bubble' 10/22/1999
Philly student activists launch Coke boycott 10/22/1999
Sexual assault numbers high for both genders 10/22/1999
Sloan: publication rules set by departments 10/22/1999
Soccer team strives toward post-season play with 2 road games 10/22/1999
Students speak out 10/22/1999
Tennis team earns mixed results at ITA 10/22/1999
Texas Tech marching band earns recognition for talent 10/22/1999
Women's rugby going strong in 2nd year 10/22/1999
A&M program seeks to put drivers to bed 10/21/1999
Dole drops from race 10/21/1999
Invaluable advice can come from voice of experience 10/21/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/21/1999
New web site gives Bears chance to chat 10/21/1999
Octobertotal blissfor fans 10/21/1999
Points well taken 10/21/1999
Singer-songwriter speaks on demonstrating faith 10/21/1999
Students invited to help dispose of hazardous waste 10/21/1999
Volleyball takes K-State, 3-1 10/21/1999
What a racket 10/21/1999
4-generation Bayloritesreceive First Family Award 10/20/1999
Accepted attire rules result of judging people like books 10/20/1999
All Around the World 10/20/1999
Author of Ladybird Johnson bio visits for book signing 10/20/1999
Bears hope season 2proves successful 10/20/1999
Conduction junction 10/20/1999
Counterpoints 10/20/1999
Falling in love with God all over again 10/20/1999
Go Greek picnic celebrates unity 10/20/1999
Grieving students find ways to cope 10/20/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/20/1999
Rugby club jumps out to 2-0 season start 10/20/1999
Stocked Wildcats team provides challenge for volleyball players 10/20/1999
Students home catches fire;cause still undetermined 10/20/1999
Suicide third leading cause of deathnationwide for people ages 15 to 24 10/20/1999
Anime club seeks to increase Japanese culture awareness 10/19/1999
Aware of Alcohol 10/19/1999
Bear Briefs 10/19/1999
Drunken, 'bloodthirsty' fans detract from game 10/19/1999
Forensics gets go ahead as full-fledged major 10/19/1999
Huskers roast Bears 10/19/1999
IDs a must at Student Life Complex a 10/19/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/19/1999
Silver and Gold 10/19/1999
Student Life's new VP to oversee health services 10/19/1999
Tennis gives great show in home debut 10/19/1999
U.S. Dept. of Education recalls financial aid forms 10/19/1999
Vote on loans 10/19/1999
Women's soccer scores with 2 consecutive wins 10/19/1999
'Three Kings' could surprise moviegoers 10/15/1999
Bear Briefs 10/15/1999
BU hoops heats up 10/15/1999
Faculty members to present jazz recital 10/15/1999
Fighting the Flu 10/15/1999
Flu Shots 10/15/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/15/1999
Out-of-focus views sighted solely on NoZe 10/15/1999
Presidential wagongets more crowded 10/15/1999
Prevention 10/15/1999
Program aims to put faithinto future medical careers 10/15/1999
Proposition may increase available financial aid 10/15/1999
Skies the limit for Destination Known 10/15/1999
Sloan agrees to expand academic calendar 10/15/1999
Soccer team travelsto Oklahoma for 2 10/15/1999
Speaker calls today's reporters biased 10/15/1999
Tennis teams continue play today 10/15/1999
Visiting professorto perform violin 10/15/1999
Volleyball to battle No. 12 Nebraska Saturday 10/15/1999
Ways to avoid getting sick 10/15/1999
Braves-Yanks or not, anything's possible 10/14/1999
BU basketball season to start without 'mad' rush 10/14/1999
Chapel speaker says not to feel cheated by deaths 10/14/1999
Cleric emphasizes reconciliation, forgiveness 10/14/1999
Ferrell's new director a bear-of-all-trades 10/14/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/14/1999
Men's golf members place high in classic 10/14/1999
NoZe withdraws from campus as officially unofficial group 10/14/1999
Safe Bet 10/14/1999
Today's corruption of America's game 10/14/1999
Totally laCrossed Out 10/14/1999
Tutu encourages fight against injustice 10/14/1999
Wreck likelihood not predictable, Doak says 10/14/1999
Bear Briefs 10/13/1999
Bears oust Raidersat Ferrell Center 10/13/1999
Death can occur before you let yourself live 10/13/1999
Fatigue a threat to highway safety 10/13/1999
Husband-wife lecture team expounds on British politics 10/13/1999
Just a good ol' boyStudent re-creates General Lee 10/13/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/13/1999
Local sports show airs more than just coaches 10/13/1999
Population Control 10/13/1999
Tennis teams fall into preparation for spring season 10/13/1999
World reaches Y6B, year of 6 billion people 10/13/1999
Baylor pilots registration on Web 10/12/1999
Bear effortno match for Aggies 10/12/1999
Bringing hope to society through religious organizations 10/12/1999
BU crisis team steps into action 10/12/1999
Campus mourns student deaths 10/12/1999
Internet registration a giant leap for Baylor students 10/12/1999
Jayhawks sweep volleyball game Saturday 10/12/1999
Letter to the Editor 10/12/1999
Losses move friends to reflect, remember 10/12/1999
Shunned 10/12/1999
Soccer beats out A&M,falls short against UT 10/12/1999
Sports Briefs 10/12/1999
Big win propels teaminto match with KU 10/8/1999
BU prof finds time as mayor 'rewarding' 10/8/1999
Conference relates religion to environment 10/8/1999
Fazoli's good, but not great 10/8/1999
For the 'Birds' 10/8/1999
Global Gift 10/8/1999
Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo 10/8/1999
History opposes Bears Saturdayin battle against Texas A&M 10/8/1999
Jazz banquet to celebrate performing, visual arts 10/8/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/8/1999
Movie provides superb theme, plot 10/8/1999
Officials note rise in use of marijuana, handle campus incidents 10/8/1999
Rankless soccer team to play Texas schoolsin 2-game home stand 10/8/1999
South a strong source for Republicans 10/8/1999
Student Congress passes 'un-free' radio resolution 10/8/1999
Unabomber may be right as we face Y2K 10/8/1999
Bear Briefs 10/7/1999
BIC dorm residentsfollow theme trend 10/7/1999
Cutting Class 10/7/1999
Details of false billworry e-mail users 10/7/1999
Expecting less from people will make less seem more 10/7/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/7/1999
Might hasn't made right for soccer 10/7/1999
Waco library book sale offers 80,000 used books 10/7/1999
ArtshowspotlightsTexaspottery 10/6/1999
BearBriefs 10/6/1999
Bears glean confidencegoing into A&M game 10/6/1999
Cellular systemirks customers owners 10/6/1999
Exhibit features works written, edited by faculty 10/6/1999
Family Room 10/6/1999
Grass fire consumes 3 to 4 acres 10/6/1999
Letter to the Editor 10/6/1999
Nothing fun in Waco? Be glad you're not in Paris 10/6/1999
Police arrest man on manslaughter charge 10/6/1999
Professionals leadone-day courseon Baylor campus 10/6/1999
Star Quality 10/6/1999
Study finds smoking increase among students 10/6/1999
Symphonic band opens season Thursday 10/6/1999
UBC to host band with 'deep' call 10/6/1999
Volleyball to play on regional TV 10/6/1999
Women's cross country extends win streak 10/6/1999
Young Conservatives rate Texas legislature 10/6/1999
'Car'elessness 10/5/1999
Chapel dean takes stage stage 10/5/1999
Debate rules ethnic, minority class 10/5/1999
Federal government: superpower without superpowers 10/5/1999
Football finds vindication 10/5/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/5/1999
Police obtain manslaughterwarrants on 2 auto drivers 10/5/1999
Senior alerts 3 students to burning house 10/5/1999
Sports Brief 10/5/1999
Students make difference in lives of older adults 10/5/1999
Volleyball puts Missouri away in weekend match 10/5/1999
Women's soccer finishes game with 2 red cards 10/5/1999
'Flower Power' invades After Dark 10/1/1999
10 reasons Warren Beatty shouldn't run for president 10/1/1999
All in the Family 10/1/1999
Area hotels raise rates for weekend 10/1/1999
Baylor receives face-lift 10/1/1999
Baylor sizes up North Texas before taking to field 10/1/1999
Bear Briefs 10/1/1999
BU volleyball still winless against UT after 3-0 lossafter 10/1/1999
Censorship 10/1/1999
Choosing tuition lock-in option now may save money later 10/1/1999
Counseling center offersassertiveness training 10/1/1999
Dallas Children's Theater brings Arthur legend to Waco Hippodrome 10/1/1999
International parents miss out on festivities 10/1/1999
Letters to the Editor 10/1/1999
Overcome test anxiety with relaxation techniques 10/1/1999
Parents, legacies turn weekend into tradition 10/1/1999
Slip 'N Slide part of life center money poorly spent 10/1/1999
Soccer set for battlewith conference foes 10/1/1999
Students engage inannual cleaning ritual' 10/1/1999
Students involved in La Salle wreck; Waco man dead 10/1/1999
Touchdown Alley features bits, pieces of Waco 10/1/1999
Water sources subject to different standards 10/1/1999
Weekend allows parents to taste campus life 10/1/1999
Wide receiver finds strength in family, teammates 10/1/1999