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News Archives for Jan. 1999

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Story Date
'Libertas' expands distribution 1/29/1999
Baylor DPS updates web page 1/29/1999
Bears prepare for Missouri 1/29/1999
Exxon robbed 1/29/1999
Lady Bears to face Tech 1/29/1999
Letters to the Editor 1/29/1999
Men's tennis to take swing at SMU 1/29/1999
Mind, not skin color, makes you who you are 1/29/1999
NFL officials debate return of instant replay 1/29/1999
Play leaves audience guessing 'whodunit?' 1/29/1999
Space needed by some; not reserved for rushed 1/29/1999
Students abuse handicapped parking 1/29/1999
Students denied chance to impact Baylor's future 1/29/1999
Students unite for laser tag 1/29/1999
Tour brings dc Talk to Texas 1/29/1999
Banquet to honor, award 5 graduates 1/28/1999
Baptist universities hold first conference 1/28/1999
Baylor Interdisciplinary Core forms leadership council 1/28/1999
Baylor recognizes outstanding staff members 1/28/1999
Broncos, Falcons evenly matched 1/28/1999
Chapel program addresses eating disorders 1/28/1999
College Republicans return from impeachment trial trial 1/28/1999
DPS argue ticket fines justified, not excessive 1/28/1999
Game Time Snacks 1/28/1999
Glide, Dream, Rocket make hall of fame list 1/28/1999
I-35 renovationsscheduled to begin 1/28/1999
Lady Bears take win over Tigers, 78-54 1/28/1999
Letters to the Editor 1/28/1999
Multiple births dangerous, despite media sideshow 1/28/1999
On the road: backpackers spend night in Waco 1/28/1999
Parking bills discussed 1/28/1999
Pre-med students prepare for MCAT 1/28/1999
Service benefits studentsbut needs improvement 1/28/1999
Women give all for love of game 1/28/1999
Yearbook to be offered in CD format 1/28/1999
'Raining mud' explained 1/27/1999
Award-winning Professor lectures on 'Cold Mountain' 1/27/1999
BSM still needs students to sign up for mission trip 1/27/1999
BU professor, organist to perform in Dallas 1/27/1999
Colleges turn to new instruction, distance learning 1/27/1999
Decision shows positive effort to benefit students 1/27/1999
Lady Bears attempt to make mark in Big 12 1/27/1999
Letters to the Editor 1/27/1999
Loss of young athletes poses grim reminder of sanctity of life, possibility of early death 1/27/1999
Speech moves to Ferrell Center 1/27/1999
Steep cost of violations needs closer inspection 1/27/1999
Aggies make three-pointer at buzzer, ending losing streak with Big 12 win 1/26/1999
Alternative band preaches love 1/26/1999
Bank of Americabranch to close 1/26/1999
Basketball strike filled with greed, arrogance; future of game in the hands of forgotten fans 1/26/1999
Cherry award winner to hold lectures 1/26/1999
Event offers opportunity to burst 'Baylor bubble' 1/26/1999
Falstaff cast to perform 1/26/1999
New artists show works 1/26/1999
Poor attendence makes TSTC plan necessary 1/26/1999
Robotic bugs take over Waco 1/26/1999
Student's success a matter of faith, talent 1/26/1999
Track teams win 10 medals in Silver State Invitational 1/26/1999
Varsity football blues 1/26/1999
Weekend Update 1/26/1999
'Lariat', KWBU to collaborate on morning news radio show 1/22/1999
After a needed break, students ready for spring semester 1/22/1999
Baylor to hold job fair 1/22/1999
Baylor, TSTC build bond through athletics 1/22/1999
BU profs disagree with Clinton's plan for education 1/22/1999
Floyd Casey Stadium to get new press box 1/22/1999
Internship program promotes business ethics 1/22/1999
Lady Bears show promise, need support 1/22/1999
Men's basketball hopes for win 1/22/1999
Professors hesitant about technology 1/22/1999
Sign here, please 1/22/1999
Student Congress receives 6 new at-large members 1/22/1999
Student legislature pass 2 resolutions 1/22/1999
SUB extends hours to aid late-night studies 1/22/1999
Union movies offer free weekend entertainment 1/22/1999
University questioned 1/22/1999
Waco Symphony Orchestra gives performance on campus 1/22/1999
Workshop to train youth leaders 1/22/1999
'Moody Brew' to accommodate hungry students 1/21/1999
Baylor hosts debate 1/21/1999
Faculty meet, discuss ideas 1/21/1999
Following tradition, Sloan answers student questions during Chapel-Forum 1/21/1999
Hospital ministry growing 1/21/1999
Lady Bears sic Wildcats 1/21/1999
New director plans to improve intramurals 1/21/1999
Power shortage leaves people with problems 1/21/1999
Prayer Breakfast brings Baylor, Waco community together 1/21/1999
Softball season last chance for seniors 1/21/1999
Welcome Weekend helps transfers to adjust 1/21/1999
Baylor students to attend trial 1/20/1999
Double life in athletics proves to be rewarding 1/20/1999
Food teaches culture 1/20/1999
Freshmen continue with apartment life 1/20/1999
Internet bookstores offer alternative for students 1/20/1999
Lady Bears start conference shaky 1/20/1999
Loss of Jordan has crippling effect on NBA future 1/20/1999
Meaning of life found in relationship with God, not school 1/20/1999
Online buying: a cheaper way to purchase books 1/20/1999
Seminary students discover diversity among Christians at conference 1/20/1999
Social Security highlight ofState of the Union Address 1/20/1999
Stability necessary in rebuilding lost program 1/20/1999
Steele compiles diverse coaching staff 1/20/1999
Steele praises team's desire for excellence 1/20/1999
Women's tennis newcomer draws attention with talent 1/20/1999
'Relative Moments' exhibit depicts life through black and white photos 1/19/1999
A day late? You could end up a dollar short 1/19/1999
African Studies proves valuable 1/19/1999
Baylor's first black grad honored on MLK day 1/19/1999
Bear Briefs 1/19/1999
Coach's past brims with achievement, players' discontent 1/19/1999
Expressing opinion vital to democratic process 1/19/1999
Former Baylor guard says he wants another chance 1/19/1999
Hippodrome hosts Broadway classic 1/19/1999
HOT Fair Complex to receive facelift 1/19/1999
Hours spent at The Lariat deliver experience, insight into newspaper business and real life 1/19/1999
Letters to the Editor 1/19/1999
Local donors contribute to Discovery Center project 1/19/1999
Michigan-based firm to design new buildings 1/19/1999
Near-campus wreck sends man to hospital 1/19/1999
Players excited about new head coach 1/19/1999
Pride should be set aside in ongoing Stukes saga 1/19/1999
Rice history prof named to Cherry post 1/19/1999
Sid Rich, Marrs McLean prepare for overhaul 1/19/1999
Stamp prices increase 1 cent 1/19/1999
Teammates shocked over former BU football player's death 1/19/1999
Thatcher set for campus speech 1/19/1999
Wellness Month helps students stick to New Year's resolutions 1/19/1999