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News Archives for April 1998

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Story Date
'Object' portrays love story with a twist 4/30/1998
1 vote wins election 4/30/1998
Bear Briefs 4/30/1998
Corrections 4/30/1998
Diadeloso, like MLK Day, has own purpose; both should be celebrated 4/30/1998
Editorial Cartoon 4/30/1998
Editorial: SWbell grant to Baylor sets promising precedent 4/30/1998
Effort to make BU more conservative brings famous Republicans to campus 4/30/1998
Golden Opportunity 4/30/1998
Grant only a beginning for Discovery fundraising 4/30/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/30/1998
Marina offers inexpensive leisure for students 4/30/1998
Park volleys to national tryout camp 4/30/1998
Police investigate $4,160 theft from Sid Rich 4/30/1998
Religious unity possible, Harvard professor says 4/30/1998
Sports Brief 4/30/1998
Students must be allowed forum for free speech by administration 4/30/1998
Students receive national awards 4/30/1998
BU senior to hold benefit concert 4/29/1998
change impossible unless students want it 4/29/1998
Correction 4/29/1998
Cross-country runner earns academic award 4/29/1998
Editorials: Putting polls in boondocks cause of low voter turnout 4/29/1998
Education school names dean 4/29/1998
Lambda Chi to celebrate charter 4/29/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/29/1998
Prayer that makes a practice 4/29/1998
Ring Out marks 71-year tradition 4/29/1998
Russell Halls enjoy 'recess' day to help relieve pre-final stress 4/29/1998
Southwestern Bell grants $1.2 million to BU 4/29/1998
Thefts on campus chiefly due to negligence 4/29/1998
Track team signs high school stars 4/29/1998
Traditional dates more courageous, creative than function trap 4/29/1998
UT plans Hopwood appeal, Morales may not present case 4/29/1998
Ward named as 'Lariat' editor-in-chief for Fall '98 4/29/1998
25-foot slide falls, injuring sophomore 4/28/1998
5% of 1998 Senior Class join heights of Phi Beta Kappa 4/28/1998
Baylor baseball battles A&M for Big 12 title 4/28/1998
BU to keep graduation speaker tradition 4/28/1998
Concept of Dead Week dearly departed at Baylor 4/28/1998
Guest meals, computers top students' agendas 4/28/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/28/1998
Playhouse Cafe brings dinner theater to Waco 4/28/1998
Sims clinches presidency 4/28/1998
SLC groundbreaking set, construction later 4/28/1998
Space station slowly but surely becoming extraterrestrial reality 4/28/1998
Student election results 4/28/1998
Uncommon graduation ocurrences visible in past semesters 4/28/1998
Young Democrats protest celebration of Diadeloso 4/28/1998
2,500 visitors may flock to Spring Premiere 4/23/1998
8 hopefuls vie for queen 4/23/1998
Baseball team takes 2 of 3 games in Kansas 4/23/1998
BearTouch flaws cause delays in registering 4/23/1998
Editorial: Diadeloso elections, events need participation to succeed 4/23/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/23/1998
Organization of American States 'protects democracy' 4/23/1998
Roberts takes cautious stance after latest player incidents 4/23/1998
Shirt tradition ushers in Diadeloso 4/23/1998
Spirit Squad selection 4/23/1998
Waco named finalist for All-America City Award 4/23/1998
1998 Diadeloso schedule 4/22/1998
A Native American celebration 4/22/1998
Baylor grad starts own recording label 4/22/1998
Baylor not connected to research-based Interenet 2 despite 'best wired' selection 4/22/1998
Bear Briefs 4/22/1998
Chamber member shot with paintball 4/22/1998
Freshmen leads men's golf to new dimension 4/22/1998
Grad student premieres play 4/22/1998
Lariat Student Government Endorsements 4/22/1998
Leters to the Editor 4/22/1998
Linda McCartney's life, marriage unblemished despite celebrity 4/22/1998
Low-fat chips with Olean already a hit among Baylor students 4/22/1998
Men's tennis to rally with nation's best 4/22/1998
Methodist center director builds 'bridge' for international students 4/22/1998
Monologue honors life, work of women's rights activist Charlotte Gilman 4/22/1998
Real homes found in real houses 4/22/1998
Speakers dispel age-old myths on culture 4/22/1998
Summer parking alternative a good effort by administration 4/22/1998
Women's golf team overcomes obstacles, has best season ever 4/22/1998
Women's tennis looks to bounce back in Big 12 4/22/1998
Administrator plans return to the students 4/21/1998
Bad things come in threes; OSU Cowboys sweep Bears at home 4/21/1998
Baylor Police Department helps to stop obscene calls 4/21/1998
Billionaire speaks at BU 4/21/1998
BU alum shines in 400 meters 4/21/1998
Bus to ease parking ills during construction 4/21/1998
Deaf in Waco miss out on movie options 4/21/1998
Editorials: Baylor shouldn't go soft if athletes break rules 4/21/1998
Guest lecturer compares art, garden landscapes 4/21/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/21/1998
New Spanish program proves popular on campus 4/21/1998
NoZe get 'pink' over damage accusation 4/21/1998
Politics overshadow memories of dead 4/21/1998
Sloan appoints Lyon to fill graduate school dean vacancy 4/21/1998
Student duo to open Smoothie King 4/21/1998
'City of Angels' shows other side of heavenly creatures 4/17/1998
Arab League representative speaks on the responsiblities of U.S. in Middle East 4/17/1998
Baylor calendar cluttered by overabundance of designated weeks 4/17/1998
Baylor Karate sweeps tournaments 4/17/1998
Branch Davidians to hold memorial service Sunday 4/17/1998
Easy things to do to make Earth Day everyday 4/17/1998
Editorials: Involvement in Earth Day brings enlightenment, fun 4/17/1998
ImPulse Briefs 4/17/1998
Keeping Sabbath as day of rest impossible for most students 4/17/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/17/1998
On the green to success 4/17/1998
Students display works, efforts 4/17/1998
Veteran RA earns residents' respect, friendship 4/17/1998
Waco Earth Day activities target awareness 4/17/1998
A pavement Picasso 4/16/1998
Bear Downs set to make tracks today on campus 4/16/1998
Derby Days awards winner's philanthropy $1,000 4/16/1998
Dr. Tom Hanks to give speech 4/16/1998
Editorial cartoon 4/16/1998
Editorials: Speaker, broadcast give us chance to round out studies 4/16/1998
Honors college would promote lowering of standards for non-elite 4/16/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/16/1998
Martial arts class kicks funding to University Baptist Church 4/16/1998
No. 5-ranked Bears shake off loss; look ahead to conference games 4/16/1998
Penland upgrades upset residents 4/16/1998
Students link Waco businesswomen 4/16/1998
Study finds academics not a foreign language to most Greeks 4/16/1998
Trash the television if you want to rescue your intelligence 4/16/1998
Yahoo! ranks Baylor 22nd 'best wired' school nationally 4/16/1998
Baylor graduates face post-college realities 4/15/1998
Baylor men's relay team demonstrates true meaning of kindness 4/15/1998
Baylor only site for unedited replay of theological debate 4/15/1998
Baylor sailing team qualifies for finals 4/15/1998
Blood drive benefits 2 Waco children 4/15/1998
Honors program theses give authors deeper look into academia 4/15/1998
If you want to change things, don't complain: do something 4/15/1998
ImPulse interview with Our Lady Peace 4/15/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/15/1998
Men's tennis team to battle Aggies 4/15/1998
Model U.N. seeks new recruits for competition 4/15/1998
More Letters to the Editor 4/15/1998
National sorority strives for charter at BU 4/15/1998
Nebraska wood quintet to come to campus for Big 12 Tour 4/15/1998
Society must pull together in raising all its children 4/15/1998
Waco soccer extravaganza to feature Baylor women, SMU, Texas Lightning and Under-20 world champs 4/15/1998
'Lost in Space' disappoints 4/9/1998
Baylor men's volleyball set for championship 4/9/1998
Deaf protest leader to speak at Baylor 4/9/1998
Easter more than just another respite from class 4/9/1998
Health services administrator forms vital link between BU and Waco 4/9/1998
Honors week targets students' efforts 4/9/1998
It's time to admit our parents' wisdom isn't from Stone Age after all 4/9/1998
Leters to the Editor 4/9/1998
Recycling committee seeks to up awareness 4/9/1998
Sad senior recalls fond memories 4/9/1998
Sports Briefs 4/9/1998
Baylor religion lecturer elected president of local chapter of AAUP 4/8/1998
Bears slash Cougars 17-7 4/8/1998
Cycle of Despair 4/8/1998
Don't let secular traditions drown out meaning of Easter 4/8/1998
Edwards talks politics with Baylor students 4/8/1998
Faculty showcases art in Martin Museum 4/8/1998
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals sessions schedule 4/8/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/8/1998
Marie Callendar's to join mall's restaurant row 4/8/1998
Pi Phi self-imposes shirt, dance picture ban 4/8/1998
Stack of cold, superfcial friendships not as sweet as the genuine article 4/8/1998
Student response to article suggests need for debate 4/8/1998
Timing problems delay start of garage 4/8/1998
Track teams run over UT at Texas Relays 4/8/1998
Updated Student Body Officer Candidate deadlines 4/8/1998
Baylor Theatre to premiere play by American playwright 4/7/1998
Bear Briefs 4/7/1998
Bears pluck Jayhawks to lead Big 12, 13-3 4/7/1998
Brooks Hall's pipes burst, send water streaming iinto 8 dorms 4/7/1998
BU coaches tear into trash-talking trend 4/7/1998
Catholic students await construction of new building 4/7/1998
Couple aids international students 4/7/1998
Editorial cartoon 4/7/1998
Editorial: Park carefully to avoid newly-enforced ordinance 4/7/1998
Former music dean returns to direct all-Russian show 4/7/1998
Immortal Tem Memorial receives additional funds; sculptor coming in May 4/7/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/7/1998
Music dean to resign post 4/7/1998
Pets pampered while world's hungry ignored 4/7/1998
Recent grad receives Fulbright Award to study in Budapest 4/7/1998
Student Body Officer Deadlines 4/7/1998
Students learn how to assist children with disabilities 4/7/1998
Tentative date set for SLC groundbreaking 4/7/1998
Those offended by Pi Phi shirts shouldn't run to cry 'racist' 4/7/1998
Waco food establishments offer students fun, tradition 4/7/1998
Alumni Association helping graduates 'keep their bearings' 4/3/1998
Baylor's No. 1 tennis player quits, returns to Spain 4/3/1998
Brochure answers students' Graffiti Day questions 4/3/1998
BU officially approves departmental closings for Diadeloso 4/3/1998
Collins award given to Hanks 4/3/1998
Dexter Freebish brings SXSW success to Waco 4/3/1998
Editorial cartoon 4/3/1998
Get smart about sun to avoid skin cancer 4/3/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/3/1998
Morales, 'Dream Team' discuss win versus tobacco 4/3/1998
Overly-social students can't expect to balance work, study with fun 4/3/1998
Seniors must take action to get in spring graduation line 4/3/1998
Top band to record CD at Baylor 4/3/1998
U.S. Appeals court to hear 15 cases on campus 4/3/1998
'Minding own business' hurts all 4/2/1998
America should rethink 'need' to bear arms in light of Jonesboro 4/2/1998
Cadillac Jack's expects large crowd for Ingram show 4/2/1998
Campeche Bakery now open after remodeling 4/2/1998
Dentist shouldn't be forced to risk health for partner 4/2/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/2/1998
Poetry fans to celbrate Brownings' birthdays 4/2/1998
Promise Keeper founder speaks of God's love 4/2/1998
Record-breaking centerfielder Top Gun for Baylor 4/2/1998
Renaissance returns to BU 4/2/1998
Student government filing continues 4/2/1998
Student survey offers bookstore bucks 4/2/1998
Waco Police enforce parking law 4/2/1998
Anniversary of a killing 4/1/1998
Bears notch 7th home win in a row 4/1/1998
BU's law school to honor distinguished alum as Lawyer of the Year 4/1/1998
Dr Pepper Hour returns 4/1/1998
Dr Pepper museum serves up local history 4/1/1998
Golf team cures 6-year drought 4/1/1998
Graduate program in high rank 4/1/1998
Hispanics offended by Pi Phi's spring dance 4/1/1998
Journalism department 1 step from accreditation 4/1/1998
Letters to the Editor 4/1/1998
Professors and students, study see issue of gender in classrooms differently 4/1/1998
Relocation of Goebel Gym's cubby holes decreases theft 4/1/1998
Sorority hopefuls, friendships undermined by stiff rush rules 4/1/1998
Student Congress seeks to expand faculty service 4/1/1998
Uproar over Taco Bell dog much ado about nothing 4/1/1998