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News Archives for March 1998

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Air conditioning repairs could warm residence halls 3/31/1998
Baylor is 'steppin' out' into the Waco area 3/31/1998
Beall Poetry Festival brings world-renowned poets 3/31/1998
Committee forming to replace outgoing religion chairperson 3/31/1998
Committee set to review lectureship system at BU 3/31/1998
Crayola presents student exhibit 3/31/1998
Different kinds of intelligence deserve repect in today's world 3/31/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/31/1998
Making waves 3/31/1998
record-breaking baseball team needs student support 3/31/1998
Rotary club offers scholarships which finance studying abroad 3/31/1998
Sam Houston to challenge Baylor's 6-game winning streak 3/31/1998
Security expert says U.S. is standing under his own strife 3/31/1998
Service hits home 3/31/1998
Sports Briefs 3/31/1998
Spring fever is heating up fast, students enjoy time outside 3/31/1998
Women beat TCU, SMU, next goal to sack OU 3/31/1998
$25,000 allocated for lecture, memorial 3/27/1998
Blaming media for Arkansas shootings disregards role of parents, society 3/27/1998
Chat rules meant to protect us 3/27/1998
English department names new chairman 3/27/1998
Fuelin' up, headin' out 3/27/1998
Impulse Briefs 3/27/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/27/1998
New microscope inspires 3/27/1998
Showtime! fills stage with talent 3/27/1998
Students prepare for 'Steppin Out' 3/27/1998
Thoughtless students who dump pets betray love, trust 3/27/1998
1930 Baylor graduate returns to campus 3/26/1998
Baylor professor honored by FSU By Ashley Crim Reporter for The Baylor Lariat Although 650 people have received their doctorate in psychology from Florida State University, Dr. Lewis Barker is the only graduate who has been honored for his teachin 3/26/1998
Blue Bell chief tells of small beginnings 3/26/1998
BU No. 27 of 400 schools in National Merit freshmen 3/26/1998
Clinton's performance in 'locked lips strategy' should earn an Oscar 3/26/1998
Dr Pepper hour gets canned 3/26/1998
Film series looks at classical elements in modern movies 3/26/1998
Lady Bears split doubleheader 3/26/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/26/1998
On Life's Journey 3/26/1998
Pet adoption takes responsibility 3/26/1998
Physical punishment possible cause of school shooting 3/26/1998
Students need to be aware of crime around campus 3/26/1998
Team loses title title but wins more 3/26/1998
Women's soccer team prepares for Texas and international games 3/26/1998
3 events cause congestion 3/25/1998
Bears use spring training to master new game plan 3/25/1998
Blood drive to list marrow donors 3/25/1998
BU student government elections, campaigning start soon 3/25/1998
Cheating law won't inspire ethics 3/25/1998
Collins Award voting low, time extended 3/25/1998
Lady Bears golf places 3rd in meet 3/25/1998
Large crowd does not go unnoticed 3/25/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/25/1998
Market saturation by press knocks wind out of presidential scandal 3/25/1998
Music school hosts guest faculty recital featuring Baylor graduate 3/25/1998
Peer education class gives new twist to teaching health, safety 3/25/1998
Shooting spells trouble for Bears 3/25/1998
Social work 'more than a major' 3/25/1998
Speaker questions U.S. 'opportunity' 3/25/1998
Student aims to spread his music across the country; accompanies Sons and Daughters 3/25/1998
With so many ways to give, why not take time? 3/25/1998
7,500 plus paid for today's WNIT final game at BU 3/24/1998
Asian student groups celebrate roots in Cross-Cultural Festival 3/24/1998
Austin bishop calls Christians to face 'injustice, pain and suffering' 3/24/1998
Bear Briefs 3/24/1998
Bears in search of WNIT glory in tonight's final matchup 3/24/1998
Bears scamper past Tigers in semifinal game, 66-61 3/24/1998
Caritas to present 30th annual fundraising feast 3/24/1998
Cartoon by Ryan Fischer 3/24/1998
Clinton invokes executive privilege 3/24/1998
Communication skills eliminate mixed messages hurt feelings 3/24/1998
Davidian factions quarrel over name, property 3/24/1998
Internationally recognized ceramic artist to lecture about development of his art 3/24/1998
Kaplan discount for minorities unfair to others 3/24/1998
Keep Waco Beautiful teams up with BU volunteers 3/24/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/24/1998
Lone Star state shouldn't be used for ad fodder 3/24/1998
Lutheran students find home amid Baptists at Baylor 3/24/1998
Master's degree in social work incorporates religion and faith 3/24/1998
Program aids inorities with Law School Admissions Test 3/24/1998
Students learn in Jamaica 3/24/1998
The Terrific Trio 3/24/1998
Titanic sails away with 11 Oscars 3/24/1998
Trendy low-fat diets have harmful effects 3/24/1998
750 Baylor graduates of 50 years or more plan campus return 3/20/1998
Austin's SXSW offers forum for up-and-coming bands 3/20/1998
Baylor Water Polo Team offers students new club sport 3/20/1998
Cradit seminar may help students get more bang for their buck 3/20/1998
Festival to showcase 'common Asian threads' 3/20/1998
Graffiti cleanup should be higher priority on campus 3/20/1998
Historic village comes to life 3/20/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/20/1998
McNeil hired as new wide receivers coach 3/20/1998
Public fundraising still hindering SLC development 3/20/1998
Scholar seeks 'ammunition' at library 3/20/1998
Stoleen car report false, Baylor Police chief says 3/20/1998
University uses varied fundraising campaigns 3/20/1998
Weekend Sports 3/20/1998
Women's museum challenges society, creates awareness 3/20/1998
World-renowned harpist comes to campus 3/20/1998
3 new businesses set to open in Waco 3/19/1998
Alumni associatin names first two recipients for McCall award 3/19/1998
Baylor offers seminar to help students preparing for summer jobs 3/19/1998
Books donated to BU pay tribute 3/19/1998
Bush, Edwards visit bolsters argument for abstinence 3/19/1998
Clinton entitled to human error 3/19/1998
Hogg's past may help Bears win 3/19/1998
Honor students offer free tutoring to receive class credit 3/19/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/19/1998
Student government makes headway on several campus projects 3/19/1998
Student's car stolen from local complex 3/19/1998
Take advantage of Baylor's opportunities while your future is still yours to control 3/19/1998
Truett Seminary opens doors to prospective students 3/19/1998
Baylor DPS makes arrest in bike thefts 3/18/1998
Baylor gives students best of city, small community atmospheres 3/18/1998
Baylor student returns from 'wonderful' Asia 3/18/1998
BU advances with 54-47 win 3/18/1998
Coed sing act invited to perform at Pigskin 3/18/1998
Comic of the year award goes to Baylor alumnus 3/18/1998
Deal-a-Meal man comes to Waco 3/18/1998
Dean of graduate school search narrowed to 4 3/18/1998
Letters to the editor 3/18/1998
Quiet moments of reflection necessary for students' sanity 3/18/1998
Relay teams place first in nationals 3/18/1998
Stray gunshot hits student's car 3/18/1998
Students to receive class rings, highlight BU traditions 3/18/1998
Waco Civic Theatre presents tale of family trials, tribulation 3/18/1998
Women's Tournament play needs student support 3/18/1998
All the comforts of home 3/17/1998
Baylor students miss 14-hour standoff 3/17/1998
Baylor students prepare for summer mission trips 3/17/1998
Bears finally tame Bulldogs 3/17/1998
Bears sweep Longhorns for first time in 42 years 3/17/1998
Cartoon: McLawsuit's 3/17/1998
Full lives found in balance between studies, fun; take time to find selves 3/17/1998
Governor Bush jumpstarts county abstinence campaign 3/17/1998
Grafitti Tribe comes to campus for free concert 3/17/1998
Lady Bears battle Cowgirls 3/17/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/17/1998
Lies surround Oval Office; truth may be hard to find 3/17/1998
On-line voting on Collins Outstanding Professor award begins today 3/17/1998
Record attendance pays off for Lady Bears 3/17/1998
Setting the Green holiday facts straight 3/17/1998
Telecom department gives 50 internships 3/17/1998
When Irish eyes are smilin' 3/17/1998
'Dark City' promises stunning visuals 3/6/1998
13th-ranked Baylor ready to shuck Nebraska just like last two decades 3/6/1998
Baylor athletics during spring break 3/6/1998
Big man leads Bears through round 1 tourney win over Aggies 3/6/1998
Burglars don't leave for spring break 3/6/1998
Cameron Park Zoo offers spring getaway 3/6/1998
Journalism students learn at job fair 3/6/1998
Lecturer in sign language named Bear of the Week 3/6/1998
Letters to the editor 3/6/1998
Men's tennis defeats U of Colorado 3/6/1998
Professor's clothing makes the difference 3/6/1998
Rebellion not answer, fighting futile, God key in surviving the system 3/6/1998
Reduce fat intake, cut cancer risks 3/6/1998
Spring break time for fun, moderation, safety 3/6/1998
Tuition increases not tied to decreases in average hours 3/6/1998
Wacky Waco 'weird' for reason 3/6/1998
15 outlets make journalism job fair something to write home about 3/5/1998
Alumna lawyer seeking 6 awards, loses last 3 3/5/1998
Baylor's proposed honors college may inprove academics 3/5/1998
Bears to fend off rivals over break 3/5/1998
BU entreprneur graduate school ranked 11 out of 33 3/5/1998
BU freshmen marriage views similar to nation 3/5/1998
Chamber group Trio Con Brio to perform wide range of pieces 3/5/1998
Court grants ex-prof access to university records 3/5/1998
Embracing the call 3/5/1998
Grade inflation sweeps colleges nationwide 3/5/1998
Hillis plans return to full-time teaching 3/5/1998
Intramural competition builds camaraderie among faculty, staff 3/5/1998
Letters to the editor 3/5/1998
Members of Baylor track teams qualify for National Championships 3/5/1998
Pig Scramble returns 3/5/1998
Student efforts to reach businesses benefit all 3/5/1998
Texas painters display their works By Courtney Crowell Reporter for The Baylor Lariat An exhibit featuring the works of two Texan artists and containing a total of 20 paintings is on display at the University Art Gallery in the Hooper-Schaefer Fin 3/5/1998
Unconventional church's de-conventioning should be questioned 3/5/1998
Use spring break to change habits 3/5/1998
Virus crashes UT network 3/5/1998
Baseball Bears bash bobcats in 14-2 barrage 3/4/1998
BU alumnus sponsors prayer amendment 3/4/1998
Co-ed Sing performance nixed from fall's Pigskin Revue 3/4/1998
Database to aid in locating Browning materials in library 3/4/1998
E-mail upgrades may lighten system's load, ease user pain 3/4/1998
Editorial: On-line voting should be expanded to all elections/Professors deserve kudos On-line voting should be expanded to all elections The university struck gold with the on-line voting concept used for nominating the 1998 Collins Outstanding Pr 3/4/1998
Eyes on the prize: 3/4/1998
Freshmen confident on setting goals 3/4/1998
Grackles' return brings noise, blanket of white, back after winter season 3/4/1998
Letters to the editor 3/4/1998
Military kept women from power 3/4/1998
More letters to the Editor 3/4/1998
NBA scouts predict first round draft for Skinner 3/4/1998
Noze invades Sing, no briefs 3/4/1998
Study of languages offers great cultural awareness to Americans 3/4/1998
Voting gives opportunity to exercise right to change America 3/4/1998
'Dirty dozen' designation ignores law school's quality 3/3/1998
27th Bear Downs to roll through campus in April 3/3/1998
Apartment hunters face higher rent 3/3/1998
Baylor athletics releases details for new facilities 3/3/1998
BU lags behind other Texas schools in student/faculty ratio 3/3/1998
Cultural intelligence requires explanding entertainment horizon 3/3/1998
Fairs ease burden for job-hunting students 3/3/1998
Galaxy 16 opens to large crowd 3/3/1998
Graduate to perform in Distinguished Artist Series 3/3/1998
Lady Bears parade over Lady Aggies, 3/3/1998
Letters to the Editor 3/3/1998
Volunteering, civic awareness put freshman 'lazy' label to rest 3/3/1998