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News Archives for Feb. 1998

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Story Date
'Spectacular,' speaker says of Hong Kong celebration 2/27/1998
8th Street Hit-and-run leaves student slightly injured 2/27/1998
A Capella choir gives spring concert 2/27/1998
Alliance brings new tune to All-Greek show 2/27/1998
Ambassador gives scholarship honoring faculty past, present 2/27/1998
Baseball penom pitching for big league 2/27/1998
BU athletics set to unveil $12.5 million sports facilities plans today 2/27/1998
Choosing classes that bring happiness can lead to career 2/27/1998
Editorial: Longer visiting hours not problems but solutions & Internet Addiction 2/27/1998
Forensics professor greatly respected 2/27/1998
Former lecturer files breach-of-contract suit 2/27/1998
Homeowner may sew City of Waco over sloppy sewage 2/27/1998
Lady Bears hope to stop 2-game losing skid in battle with Lady Aggies 2/27/1998
Letters to the Editor 2/27/1998
Oprah victorious in cattle trial, but was she in win-win situation? 2/27/1998
Pleasant takes stage tonight at E-Cleff studios 2/27/1998
Spring fashion is in the air 2/27/1998
32 Busineses slated for BU discount program 2/26/1998
Austin pastor criticizes BGCT 2/26/1998
Baylor builds portable lab 2/26/1998
Bibliophiles books made to be judged by the cover 2/26/1998
Big 12 conference men's basketball records 2/26/1998
BU blows away Iowa State 2/26/1998
Christian rock group to play tonight for PBS special 2/26/1998
Coach Taylor may leave Baylor for New Mexico spot 2/26/1998
College students at high risk for eating disorders, counselor says 2/26/1998
Donating deposits to Immortal Ten just a matter of simple calcculation 2/26/1998
Editorial: Learning to live with others critical in college 2/26/1998
Holocaust hero remembered 2/26/1998
Impulse Briefs 2/26/1998
Letters to the Editor 2/26/1998
Literary contests accept students' work 2/26/1998
Reason prevails in battle of sexes over television viewing rights 2/26/1998
Seniors to vote on-line for teaching award By Adrienne Barna Reporter for The Baylor Lariat Nominations started Wednesday for this year's Collins Outstanding Professor Award to be elected by the senior class. The award is provided by the Carr P. 2/26/1998
Sexual stigma labels breasfeeding 'dirty' 2/26/1998
Student Foundation to dispense scholarships to worthy students 2/26/1998
Bear Briefs 2/25/1998
Bears break home run records 2/25/1998
BU Police sieze 8 kegs 2/25/1998
Campus Calendar 2/25/1998
Deadly strep outbreak tapering off, experts say 2/25/1998
Don't let college pressure make your wedding decisions 2/25/1998
Editorial: New laboratory facilities good move by university 2/25/1998
Emphasis on student evaluations questioned by magazines, faculty 2/25/1998
Feature photo: A Day in the Sun 2/25/1998
Lady Bears shut down, outrun Lady Gents in doubleheader, 8-0, 5-1 2/25/1998
Letters to the Editor 2/25/1998
Pre-game party to help BU spirit 2/25/1998
RHA submits proposal to extend visiting hours 2/25/1998
Rock 'n' Bowl: alternative bowling 2/25/1998
Romance after Valentine's Day not impossible achievement 2/25/1998
Students find timing a most engaging experience 2/25/1998
U.N. Secretary-General predicts success for deal with Iraq 2/25/1998
$3,200 in deposits donated to fund Immortal memorial 2/24/1998
2 BU students injured in Sing act collision 2/24/1998
Audio Adrenaline aims to entertain, enlight 2/24/1998
Baylor has enough funds for memorial; it doesn't need to beg for deposits 2/24/1998
Bears prevail in rain and sun 2/24/1998
Bears succeed in taming the Longhorns 2/24/1998
Editorial: Lariat provides forum for student debate 2/24/1998
Immortalizing 10 won't solve society's woes 2/24/1998
Letters to the Editor: Baylor taking steps to update science facilities 2/24/1998
Making taxes nontaxing 2/24/1998
Professor to perform recitl with fellow faculty members 2/24/1998
Sports Briefs 2/24/1998
'80s motif does not make up for lack of plot in 'The Wedding Singer' 2/20/1998
Alumni Association,fans hopes to 'wipe up' Longhorns with tiny towels Saturday 2/20/1998
Basketball Competition 2/20/1998
Educators must love students, player says 2/20/1998
Individuality rare on campus; students become sheep to fit in 2/20/1998
Intramural Point Standings 2/20/1998
Lady Bear calls it quits 2/20/1998
Letters to the Editor 2/20/1998
Sing Alliance captures true essence of 'All-University' 2/20/1998
Sing develops from humble start 2/20/1998
Sing should focus more on fun, rather than competition, money 2/20/1998
Sloan 2/20/1998
Sports Briefs 2/20/1998
Tainted love of the 80s 2/20/1998
'Macbeth' features renowned actors 2/19/1998
Baylor offers many opportunities for those seeking physical fitness 2/19/1998
Bears fall to Sooners 2/19/1998
Bilingual head start reaches out to Waco 2/19/1998
Cartoon 2/19/1998
Crash on Campus 2/19/1998
Hall of Fame announcer dies at 77 2/19/1998
Lady Bears trample Cowgirls, 72-64 2/19/1998
Letters to the Editor 2/19/1998
Mobil comes out of the shell 2/19/1998
Science buildings outdated, need money to evolve 2/19/1998
Taking up golf more important than young women realize 2/19/1998
'Great Expectations' deviates from novel, still entertains 2/6/1998
Brutally honest radio psychoanalyst gives listeners moral workout 2/6/1998
BU police make 2 arrest in burglaries 2/6/1998
Couple gives Catholic students 'home away from home' 2/6/1998
Letter to the Editor 2/6/1998
Professor speaks on role of wisdom 2/6/1998
Shelter volunteers many, but more needed to handle animals 2/6/1998
Sloan's son out of ICU 2/6/1998
Stomp show set to rumble into Waco Hall 2/6/1998
Women lose crediblility, respect by using double standards 2/6/1998
Women's sports should attract higher attendance 2/6/1998
'Rule of threes' dominates today's headlines 2/5/1998
300 figures occupy library courtyard 2/5/1998
Baylor should prepare to support those affected by Gulf situation 2/5/1998
Car thief evades Waco police in I-35 chase 2/5/1998
Chapel changes won't deter enterprising slackers 2/5/1998
Debate heats over cost of athletes 2/5/1998
Letters to the Editor 2/5/1998
President's son critically injured in car wreck Wednesday 2/5/1998
Roberts signs 17 big linemen 2/5/1998
Staff, students frustrated by missing books, articles 2/5/1998
Students seek contacts, jobs at career fair 2/5/1998
Women discuss roles at Baylor 2/5/1998
BU student named Fulbright finalist 2/4/1998
Community service, education impart meaning to Spring Break 2/4/1998
Gas price decrease encourages more, cheaper student travel 2/4/1998
Letter to the Editor 2/4/1998
Model U.N. tries to make it 3 straight 2/4/1998
On again, off again 2/4/1998
Parking garage will force facilities' to move 2/4/1998
Performer injured; show goes on 2/4/1998
Proposal to let athletes work presents problems 2/4/1998
Religion missing in Chapel-Forum, replaced by boredom, irreverence 2/4/1998
Baylor staff member receives Champion of Race Unity Award 2/3/1998
Bears serve Rice a loss 2/3/1998
BSM to host Hunger Awareness activities this week 2/3/1998
BU Police search for suspect in bike thefts 2/3/1998
BU students elected to state offices 2/3/1998
ECO president calls for central recycling location 2/3/1998
Environmental studies students to study South Bosque River 2/3/1998
imPulse 2/3/1998
Internships valuable in preparing for real world 2/3/1998
Journalism alumni aided by scholarship designed for BU students 2/3/1998
Law school applications down 2/3/1998
Letter to the Editor 2/3/1998
Sooners surrender on Bears' turf, 97-67 2/3/1998
Student-faculty rapport may suffer from growth 2/3/1998
Texas Tech overshoots Baylor 2/3/1998
True merits, weakness of death penalty are ignored by government 2/3/1998