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News Archives for Nov. 1998

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Story Date
A thanksgiving meal can be inexpensive and scrumptious 11/19/1998
Baylor ready for Y2K 11/19/1998
BU center uses emotions in games 11/19/1998
Doctor discusses cancer-related gene 11/19/1998
ITC on track for the year 2000 11/19/1998
Language lab modernized 11/19/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/19/1998
Penland cafeteria redefines dorm food 11/19/1998
Precautions can deter break-ins 11/19/1998
Regents scrap 11 graduate programs 11/19/1998
Speaker challenges students to help poor for right reasons 11/19/1998
Students 'thankful' for holiday 11/19/1998
Students send aid to Honduras 11/19/1998
Work should begin sooner 11/19/1998
AIDS day to focus on young people 11/18/1998
Clear set of standards a must for senior position 11/18/1998
Day of nonsmoking presents few challenges, students say 11/18/1998
Facing adversity, overcoming it makes life more fulfilling 11/18/1998
Fair-weather fans should stop making excuses 11/18/1998
Regents approve new faculty position 11/18/1998
Veto saves tuition dollars 11/18/1998
A Baylor degree is worth what we demand for it 11/17/1998
America should act now 11/17/1998
ASA celebrates various cultures 11/17/1998
Baylor Police Roundup 11/17/1998
Baylor students honored in 'Who's Who' listing 11/17/1998
Bears' mistakes lost OU game 11/17/1998
Drug problems arise at BU 11/17/1998
Florida beats Baylor 70-58 11/17/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/17/1998
Local country band witnesses through music 11/17/1998
Projects get green light 11/17/1998
Regents re-open history 11/17/1998
Speaker marks start of AIDS awareness week 11/17/1998
Student survey goes online 11/17/1998
Women's soccer out of NCAA tournament, cross country starting up 11/17/1998
BAYLOR SPORTS 11/13/1998
Bears send All-Stars 'down under' 11/13/1998
Campus spa could substitute for fall break 11/13/1998
Friday the 13th arouses superstitions superstitions 11/13/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/13/1998
Local bands to battle 11/13/1998
MESSAGE SENT 11/13/1998
Sooners don't have chance against Bears 11/13/1998
Student chemical society presents symposium 11/13/1998
Waco to honor western muralist 11/13/1998
Women's soccer team heads to NCAA tourney 11/13/1998
Acclaimed string quartet to perform 11/12/1998
Book Society seeks contributors for endowment 11/12/1998
Center to further academic opportunities for BU students 11/12/1998
Discovery Complex plans still in works 11/12/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/12/1998
Non-majors should take part 11/12/1998
Perspective can ease effects of daily stress 11/12/1998
Round Table to host international banquet 11/12/1998
Santa comes to Waco 11/12/1998
Sports Briefs 11/12/1998
A&M dog-cloning efforts spark sharp criticism from scientists 11/11/1998
Bears have winning combo this season 11/11/1998
BGCT refuses to seat church, charts future 11/11/1998
BU's presence strong at BGCT 11/11/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/11/1998
Pitfalls abound on the Net 11/11/1998
Religious justification of hate crime is wrong 11/11/1998
Reynolds shares Baptist ideals 11/11/1998
ROTC holds flag vigil to commerate veterans 11/11/1998
Speaker: policies encouraged jazz 11/11/1998
Wednesday's Clipboard 11/11/1998
All students should decide fate of the fallen trophy 11/10/1998
Announcer passes the torch 11/10/1998
BGCT re-elects BU prof, regent 11/10/1998
Fall break simmers on back burner 11/10/1998
Help exists for those too afraid to dance 11/10/1998
Judge denies case dismissal in prof's lawsuit against BU 11/10/1998
KWBU DJ wired for electronic music 11/10/1998
Lady Bears volleyball beats KU, OU; prepares to face Sam Houston State 11/10/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/10/1998
Loss shows BU still needs work 11/10/1998
Professor lectures on Chicago jazz 11/10/1998
Renowned organist-in-residence to give free recital tonight 11/10/1998
Seminary nears goal for funding 11/10/1998
Students help clean up in Seguin 11/10/1998
Students lend a hand after south Texas flood 11/10/1998
Women's soccer receives Big 12 tournament bid 11/10/1998
Alum speaks on role of Christians in media 11/6/1998
Alumni remember old BU traditions 11/6/1998
Alumni revisit stomping grounds 11/6/1998
Ambition turns violent in Death 11/6/1998
Baylor offers a variety of study abroad trips 11/6/1998
Baylor team wins two awards for debate competition 11/6/1998
Bears have slim chance; enjoy the game, anyway 11/6/1998
Bears shouldn't worry over not having Bishop 11/6/1998
BGCT prepares for constitutional changes 11/6/1998
Cabaret to salute Gershwin 11/6/1998
Construction continues 11/6/1998
Firing up homecoming 11/6/1998
Former professor to hold booksigning 11/6/1998
Freshmen discover Baylor's heritage in campus symbols 11/6/1998
Get face-to-face with apes and stars on weekend road-trip to Ft. Worth 11/6/1998
Goalpost returns to campus 11/6/1998
Golden Wave Band to play 'West Side Story' songs 11/6/1998
KWBU to air parade on web 11/6/1998
Lights, bells signal victory 11/6/1998
Mum fad wilts away 11/6/1998
New turf should lessen heat, reduce injuries 11/6/1998
Parade to feature sample of the past 11/6/1998
Pigskin spotlights top 8 acts of Sing '97 11/6/1998
Plebians rock coffee shop tonight 11/6/1998
Ring Out passes tradition to upcoming seniors 11/6/1998
University to build 2 new ballparks 11/6/1998
Unpredictable alarms frustrate students, profs 11/6/1998
Volleyball team hits court against Kansas, Oklahoma 11/6/1998
Women's Soccer 11/6/1998
Adding a class break possible: BU calendar 'not set in stone' 11/5/1998
Alumni startonline journal 11/5/1998
Author's use of stereotypes questionable 11/5/1998
BU honors missionary with plaque 11/5/1998
Columnist to discuss Christianity, music 11/5/1998
Freshmen add depth to Lady Bears' team 11/5/1998
Internet use increases in job hunting 11/5/1998
ITC focuses work on virus recovery 11/5/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/5/1998
Student Arrested 11/5/1998
Student Union to sponsor academic contest 11/5/1998
BRH celebrates 50th at SingSpiration 11/4/1998
Cabaret adds song, dance to homecoming weekend 11/4/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/4/1998
Short weekend library hours halt studying 11/4/1998
Students, take responsibility for returning library books 11/4/1998
Wednesday Clipboard 11/4/1998
Alcohol abuses an increasing trend 11/3/1998
Baylor student to release new CD of folk, rock 11/3/1998
BU captures 1st Big 12 title 11/3/1998
French wing immerses students in language 11/3/1998
Glenn's return to space raises questions 11/3/1998
Letters to the Editor 11/3/1998
Runner finishes 1st in Big 12 meet 11/3/1998
Station acquisition improves opportunities for BU students 11/3/1998
Women's soccer earns first Big 12 team championship for Baylor 11/3/1998