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News Archives for Oct. 1998

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Story Date
A day at the spa 10/29/1998
Democracy-saving debate exists in newspapers 10/29/1998
Dylan CD captures rock history 10/29/1998
Election participation a must to further democratic process 10/29/1998
Letters to the Editor 10/29/1998
Singer returns to Waco 10/29/1998
Skinner waits out NBA lockout 10/29/1998
Spa--ah relief 10/29/1998
Spook house offers thrills for charity 10/29/1998
Wizards give students chance to stand with the city of Waco 10/29/1998
$20 million law school gift an unprecedented donation 10/27/1998
Alumni give $20 mil to law school 10/27/1998
Baylor falls to UT 30-20 in last 2 minutes of game 10/27/1998
Campus blood drive breaks state participation record 10/27/1998
Fiji, Pi Phi lead standings 10/27/1998
Lecturer notes scripture's influence on the South 10/27/1998
Letters to the Editor 10/27/1998
Nonprofits receive boost for program 10/27/1998
Post-modernism discussed 10/27/1998
Silent movie to get special treatment by guest organist 10/27/1998
Taking a day off from fashion no big deal 10/27/1998
Women's soccer, volleyball win over weekend 10/27/1998
Addressing alcohol problem a must 10/23/1998
Anima fans form group 10/23/1998
Bears battle UT in Austin game 10/23/1998
Breast cancer awareness saves lives 10/23/1998
Ireland's economy growing 10/23/1998
Lady Bears defeat Lady Red Raiders in soccer 3-2 10/23/1998
Likeminds rock for God 10/23/1998
Making class schedule often more stressful than passing final exams 10/23/1998
Speaker stresses importance of memory 10/23/1998
Stressing differences gets us nowhere 10/23/1998
Student Congress passes bill for tuition breakdown 10/23/1998
Student discount offered at select motels 10/23/1998
Trombonist plays L.A. 10/23/1998
Website launched to educate voters on 1998 elections 10/23/1998
Wizards to play at home Sunday 10/23/1998
'What Dreams' ponders afterlife 10/22/1998
DJs rock BU campus 10/22/1998
Life is about seeing a need, filling it 10/22/1998
Rally, march urges all to 'just say no' 10/22/1998
Science facility updating puts priorities on track 10/22/1998
Speaker stresses importance of a name 10/22/1998
Students may change career paths 10/22/1998
Women's teams on top 10/22/1998
'Brass' to lead series 10/21/1998
All the right moves 10/21/1998
Being a good listener should be a daily effort 10/21/1998
Equipment allows valuable speech with other schools 10/21/1998
Floodwaters cause damage, loss of life 10/21/1998
Letters to the Editor 10/21/1998
Mission week offers students testimonies of real field life 10/21/1998
Scholars to examine South 10/21/1998
Seminary gains boost for chapel 10/21/1998
Sports Briefs 10/21/1998
A&M outplays BU; wins 35-14 10/20/1998
Baylor Symphony to give concert here 10/20/1998
Early morning e-mail shutdown to ease overload 10/20/1998
Entertainment Briefs 10/20/1998
Jewish scholar discusses role 10/20/1998
Letters to the Editor 10/20/1998
Soaked rag ignites blaze 10/20/1998
TV news loses credibility with ratings battle 10/20/1998
Waco to host state candidates in forum 10/20/1998
Women's soccer defeats OU, OSU 10/20/1998
BU discusses alcohol with UT 10/16/1998
Emphasis week connects campus to missions 10/16/1998
Faculty react disapprovingly to seminary's ultimatum 10/16/1998
Flat-rate ticket pricing sends wrong message to Baylor fans 10/16/1998
Lecture examines China's economy 10/16/1998
Letters to the Editor 10/16/1998
Mass transit to alleviate limited parking at game 10/16/1998
Rival game should bring out best in student fans 10/16/1998
Science facilities may receive makeover 10/16/1998
Weekend honors philanthropists 10/16/1998
Actor brings Roosevelt's life to stage 10/14/1998
Apartment life not best situation for all animals 10/14/1998
Apathy poses 'horrifying' threat to our republic 10/14/1998
Baylor looks at KCTF 'acquisition' 10/14/1998
Blood drive seeks donors from Waco community 10/14/1998
Candidate urges plan for families 10/14/1998
Computer-animated movie cuts human life down to size 10/14/1998
Jaime Escalante notes importance of 'ganas' 10/14/1998
Testing materials fee to be deleted 10/14/1998
Weekend incidents show need for risk awareness 10/14/1998
Bears to face challenge with Aggies Saturday 10/13/1998
Editorial cartoonist draws on experience 10/13/1998
Football Saturdays show backward side of Baylor athletics 10/13/1998
Letters to the Editor 10/13/1998
Parents find student dead in apartment 10/13/1998
Philosophy changes outlook on being Christian 10/13/1998
Reported alcohol-related incidents evident during Parents Weekend 10/13/1998
Restaurant shuts doors 10/13/1998
Students should be careful in use of on-line information 10/13/1998
Women's soccer beats Aggies 10/13/1998
Worship service debated 10/13/1998
Album grooves with gentle rock 10/9/1998
Baylor fans should support team in victory over Kansas 10/9/1998
Baylor grad makes musical debut with eclectic sampling of sounds 10/9/1998
Bears plan to erase memory of 1997 'worst team' quote 10/9/1998
BU part of Sloan history 10/9/1998
Businesses plan for weekend boom 10/9/1998
Doak: No major parking issues 10/9/1998
Finding time for family can pose challenge for coach 10/9/1998
Fletcher possible NFL pick 10/9/1998
Fobbs father and son face off in Big 12 10/9/1998
Kansas brings strong runs, Texas natives 10/9/1998
Leaving home behind easier said than done 10/9/1998
Lions, tigers for Waco, oh my! 10/9/1998
Local restaurants offer wide range of choices 10/9/1998
Lonely students cope 10/9/1998
Nationally recognized jump roping quartet swings into Baylor show 10/9/1998
Parents, don't fall for the clean apartment trick 10/9/1998
Power against peer pressure sign of adulthood 10/9/1998
Show best of Waco to Mom, Dad 10/9/1998
Sidelines gives football players support 10/9/1998
Students prepare for After Dark 10/9/1998
Volleyball faces tough schedule 10/9/1998
Weekend gives parents chance to see Baylor life 10/9/1998
Weekend packed with activities 10/9/1998
Weekend: then, now 10/9/1998
Womens' soccer prepares to face Aggies, Longhorns 10/9/1998
BU alumna discusses international business, success 10/8/1998
BU M-R-S degree an expensive way to go 10/8/1998
Disclosure bill increases reliability of crime stats 10/8/1998
DWI puts sense of pleasure above own life, others' safety 10/8/1998
International scholars pay visit to Baylor 10/8/1998
Intramurals allow all chance to play 10/8/1998
Thursday Clip Board 10/8/1998
Visiting professor to give lectures on literature 10/8/1998
Baylor, Waco make strides toward improving relations 10/6/1998
BU frustrated after loss 10/6/1998
Cafe gives artists chance to show talent on PBS 10/6/1998
Martin Museum of Art to host A&M professor's drawing exhibit 10/6/1998
Memory important tool in nationalism, prof says 10/6/1998
Tree knocks out power 10/6/1998
Weekend Review 10/6/1998
'Hamlet' relates to modern society 10/2/1998
Alfred, James both set to play 10/2/1998
Baptists disagree on church/state issues 10/2/1998
Baylor to battle a heavy Tech offensive line in Lubbock 10/2/1998
Bear Briefs 10/2/1998
Hit the road--to the fair 10/2/1998
Letters to the Editor 10/2/1998
Linebackers stick together 10/2/1998
Museum shows Texas heroism 10/2/1998
Professor makes transition to full-time teaching 10/2/1998
ROTC juniors return from training with honors 10/2/1998
Speaker shares education ideas 10/2/1998
Student's stand against leukemia model for all 10/2/1998
Texts on tape could help auditory learners 10/2/1998
Variety in work experience makes for marketable potential employee 10/2/1998
Baylor prepares for 2000 10/1/1998
Baylor Riding Association trots into H.O.T Fair and Rodeo parade 10/1/1998
Evening worship service returns 10/1/1998
Hall of Fame sports history, memorabilia 10/1/1998
Heart O' Texas Fair & Rodeo Schedule 10/1/1998
New building will enhance sense of BU campus unity 10/1/1998
True success comes from quality of character 10/1/1998
Voter registration available 10/1/1998
Woman's body found off highway near Waco 10/1/1998
Women's cross country moving up 10/1/1998
Women's golf team heads for tourney 10/1/1998