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News Archives for Jan. 1998

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Story Date
BU celebrate's year 153 with medallion presentation in Monday's Chapel-Forum 1/30/1998
Chord heard 'round the world 1/30/1998
Church, students minister to Waco's elderly 1/30/1998
Editorial 1/30/1998
Faculty recital not just for School of Music, something for everyone at campus concerts 1/30/1998
Graduate school evaluation under review 1/30/1998
Headed for the Hall 1/30/1998
Honors Program makes plans for spring 1/30/1998
Internet proves 'virtual town square' for dispersing late-breaking news 1/30/1998
Letters to the Editor 1/30/1998
News, politics should be higher priority for apathetic students 1/30/1998
Tanning may be an unhealthy pastime 1/30/1998
'Sanctity of life' calls for woman's execution despite her salvation 1/29/1998
1,500 prospects set to converge on BU campus this weekend 1/29/1998
Aspiring Christians need to get God's gear to get God's goods 1/29/1998
Construction progressing on alum center 1/29/1998
Faculty Senate revises expectations statement 1/29/1998
Fraternity celebrates new charter 1/29/1998
Freshmen grades spur change 1/29/1998
Letter to the Editor 1/29/1998
New campus construction promises big benefits 1/29/1998
Pastors find stress relief 1/29/1998
Sports 1/29/1998
Student leaders promote grafitti day on campus 1/29/1998
Animal cloning advancement provides fuel for debate 1/28/1998
Baylor snags blue-chip RB 1/28/1998
Baylor to face Jayhawks on undefeated home court 1/28/1998
Cattlemen's beef against Oprah may have horns but no bite 1/28/1998
Chinese students celebrate year of the Tiger 1/28/1998
Clinton: 'Save Social Security first' 1/28/1998
Cultural opportunities not appreciated by students 1/28/1998
Editorial round up 1/28/1998
imPulse 1/28/1998
Lady Bears to pounce on Tigers 1/28/1998
Memorial service set for finance student 1/28/1998
Students plan for break 1/28/1998
Students rank reading toward end of leisure list 1/28/1998
Students sacrifice personal integrity by following 'code of silence' 1/28/1998
Witness of 'Little Rock 9' to speak 1/28/1998
Baylor sponsors newspaper by area high school students 1/27/1998
BU to up undergrad enrollment 1/27/1998
Career services helps prospective interns 1/27/1998
CORE group bring Bible study to life and to the dorms 1/27/1998
Herbal Phen-Fen undergoes investigation 1/27/1998
imPulse 1/27/1998
Letters to the Editor 1/27/1998
Morales to lecture on his experiences in U.S. politics 1/27/1998
Scandals raise doubts about Clinton's common sense 1/27/1998
Scanning eases lines at Chapel-Forum 1/27/1998
Sports 1/27/1998
Two salesmen caught soliciting illegally 1/27/1998
Urgency, hype, pack mentality create Super Bowl frenzy 1/27/1998
BU committee aims to name dean of graduate school by mid-March 1/23/1998
Continuing Education Classes seek more student enrollment 1/23/1998
imPulse 1/23/1998
KWTX-TV reporter found slain 1/23/1998
Laws hold kids responsible for smoking 1/23/1998
Letters to the Editor 1/23/1998
Local business picks up after holiday break 1/23/1998
Musician union president banned from BU campus 1/23/1998
Sports 1/23/1998
Spring Break '98 will impact lives of many 1/23/1998
Symphony manager's actions reprehensible 1/23/1998
The current Clinton scandal 1/23/1998
Universities, students need to value, encourage diversity on campus 1/23/1998
Asking right questions can spare apartment hunters huge hassles 1/21/1998
Big crowds force BU to up game-day staff 1/21/1998
Editorial Roundup 1/21/1998
Former clinic owner crusades against her own past 1/21/1998
Leadership a rare quality that should be respected 1/21/1998
Memorial service slated for graphic design student 1/21/1998
More News . . . 1/21/1998
Police remove man possessing porn, binoculars from park near Bear Trail 1/21/1998
Scout's Honor 1/21/1998
Sports 1/21/1998
The 'Piano Man': student by day, entertainer by night 1/21/1998
Women lose crediblility, respect bu using double standard 1/21/1998
'The Baylor Lariat' kicks off next semester of production 1/20/1998
'The Phoenix' rises again 1/20/1998
Baylor basketball fires up student spirit to new highs 1/20/1998
Drug allegations against Chinese swimmers put focus on cheating 1/20/1998
Five American students attacked in Guatemala 1/20/1998
Juvenile confesses to series of BU burglaries 1/20/1998
Letters to the Editor 1/20/1998
Local eateries undergo drastic changes 1/20/1998
Mission Waco seeks reliable, consistent tutors for local children 1/20/1998
Student Court seeks 2 members 1/20/1998
Students: Get involved 1/20/1998
Study abroad offers world of challenge 1/20/1998
Survey: Freshmen sweat future success, not academics, politics 1/20/1998
University Scholars program challenges intellectual elite 1/20/1998
What happened while you were away... 1/20/1998