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News Archives for Sept. 1997

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Story Date
'Peacemaker makes its peace amid cliches, normalcy 9/30/1997
Accounting graduates soar on CPA exam 9/30/1997
Baylor Briefs 9/30/1997
Baylor center returns with new mission 9/30/1997
Child I.D. kits to be handed out 9/30/1997
Faculty exhibit photos 9/30/1997
Foreign films give students broader scope of international ideas 9/30/1997
God's plan opens new doors 9/30/1997
Impulse Briefs 9/30/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/30/1997
MTV sitcom has true life stories about Austin from real Austinites 9/30/1997
New 'race talk' reveals a different way to view racial discourse 9/30/1997
Probation standards outlined 9/30/1997
SAFE bill threatens to take away computer privacy rights 9/30/1997
Students stay safe, remain careful when traveling overseas 9/30/1997
Students study human skeletal remains 9/30/1997
Students urged to use caution with credit cards 9/30/1997
V-pet craze leaves parents in newborn mode again 9/30/1997
Women's soccer splits weekend road series 9/30/1997
Alumni center expansion under way 9/26/1997
Autumn Moon Festival celebrates 'A Day in Vietnam,' good harvest 9/26/1997
Baylor briefs and corrections 9/26/1997
Custodial employee shows dedication, offer friendship 9/26/1997
DWI fees add up to $30,000 9/26/1997
Editorial: Health center appointments inconvenient for students 9/26/1997
Flu shot reduces suffering 9/26/1997
Impulse features 9/26/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/26/1997
NBC fires Albert after guilty plea 9/26/1997
Procrastination has its benefits 9/26/1997
Sports stories 9/26/1997
Students take interest in prep courses 9/26/1997
Baylor hosts largest career fair to date 9/25/1997
Editorial 9/25/1997
Egg becomes household pet 9/25/1997
Golf team nabs fourth at tourney 9/25/1997
In the race for tolerance 9/25/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/25/1997
Mitchell murder trial of 1923 ended with last Texas hanging 9/25/1997
National international scholarships available to students 9/25/1997
New acoustic shell built in Waco Hall for orchestra 9/25/1997
Organist prepares to dazzle Switzerland 9/25/1997
Riding association suiter for all students 9/25/1997
Scoring machine Cameron no longer Big 12's best-kept secret 9/25/1997
Seminary students by day, pastors on Sunday 9/25/1997
'Round Up' charges sitting fee despite student voting results 9/24/1997
Baylor Briefs 9/24/1997
Baylor, despite location, draws fair share of international students 9/24/1997
Book brings up religious questions 9/24/1997
Boys of summer drag too far into fall 9/24/1997
Cameron Park Zoo to house reptiles 9/24/1997
Impulse section 9/24/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/24/1997
Memory of contemporary Christian singer lives on through music 9/24/1997
Professor recognize Internet copycats 9/24/1997
Professors encourage computer knowledge 9/24/1997
RA establishes Man-of-War traditions 9/24/1997
Radio formats debate over frequency 9/24/1997
Tennis player serves up wins for team 9/24/1997
UT professor selected as Robert Foster Cherry Award winner 9/24/1997
Web becoming 'home' for university students 9/24/1997
83 years on stage 9/22/1997
Walking for a Mission 9/22/1997
Age realization sets in after teens 9/19/1997
Austin's Dexter Freebish to play tonight 9/19/1997
Baylor Briefs 9/19/1997
Bears, Wolverine battle in 'Big House' 9/19/1997
Bicycle popularity reaching new heights on campus 9/19/1997
Bookstore forum for banned readings 9/19/1997
Burglars strike close to Baylor 9/19/1997
Dorm heat unbearable 9/19/1997
Engineering students pass state-wide exam 9/19/1997
Golfers finish strong in season opener 9/19/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/19/1997
Media misusing Princess Diana's name to boost ratings 9/19/1997
NPR to hit Waco radio 9/19/1997
Parking frustrates students around state 9/19/1997
Peace brigade volunteer to speak about Guatemala 9/19/1997
Sailors prepare for regatta 9/19/1997
Tolerance for other religions necessary, even at Baptist university 9/19/1997
A&M luncheon give students chance to meet administration 9/18/1997
Baylor Briefs 9/18/1997
Baylor office aids students with disabilities 9/18/1997
Dr. Smith's house sprouts wheels, moves to 19th Street 9/18/1997
Eating disorders common among college students searching for acceptance 9/18/1997
El Nino begins first cycle since 1994 9/18/1997
Jackopierce to perform tonight 9/18/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/18/1997
Lewis and Clark inspire vacation 9/18/1997
Random residence hall searches debated in La. 9/18/1997
UT under racial fire 9/18/1997
Women's soccer team blanks Texas Tech, 5-0 9/18/1997
Campus dining offers more than food 9/17/1997
Clubs begin to gear up for parade 9/17/1997
Freshmen elected to new posts 9/17/1997
Low number of reported campus rapes deceptive 9/17/1997
People find comfort, sense of ownership in having own seat 9/17/1997
Planned buildings geared to recruitment 9/17/1997
High school seniors get a personal look at Baylor 9/15/1997
Mini Indy Grand Prix races through the Ferrell Center 9/15/1997
Musical dances across Waco stage 9/15/1997
BearTrax to entice game attendees 9/11/1997
Departments adjusting to wage hikes 9/11/1997
Direct student loan shuts down briefly 9/11/1997
Internships key to workforce doors 9/11/1997
Baylor Briefs 9/10/1997
Baylor students need to break bubble, learn more about locals 9/10/1997
Dallas pastor to possibly head annuity board 9/10/1997
Dog relieves sadness of empty nest 9/10/1997
Freshmen adjust to college life 9/10/1997
Greek organizations contribute time, energy to community 9/10/1997
impulse Briefs 9/10/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/10/1997
Photojournalsim shouldn't be grouped with the paparazzi 9/10/1997
Problems plaguing Mir station 9/10/1997
Professor fired 9/10/1997
Student Foundation finds new director, new directions 9/10/1997
Students a buzz with football talk, backyard games 9/10/1997
Web site lets students live a little easier 9/10/1997
Wortham begins annual blues festival 9/10/1997
'Adam and Eve' a vast, spiritual work 9/9/1997
Baylor Briefs 9/9/1997
Cameron Park Zoo looking for volunteers 9/9/1997
Campus hosts youth summit 9/9/1997
Cellular service roams in BDSC 9/9/1997
Coverage of Mother Teresa's death falls short of Diana's 9/9/1997
Discarded gum ruins clothing, shoes 9/9/1997
Language program helps international students to adjust 9/9/1997
Lecturer's newest novel takes position of Jesus' perspective 9/9/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/9/1997
Marina perfect for play time, relaxation 9/9/1997
Market value of endowment increases by $89 million 9/9/1997
Mother Teresa to be buried in Calcutta 9/9/1997
Professor's program promoes environmental concsiousness 9/9/1997
The American economy needs more givers and fewer takers 9/9/1997
The way I see it. . . 9/9/1997
Women's soccer splits pair with northern rivals 9/9/1997
American influence in Mexico surprises study-abroad 9/4/1997
Blood supply low 9/4/1997
Confusion surrounds campus scantron policy 9/4/1997
Contemporary Christian composing pioneer and band to play at art center 9/4/1997
Correction 9/4/1997
Getting up there: Dave Barry turns 50 9/4/1997
Golden Wave Marching Band welcomes new director from University of Michigan 9/4/1997
Letters to the Editor 9/4/1997
New mean green mascot kicks old brown bear out 9/4/1997
Sand v-ball tournament set for Saturday 9/4/1997
Sign-up for After Dark auditions now in swing 9/4/1997
Skinner leads USA to gold medal finish 9/4/1997
Students respond to cafeteria crowds 9/4/1997
UPS strike affects students, stores 9/4/1997
Yale student takes on residence hall 9/4/1997
'Bubble Bustin' asks students to lend a hand 9/3/1997
Baylor Career Center to send studentt resumes 9/3/1997
Baylor site for Texas youth summit 9/3/1997
Berkeley will defy Prop. 209 9/3/1997
Dallas Grand Jury exonerates Cowboy lineman in rape case 9/3/1997
Ethnicity illegal admissions factor 9/3/1997
Field school tests Belize water 9/3/1997
Fulbright program gives students opportunities abroad 9/3/1997
Harley Davidson finds unique niche in student community 9/3/1997
Japanese pitching sensation dropped from Yankees rotation after loss to cellar-dwelling Phillies 9/3/1997
Men's tennis team honored for Academics 9/3/1997
NASCAR race comes to HOT 9/3/1997
Paparazzi troubles others in profession 9/3/1997
Scantron bill causes confusion 9/3/1997
University professors practice 'student first' approach 9/3/1997