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News Archives for April 1997

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Story Date
+Entertainment Baylor,+ new show on The College Channel 4/29/1997
2 students receive scholarships totalling $ 7,500 4/29/1997
Army band, Soldiers+ Chorus perform concert 4/29/1997
Bear Briefs 4/29/1997
Class of 2000 passes first milestone, surviving first year in one piece 4/29/1997
Dr Pepper Museum offers historic tour 4/29/1997
Final Exam Schedule 4/29/1997
Frank Fallon will always be the golden voice of the Baylor Bears 4/29/1997
Lady Bears persevere, battle Iowa State next 4/29/1997
Letters to the Editor 4/29/1997
Parking tickets decrease 4/29/1997
Relationship abuse grows on university campuses 4/29/1997
Students change idea of Baylor 4/29/1997
Three-day summit supports community volunteer work 4/29/1997
University reacts to hostage situation 4/29/1997
Fashion walks down University runway 4/28/1997
Festival offers food, fun despite bad weather 4/28/1997
Spring premiere offers prospective students a chance to experience Baylor first hand 4/28/1997
Band director resigns post 4/25/1997
Bear Briefs 4/25/1997
Health center makes changes 4/25/1997
National debt clock makes impression on students 4/25/1997
Universities defend affirmative action 4/25/1997
Villanova University bans Cliff+s Notes 4/25/1997
Bear Briefs 4/24/1997
Bears softball sets record for victories with sweep of SFA 4/24/1997
BearTouch answers 5,901 calls 4/24/1997
Editorial: Student Government 4/24/1997
Fort House displays Waco history 4/24/1997
Jackopierce performs concert tonight 4/24/1997
Kansas State falls to upset-minded Bears, 9-7 with Polk homer 4/24/1997
Letter's to the Editor 4/24/1997
Student interning at local Hispanic church youth group 4/24/1997
Sun worshiping 4/24/1997
Teeny Beenies, Cabbage Patch, Miatas; consumerism gone mad 4/24/1997
Vegetarians not happy with veggies 4/24/1997
Bears take two from Wildcats 4/23/1997
Court affirms gender balance in athletics 4/23/1997
European travel made easier Professor, book offer tips for simplifying upcoming overseas expeditions 4/23/1997
Freeman, Sims take run-off vote 4/23/1997
Honors week underway; American University president speaks 4/23/1997
Lady Bears tennis finish regular season 14-5, awarded No. 2 seed at Big 12 Tournament 4/23/1997
Scantron proposal heads toward Regents for final approval stage 4/23/1997
Tree hugger 4/23/1997
Waxahachie restaurant haunted 4/23/1997
Bear Briefs 4/22/1997
Cholesterol monitoring important for healthy life 4/22/1997
Church-state separation preserves parity for citizens of all faiths 4/22/1997
Cow roams around Armstrong Browning Library 4/22/1997
Dia Del Oso Photos 4/22/1997
Editorial: Protecting the earth could be helped by making recycling, conserving easier 4/22/1997
Freshman named Jackie Robinson scholar 4/22/1997
Historic Waco Foundation preserves homes, history 4/22/1997
Largest group ever joins Phi Beta Kappa 4/22/1997
Letters to the Editor 4/22/1997
McCullough to play for Oilers, no other Bears taken in draft 4/22/1997
Senator speaks on high cost of education 4/22/1997
Topolski grand slam propels Bears over top, prevents sweep 4/22/1997
University grad signs Nashville recording contract 4/22/1997
University students wile away free hours with sports, friends 4/22/1997
Students' decisions to attend Baylor not affected by Mount Carmel incident 4/21/1997
University students participate in Waco's Earth Day Celebration 4/21/1997
Administration: Finals may not be given early 4/17/1997
Bear Downs race joins bikes, music 4/17/1997
Davidians plan memorial to commemorate anniversary 4/17/1997
Editorial: Voting Editorial Voting Student body needs to take advantage of elections to have their voice heard The issue: Voting Our view: Without the right leaders, students' needs won't be properly represented. Without a good voter tu 4/17/1997
Hassler descision 4/17/1997
Legacy of Jackie Robinson leads to pursuit of present-day role models 4/17/1997
Local band releases debut album Tumble Dry Low performs diverse music in variety of local venues 4/17/1997
Police chase burglary suspects near faculty homes 4/17/1997
Rub a dub dub 4/17/1997
Student wins Dodge Neon 4/17/1997
Students select professor for award 4/17/1997
Students vote on congressional issues 4/17/1997
Tennis 4/17/1997
Thailand exchange program offers cultural experience 4/17/1997
Top men, women players commit to BU basketball 4/17/1997
World renowned hymnist to speak Monday 4/17/1997
BRIEF: Duck festival waddles through Waco 4/14/1997
Globalfest swings through Cameron Park Zoo 4/14/1997
Shakespearean tragedy dedicated to two alumni 4/14/1997
Student Court rules against electoral commission chairperson 4/14/1997
Visiting professor discusses role of Asia as a world 4/14/1997
Armstrong Browning library kicks off birthday celebrations 4/11/1997
Article claims BHCS split will be beneficial 4/11/1997
Changing software challenges University 4/11/1997
Editorial Round Up 4/11/1997
Editorial: bluebooks and scantrons 4/11/1997
Local bookstores prepare for year-end buyback 4/11/1997
Signs cause campaign problems 4/11/1997
Local choirs unite to celebrate Christ's life 4/10/1997
Polls open early to inspire student voting 4/10/1997
+Black market+ scantrons damage students+ futures, book stores 4/9/1997
+Liar Liar+ keeps viewer laughing 4/9/1997
Boston Orchestra invites student clarinetist to Tanglewood festival 4/9/1997
Committee approves scantron proposal 4/9/1997
Editorial: Hiring of new associate vice president could help ease strain on current office Editorial University Spokesman Hiring of new associate vice president could help ease strain on current office The issue: Larry Brumley will soon begi 4/9/1997
Grade point average importance varies with employers, schools 4/9/1997
Greeks required to perform service hour projects 4/9/1997
Letters to the Editor 4/9/1997
New coordinator named for Community Service 4/9/1997
Scholarship scams prey upon students 4/9/1997
SIB receives money for new guide 4/9/1997
Softball team plagued by 7s all season 4/9/1997
Spring Fever 4/9/1997
Topolski homers twice in 11-8 victory over UTSA Roadrunners 4/9/1997
University hires new +spokesman+ 4/9/1997
+Beared-Out+ to +single out,+ match new couples 4/8/1997
At-large reps make up third of Congress 4/8/1997
Baylor Sports Weekend Results 4/8/1997
Bears make yet another great show at meet 4/8/1997
Bears tied at 5th after Kansas series 4/8/1997
Biology students conduct off-campus experiments 4/8/1997
Church-state separation subject of confusion for schools, courts 4/8/1997
Coffee phenomenon confuses writer 4/8/1997
Dorm director recalls crusading with Graham 4/8/1997
Editorial: At-large representatives fill spaces for inattentive or overcommitted members 4/8/1997
Local +dives+ are good break from chains 4/8/1997
MAPS to build multicultural relationships 4/8/1997
Pioneer Days provides informal learning, games at Historic Village 4/8/1997
Police search for car burglar 4/8/1997
Spring rainfall brings beautiful wild flowers 4/8/1997
Traveling 5-ring circus comes to Ferrell Center 4/8/1997
Baylor hosts conference for Baptist universities 4/7/1997
Biology department honors students at ninth annual awards night 4/7/1997
Pioneer life invades twentieth century Waco 4/7/1997
Apathy plagues elections 4/4/1997
Hazing problems increase on college campuses 4/4/1997
Lottery fever hits students 4/4/1997
Officials draw up SLC plans 4/4/1997
Opera presents excerpts from famous performances 4/4/1997
Rain check 4/4/1997
Sports Briefs 4/4/1997
Student Congress postpones benefit bill 4/4/1997
Student entrepreneurs operate website business 4/4/1997
Tennis+ rank jumps 25 spots 4/4/1997
Tuition increases put squeeze on students; new rates could help 4/4/1997
+You B.U.+ leadership conference this weekend 4/3/1997
10th annual Fiesta on the River becomes a University tradition 4/3/1997
Baylor softballers ready to bounce back against UTSA 4/3/1997
Bears look forward to relay meet 4/3/1997
Coogs+ thump Bears, 12-5 4/3/1997
Editorial: Health Care System Editorial Health Care System Students show lack of response to BHCS situation; ignorance or apathy? The issue: The Baylor Health Care System decision brought virtually no response from the student body. Our view 4/3/1997
Education issues spark debate among campus political groups 4/3/1997
Gravity boards new recreational adventure 4/3/1997
Imagine Nation Theatre presents +Under the Sycamore Tree+ 4/3/1997
Letters to the Editor 4/3/1997
Peer Education group teaches through interaction 4/3/1997
Proposal may provide scantrons for students 4/3/1997
Pumping iron 4/3/1997
Students search for ways to eliminate trash in lake 4/3/1997
University can find funding help by saving cash, student abilities 4/3/1997
A room with a view 4/2/1997
Bears wallop Concord Lutheran in 16-1 slugfest 4/2/1997
Cult membership increases as new millennium approaches 4/2/1997
Dual-phase proposal enacted to look at quality of water in Brazos River Basin 4/2/1997
Editorial: Severed ties does University no good, BHCS gets full control, use of name 4/2/1997
Federal Reserve raises interest rates, could affect student loans 4/2/1997
It+s time for +December Delirium+ 4/2/1997
Letters to the Editor 4/2/1997
SBC gives University $162,000 4/2/1997
Sports Briefs and Schedule 4/2/1997
Spring Showers 4/2/1997
Student web pages gain popularity 4/2/1997
Students complain of slow mail, lost parcels 4/2/1997
University gives BHCS governance 4/2/1997
Weekend excursions prosperous for golfers 4/2/1997