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News Archives for March 1997

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Story Date
A&M plans publication of undergrad research journal 3/27/1997
Bears rebound with 7-1 slugging over Lubbock 3/27/1997
Denominations vary at Baylor 3/27/1997
Going Bananas 3/27/1997
Helmet performs own music style +Aftertaste+ imposes self boundaries, not just ordinary rock album 3/27/1997
Making Waves 3/27/1997
Many students, faculty concerned over cloning debate 3/27/1997
Members of ROTC honored 3/27/1997
NRCS gives funds for water examination 3/27/1997
Registration begins this week, students weary about advisement 3/27/1997
University ranks low in Big 12 crime study 3/27/1997
Visiting crew teams row in Brazos River 3/27/1997
Women+s sports lacking in support, not quality 3/27/1997
All members of BU karate club qualify for regional contest 3/26/1997
Apartment leases bind students for year 3/26/1997
Attorney general+s letter expresses BHCS concern 3/26/1997
Book remembers University sports, war hero 3/26/1997
Caedmon+s Call to perform tonight in concert 3/26/1997
Christian Focus Week 3/26/1997
Editorial: Allowing potential penalty witnesses into courtroom sets risky precedent 3/26/1997
Gender studies program bridges gender gap 3/26/1997
Hale-Bopp Comet appears in Texas skies 3/26/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/26/1997
Life+s purpose much more than full resumes, successful careers 3/26/1997
Stress may be anxiety disorder, researchers say 3/26/1997
Talking shop 3/26/1997
Tennis team fights hard luck, sports record start 3/26/1997
Women+s role in theatre discussed in lecture 3/26/1997
+Indie+ films getting more respect from moviegoers, the Academy 3/25/1997
Area churches prepare for Easter celebration 3/25/1997
Baylor Sports Round Up 3/25/1997
Campus opinion varies concerning the Communications Decency Act 3/25/1997
Dry Docked 3/25/1997
Entertainment Brief 3/25/1997
Fountain needs new filter 3/25/1997
Hanna first in nation to qualify; others make big showing in Waco 3/25/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/25/1997
Martin Museum of Art displays faculty sculptures, prints in annual exhibit 3/25/1997
Practice makes perfect 3/25/1997
Regents discuss University issues 3/25/1997
Student finds razor on pasta, Penland manager denies fault 3/25/1997
Student government functions vary at different universities 3/25/1997
University has right to control porn on college computers, but at what cost? 3/25/1997
Author discusses new Branch Davidian book 3/24/1997
Fundraiser honors Native American traditions with song and dance 3/24/1997
Students ring in Spring with day of service 3/24/1997
There ain't no business like show business 3/24/1997
+It+s Showtime+ reviews famous productions 3/21/1997
+The African Tragedian+ chronicles actor+s life 3/21/1997
24-hour study hall proposed 3/21/1997
Business market grows in Waco 3/21/1997
Cardiokicking punches pounds without any stress, competition 3/21/1997
Circus pitches tent at Ferrell Center 3/21/1997
Computer competency may become new requirement 3/21/1997
Direct marketers a nuisance for many University students 3/21/1997
Dr+s orders: win track meeting 3/21/1997
Editorial: Health Care System 3/21/1997
Good credit a must for later in life 3/21/1997
Lady Bear softball defeats SHSU 3/21/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/21/1997
Men+s golf visits Laredo aiming for regional slot 3/21/1997
Native Americans display dance, crafts 3/21/1997
Regent+s letter favors BHCS sale 3/21/1997
Sniders Letter 3/21/1997
Spring fever 3/21/1997
Students organize Sing Alliance group 3/21/1997
Videoconferencing to link nursing school and Waco campus 3/21/1997
Women+s tennis struck down by UT 3/21/1997
Word on the Street 3/21/1997
+New York Times+ photographer shows Christ through actions 3/20/1997
After 35 games on the road... Lady Bears finally come home to play 3/20/1997
Alumnus returns to campus to give international studies scholarship 3/20/1997
Bear Briefs 3/20/1997
Bears bounce back from loss 3/20/1997
Bumper+s brings pool to downtown 3/20/1997
Capt.Billy Whizzbang+s 3/20/1997
Chamber Players to play at Roxy Grove Hall Smithsonian performs revolutionary Baroque style in distinguished artist series 3/20/1997
Dog days 3/20/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/20/1997
Male suspect assaults student at local apartment complex 3/20/1997
Students must prepare now for summer storage 3/20/1997
Sun exposure causes long-term skin damage 3/20/1997
Bear Briefs 3/19/1997
Bobcats surprise Bears, squeak by, 8-7 Coach Steve Smith ejected in bottom of ninth inning after controversial call 3/19/1997
Bumpers pool hall opens 3/19/1997
College ministers planning +Rest and Renewal +97,+ additional retreats 3/19/1997
Editorial: Use of +politically correct+ language shows respect for other members 3/19/1997
Feast of caring 3/19/1997
Great abs could be hiding under layers of skin, fat 3/19/1997
Guidelines for transfer credits available 3/19/1997
Lady Bear tennis swinging strongly, but challenges still to be faced from SWT 3/19/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/19/1997
Low attendance problem for Student Congress 3/19/1997
Phi Delta Theta bans alcohol from frat houses effective by 2000 3/19/1997
Polls show an increase in religious faith 3/19/1997
Setting goals, designating study time can ease raging spring fever 3/19/1997
Taxes now done over the phone 3/19/1997
University aims to increase enrollment over time 3/19/1997
University aims to increase enrollment over time 3/19/1997
University looking at more land 3/19/1997
Bear Briefs 3/18/1997
Bears beat Horns 2-1 3/18/1997
Debate continues over BHCS sale 3/18/1997
Editorial: Administration needs to inform public of what+s new because we don+t know 3/18/1997
Insurance discounts reward students+ academic efforts 3/18/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/18/1997
Panhellenic building plans revealed Monday 3/18/1997
Reading elusive to some children who slip through schools+ cracks 3/18/1997
Regulations include off-campus housing 3/18/1997
Softball still ranked after break 3/18/1997
Speaker gives three tips on life 3/18/1997
Spring Break Sports Round Up 3/18/1997
Spring break equals risky behavior, profs say 3/18/1997
Spring has arrived 3/18/1997
Students rejuvenated after relaxing break 3/18/1997
Bears fall in round 1 to OK State, 80 - 66 3/7/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/7/1997
Love blossoms in new comedy +Social Security+ provides local audience with laughs, elderly romance 3/7/1997
Missions conference changes hearts, minds 3/7/1997
Rising from the ashes at Mt. Carmel 3/7/1997
Rolling into spring break 3/7/1997
Spring Break Sports 3/7/1997
Student Congress asks for field use 3/7/1997
Students take precautions before spring break 3/7/1997
Truly serving others needs right attitude to be real, meaningful 3/7/1997
University facilities to remain open during break 3/7/1997
Bears upset Owls in extra innings 3/6/1997
Civil religion unique to U.S. presidents, speaker says 3/6/1997
Curfew to drop crime at Baylor, DPS says 3/6/1997
Droms void of upperclassmen 3/6/1997
Editorial: Living on Campus 3/6/1997
Fatigue slows students as spring break nears 3/6/1997
Lady Bears fail to put Kansas away in 66-54 loss 3/6/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/6/1997
Play me a song Mr. Piano Man 3/6/1997
Symphony features soloist in concert 3/6/1997
Texas amusement parks offer spring break entertainment 3/6/1997
University boasts Fulbright scholars 3/6/1997
University redesigns logo 3/6/1997
Women should not fear speaking up in class, getting attention 3/6/1997
+Politically correct+ language fills all areas from school to church 3/5/1997
Art gallery features print exhibit 3/5/1997
Biology department gets $385,000 for microscopes 3/5/1997
Brazos Queen II closes due to river problems 3/5/1997
Business staffers redecorate Family Abuse Center 3/5/1997
Certain courses require extra fees 3/5/1997
Editorial: Internet Sources 3/5/1997
Internet sites not accurate all the time, professor says 3/5/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/5/1997
Milk: Does it do a body good or bad? 3/5/1997
Motion Poets jazzes it up Student Union presents Minneapolis jazz band 3/5/1997
Preacher inspires University students 3/5/1997
Relaxing outdoors 3/5/1997
Up in the air 3/5/1997
Anti-alcohol comedians juggle knives, torches in Chapel-Forum 3/4/1997
Bear Briefs 3/4/1997
Cafeterias trendsetters in Big 12 3/4/1997
Council discusses technology 3/4/1997
Crime statistics soar in Waco 3/4/1997
Editorial: Controversy over +Schindler+s List+ on NBC points to ratings system+s flaws Editorial TV Ratings System Controversy over 'Schindler's List' on NBC points to ratings system's flaws The issue: TV-ratings system Our view: NBC was co 3/4/1997
Funds allocated to Steppin+ Out, drop/add process stays 3/4/1997
Letters to the Editor 3/4/1997
Many Waco churches now worship in alternative styles 3/4/1997
Mission trips aim to serve, teach others 3/4/1997
Regents discuss BHCS options 3/4/1997
Students attend statewide residence hall conference 3/4/1997
Swindoll to address University students 3/4/1997
Winner+s Circle 3/4/1997
All-University Sing crowns its 1997 winners and Pigskin Revue participants 3/3/1997
Oklahoma shoots down Bears+ chance at No. 7 spot 3/3/1997
Plato scholar addresses philosophy club 3/3/1997