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News Archives for Feb. 1997

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Story Date
Baylor orchestra conducts concert Symphony features musical talents of student violinist in tonight+s performance 2/28/1997
Baylor seniors relish last hurrah 2/28/1997
Bear Briefs 2 2/28/1997
Citizens continue to protest BHCS sale 2/28/1997
Class sizes increase with enrollment 2/28/1997
Colorado native performs with acoustic approach 2/28/1997
Cyclone fans buy in to Bears 2/28/1997
Editorial: Dallas residents must be kept informed on BHCS because of its local impact 2/28/1997
Fewer students subscribing to newspapers using Internet 2/28/1997
Keeping score 2/28/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/28/1997
Poetry reading discusses narcissism 2/28/1997
Program offers students capital experiences, internships, credit hours 2/28/1997
Sing acts impress audiences with student talent 2/28/1997
Sponsors prepare for Sunday walk to battle MS 2/28/1997
Technology could soon explore sleep... students+ final frontier 2/28/1997
+Is This Love?+ theme of 97 Bob Marley Music Festival 2/27/1997
Americans would make cloning business; never mind the ethics 2/27/1997
Bears take Manhattan Team wins first Big 12 road game 2/27/1997
Big 12 opener set for Friday 2/27/1997
Couple honored for Founder+s Day 2/27/1997
Editorial: Cloning 2/27/1997
Furry Friend 2/27/1997
Intramural Roundup 2/27/1997
Java shop hangout 2/27/1997
Lady Bear softball ranks 22 2/27/1997
Lady Bears beat OU 2/27/1997
Lecture honors role of black women 2/27/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/27/1997
Model UN members recognized by Sloan 2/27/1997
Phone line traffic causes problems 2/27/1997
Rain causes setbacks 2/27/1997
Students honor founder at grave site 2/27/1997
Students volunteer at pet shelter 2/27/1997
The Waco Music Scene 2/27/1997
+Reality+ TV desensitizes viewers 2/26/1997
Bear Briefs 2/26/1997
Bears+ young bats take hot start into season 2/26/1997
Editorial: KWBU 2/26/1997
Fencing club revives history 2/26/1997
Gender Studies lecture addresses two factions concerning movement 2/26/1997
Jazzin+ up Coke Hour 2/26/1997
Poetry festival begins today 2/26/1997
Professor lives life conquering nature 2/26/1997
Researchers clone animals in project 2/26/1997
Self-defense classes teach safety stategies 2/26/1997
Students propose ideas to improve radio station 2/26/1997
Traditions are Baylor attraction, hand torch to new generation 2/26/1997
University Host celebrates 40th year of employment 2/26/1997
Alumni remember campus traditions 2/25/1997
Baylor falls to A&M 2/25/1997
Baylor Sports Roundup 2/25/1997
Bear Briefs 2/25/1997
Career Services Center says it+s not too late; offers resources to find summer internships 2/25/1997
Class teaches students how to create personal business 2/25/1997
Editorial: Student Government 2/25/1997
Excessive rainfall may affect city water supply 2/25/1997
Lady Bears rout farmers to break 6-game streak 2/25/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/25/1997
Newsboys performs Christian music as part of local campaign 2/25/1997
Renaissance music group to play tonight 2/25/1997
Robbery hits another area union 2/25/1997
Sloan, Madden meet with faculty to discuss possible sale of BHCS 2/25/1997
Students urged to join campus organizations 2/25/1997
Traditions Week allows view of past practices, glimpse of future 2/25/1997
Upsets might propel softball team into top 25 2/25/1997
UT student takes legal action against school 2/25/1997
Week emphasizes university history 2/25/1997
President Speaks with faculty about Health Care System 2/24/1997
Speaker attests to the power of prayer 2/24/1997
The jury is in, law students advance to nationals 2/24/1997
Aloha Fridays performs punk, ska music for non-conformist Christian audience 2/21/1997
Baylor Bears Weekend Sports 2/21/1997
Bear Briefs 2/21/1997
Bears winning . . . but no one+s attending 2/21/1997
Casey at the bat 2/21/1997
Class focuses on crime prevention 2/21/1997
Concert Info 2/21/1997
Editorial: Outrageous cost of acts turns Sing into production just for elite campus groups 2/21/1997
Gardener endures shooting 2/21/1997
Job seeking could become high-tech palm reading 2/21/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/21/1997
Racquetball vote hits brick wall 2/21/1997
Sing takes center stage 2/21/1997
Sororities join for Sing act 2/21/1997
Students fighting diseases 2/21/1997
Students in a Technological World 2/21/1997
Torrential rainfall has students puddle-hopping 2/21/1997
Upperclassmen help incoming freshmen adjust 2/21/1997
Bears harvest Huskers 2/20/1997
Cartoon 2/20/1997
Couple addresses abortion 2/20/1997
Editorial: Welcome Week 2/20/1997
Employers come to campus to interview journalism students 2/20/1997
Faculty members present independent research 2/20/1997
GMAT on computer 2/20/1997
Health center warns of meningitis cases on campus 2/20/1997
Intramural Update 2/20/1997
Iron butterfly 2/20/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/20/1997
Oven fire reminds writer of need for support in time of trouble 2/20/1997
Personality reflects TV viewing habits 2/20/1997
Students discuss ways to reduce cultural gap 2/20/1997
Telephone companies ask FCC for rate plan 2/20/1997
Turnovers plague Lady Bears in loss to Huskers, 91-73 2/20/1997
Twirling for fun 2/20/1997
Vienna piano team performs concert 2/20/1997
Alum braves 78-day expedition 2/19/1997
Batter Up 2/19/1997
Bear Briefs 2/19/1997
Citizens have failed in duties; better nation starts at local level 2/19/1997
Cultural programs educate through global perspective 2/19/1997
Discount theater coming to town 2/19/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/19/1997
Lighting the ways 2/19/1997
Panel says racism, poverty a minority problem 2/19/1997
Tupac, Roth prove entertaining in +Gridlock+d+ 2/19/1997
University recruits minority students 2/19/1997
Women+s soccer team, players earn recognition in national soccer magazine 2/19/1997
+Extremities+ explores real issues 2/18/1997
Baylor beats Tech in OT 2/18/1997
Bear Briefs 2/18/1997
Black heroes honored this month 2/18/1997
Campus involvement important, but motivations more important 2/18/1997
City officials consider water quality improvements 2/18/1997
Editorial: Academic Winners 2/18/1997
Engineers bust Mac piûatas 2/18/1997
Entertainment Briefs 2/18/1997
Group says love waits 2/18/1997
Harassing telephone calls bother students in dorms 2/18/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/18/1997
Model UN team wins tournament 2/18/1997
New alliance promotes student-alumni relations 2/18/1997
Professors travel to train pastors 2/18/1997
Russian ballet in Waco to display regal artistry 2/18/1997
Softball team sweeps tourney 2/18/1997
That darn cat 2/18/1997
Baylor beats Tech in OT 2/17/1997
Historical events during the third week of Black History Month 2/17/1997
Love captures faculty and staff at Baylor 2/17/1997
Surveys reflect student opinion to aid in recruitment 2/17/1997
Workshop shows children the relationship between science and art 2/17/1997
Baseball team battles No. 8 LSU in Tigerland thisweekend 2/14/1997
Baylor Sports News 2/14/1997
Bear Briefs 2/14/1997
Brides, grooms set for memorable day in local shops, wedding gift registries 2/14/1997
Bryan White performs concert tonight Coppell country star brings melodic, choir-like music to ears of various Waco fans with new album 2/14/1997
Cellular phones quadruple driving risks, accidents 2/14/1997
Crowd must follow demand for Penland cat+s safe return 2/14/1997
Dow Jones passes 7,000 2/14/1997
Editorial: Discussion needs to result in progress 2/14/1997
Honeymoons more adventurous than relaxing for today+s newlyweds 2/14/1997
Immortal 10 statue plans rejected again 2/14/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/14/1997
Lincoln+s spirit fills Harrington House 2/14/1997
Love is in the air 2/14/1997
Moral absolutes do exist, morality is endangered 2/14/1997
Registering made easier Department stores offer updated options when selecting gifts 2/14/1997
Sloans remember meeting at the University, first date 2/14/1997
Valentine+s Gala features Tony recipient 2/14/1997
Wedding traditions all about the details 2/14/1997
Will you marry me? 2/14/1997
Women sweep UTSA 2/14/1997
Bear Briefs 2/13/1997
Caffeinated beverages provide students+ needed energy 2/13/1997
Catnappers abduct Penland hall mascot 2/13/1997
Conference to discuss self-esteem, conflict resolution 2/13/1997
Crowd, free-throw misses foil Bears+ try at UT sweep 2/13/1997
Edtiorial: Drop/add bill could smooth process, but needs to be carefully considered 2/13/1997
Grand Street Cryers bring new, unique music to Burgers-n-Blues 2/13/1997
Halogen lamps source of many fires; banned at some colleges 2/13/1997
Interior design students make Valentine cards 2/13/1997
Lady Bears falter in OT 2/13/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/13/1997
Memories of retention 2/13/1997
New math major ready for students 2/13/1997
Preacher says cross is commitment symbol 2/13/1997
Sharing faith hard here, but dangerous elsewhere 2/13/1997
The Waco Music Scene 2/13/1997
University expands enrollment 2/13/1997
Alum fights hunger with +Seeds+ magazine 2/12/1997
Bear Briefs 2/12/1997
Editorial: Free discussion of virtues of Christian learning, academics healthy to progress 2/12/1997
Evita: Argentina+s Cinderella 2/12/1997
Future remains uncertain for BHCS 2/12/1997
International student population increases 2/12/1997
Laughter cures life+s ills, can be as infectious as flu 2/12/1997
Laughter heals body, stops stress 2/12/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/12/1997
More students interested in ministry 2/12/1997
Running for life 2/12/1997
Stepping out 2/12/1997
Students Steppin+ Out for volunteer service 2/12/1997
University recognizes 340 employees for years of service 2/12/1997
Baptist student ministries dedicates week to hungry 2/11/1997
Baylor Briefs 2/11/1997
Bear baseball slugs into action 2/11/1997
Bears crunch boys 2/11/1997
Caedmon+s Call announces future release of debut CD 2/11/1997
Car explodes in residence hall parking lot 2/11/1997
Cartoon 2/11/1997
Cupid goes on-line with love sent in virtual Valentine mail 2/11/1997
Editorial: TV station makes correct ethical decision despite ratings pressure 2/11/1997
Good communication defends against date rape 2/11/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/11/1997
Opera offers light-hearted, pleasant entertainment 2/11/1997
Psychologist offers advice to sleepy students 2/11/1997
Random Acts of Kindness week kicks off with good intentions gfhdfhdfhfd 2/11/1997
Student discounts 2/11/1997
Survey response increases 2/11/1997
Talk show, parents exploit children unnecessarily 2/11/1997
Trees grow funds for hunger relief 2/11/1997
'Skywarn' trains spotters to detect harsh weather 2/9/1997
Black history facts of the week 2/9/1997
Car catches fire at Collins 2/9/1997
Law School hosts graduation 2/9/1997
+Star Wars+ return prompts 2nd look by Star Trek fan 2/7/1997
Baylor in Maastricht broadens horizons 2/7/1997
Bear Briefs 2/7/1997
Comic opera first production of spring +Albert Herring+ presents audience with laughter, musical talent 2/7/1997
Concert celebrates 25th anniversary of Baylor pipe organs 2/7/1997
Editorial: Chapel Forum 2/7/1997
English department offers language-linguistics major 2/7/1997
Entertainment Brief 2/7/1997
Globetrotters provide entertainment, magic 2/7/1997
Lacrosse team looks to upset Longhorns 2/7/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/7/1997
Rugby team plays in Mardi Gras tourney 2/7/1997
Splish Splash 2/7/1997
Spring break +97 2/7/1997
Student demand high for university dial-in service 2/7/1997
The ultimate pipe dream 2/7/1997
10_ldld 2/6/1997
Air Force Band performs in Boston Pops style 2/6/1997
Bear Briefs 2/6/1997
Boston musician performs concert 2/6/1997
Career fair helps students catapult ahead, locate summer internships 2/6/1997
Cartoon 2/6/1997
Duke dean speaks about coincidence in chapel 2/6/1997
Former university quarterback talks about success 2/6/1997
Gilbert, Sullivan musical sets sail at Hippodrome 2/6/1997
Its in the hole! 2/6/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/6/1997
Many forms of depression affect students 2/6/1997
More offices relocating to Tower by September 2/6/1997
Professors focus on society+s view of university 2/6/1997
Roberts announces signing of recruits 2/6/1997
Robinson Tower offices lack easy access for students on campus 2/6/1997
Simpson civil case draws ridiculous saga to close 2/6/1997
Bear Briefs 2/5/1997
Bears take on 6th ranked Cyclones 2/5/1997
Campus gives mixed reactions to annual presidential address 2/5/1997
Cartoon 2/5/1997
Committee deals with improving water quality 2/5/1997
Editorial: President+s annual address has become more public relations than information 2/5/1997
Friends ease troubles of everyday life, bring joy 2/5/1997
Hockey in Texas. . . Hold the ice 2/5/1997
Hospitals plan merger to cut costs 2/5/1997
Lady Bears hope to blow Cyclones away 2/5/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/5/1997
New method to rank universities installed 2/5/1997
One year at 70 2/5/1997
Professor gives view on religion+s academic role 2/5/1997
Star Wars returns to silver screen with sound, film quality restored 2/5/1997
Talking Head 2/5/1997
Women+s tennis swings into the spring season 2/5/1997
Baylor Chamber asks 1st female to pledge 2/4/1997
Bear Briefs 2/4/1997
Brisk walking helps students get in shape 2/4/1997
College Democrats of Texas elect 2 university students 2/4/1997
Doak alerts students of date rape problem 2/4/1997
Editorial: Changes during last 4 years result in first female Chamber member 2/4/1997
Entertainment Briefs 2/4/1997
From the ground up 2/4/1997
Letters to the Editor 2/4/1997
Public relations office to receive award 2/4/1997
Rollerblading trip gets thirsty without fountains 2/4/1997
Step show provides campus with different entertainment 2/4/1997
Stock market boosts funds 2/4/1997
Teach-for-America recruits prospects 2/4/1997
Water Joe provides caffeine kick without java aftertaste 2/4/1997
Chamber admits first female 2/3/1997
Chamber admits first female 2/3/1997
Lady hoopsters lose 2/3/1997
Skinner dunks Oklahoma State 2/3/1997
Stampede stomps Wizards 2/3/1997
Stampede stomps Wizards 2/3/1997