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News Archives for Dec. 1997

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Story Date
Baylor seniors ready for 'the walk' 12/10/1997
Christmas tree traditions usher in season 12/10/1997
Congress passes flurry of legislation at last meeting 12/10/1997
Dining halls offer late-night snacks to study-weary students 12/10/1997
Gas prices take yuletide plunge 12/10/1997
Giving is good, even if it's Disney 12/10/1997
Gore advocates for increased birth control in Third World 12/10/1997
Knowledge, concern increasing about AIDS 12/10/1997
Letters to the Editor 12/10/1997
Professor ink multi-million dollar grant proposal 12/10/1997
Revisions set for scholarly activity statement 12/10/1997
SMU prof resigns under pressure 12/10/1997
Sports 12/10/1997
Student newspaper improvement comes from criticism, approval 12/10/1997
Students urged to use holiday safeguards 12/10/1997
Theater complex expects premiere with additional footage in January 12/10/1997
70 percent of schools pay student body leaders 12/9/1997
Baylor fans need to show support at all games, not just those against nationally ranked teams 12/9/1997
Busy schedules muddle holiday fun 12/9/1997
High Court OKs female's execution 12/9/1997
Letters to the Editor 12/9/1997
More News. . . 12/9/1997
No. 6 Wildcats turn back upset-minded Bears, 83-68 12/9/1997
School spirit for athletic programs necessary to win 12/9/1997
Students line up for game early 12/9/1997
The Presidential Suite 12/9/1997
True love requires plenty of hard work, but reaps many rewards 12/9/1997
Women's hoops suffer first loss in Borden's Lobo Classic tournament 12/9/1997
6 bicycles stolen in past week 12/5/1997
Baylor track coach chosen for Olympic team 12/5/1997
Coach Roberts spills the beans on the past year, recruiting 12/5/1997
Editorial 12/5/1997
Ferdon named to permanent journalism post 12/5/1997
Holiday travel rates cheaper if bought in advance 12/5/1997
Jackopierce double a half effort 12/5/1997
Letters to the Editor 12/5/1997
Popularity of weight training gains strength among students 12/5/1997
Pre-med student to present respiratory medicine research 12/5/1997
Race initiative targets students 12/5/1997
Recital lauds 'King of Instruments' 12/5/1997
Suicide should be an option for inmates serving on death row 12/5/1997
Trophy-hungry fans need patience 12/5/1997
Undefeated Lady Bears seek greater competition at Borden Lobo Classic 12/5/1997
79 percent of SLC fund raised 12/4/1997
Cartoon standard trying not to be erased 12/4/1997
Clifton Robinson Tower to brighten Waco skyline 12/4/1997
Editorial 12/4/1997
Graduate student commits suicide 12/4/1997
Guide to Christmas shopping 12/4/1997
Letters to the Editor 12/4/1997
Local food bank offers more than holiday cheer 12/4/1997
Miller, Skinner carry Bears past Arkansas State, 73-68 12/4/1997
Sloan names new human resoucres vice president 12/4/1997
Students speak out on talk show circuit 12/4/1997
Symphony orchestra's last fall concert to feature 20th century composers 12/4/1997
The Back Page 12/4/1997
Winter depression common despite joyous spirit of season 12/4/1997
Baylor females tinkering on their cars, checking fluids 12/3/1997
Book drop would be beneficial 12/3/1997
Campus to hold yuletide workshop for disabled kids 12/3/1997
Car crashes, firearms causes of Texas deaths 12/3/1997
Christmas tree to shine bright tonight 12/3/1997
Environmental summit hopes to set international precedent 12/3/1997
Manipulation of photograph act of unethical photojournalism 12/3/1997
Speaker to discuss illegal immigration's effects on Italy 12/3/1997
Sports 12/3/1997
Student held at gunpoint 12/3/1997
'God's Country' shows side to racism that might not be so black and white 12/2/1997
Aggie traditions irritate Bears 12/2/1997
AZT research methods toy with humans, AIDS virus 12/2/1997
Bell ringers offer chance to brighten others' holidays 12/2/1997
College accredited 12/2/1997
College grad job market strongest in years 12/2/1997
Kentucky teen shoots 8 students leaving prayer meeting 12/2/1997
Large family equals nightmarish holiday, fun memories 12/2/1997
Letters to the Editor Students need holiday access I wonder how many of my fellow graduate students share in my thankfulness that Thanksgiving comes so near the end of the fall semester. With the paper deadlines piling one on the other, it's nice 12/2/1997
Sports 12/2/1997
Students complain of holiday 'grinches' at local stores 12/2/1997
Swahili to be offered in spring semester 12/2/1997
Tree marks 50 years of BDSC decorations 12/2/1997
U2 proves 'pop' strength in tour 12/2/1997
World AIDS Day increases awareness 12/2/1997