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News Archives for Nov. 1997

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Cameron crime By Cindy Szelag Staff Writer for The Baylor Lariat Stories and legends circulate around any city or community. In Waco, and especially among Baylor students, many legends involve the terrible things that can happen or have supposedly 11/21/1997
Field Work 11/21/1997
Fundamentalists vs. Moderates: the unsuccessful battle continues 11/21/1997
Habitat for Humanity celebrates 10th anniversary 11/21/1997
Habitat for Humanity houses families, gets students involved 11/21/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/21/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/21/1997
Long-time professor passes away 11/21/1997
Lyceum programs to feature Canadian 11/21/1997
Marijuana video angers prof; student storms out 11/21/1997
Opera Scenes gives students voice in learning great works 11/21/1997
Professor to speak on Waco socioeconomics 11/21/1997
Regents work toward gender, racial diversity 11/21/1997
Residence halls remain open for late travelers 11/21/1997
Sports 11/21/1997
Student hurdles life+s challenges, remains dedicated to community 11/21/1997
Students encouraged to participate in Christmas charity; 1 million gifts to be shipped to underprivileged countries 11/21/1997
Watson deserves support despite controversial football career 11/21/1997
World view: Americans, Chinese can learn plenty from each other 11/21/1997
Arsons possibly connected, fire officials report 11/20/1997
Baylor Briefs 11/20/1997
City workers dry up Marina to repair dam 11/20/1997
Clinton wants peaceful resolution 11/20/1997
Country's 2nd set of septuplets born 11/20/1997
imPulse 11/20/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/20/1997
Oklahoma State running back, Baylor coach ready for 'family fued' in Saturday finale 11/20/1997
Standardized tests benefits students 11/20/1997
Student body officers attend 'Conference of Conferences' 11/20/1997
Students encouraged not to overindulge at Thanksgiving meal 11/20/1997
Students need to take part in battle against hunger 11/20/1997
Thanksgiving service tonight 11/20/1997
Vegetation location 11/20/1997
2 new tax credits available 11/19/1997
Burning of prayer tent shows disrespect for student beliefs 11/19/1997
Cowboys have no fear of sub-artic Lambeau 11/19/1997
ECO sponsors environmentally educational slide show 11/19/1997
Fire strikes prayer tent 11/19/1997
Islamic militants claim responsibility for Egyptian temple massacre; 24 wounded, 62 confirmed dead 11/19/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/19/1997
Males need dating suggestions, tips 11/19/1997
Princess Diana planned to star in sequel to +The Bodyguard+ with Kevin Costner 11/19/1997
Student Congress hopes survey response numbers top 1,000 11/19/1997
Students face loss of faith despite attending Christian universities 11/19/1997
Tires of 11 cars slashed in lot 11/19/1997
TWA Flight 800 investigation ends 11/19/1997
Waco's recreation capital 11/19/1997
Women+s team inks nationally acclaimed golfer during early signing 11/19/1997
A Park of History 11/18/1997
Admission officers finding other way to help minorities 11/18/1997
American industry registers gain, signals strong economy 11/18/1997
Bear miscues give Mizzou victory, 42-24 11/18/1997
Bears crush hapless Troy State, 98-44 11/18/1997
Christianity remains constant 11/18/1997
Countries need to join U.S. in stand against Hussein, Iraq 11/18/1997
Current university e-mail system poses threat to students 11/18/1997
Ex-model talks on AIDS 11/18/1997
Exxon grants $11,000 to Hankamer, Law school 11/18/1997
Great American Smoke-out set for Thursday 11/18/1997
imPulse 11/18/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/18/1997
Luncheon honors returned, newly appointed Peace Corps volunteers 11/18/1997
Scientists announce that AIDS 'cocktail' is not a cure; triple-drug therapy does lengthen survival time 11/18/1997
U.S. tempts Iraq with possible aid increase 11/18/1997
X-Country qualifies for national meet 11/18/1997
AIDS Awareness Week: Chapel Presentation 11/17/1997
Journalism, religion conference seeks to bridge gap 11/17/1997
Missouri defeats Bears; secures bowl bid 11/17/1997
Missouri recovers from freakish loss to Nebraska with win over Baylor 11/17/1997
Wind ensemble takes center stage Tuesday 11/17/1997
Aromatherapy offers healing alternatives 11/14/1997
Bears visit hot Missouri Tigers 11/14/1997
Bears' v-ball to be on TV 11/14/1997
Dedicated student shows love for Baylor 11/14/1997
Group claims U.S. deaths in Pakistan 11/14/1997
Hogg, Miller ink highly touted recruiting class 11/14/1997
Home means family, holidays 11/14/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/14/1997
Male body discovered in park 11/14/1997
Rumored rapes false 11/14/1997
Strecker Museum to host 'Carmen Sandiego' game 11/14/1997
Texas Recycles Day encourages state-wide involvement 11/14/1997
U.N. resolution condemns Iraqi defiance 11/14/1997
Uninformed Baylor students caught up in urban myth 11/14/1997
Waco sponsors household hazardous waste collection 11/14/1997
5K race helps food banks stock up for Thanksgiving 11/13/1997
Baylor considering additional parking garage 11/13/1997
Frisbee team plays on despite problems 11/13/1997
Generation X showing hard work, ambition in work force 11/13/1997
Ignorance hinders organ donation 11/13/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/13/1997
Plain coffee becoming extinct 11/13/1997
Sports 11/13/1997
Students find trouble at Mt. Carmel 11/13/1997
Students succumb to effects of exhaustion 11/13/1997
Supreme Court tightens student loan laws in unanimous decision 11/13/1997
U.S. condemns killing of Americans in Pakistan 11/13/1997
2000 may cause computer chaos 11/12/1997
Au pair decision gives just end to nightmarish trial 11/12/1997
Baylor triathlete to compete down under 11/12/1997
Brass Quintet to perform works of instructor in residence 11/12/1997
Career Services+ database offers career information in 500 areas 11/12/1997
Flooding kills 130 Somalians; 300,000 homeless 11/12/1997
Heresy accusation referred to regents 11/12/1997
imPulse Briefs 11/12/1997
Lady Bears hope to defeat unbeaten Aussies 11/12/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/12/1997
Michigan students raid president's house after win 11/12/1997
Minority publishers asking Clinton for piece of government advertising pie 11/12/1997
New courses increase student options 11/12/1997
Philosophy symposium Thursday 11/12/1997
Professor to discuss Christianity and Mayan culture 11/12/1997
Rich history, age-old traditions deepen character of Baylor's campus 11/12/1997
ROTC sponsors Veteran's Day 24-hour flag vigil 11/12/1997
Shopping market chaos causes aggravation, frustration 11/12/1997
Students lack current event knowledge 11/12/1997
'Starship Troopers' blows away other openings 11/11/1997
Aggies continue dominance over Bears, 38-10 11/11/1997
Baptists elect BU prof, regent 11/11/1997
Baylor athletics need same level of spirit displayed at homecoming 11/11/1997
Baylor, A&M both allege vandalism before game 11/11/1997
Bears beat Melbourne in final tune up before regular season 11/11/1997
Conference to discuss religion, media 11/11/1997
Congress passes 4 pieces of legislation 11/11/1997
Democrats celebrate landmark week 11/11/1997
Father/son duo display illustrations in campus gallery 11/11/1997
Former president calls Baylor 11/11/1997
Former regent gives $5 million to Truett seminary 11/11/1997
George Bush Library offers look into political history 11/11/1997
imPulse briefs 11/11/1997
Judge reduces British au pair's conviction to manslaughter, sets her free 11/11/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/11/1997
Navarro cruises to runner-up finish in Rolex Regional 11/11/1997
NY Bagel campus locale rolling away tonight 11/11/1997
U-2 spycraft continues weapon inspections despite Iraqi threats 11/11/1997
Women fall in tourney semifinals to Husker 11/11/1997
AP's Top 25 Poll 11/10/1997
Bears fall to Ags, 38-10 11/10/1997
Bears, Aggies Game Stats 11/10/1997
Dallas beats Cardinals; record goes to 5-5 11/10/1997
Secret Service apprehends wandering woman in White House 11/10/1997
Ad club gains hands-on experience through contest 11/7/1997
Additional Chapel-Forum section benefits students 11/7/1997
Ags dedicate Bush library 11/7/1997
Baylor students win effectiveness award for problem-solving plan 11/7/1997
Boutros spends summer teaching at-risk kids 11/7/1997
Chapel adds 11 a.m. section 11/7/1997
Following roommate rules makes living arrangements more pleasant 11/7/1997
imPulse 11/7/1997
Iraq interfering with surveillance equipment, U.N. says 11/7/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/7/1997
More feces deposited in library 11/7/1997
Skinner OK'd for tonight 11/7/1997
Sports 11/7/1997
Winter fun lurks around the corner 11/7/1997
2 candidates selected for chair 11/6/1997
Baylor should research possible courses, degrees via Internet 11/6/1997
Childhood education important, even if pointless in adulthood 11/6/1997
Conference explores options for alternative aircraft fuels 11/6/1997
Electronic English class encourages discussion 11/6/1997
Fall break would slow productivity 11/6/1997
Feces left in library elevators 11/6/1997
Freshmen ponder future of goalpost 11/6/1997
imPulse features 11/6/1997
Lady Bears beat Armed Forces, 98-70 11/6/1997
Lecture series continues with discussion of impoverished Haiti 11/6/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/6/1997
Men's basketball players, coach anticipate stellar season 11/6/1997
Minorities avoiding med school 11/6/1997
Professor speaks on rights of individuals 11/6/1997
Skinner to see eye specialist about injury; weighs options 11/6/1997
Women's soccer enter postseason 11/6/1997
'Gattaca' falls short; not engineered well 11/5/1997
Britain+s King+s Singers return to campus for concert Thursday 11/5/1997
BU prof, regent on BGCT officer slate 11/5/1997
Call boxes ensure safety 11/5/1997
Chinese president speaks at Harvar 11/5/1997
Chinese tour of U.S. fails to open lines of communication 11/5/1997
Committee strives to beautify campus through sculptures 11/5/1997
High Court passes on Prop. 209 11/5/1997
imPulse briefs 11/5/1997
Lack of ID prevents game entry 11/5/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/5/1997
Taking risks in life allows reporter to grab ultimate experience 11/5/1997
Texas claims Williams shorted in BU win 11/5/1997
Web advertises new movies like never before 11/5/1997
Women place 4th in cross country meet 11/5/1997
Arsonist strikes Old Main, fire department says 11/4/1997
Baylor says hello Dave, goodbye John 11/4/1997
Board adds new members 11/4/1997
Fall renewal conference this week 11/4/1997
Fighting Bears beat Kansas for first home win 11/4/1997
Goalpost becomes symbol of school unity 11/4/1997
Goalpost finds new home at Bill Daniel Student Center after trek from stadium to President Sloan+s to storage 11/4/1997
Homecoming float award winners announced at bonfire 11/4/1997
Letters to the Editor 11/4/1997
Mascot dubbed 'Bruiser' at game 11/4/1997
Packed stadium supports bears 11/4/1997
Tearing down goalpost completes ultimate Bear football victory 11/4/1997
Who+s Who recipients announced; 65 university students named to list 11/4/1997
Women's soccer team sweeps pair from Tulsa, North Texas over past weekend 11/4/1997
Beat in the Heart of Texas; Bears defeat Longhorns 23-21 11/3/1997
Effective Preacher to address Chapel-Forum 11/3/1997
KOT, Tri Delta take top float honors 11/3/1997
Scores of the Top 25 11/3/1997
Woman referee makes pro sports history in Vancouver 11/3/1997