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News Archives for Oct. 1997

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Story Date
'Dracula' features BU director, perfomer 10/31/1997
'Psychobilly' Flametrick Subs finding success after college band years 10/31/1997
Advertisement promotes 'Black Mass' 10/31/1997
Baylor+s social atmosphere, activities overwhelming for some students 10/31/1997
Bears, Longhorns try to halt skids 10/31/1997
Congress confronts Zemin 10/31/1997
Costume selection in Waco bizarre trip 10/31/1997
Falling from Grace 10/31/1997
Fighting Bears get second chance at KU, K-State 10/31/1997
Film education quality at Baylor high, advanced in technology 10/31/1997
Floats, fans to line streets for parade 10/31/1997
Freshman class, bonfire traditions tied together 10/31/1997
Hogg, Miller have teams ready for next level 10/31/1997
Homecoming displays Baylor at its best, revives old memories 10/31/1997
Homecoming Schedule of Events 10/31/1997
Homecoming traditions at other universities differ from Baylor+s 10/31/1997
Homecoming traditions help Baylor spirit thrive 10/31/1997
Hotels filled to brim; weekend rates rise 10/31/1997
Houses haunt Waco 10/31/1997
Injured cross country team still confident 10/31/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/31/1997
Musical review brings out talent, brings students together 10/31/1997
Navarro, Hernandez garner first place finish at Indiana Hoosier Classic 10/31/1997
Professor lectures on witches 10/31/1997
Professors remember early homecoming traditions, parade, bonfire 10/31/1997
Returning to campus reminds alumni to support alma matter 10/31/1997
String bass player finds unique transportation to re-hearse-al 10/31/1997
Student attention should be priority over university research 10/31/1997
Student involvement reflect pride 10/31/1997
Three players stick around to see women+s soccer program transform from club sport to Divison I national contender 10/31/1997
Tradition, change surrond university life 10/31/1997
Watson wins respect of coaches, peers with gutsy play amidst adversity 10/31/1997
B-2 Bombers not worth weight in gold 10/30/1997
Baylor under investigation for labor law violations 10/30/1997
Faculty expectations outlined in letter 10/30/1997
Faculty shouldn't be forced into publishing, research 10/30/1997
Former Armstrong Browning director to retire after 38 years 10/30/1997
Haunted houses using scare tactics to draw crowds 10/30/1997
Letter of scholarly expectations and university goals 10/30/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/30/1997
List compares highest salaries at private colleges 10/30/1997
Local PBS show meant to improve Texas music, Texas artists 10/30/1997
Russian national debate team visits Baylor 10/30/1997
Sports stories 10/30/1997
Turncoats: animal activists furious at runway models wearing mink 10/30/1997
University regent board to fill 9 slots 10/30/1997
'Caffeine junkies' may suffer side effects, dependence 10/29/1997
Baylor in Germany offers bike trip, Black Forest hiking 10/29/1997
Former presidential speech writer talks on humor 10/29/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/29/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/29/1997
Prepaid phone card use increases; buyers warned to take precautions 10/29/1997
Professors monitor fluctuating market 10/29/1997
Republic of Texas hostage testifies against militia 10/29/1997
Sports stories 10/29/1997
Sportscaster need to be on their guard 10/29/1997
Strecker gets $1 million contribution 10/29/1997
The Back Page 10/29/1997
Three professors send letter soliciting aid for former colleague 10/29/1997
W.W.J.D bracelets display Christianity as passing fashion trend 10/29/1997
Women+s soccer gives Oral Roberts the gospel in Tuesday+s shutout victory 10/29/1997
Artificial sweetner allegedly linked to illness 10/28/1997
Blue Monday shuts down Dow Jones 10/28/1997
Cross country teams hope for victory this weekend in Big 12 championship 10/28/1997
Editor's life reads like her magazine 10/28/1997
Film, television violence leaves little to imagination 10/28/1997
imPulse features 10/28/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/28/1997
Life, people should be embraced 10/28/1997
Malibu Grand Prix killer to die today 10/28/1997
No. 10 Golden Gophers, Mother Nature get the best of women's soccer team 10/28/1997
Slang speech habits not compatible with functioning in real world 10/28/1997
Students volunteer at crisis intervention hotline 10/28/1997
Turnovers, penalties spell disaster for Bears in 24-17 to hapless Cyclones 10/28/1997
Guest lecturer explores author's relationship with South 10/27/1997
Lawmakers ponder choice of woman for new dollar coin 10/27/1997
A Capella Choir takes stage 10/24/1997
Baylor ghouls hope to haunt Waco community 10/24/1997
Bears, Cyclones looking to break into win column 10/24/1997
Cartoon network reruns entertain with childhood favorites 10/24/1997
Chemical in chili peppers may be used to relieve pain 10/24/1997
Former LBJ speech writer to speak on political life 10/24/1997
Headless cloning for donor purposes not morally sound 10/24/1997
imPulse features 10/24/1997
Love, trust drive human/ animal relationships 10/24/1997
Marv Alberts faces sentencing today 10/24/1997
Night monitor practices poetry, being a friend 10/24/1997
Record number purchase season tickets this year 10/24/1997
Seconds count when budgeting time already spent elsewhere 10/24/1997
Sorority educates campus on cancer 10/24/1997
Texas Baptists prepare for convention 10/24/1997
Wild weather to send cold, more wetness Waco's way 10/24/1997
Zoo offers volunteer opportunities, animal adoption programs to students 10/24/1997
Ancient Egyptian +Mendhi+ art offers alternative to permanent tattoos, needles 10/23/1997
Boston U. sues for fraud 10/23/1997
Country shocked by ... whatever 10/23/1997
Editorial Round Up 10/23/1997
imPulse features 10/23/1997
Individuals encouraged to participate in Steppin+ Out 10/23/1997
Justice Department labels Microsoft a browser 'bully' 10/23/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/23/1997
Mascot still nameless 10/23/1997
New entrepreneurship director offers advice to future business owners 10/23/1997
Sports stories 10/23/1997
Training jet collides with F-16, killing 2 men 10/23/1997
Bear Briefs 10/22/1997
Bears at Bat fundraiser swings into action on campus 10/22/1997
Bill to allow student loan consolidation 10/22/1997
Driving aggressions put travelers in peril 10/22/1997
Grades increase across U.S. 10/22/1997
Hopwood counselor, law school professor debate decision 10/22/1997
Italian enthusiast create club for further culture exploration 10/22/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/22/1997
Microsoft facing anti-trust violations 10/22/1997
Old yearbooks provide memories 10/22/1997
Proper parenting can lessen behavioral problems in school 10/22/1997
Sports stories 10/22/1997
Texas educators form diversity coalition 10/22/1997
Austin implements bike-sharing program, helps environment, community 10/21/1997
Baylor throws spotlight on international students 10/21/1997
Bears fall in final minutes to Sooners, 24-23 10/21/1997
Day of Atonement should be spent in more productive way 10/21/1997
Funding reaches 'critical stage' 10/21/1997
imPULSE features 10/21/1997
Internet opens new doors for job-searchers 10/21/1997
Letter to the Editor 10/21/1997
Midnight Madness tips off 1997-98 basketball season 10/21/1997
Musical takes light-hearted glance at 1920s college life 10/21/1997
Neat appearance key to job-hunting 10/21/1997
Nike exploits foreign work force 10/21/1997
Overlooked campus minority needs respect, aid from the masses 10/21/1997
Pay phone owners set rates 10/21/1997
Quiz Answers 10/21/1997
Students profess need to be informed 10/21/1997
Waco Hall floods, Chapel canceled 10/21/1997
Young male harassing Baylor women 10/21/1997
Nebraska takes top spot in poll 10/20/1997
Sharing ideas privilege, not duty 10/20/1997
Sooners defeat Beats 24-23 after interception 10/20/1997
'Day of Atonement' marks Million Man March anniversary 10/17/1997
Alternative health care stresses natural methods 10/17/1997
Baylor missed out on grant money 10/17/1997
Cafeterias add international flair 10/17/1997
Discover Waco Fair gives students look at local museums, attractions 10/17/1997
Faculty publications, works exhibit beginning Monday 10/17/1997
Former professor murdered 10/17/1997
Global singing event highlights hospice care 10/17/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/17/1997
Midnight Madness previews hoop action 10/17/1997
Moral movement ruining politics 10/17/1997
New study abroad program gives students closer look at East Africa 10/17/1997
Recycling necessary for preservation of resources 10/17/1997
Thirst for education, knowledge declines at university level 10/17/1997
Women's conference encourages 'daily excellence' 10/17/1997
Women+s Soccer Team ranked No. 22 by ASCAA/Umbro 10/17/1997
Young players prepared for Sooners as Bears limp to OU 10/17/1997
After long wait, highly touted James ready to go 10/16/1997
Discover Waco begins Friday 10/16/1997
Editorial 10/16/1997
Fighting Bears win only 1 of 4 against Red Raiders 10/16/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/16/1997
Outstanding Students 10/16/1997
Professors asked to post syllabi online; over 200 faculty already have active sites 10/16/1997
Recycle bins help eliminate waste 10/16/1997
SATs don't determine success 10/16/1997
Scams victimize college students 10/16/1997
Software donation totals $1 million 10/16/1997
University museums hire new specialists 10/16/1997
Worldline 10/16/1997
Baylor Briefs 10/15/1997
College stress causes reminiscing about carefree childhood days 10/15/1997
Domestic Abuse Awareness month promotes courage 10/15/1997
Folk singer's visit to campus remembered 10/15/1997
Land speed record smashed in Nevada 10/15/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/15/1997
Mission Emphasis Week underway 10/15/1997
SAT, ACT waived for high school top 10 percent 10/15/1997
Universities should continue to require test for admission 10/15/1997
University+s seismograph detects global earthquakes 10/15/1997
V-ballers take on Tech after split with KU, K-State 10/15/1997
Alcohol awareness week's focus 10/14/1997
Caught Red-Nozed 10/14/1997
Construction traffic fines to double beginning Jan. 1 10/14/1997
Cornhuskers too much for Bears to handle 10/14/1997
Cyberspace degrees become a reality for many students 10/14/1997
Day in court gives realistic look into life as a law school student 10/14/1997
Freshmen experience 'total' freedom for first time 10/14/1997
imPulse 10/14/1997
Jump in primary medical care interest may be related to monetary advantages 10/14/1997
Lack of sleep decreases students' energy, increases stress, leads to low productivity 10/14/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/14/1997
Mission Emphasis Week places students, missionaries in contact 10/14/1997
Motor causes fire 10/14/1997
Partial-birth abortion bill needs to be approved 10/14/1997
University soccer team sweeps UT, A&M 10/14/1997
Video trivia proves to be addictive 10/14/1997
Bears lose to highly-favored Huskers 10/13/1997
Elevator motor catches on fire in Carroll Science Hall 10/13/1997
Sharing ideas privilege, not duty 10/13/1997
'Latina' creator inspires students 10/10/1997
Blues Festival 10/10/1997
Date-rape drug 'roofie' on the rise, police report 10/10/1997
Faculty, administration grow close over coffee 10/10/1997
Federal program finances students+ studying abroad 10/10/1997
Historical inn suffers fire damage 10/10/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/10/1997
Mailbox quote provides new outlook on life, college experience 10/10/1997
Organist to give Dracula life 10/10/1997
Potential danger of falling limbs raises concerns among students, community 10/10/1997
Racial issues still on shaky ground 10/10/1997
Technology becoming useful tool in administration of justice 10/10/1997
Texas workforce becoming more ethnically diverse 10/10/1997
'One Word Project' 10/9/1997
Golfers reap career benefits 10/9/1997
Hispanics celebrate heritage on mostly white campus 10/9/1997
Hispanics celebrate heritage on mostly white campus 10/9/1997
Hispanics celebrate heritage on mostly white campus 10/9/1997
Hispanics celebrate heritage on mostly white campus 10/9/1997
Hispanics celebrate heritage on mostly white campus 10/9/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/9/1997
October Health Enrichment Activities 10/9/1997
Promise Keepers exclude women, wives from rally 10/9/1997
Sports stories 10/9/1997
University officials researching possible Honors College 10/9/1997
Alcohol abuse rampant on university campuses 10/8/1997
Armstrong foyer first site in self-tour 10/8/1997
Big money strays NCAA away from educational goals 10/8/1997
Computer work putting strain on people's eyes 10/8/1997
Cyclist need to follow safety rules 10/8/1997
Damaged tree branches on campus put students in danger 10/8/1997
Diversity task force to look for common ground 10/8/1997
Expensive college tuition toned down by variety of scholarship opportunities 10/8/1997
Faculty intramurals begin 10/8/1997
High court opens term 10/8/1997
Hispanic 29-year-old millionaire speaks on her magazine, success 10/8/1997
imPULSE features 10/8/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/8/1997
Rash of motor vehicle burglaries leads to police cooperation 10/8/1997
Weather puts kink in students' plans 10/8/1997
Web site costs keeping student browsers at bay 10/8/1997
Astronaut heads home from Mir 10/7/1997
Baseball making early preparations for new season 10/7/1997
Depression clinic offers education, screening 10/7/1997
Entrepenuers run the show 10/7/1997
Here we go again; Tech beats Bears, 35-14 10/7/1997
Heritage week features native culture, food, dancing 10/7/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/7/1997
mall-town dining experience differs from corporate eateries 10/7/1997
NoZe Brotherhood continues tradition of satire despite underground limitations, university ban 10/7/1997
Organist to accompany original silent Dracula film 10/7/1997
Putting off studying makes time for accomplishing other things 10/7/1997
Roberts should be more careful about comments 10/7/1997
Sports Briefs 10/7/1997
Students should expect more out of Bears, Roberts 10/7/1997
Waiters define tipping etiquette, pet peeves 10/7/1997
Web offers students new way to search for financial aid 10/7/1997
After Dark shines 10/3/1997
Baylor+s offensive linemen are looking for some hard-earned respect off the field 10/3/1997
Baylor, Texas Tech tangle in Big 12 opener 10/3/1997
BU soccer falls to SMU, 2-1 10/3/1997
Dining Out in greater Waco 10/3/1997
Editorials 10/3/1997
Family Connections 10/3/1997
Floor 19 brings new country-rock style 10/3/1997
Free movies draw small crowds 10/3/1997
HOT fair, rodeo rides into town 10/3/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/3/1997
Living in right-handers+ world makes life difficult, interesting 10/3/1997
Local musician remains in Waco despite changes 10/3/1997
Men's golf improves with 8th-place finish 10/3/1997
Millers get ready for last father-son year 10/3/1997
Navarro makes quarterfinals in highly touted ITA 10/3/1997
Pam Tillis to headline first performance at HOT fair 10/3/1997
Parents Weekend kicks off with 'a day in class' 10/3/1997
Redesigned parking lots to provide 100 spaces 10/3/1997
Science fascinates news media 10/3/1997
V-ball to face Aggies, Horns 10/3/1997
Women's cross country emerges as tops in Big 12 10/3/1997
Women's golf team cruising for success 10/3/1997
Cure for common cold on way? 10/2/1997
Debate needs to end, prayer wall issue more humorous than serious 10/2/1997
Experts offer advice on diamond purchase 10/2/1997
Faculty diversity unbalanced, Sloan promises change 10/2/1997
FDA asks manufacturers to pull diet pills off shelf 10/2/1997
Hampton fails to find plate as Braves pound Astros, 13-3 10/2/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/2/1997
New hispanic logo fails its intentions; embarasses 10/2/1997
Personaly hygiene best prevention for Hepatitis A 10/2/1997
Prayer tent's fate to be determined 10/2/1997
Saturn car owners go overboard 10/2/1997
Abundance of bye weeks takes away from college football 10/1/1997
Ballpark experience, tragic accident show danger of alcohol use 10/1/1997
Baylor satisfied with freshman mix 10/1/1997
Cafeterias explore vegetarian possibilities 10/1/1997
Hispanic athletic logo unveiled 10/1/1997
Letters to the Editor 10/1/1997
Merit scholarships, fellowships available 10/1/1997
MIT freshman dies from alcohol overdose 10/1/1997
Quick dieting methods, pills agitate societal, health problems 10/1/1997
Sigma Nu's 'Get Nu'd' shirt recalled 10/1/1997
Social problems need recognition 10/1/1997
Texas Rice Festival set for this weekend 10/1/1997
Volunteers help fight Waco illiteracy 10/1/1997