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News Archives for Sept. 1996

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Story Date
Bear Briefs 9/27/1996
BWL lends hand to school kids 9/27/1996
Cherry Awards recognize outstanding educators 9/27/1996
Cross country squad set for meet 9/27/1996
Curtain set to rise for +Me and My Girl+ 9/27/1996
Editorial: Exercising right to choose 9/27/1996
Graduate finds degree doesn+t guarantee satisfaction, happiness in chosen career 9/27/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/27/1996
Madden blends teaching, administration 9/27/1996
Madden blends teaching, administration 9/27/1996
Manager watches out for safety 9/27/1996
Moviegoers soon to have choice of 32 new screens 9/27/1996
Professor recovers from shooting 9/27/1996
Sloan addresses faculty+s concerns 9/27/1996
Statue commemorates WW II hero 9/27/1996
Texas Baptist Student Ministries to host conference over weekend 9/27/1996
University sails to third place in Ensey Memorial Regatta 9/27/1996
Women of +First Wives Club+ keep their men hopping 9/27/1996
Big Brothers-Sisters brings students together 9/26/1996
Cunningham named official chaplain 9/26/1996
Editorial: Research Grants 9/26/1996
Field sobriety test makes drivers, officers aware of intoxication 9/26/1996
Follapalooza helps freshmen blow off steam, make friends 9/26/1996
Letter to the Editor 9/26/1996
Professor recovers from shooting 9/26/1996
Amtrak plans stop in Wacoa 9/25/1996
Baylor in Turkeyy 9/25/1996
Credit card design contest kicks offs 9/25/1996
Editorial: Worldwide Educations 9/25/1996
Ensemble to present season+s first concerta 9/25/1996
In danger of extinction Romance not seen as practicals 9/25/1996
Key Big 12 losses leave skeptics questioning conference+s powers 9/25/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/25/1996
Men+s soccer divides up into separate Division I, II teamss 9/25/1996
Music School teams up with professor to record classical piano solo album 9/25/1996
New cars displayed at malla 9/25/1996
Photo: Awwww... 9/25/1996
Sexes must learn to +speak each others+ languages,+ lecturer sayss 9/25/1996
The pastor is ins 9/25/1996
Tiny activist makes giant impacts 9/25/1996
University Scholars offered choicess 9/25/1996
Used car buyers look out for lemonss 9/25/1996
Volunteer opportunities abound in Wacos 9/25/1996
Bear Briefs 9/24/1996
BU takes second in Penn St. Classicc 9/24/1996
Candidate speaks at Chapel-Foruma 9/24/1996
Civic education classes take holistic approachs 9/24/1996
Continuing education courses offer new learning experiences 9/24/1996
Editorial: Precious lands 9/24/1996
Exercise program helps keep weight offs 9/24/1996
Fans find game traffic tie-ups traumaticd 9/24/1996
Four hot days on family houseboat bring mosquitoes, lightning, snakes 9/24/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/24/1996
Library sponors annual booksales 9/24/1996
Library turns up the volume Moody music collection offers tracks from classical to alternatives 9/24/1996
Muhammad shines in victorys 9/24/1996
On-campus dancing starts at slow tempow 9/24/1996
Photo Spread: Baylor hunts down Beavers 9/24/1996
Photo: Bert and Ernied 9/24/1996
Power out at Collinss 9/24/1996
Regents approve tuition increases 9/24/1996
Student services+ move to Tower gets mixed reactions back on campuss 9/24/1996
Students burst Baylor Bubble by traveling abroads 9/24/1996
Youth vote crucial, campaigners says 9/24/1996
+Maximum Risk+ doesn+t deliver; leaves audience listless, bored 9/20/1996
African Tortoise found in Waco 9/20/1996
Baylor blood runs green and gold 9/20/1996
Baylor netters ready for challenge 9/20/1996
Baylor-Waco relations improving 9/20/1996
Bear 9/20/1996
BU set to bash the Beavers 9/20/1996
Do Baylor students walk the walk? 9/20/1996
Dorms serve as home away from home 9/20/1996
Edtiorial: Raising the Ante 9/20/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/20/1996
Melting pot makes an American masterpiece 9/20/1996
Monterrey family at home at Baylor 9/20/1996
Museums, sights to see 9/20/1996
Parents search hopelessly for hotels 9/20/1996
Parents+ Weekend offers variety of activities for students, parents 9/20/1996
Practice underway at Ferrell Field 9/20/1996
Sibling Rivalry 9/20/1996
Smothers Brothers comedy act opens season at Hippodrome 9/20/1996
Strong defense leading Bears to victory in new conference 9/20/1996
Strong recruiting reaps golden rewards for band 9/20/1996
Student-parents juggle family, study 9/20/1996
Students put on best act for parents 9/20/1996
Students roll up their sleeves for agencies 9/20/1996
Symphony presents Big 12 celebration 9/20/1996
Taking the fast food tendencies out of dining Where to go for a special taste of local dining 9/20/1996
Tents to offer potent potables 9/20/1996
The band that never dies: Harrison discusses Beatle history 9/20/1996
Touchdown Alley offers amusement for all ages 9/20/1996
Wanted: Parents 9/20/1996
Wizards excited about season opener 9/20/1996
CARTOON 9/19/1996
Eidtorial: Stretching meal Dollars 9/19/1996
Episcopal priest encourages students to listen to conscience 9/19/1996
Faculty senators upset about recruitment letter 9/19/1996
Ferrel hoasts naturalization ceremony 9/19/1996
Flag football opens intramurals 9/19/1996
Health Center offers flu vaccination 9/19/1996
Learning expands beyond classroom 9/19/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/19/1996
Maintenance key to good health 9/19/1996
New Sebadoh album hit hard by lovebug 9/19/1996
Prestigious position awaits Baylor 9/19/1996
Rain 9/19/1996
Researchers cancel Seibens project, cite +anonymous funding+ as problem 9/19/1996
Students present cultural festival 9/19/1996
Sudden showers catch campus off guard 9/19/1996
Waco couple donates family enrichment, development center 9/19/1996
World Gym to move to old Cox+s location 9/19/1996
Anniversary of train wreck observed at Carroll Library 9/18/1996
Baylor Billiards cues up 9/18/1996
Baylor rugby squads prepare for new season of rough, tough competition 9/18/1996
Bear Briefs 9/18/1996
Editorial: Quick Cash 9/18/1996
First Big 12 season starts off with tie, hard-won success for women+s soccer 9/18/1996
Graduate School to strengthen program 9/18/1996
How do you feel about Chelsea Clinton being a prospective Baylor student? 9/18/1996
Just chillin' 9/18/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/18/1996
Mission Waco, Common Grounds organize apologetics discussion group 9/18/1996
New technology program appoints Carbonara associate vice president 9/18/1996
O+Brien publishes stories to warm the heart 9/18/1996
Relax, you+ve been +canceled+ 9/18/1996
Singer and songwriter Phil Pritchett finds it's not a small world after all 9/18/1996
Tenure policy fair, Schmeltekopf says 9/18/1996
Wave of allergies attacks campus 9/18/1996
Workshop helps students decide major 9/18/1996
+Godfather of soul+ still feels good after all these years 9/17/1996
Administration eagerly awaits student complex 9/17/1996
Bears record perfect, despite the mistakes 9/17/1996
Cartoon 9/17/1996
Editorial: Robinson Tower Bound 9/17/1996
Fall fest showcases activities 9/17/1996
Flurry of new videos set to debut this week 9/17/1996
Lady netters bring home SMU Invitational title 9/17/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/17/1996
Pat Neff remodel to begin in spring 9/17/1996
President defers decision 9/17/1996
University should glorify God through academic excellence 9/17/1996
Waco Republicans excited over GOP visits 9/17/1996
+Immortal Ten+ memorial seeks student donations from seniors 9/13/1996
Baylor hopes to attract Chelsea Clinton 9/13/1996
Coffee 9/13/1996
Doll Club puts on show for hobbyists 9/13/1996
Editorial: Close Call 9/13/1996
Election nears, young vote crucial 9/13/1996
Engineering program contributes to graduates+ success 9/13/1996
Fiends be gone, take flying friends 9/13/1996
Ladies soccer advances with win 9/13/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/13/1996
McGregor celebrates Frontier Founder+s Day 9/13/1996
Sloan defends stance 9/13/1996
Spitfire Grill Movie Review 9/13/1996
Student wins free ride for books from Rother+s 9/13/1996
University junior to participate in pageant 9/13/1996
Yell leaders take top honors 9/13/1996
Yikes! Bikes! 9/13/1996
Administrators, faculty discuss Siebens grant 9/12/1996
Baylor Police Briefs 9/12/1996
College students at high risk for STDs 9/12/1996
Editorial: Building a better Waco 9/12/1996
Faculty concerned about Sloan+s direction 9/12/1996
Frankly Scarlet doubly lucky with sister duo 9/12/1996
Gear up for intramurals 9/12/1996
Greek life coordinator returns to first post 9/12/1996
Health, Wellness Office offers help for students seeking healthy life 9/12/1996
Lady golfers finish third in Husker+s Chip and Club Invitational Low scores, ace highlight Bears+ play 9/12/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/12/1996
Local bookstore encourages debate, originality through poetry forum 9/12/1996
Sloan addresses students in Chapel-Forum 9/12/1996
Swamp bogs down in administration 9/12/1996
Whataburger working to improve security at restaurant, official says 9/12/1996
Alumni By Choice program shares green and gold spirit 9/11/1996
Baylor long distance affordable 9/11/1996
Baylor+s winningest sport set for new season Cross Country team prepares for this weekend+s BU Invitational 9/11/1996
Campus ministries offer opportunities to non-Baptists 9/11/1996
Career Center sponsors fair, coordinates mock interviews 9/11/1996
Confidence returns after worrying about graduation, career decisions 9/11/1996
Council to try new twist to student leadership skills 9/11/1996
Date rape drug hits colleges, robs victims of memory 9/11/1996
Exhibit shows faculty works 9/11/1996
Free e-mail for parents, kids 9/11/1996
Friends for Life needs volunteers to visit elderly 9/11/1996
Letters to the Editor 9/11/1996
One of Baylor+s own sent to serve Air Force in Middle East 9/11/1996
Parking violations: Students enjoy using parents+ parking permits 9/11/1996
Registration set to hit the wires for spring term 9/11/1996
Shalom Ministries supports victims of abuse 9/11/1996
Tennis players chosen for tourney 9/11/1996
University takes appropriate steps to aid Internet-savvy students 9/11/1996
YIPPEEE! 9/11/1996
Blood disease claims Baylor employee+s young grandson 9/10/1996
Bumper sticker exposes ignorance 9/10/1996
Cartoon 9/10/1996
Catch the wave! 9/10/1996
Circle K serves community, hosts leadership convention 9/10/1996
Clinton reacts with good intentions to Iraqi assault on Kurdish safe haven 9/10/1996
Cunningham says he wants to make Chapel-Forum student-friendly 9/10/1996
Lady netters roll in Invitational 9/10/1996
Letter to the Editor 9/10/1996
Long lines await in Financial Aid 9/10/1996
New offensive scheme, same defensive power propels Bears to victory 9/10/1996
New tennis coach, players excited by Baylor+s new possibilities in Big 12 9/10/1996
Point of Grace, 4HIM take to stage with Christian message 9/10/1996
Radio set-up aids students in worldwide communication 9/10/1996
Retired professor Burckhardt dies at 64 of cardiac arrest He was first permanent chairman of modern foreign languages 9/10/1996
Service offers graduate exam information on the Internet 9/10/1996
Speaker says pity part of daily life 9/10/1996
Trolley provides cheap, reliable transportation 9/10/1996