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News Archives for March 1996

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Story Date
Baylor Briefs 3/29/1996
Big 12 force raises money, shades fans 3/29/1996
Changing faces for women 3/29/1996
Cliff-dwelling thrill seekers escape peril . . . and find adventure 3/29/1996
Club sports bring a kick to students' lives 3/29/1996
Conference attracts Christian scholars from church schools 3/29/1996
editor's note 3/29/1996
Editorial: Extra credit should fit into course objectives 3/29/1996
Focus | Magazine / 3/29/1996
Geology graduate student dives into research field; studies life, health of atypical Jamaican coral reef 3/29/1996
Mailbag 3/29/1996
Massages aid relaxation 3/29/1996
Relaxation is only a hike, a bike or a camp away 3/29/1996
Run for Hope commemorates life of cadet 3/29/1996
Star Wars on its way back into theaters beginning next year 3/29/1996
Stone Temple Pilot's expiration date long past 3/29/1996
Traditional diet offers better choice than diet centers 3/29/1996
Working out takes on new forms at various gyms 3/29/1996
Working out takes on new forms at various gyms 3/29/1996
Author speaks on 'visions to save world' 3/28/1996
Baylor Briefs 3/28/1996
Cancer awareness subject of brown bag lunch 3/28/1996
Cheese fries and pop: reflections on Big 12 trip 3/28/1996
Colorado team rows down Brazos 3/28/1996
Concert Calendar For Austin and Dallas 3/28/1996
Editorial: Skin color should not determine admission 3/28/1996
Editorial: Skin color should not determine admission 3/28/1996
Faculty members get award from Girl Scouts 3/28/1996
Family receives support from March of Dimes 3/28/1996
Lower tolerance in residence halls Rising vandalism rate in Penland, Martin dorms 3/28/1996
Mailbag 3/28/1996
Senior, Theater Department present dark, offbeat play 3/28/1996
Senior, Theater Department present dark, offbeat play 3/28/1996
Sophomore first runner-up in pageant 3/28/1996
Students arrested for slide theft 3/28/1996
Students have opportunity to discover early Texas life 3/28/1996
The Sid Richardsons come back to Baylor with new name, drummer 3/28/1996
Academy Awards fail to surprise; choose epic over talking pig 3/27/1996
Baylor Brief 3/27/1996
Baylor Brief #2 3/27/1996
Increased community interaction Peer Education offers opportunity for credit 3/27/1996
Professor discusses country relations 3/27/1996
sees hope in U.S. future 3/27/1996
Baylor Briefs 3/26/1996
Colin Powell to discuss military career, Desert Storm 3/26/1996
Controversial author comes to Baylor 3/26/1996
Dean of Education resigns, accepts position with the University of Missouri 3/26/1996
Editorial: Overly restrictive rules serve only as irritation 3/26/1996
Interactive Lariat: To what degree should religious beliefs factor into faculty hiring and promotion? 3/26/1996
Law school mock trial team wins, advances to national tournament 3/26/1996
Lecture outlines history of Irish religious conflict 3/26/1996
Regents address various topics 3/26/1996
Scott, Madden named to vice presidential posts 3/26/1996
Signing in 3/26/1996
Sittin' in the evenin' sun 3/26/1996
Student association sponsors Native American Pow-Wow 3/26/1996
Student meeting with Board of Regents leads to better communication at Baylor 3/26/1996
Baylor Brief 3/22/1996
Big 12 task force anticipates increased traffic 3/22/1996
Bus drivers experience transportation 3/22/1996
Court of appeals rules against affirmative action 3/22/1996
Daily rush to class sometimes obscures God's littlest miracles 3/22/1996
Denver player worried about pay, not Allah 3/22/1996
DPS finds cocaine in Baylor-bound car 3/22/1996
Editorial: Regents should open ears to student voices 3/22/1996
Mailbag 3/22/1996
Mailbag: Part II 3/22/1996
Steppin' Out takes service to community 3/22/1996
Symphony receives grant for acoustic improvements 3/22/1996
Winn resigns from center 3/22/1996
Baylor Briefs 3/21/1996
Baylor Briefs 3/21/1996
Board of Regents to discuss plans for student buildings 3/21/1996
Concert Calendar 3/21/1996
Editorial: Lyon deserves thanks for important research 3/21/1996
Graduate student shares his chemistry with others 3/21/1996
Mailbag 3/21/1996
Nationwide children's art exhibit comes to Baylor 3/21/1996
Pow-wow to be held at Ferrell Center 3/21/1996
Professor resigns from Truett 3/21/1996
Students share views on survey, racism 3/21/1996
Wind festival to showcase kite buffs' flying talent 3/21/1996
Baseball team wins double-header against UTA 3/7/1996
Baylor Briefs 3/7/1996
Baylor home to real 'Batman' 3/7/1996
Chapel speaker encourages responsible designated drivers Myths of wine coolers, female tolerance dispelled 3/7/1996
Editorial: Males dominate list of dean candidates 3/7/1996
Forbes, Keyes give field diversity 3/7/1996
Fundraising drops off after sesquicentennial festivities 3/7/1996
Lady Bears fall in season finale 3/7/1996
Lady Bears fall in season finale 3/7/1996
Mailbag 3/7/1996
Needles found in cafeteria put workers at risk 3/7/1996
Pizza question debated 3/7/1996
Student Court upholds rejection 3/7/1996
Taylor persists as other longshot candidates drop from race 3/7/1996
Track team heads to Indoor Championships 3/7/1996
'Prank' sparks investigation 3/6/1996
Baseball team wins double-header against UTA 3/6/1996
Baylor Telecommunications students intern in Atlanta 3/6/1996
BU track team does well at U.S. Indoor Nationals 3/6/1996
Editorial: Outstanding Graduate 3/6/1996
Lecturer urges compassion for fellow human beings 3/6/1996
Mailbag 3/6/1996
Professor wins federal crop research grant 3/6/1996
Read-a-thon benefits research 3/6/1996
Students good stewards despite tight budgets 3/6/1996
Students question delivery refusal 3/6/1996
Students raise funds, prepare for summer missions 3/6/1996
8 receive Outstanding Student award 3/5/1996
Batter breaks 9-year record 3/5/1996
Editorial: Downtown campus would make Baylor, Waco closer 3/5/1996
Finding those elusive campus gum machines 3/5/1996
Interactive Lariat 3/5/1996
Interactive Lariat 3/5/1996
Mailbag 3/5/1996
Spanish curriculum changes 3/5/1996
Sports medicine now available at Health Center Clinic opens Wednesday 3/5/1996
Waco school district abandons year-round schooling 3/5/1996
Baylor Briefs 3/1/1996
Baylor Briefs Part Deux 3/1/1996
Centennial winner to continue research 3/1/1996
Clinton challenged by diverse candidates 3/1/1996
Democratic presidential candidates differ from Clinton 3/1/1996
Downtown developers make Waco renaissance a reality 3/1/1996
Editorial: Faculty hiring should not become more exclusionary 3/1/1996
Editorial: Faculty hiring should not become more exclusionary 3/1/1996
Mailbag 3/1/1996
Movie Review: Fumble in the Bronx 3/1/1996
Police deal with brawlers, gun-toter, odd projectile 3/1/1996
Slime Caps and University Spirit From the Baylor Line to welcome week, the university celebrates age-old traditions 3/1/1996
Students to compete in North American Sales Cup Competition in Mexico 3/1/1996
Students to compete in North American Sales Cup Competition in Mexico 3/1/1996