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News Archives for Feb. 1996

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Story Date
Baylor names top preachers Baylor names top preachers 2/29/1996
Cox vetoes racquetball allocation 2/29/1996
Editorial: From Koresh to dancing, Waco always punch-line 2/29/1996
Interactive Lariat 2/29/1996
Leadership styles of civil rights leaders compared 2/29/1996
Mailbag 2/29/1996
New criteria for outstanding graduate may be forthcoming 2/29/1996
Photo: Earning their wings 2/29/1996
Photo: Sloan and U.N. Team 2/29/1996
Silence marks third anniversary 2/29/1996
Baylor Briefs 2/28/1996
Baylor Briefs 2 2/28/1996
Billiards and table tennis teams travel to regionals 2/28/1996
Editorial: Congress swings; get a rope for absent members 2/28/1996
Government out-of-touch: Run for office, don't run with the herd 2/28/1996
Interactive soap opera hits the Internet 2/28/1996
Magazine satirizes church hypocrisy 2/28/1996
Mailbag 2/28/1996
Merchandise stolen from stadium gift shop 2/28/1996
Newspapers stolen; called 'expensive prank' 2/28/1996
Park rangers warn against cliff climbing at Cameron Park 2/28/1996
Photo: A winning lineup 2/28/1996
Photo: Left, left, left right left 2/28/1996
Professor to participate in torch relay 2/28/1996
Quit whining - U.S. still land of opportunity 2/28/1996
ROTC cadets show 'right stuff' in training flights 2/28/1996
Second annual Beall Poetry Festival brings new artists 2/28/1996
Waco beginning to lace up its skates 2/28/1996
1996 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 2/27/1996
Bears team set to begin spring practice 2/27/1996
Cartoon 2/27/1996
City Council to enlarge Waco Regional Airport 2/27/1996
Congress allocates more than half of fund 2/27/1996
Debate, U.N. teams beat out Ivy League; deserve applause 2/27/1996
Democratic U.S. senate candidates sound off on issues 2/27/1996
Graduate student prevails despite language barriers 2/27/1996
Lecturer speaks on future of Texas; state's history important 2/27/1996
Mailbag 2/27/1996
New day dawns with Stanton 2/27/1996
Next stop: Pigskin!! 2/27/1996
Sloan addresses dancing 2/27/1996
'Bobby' moves; Austin look out 2/23/1996
BAYLOR BRIEF 2/23/1996
Citizen Lane brings eclectic style to Waco 2/23/1996
Committee helps prepare Waco for near future 2/23/1996
Democratic senatorial candidates discuss issues 2/23/1996
Egg Drop 2/23/1996
Faculty discusses merit pay in forum 2/23/1996
Faculty discusses merit pay in forum 2/23/1996
Leaving Las Vegas disturbs, intrigues 2/23/1996
Speaker at Mission Waco banquet teaches Christians to be more effective workers 2/23/1996
Bears hold on to win 2/21/1996
Cope heads to KSU comeback 2/21/1996
DPS hosts crime watch information fair in SUB 2/21/1996
Editorial: Thanks for BearTouch, but e-mail beats Ma Bell 2/21/1996
Holocaust survivor subject of graduate drama production 2/21/1996
Life is a stage 2/21/1996
Mailbag 2/21/1996
Model UN tops worldwide competition 2/21/1996
Win streak ends at 2 2/21/1996
All University Sing acts reviewed 2/20/1996
Baylor Briefs 2/20/1996
Bears win final SWC indoor title 2/20/1996
BIC expands across campus; new approach to core curriculum 2/20/1996
Davidian tourism presents solution to economic woes 2/20/1996
Editorial: Slip of tongue at Sing part of bigger problem 2/20/1996
End of dancing ban starts new tradition 2/20/1996
Get help before heartbreak happens 2/20/1996
Interactive Lariat: Are you happy with the removal of the on-campus dancing ban? What guidelines, if any, should be used to oversee dances? 2/20/1996
Mailbag 2/20/1996
National Engineers Week exposes field to students 2/20/1996
New breed of Democrats seek to influence party perception 2/20/1996
Photo: Soaking up the sun 2/20/1996
Photos: Zooropa 2/20/1996
Republicans aim to keep 'revolution' going 2/20/1996
State sales tax confounds bureaucrats, consumers 2/20/1996
What's happening at Baylor? 2/20/1996
Women's soccer program gets first recruits 2/20/1996
Bears lose to Tech 78-72 2/15/1996
Bears' recruiting class among top 10 in nation 2/15/1996
Cartoon 2/15/1996
Editorial: Rape case casts light on university injustice 2/15/1996
Lady Bears fall 80-64 to Texas Tech 2/15/1996
Magazine solicitors caught 2/15/1996
Mail Bag: Part Deux 2/15/1996
Photo: Along came a spider... 2/15/1996
Photo: Young Artist 2/15/1996
Professor criticizes bell curve data 2/15/1996
Reynolds hospitalized with multiple disc ruptures 2/15/1996
Steppin' Out helps community 2/15/1996
Tactics to ward off annoying phone solicitors 2/15/1996
TOUGHLOVE teaches non-violence 2/15/1996
'Offensive coordinator' Culley returns to pros 2/14/1996
Area streets get major improvements 2/14/1996
Campus reacts to discrimination question 2/14/1996
Editorials 2/14/1996
In the quest for true love, Valentine's Day has different meanings for everyone 2/14/1996
Lecture to discuss new multicultural history goals 2/14/1996
Lubbock Christian falls again 2/14/1996
Mack doles out parking lot justice despite excuses 2/14/1996
Malleable minds learn of cruel Cupid 2/14/1996
Raiders won't be easy for B-ball teams 2/14/1996
Baylor withdraws Johnson lawsuit, coach accepts responsibility 2/13/1996
Girl Scout bake-off features ARA chefs 2/13/1996
Horses in poor health stolen from local stables 2/13/1996
House candidates respond to Lariat survey 2/13/1996
Lady Bears fall again to SMU Lady Mustangs 2/13/1996
Men's tennis team opens season with win, loss 2/13/1996
National Random Acts of Kindness Week allows consideration for the needs of others; take time to brighten someone's day 2/13/1996
Students have creative excuses for evading tickets 2/13/1996
Summer Camp Job Fair offers students opportunity to enrich campers' lives; grow as individuals 2/13/1996
Victory over SMU breaks six-game losing streak 2/13/1996
Accident victim recovering, intersection strikes again 2/9/1996
Baylor baseball starts season on Monday against Lubbock Christian 2/9/1996
Big 12 could bridge gap for Waco,Baylor 2/9/1996
Billy Graham's daughter visits Columbus Baptist 2/9/1996
Bringing cultures together 2/9/1996
By Ricky George Staff Writer for The Lariat The Student Congress office in the Bill Daniel Student Center was filled with the BearTouch Thursday. Employees from the Office of the Registrar and members of student government hastily affixed mailing lab 2/9/1996
Concert Calendar 2/9/1996
Congress denies membership to former representative 2/9/1996
Current music review Limblifter Limblifter 2/9/1996
Gospel Fest 96 to feature guest speakers, choirs 2/9/1996
Lady Bear softball opens season after seven year absence absence 2/9/1996
Mailbag 2/9/1996
Pioneer in women's missions movement topic of religion lecture 2/9/1996
Reedy got recruits, can he get the ring? 2/9/1996
Republicans vie for nomination 2/9/1996
Several crimes around campus this week 2/9/1996
Swiss professor discusses Maastricht Treaty 2/9/1996
Time to make bear symbol kinder, gentler 2/9/1996
Virtual Prof takes teaching into next century 2/9/1996
Committee markets spirit, enthusiasm 2/8/1996
Crusade takes Nashville trip despite lack of funds 2/8/1996
Editorial: Allocations should benefit all students; not just a handful 2/8/1996
Fair provides students with opportunities 2/8/1996
Graduate student assists with research to benefit community 2/8/1996
Mailbag 2/8/1996
One half not enough for Lady Bears at College Station 2/8/1996
Photo: How about those Cowboys? 2/8/1996
Photo: Mammoth Dude 2/8/1996
Speaker uncovers historical roots of black spirituality in Chapel-Forum 2/8/1996
Top state recruits highlight nationally-ranked class of '96 2/8/1996
'Time to make the doughnuts' 2/7/1996
adventures in television 2/7/1996
Artist's Haven 2/7/1996
Baylor's radio station attracts local DJs and listeners through varied format 2/7/1996
CEO gives business views 2/7/1996
Editorial: Pulse of Waco's live music scene weakens 2/7/1996
Exposing truth key to freedom, change 2/7/1996
focus magazine 2/7/1996
Lady Bears need win as second half of SWC play begins 2/7/1996
Late papers and long nights 2/7/1996
Library-bound student hurt in two-car accident 2/7/1996
Mailbag 2/7/1996
Mailbag 2/7/1996
Mailbag: Part Deux 2/7/1996
Music of the Night 2/7/1996
Pulse of Waco's live music scene weakens 2/7/1996
ROTC offers cadets training for their futures 2/7/1996
Shining light in dark corners 2/7/1996
Students contribute to community through 'Meals' 2/7/1996
The Lariat: Feb. 07, 1996 2/7/1996
Campaign kicks off for Welcome Week 2/6/1996
Cartoon 2/6/1996
Editorial: Jack Frost forces Bears into 2-day hibernation 2/6/1996
Graduate school to host faculty research presentations 2/6/1996
Mailbag 2/6/1996
Movie Review: Bed of Roses 2/6/1996
Music Review: Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits 2/6/1996
Photo: Africa! 2/6/1996
Photo: Fountain and Pat Neff 2/6/1996
Tennyson welcomes Olympian to campus 2/6/1996
Weather keeps students inside 2/6/1996
What's Happening at Baylor 2/6/1996
YMCA offers Bible-based fitness program 2/6/1996
Baylor Briefs 2/1/1996
Baylor Briefs: Part Deux(two) 2/1/1996
Bears blow another lead as Owls prevail 2/1/1996
Central Texas students present history fair in Student Center 2/1/1996
Concert Calendar 2/1/1996
Deficit remains concern for GOP 2/1/1996
Editorial: Princeton says Baylor is bigoted 2/1/1996
First half hibernation costs Lady Bears another close conference contest 2/1/1996
Mailbag 2/1/1996
Modern music leaves something to be desired 2/1/1996
More than survival Wilderness program teaches compassion 2/1/1996
New fat substitute gets FDA approval 2/1/1996
Professors throw hats into political arena 2/1/1996
Professors throw hats into political arena 2/1/1996
University Parks to close 2/1/1996