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News Archives for Nov. 1996

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Story Date
+Space Jam+ nothing but $125 million commercial exploit of Looney Tunes 11/22/1996
BearTouch system gets mixed reviews 11/22/1996
Cartoon 11/22/1996
Consumer advocate decries large corporations+ ill effects 11/22/1996
Editorial: Positive Reinforcement 11/22/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/22/1996
Local musician+s roots tied with green, gold 11/22/1996
Museum studies charters organization 11/22/1996
Musicologist reflects on Italian travels 11/22/1996
Students debate merit of campus groups 11/22/1996
Thanksgiving carries its own turkey 11/22/1996
Thanksgiving finds some students far from home 11/22/1996
Waco Airport upgrades facilities 11/22/1996
+Adbusters+ protest holiday shopping blitz 11/21/1996
+Nutcracker+ performance to feature Waco Symphony 11/21/1996
Bear Briefs 11/21/1996
BU reacts to Reedy speculation 11/21/1996
Cartoon 11/21/1996
Discover Waco 11/21/1996
DPS arrests Waco man for criminal trespass 11/21/1996
Editorial: Apartment Woes 11/21/1996
Entrepreneurs to graduate from program 11/21/1996
Finding right apartment takes research, headstart 11/21/1996
Forum addresses race relations 11/21/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/21/1996
Pets also victims of violence 11/21/1996
Porch couch ban 11/21/1996
Satirical singer Wally Pleasant to share wacky world with Waco 11/21/1996
Season ends for Bears+ cross country squad 11/21/1996
Sloan optimistic about funding for buildings 11/21/1996
Woman pays exorbitant amount to provide cat additional 9 lives 11/21/1996
+Encounter+ helps students broaden their horizons 11/20/1996
Bear Briefs 11/20/1996
Consumer advocate to speak on campus 11/20/1996
Dreams, talent, Suburban help students promote band in month-long road trip 11/20/1996
Editorial: BAYLIS 11/20/1996
Empty promises, leaking pipes 11/20/1996
Entertainment Briefs 11/20/1996
Floatin in the afternoon 11/20/1996
Guides, services offer students apartment hunting help 11/20/1996
If nicotine increases brain capacity, quitting smoking would be crazy 11/20/1996
Internet offers textbook buyback 11/20/1996
Intramural season winds down 11/20/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/20/1996
Panhellenic to raise funds for building 11/20/1996
Political comedy opens at Hippodrome 11/20/1996
PRSSA hosts membership drive 11/20/1996
Womens Basketball 11/20/1996
Bush sharpens image 11/19/1996
Dressing calf not for weaklings 11/19/1996
Editorial: Holiday Selling 11/19/1996
Famous preacher to reschedule campus appearance 11/19/1996
Jackopierce plays Waco 11/19/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/19/1996
Liaisons lobby for grant increase 11/19/1996
Local eatery burns 11/19/1996
University names top 8 students from each school on campus 11/19/1996
Young couple shares triumph, tragedy of living with AIDS 11/19/1996
AIDS Awareness Day planned for Monday 11/15/1996
Alumnus answers alternative call to ministry 11/15/1996
Authors gather to educate about hunger, poverty in United States 11/15/1996
Bear Briefs 11/15/1996
Bears need victory to stay alive 11/15/1996
BUGWB to make CD recording 11/15/1996
Editorial: Surveying Students 11/15/1996
Fall+s splendor 11/15/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/15/1996
Megastar Gibson gets good grade as guilt-ridden father in +Ransom+ 11/15/1996
Men+s soccer receives national bid 11/15/1996
Reedy may need courses in coaching 11/15/1996
Self-defense teaches prevention, builds confidence 11/15/1996
University hosts National Merit Scholar Semifinalists 11/15/1996
Volleyball team in must-win situation 11/15/1996
Who+s Who selects students 11/15/1996
Bear Briefs 11/14/1996
BGCT ends yearly meeting 11/14/1996
Council names outstanding students 11/14/1996
Editorial: Roughing Reedy 11/14/1996
English consultant shares communication methods 11/14/1996
Lecturer discusses gender in artwork 11/14/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/14/1996
Pianist blends sounds from the keys 11/14/1996
Scruffy Murphy+s plans expansion, considers cover charge 11/14/1996
Student Congress conducts survey 11/14/1996
Symposium examines society+s responses to illness, aging, death 11/14/1996
University should stop playing with SLC 11/14/1996
+Pet store warehouse+ set to open 11/13/1996
Bear Briefs 11/13/1996
Congress projects benefit campus 11/13/1996
Editorial: Exiting Early 11/13/1996
Entertainment Briefs 11/13/1996
Games students play 11/13/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/13/1996
Liquor ads won+t overflow TV 11/13/1996
Migraine sufferers unite for seminar 11/13/1996
Plebeian Monarchs readying for life as performers 11/13/1996
Santa+s Workshop program brings joy to local children 11/13/1996
Spirit patrol sparks support in Clifton Robinson Tower 11/13/1996
Students needed in various volunteer positions 11/13/1996
Ultimate Frisbee enjoys ultimate success 11/13/1996
Women+s soccer ends season 11/13/1996
Crowds swarm to opening of downtown burger palace 11/12/1996
Despite talent, Bears can+t end losing streak 11/12/1996
High school Model U.N. teams face off at Baylor 11/12/1996
Language department offers summer intensive 11/12/1996
Law school holds graduation 11/12/1996
Lift your voices, lift your hearts 11/12/1996
Mascot care fund hunts for money 11/12/1996
New bands splash onto scene; older band still riding wave 11/12/1996
New project offers foster homes relief 11/12/1996
Revelers keep DPS busy over weekend 11/12/1996
ROTC honors POWs, MIAs during awareness week 11/12/1996
SLC becomes reality with new director 11/12/1996
Ultimate come and get it 11/12/1996
American pickup would have ensured victory for Morales+ run for Congress 11/8/1996
BU needs victory to keep bowl hopes alive 11/8/1996
Congress splurges for new tradition 11/8/1996
Editorial: Taking Time 11/8/1996
Epic surrounds Irish hero +Michael Collins+ 11/8/1996
Growl Practice challenges Midnight Yell 11/8/1996
Lack of sleep, bad food increase student illness 11/8/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/8/1996
New Internet business focuses on Baylor 11/8/1996
No more dropping dimes 11/8/1996
Preschool faces shutdown 11/8/1996
Professor to tow wife in red wagon around Bear Trail for charity event 11/8/1996
Traveling storyteller is one-man show 11/8/1996
University offers alternative spring break 11/8/1996
Volleyball team prepares to meet conference rivals 11/8/1996
Austin hosts poetry festival 11/7/1996
Broadway musical +Tommy+ Hippodrome+s largest project 11/7/1996
Cartoon 11/7/1996
Crime wave continues 11/7/1996
Dole feels sense of urgency too late 11/7/1996
Editorial: Precinct blunders 11/7/1996
Grave rededication planned for +Sul+ Ross by Sons of Confederate Veterans 11/7/1996
Letter to the Editor 11/7/1996
Long lines, short tempers plagued voting sites 11/7/1996
Mens basketball to take on Australia 11/7/1996
Multicultural adviser appointed to Student Congress 11/7/1996
Non-traditional student organization founded 11/7/1996
Non-traditional student organization founded 11/7/1996
Philosophy professor invited to join seminar 11/7/1996
ROTC captain retires after 25 years of service 11/7/1996
Stress comes in many forms 11/7/1996
Students mixed about Clinton victory 11/7/1996
Students sacrifice health for class 11/7/1996
Women+s tennis set for tourney 11/7/1996
Bear Briefs 11/6/1996
Break would ease students+ burden 11/6/1996
Couch-A-Thon to benefit literacy 11/6/1996
Editorial: Commercialism 11/6/1996
Intramural soccer semifinals end 11/6/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/6/1996
Local party leaders, students react to election results 11/6/1996
Mens tennis wraps up season 11/6/1996
Ninfa+s parent company files for bankruptcy; Waco location not affected 11/6/1996
ROTC awarded for excellence 11/6/1996
Service ceases at local family-run restaurant Nick+s Greek restaurant closes doors after 31 years 11/6/1996
Students rewarded for service with celebration 11/6/1996
Students self-produce, direct Greek tragedy +Medea+ 11/6/1996
Womens soccer ends season with wins 11/6/1996
Acting journalism chair named 11/5/1996
Baylor Sports Wrap-UP Baylor Sports Weekend Wrap-Up Women's Soccer The women's soccer team ended an already astounding season last weekend in the traditional Bear shutout fashion. The Bears, now 6-2-1 in Big 12 Conference play, ended the season wit 11/5/1996
Campus political leaders face-off 11/5/1996
Candidates hustle for last-minute votes 11/5/1996
Chapman is rockin+, rollin+ with new sound, new CD 11/5/1996
Dessert theater hosts classical guitarist 11/5/1996
High school bands bring sight, sound to Floyd Casey 11/5/1996
Sloan answers questions about removals, SLC 11/5/1996
Volleyball team ends losing streak 11/5/1996
Weekend+s loss tough on all BU football fans 11/5/1996
Bear Briefs 11/1/1996
Bears ride momentum into Austin 11/1/1996
Cartoon 11/1/1996
Congress approves new e-mail stations 11/1/1996
Cross country just gets 1 Big 12 chance 11/1/1996
Editorial: Demotions 11/1/1996
Historic village hosts festival 11/1/1996
Laughs abound with Lowry 11/1/1996
Leadership conference addresses university life, relationship with God 11/1/1996
Letters to the Editor 11/1/1996
Musical maturity of young band brings serious message of faith 11/1/1996
Not your father's pickup 11/1/1996
One monster soccer match 11/1/1996
Professor to write library+s history 11/1/1996
Students prepare to vote in elections 11/1/1996