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News Archives for Jan. 1996

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Story Date
Armed robber flees leaving palm print 1/31/1996
Bankston's has something for everyone 1/31/1996
Baylor Briefs 1/31/1996
Campeche Bakery to reopen 1/31/1996
Editorial: Come on Baylor, let's do the twist... 1/31/1996
Globetrotters to play Ferrell Center 1/31/1996
Mailbag 1/31/1996
Mailbag: Part Dos (two) 1/31/1996
Owls won't be easy foe 1/31/1996
Phone registration ready Trial run for BEARLine begins this semester 1/31/1996
Photo: All the colors 1/31/1996
Photo: Destination Unknown 1/31/1996
Princeton Review surveys campus life 1/31/1996
Speed limit changes to continue in state 1/31/1996
Student finds 'college experience' has more than one definition 1/31/1996
The race is on for leukemia Religion professor runs marathon in Honolulu 1/31/1996
Track team members qualify at OU meet 1/31/1996
Voting by mail aids students living outside their districts 1/31/1996
Voting by mail aids students living outside their districts 1/31/1996
What's Happening? 1/31/1996
Baylor Briefs 1/30/1996
Baylor's most famous professor explains his notoriety 1/30/1996
Campus Buzz 1/30/1996
Editorials: Caring organizations help fire victims pick up pieces 1/30/1996
Founders Day celebrated in Chapel, contributors honored 1/30/1996
Freshman survives 200-foot cliff drop 1/30/1996
Hockey in Waco 1/30/1996
Mailbag 1/30/1996
Opinions vary as 'Operation Greenjeans' given the go-ahead 1/30/1996
Question: Is the Baylor student body tolerant of gays and non-whites? 1/30/1996
Sloan shares dreams of Camelot 1/30/1996
Texas Tomorrow Fund to allow prepayment of college tuition 1/30/1996
Accounting class changes focus through group problem solving 1/26/1996
Editorial: Keep Teacher Guide Alive 1/26/1996
Mailbag 1/26/1996
Music Review: The Police 'Synchronicity' 1/26/1996
Runaway teen mother-to-be in custody of state authorities 1/26/1996
Sports Editorial: A few thoughts... 1/26/1996
Student loan default rate dropping, Baylor lower than national average 1/26/1996
Super Bowl XXX better matchup than last few 1/26/1996
Tarantino, Rodriguez take it to the limit 1/26/1996
Track takes traditional power into final SWC season 1/26/1996
Address varies in meaning 1/25/1996
Campus may dance soon 1/25/1996
Cigars status symbols, favorite of celebrities 1/25/1996
Internet addiction spurs help groups Addicts may trade chat rooms for support e-mailings 1/25/1996
IRS automates 1040 form Users sharpen their No.2s 1/25/1996
Photo: Play that tune 1/25/1996
Spiritual renewal conference to be held in Cashion 1/25/1996
Student worker robbed at La Quinta 1/25/1996
Students set sail for Semester at Sea program 1/25/1996
'Ten' receive memorial 1/24/1996
Bears and Lady Bears face tough foe in 'Horns 1/24/1996
Cartoon 1/24/1996
Clinton: time to finish job 1/24/1996
Donating plasma; opportunity for students to help others 1/24/1996
Editorial 1/24/1996
Interactive Lariat 1/24/1996
Mailbag 1/24/1996
Photo: Car Wreck 1/24/1996
Rangers visit Waco on state tour 1/24/1996
Tower foyer dedicated 1/24/1996
Wallet theft reoccurs 1/24/1996
Baylor student takes to the air 1/23/1996
Bears play well in senior bowls 1/23/1996
Bears play well in senior bowls 1/23/1996
Graduate student sees stars while studying 1/23/1996
Graduate student sees stars while studying 1/23/1996
Mailbag 1/23/1996
Plan calls for 'Bold Vision' 1/23/1996
Regents name new dean 1/23/1996
Sloan answers student questions 1/23/1996
Sloan leads early-morning crowd in annual Ferrell Center prayer meeting 1/23/1996
Sorority sponsors marrow testing in The Cub today 1/23/1996
Sorority sponsors marrow testing in The Cub today 1/23/1996
What's Happening at Baylor 1/23/1996
Alumni receive honors 1/19/1996
Baylor Briefs 1/19/1996
Bears list of top recruits grows 1/19/1996
Conflict in Bosnia three way according to series lecture 1/19/1996
Groups debate on next election 1/19/1996
KWBU should rock around radio clock 1/19/1996
Mailbag 1/19/1996
Photo: Teacher 1/19/1996
Pizza lovers get ready for new taste on the horizon Papa John's promises to deliver 'perfect pizza' 1/19/1996
Shuttle rolls in Sunday on Baylor campus 1/19/1996
Storm causes minor damage 1/19/1996
Student Congress approves trip allocation for radio station 1/19/1996
Student ministry internships provide practical experience 1/19/1996
Acting team performs in chapel 1/18/1996
Baylor receives $50,000 grant for summer faculty seminar 1/18/1996
Calendar 1/18/1996
Calendar committee approves fall break 1/18/1996
Concert Calendar 1/18/1996
Doctors caution nail clients to choose salon carefully 1/18/1996
Editorial: Professors should log-on, help out 1/18/1996
Mailbag 1/18/1996
Photo: Steeeee-rike! 1/18/1996
Professor receives award 1/18/1996
Students write to 'Internet Pen Pals' dai 1/18/1996
Basketball teams face tough challenge vs. Tech 1/17/1996
Collins cook collapses, recovers 1/17/1996
Early morning dilemma prompts call for change 1/17/1996
Editorial 1/17/1996
Local video stores collect fines from Baylor students 1/17/1996
Photo- Email in the SUB! 1/17/1996
SUB now offers student e-mail 1/17/1996
Textbook wars begin anew 1/17/1996
Train travel worth ride 1/17/1996
Band Photo 1/16/1996
Calendar 1/16/1996
Candidate's wife visits Waco 1/16/1996
EDITORIAL 1/16/1996
Editorial 1/16/1996
Editorial: Texas A&M's mascot blighted by shaky health 1/16/1996
Editorial: Texas A&M's mascot blighted by shaky health 1/16/1996
Gimme Shelter 1/16/1996
LETTERS 1/16/1996
Madden named interim director of department 1/16/1996
Mailbag 1/16/1996
Mailbag 1/16/1996
MLK observance still an issue 1/16/1996
Music 1/16/1996
News 1/16/1996
Regardless of new state laws, campus policy stays same 1/16/1996
Sports 1/16/1996
Sports 1/16/1996
Sports 1/16/1996
Sports This Week 1/16/1996
Student delivers memorial 1/16/1996