"Bugs' is a term often misused scientifically but readily understood by most people when used in polite conversation. Someone once noted that 'all bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs'. True bugs (Order Hemiptera) have specific wing and mouthpart combinations not shared by other insects.

This site showcases a variety of insects and other arthropods (excluding dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, moths and spiders) that are common to the wetland and often dismissed by the phrase "Oh, that's just a bug".

Types of "Bugs"

Many types of flies, beetles, grasshoppers, lacewings, leafhoppers, wheel bugs and stinkbugs may be seen on plants in or near the water while giant waterbugs, water striders, mosquito larvae and water scorpions may be seen in the water. Although not always as easily seen as the showy and aerobatic butterflies and dragonflies, these species are every bit as important to the health of the wetland environment and part of its predictable diversity.