Hairy Golden Aster - Heterotheca villosa

Sunflower Family: Compositae
Aster Tribe: Astereae

  • Stem: Erect stems in busy clumps [Niehaus].
  • Flower: Less than 20 yellow ray florets, ligules about .25 inch long, yellow disk flowers about .25 inch long. July - September [KSU Library]. Each flower head has 10-16 ray flowers. 5-50 cm. [Niehaus].
  • Leaves: Alternate, simple, linear to linear-lanceolate, usually more than five times longer than wide. The lower leaves are stalked and the upper leaves are sessile to clasping. The leaves and inflorescences are covered with flattened, silvery-white, silky hairs that give the plant a grayish-green cast [KSU Library].
    Many oblong, gray-green leaves which are somewhat glandular-haired [Niehaus].
  • Inflorescence: A cluster of cone-shaped heads at the tips of the stems. The heads are about .2 to .3 inch tall. Narrow stalk leaves subtend the heads and are longer than the overlapping involucral bracts [KSU Library].

KSU Library; Niehaus. Southwestern and Texas wildflowers
Photos: Courtesy S. Peregrine Johnson

Hairy Golden Aster - Heterotheca villosa Hairy Golden Aster - Heterotheca villosa