Papyrus - Cyperus papyrus

  • Scientific name: Cyperus alternifolius
  • Common name: Cyperus, Umbrella Plant
  • Family: Cyperaceae
  • Group: Monocot
  • Type: Perennial sedge
  • Location: Sun to part shade
  • Growth Habit: Graminoid
  • Height: 4'-8'
  • Spread: 4'-8'
  • Bloom/Fruit: Dry, greenish-brown flower clusters
  • Duration: Perennial
  • Propagation: Cuttings or division
  • US Nativity: Introduced

Cyperus paprus is the plant used to make paper by the ancient Egyptians. Native to Madagascar.



Scientific Information Sources: USDA and Howart Garrett's Plants for Texas (University of Texas Press, 1996).
Photos: Courtesy SP Johnson