Green Tree Frog/Treefrog - Hyla cinerea

  • Color and skin texture differences probably indicate different species that are found at the Wetlands, and more identification from experts is needed.
  • Typically bright green, with long horizontal yellowish/white strip on body
  • Stripe extends to mouth.
  • Yellow/white lips.
  • Small yellow dorsal spots cover its body.
  • Size varies from 1/2 to 2 1/4 inches body.
  • These frogs can be found on the tall aquatic plants (bulrush or cattails), resting in the daytime.
  • Nocturnal.
  • Eat insects.
  • These frogs are also found in other areas around Lake Waco, even in backyards (if you are within 100 feet of water).

This photo was taken by S. Peregrine Johnson with a macro lens, and the frog was approximately 1 inch long.