Curly Dock - Rumex crispus

Family: Polygonaceae
  • Type: Perennial weed
  • Flowers: Green flowers.
  • Habit: grows in wet areas and is frequently associated with overwatering or standing water in low areas.
  • Characteristics: A member of the buckwheat family, it has characteristic jointed stems, a membranous sheath at the leaf base, and usually swollen nodes.
  • Growth: The mature plant has stout stems and can be 2 to 5 feet (0.6 - 1.5 m) tall. Succulent cotyledons are 3 times long as they are broad.
  • Propagation: From cuttings of its thick and fleshy taproot, and seeds dispersed by wind and water.

Scientific Source: U. California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Photos Source: Courtesy S.P. Johnson

Curly Dock