Nature's Nursery

Often called "Nature's Nursery" a wetland provides a rich environment for the development of a great many species such as amphibians, birds, insects and mammals. Wetlands are among the most biologically productive ecosystems in the world and are often compared to tropical rainforests and coral reefs in the diversity of species they support. Wetlands nurture millions of plants, animals and birds while replenishing and cleansing the water supply.

The Lake Waco Wetlands Project is primarily for establishing wildlife habitat.

  • The Audubon Society has identified 84 species of birds already residing on the site.
  • Deer, turkey, foxes, coyotes, and other wildlife are observed there now.
  • Varied insect and numerous plant species (grasses, shrubs, wildflowers) have been seen throughout the year.

The Research and Education Center is located at the Lake Waco Wetlands, and enables researchers, students, and visitors from the local area to participate in "hands-on" science and learning in a relatively rare, functioning wetland.

For specific species, we provide scientific information, descriptions, and photographic images to facilitate learning about the wetland.