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어서오세요 (Uh suh oh sey yo) Welcome:
The Korean peninsula stretches southward from the northwestern edge of the Asian land mass and is a fascinating blend of both old and new. Korean, a unique and vibrant language, is deeply rooted in traditions and values. The nation's diverse culture, rich in authentic charm, has been shaped by a proud 5,000 year-old legacy. In addition, the nation offers many interesting places to visit such as Gyeongju, the home of the Shilla empire, and the Mt. Sorak National Park. The Korean Wave or “Hallyu” includes the “addictive” Korean pop (K-pop), music videos on You Tube as well as televised “tear jerker” K-dramas. Seoul, the capital of Korea, is became a gathering place among teenagers and young adults all around the world who share their global curiosity toward IT (Information Technology) development, fashion, entertainment and education. Currently, Korean language programs are growing rapidly all around the world-- especially in US and Korean Universities. In addition, the Korean government invites native English speakers to teach in public schools through two programs: TALK (Teach and Learn in Korea) and EPIK (English Program in Korea). Both programs present wonderful opportunities for young people to get paid while teaching abroad in a country with diverse cultures and natural beauty.

Are you interested in learning a new way to express yourself with a unique and vibrant language? If so, Korean is the answer for you!

Korean Home 2

During Korean 1401, 1402, 2310 and 2320 students will accomplish:

  • Mastering correct pronunciation

  • Forming accurate sentence structures

  • Understanding words and phrases

  • Role playing in survival situations such as asking direction, ordering a meal, etc.

  • A deep understanding of Korean culture