The Keston Center welcomes you to explore exhibits on display both on the third floor of Carroll Library and online!

Revisiting Red October: Power, Propaganda & Persecution
The Revisiting Red October exhibit is another dimension of the series of lectures, panels and film screenings being held at Baylor University designed to explore and evaluate the world-changing events that took place a century ago in Russia. This exhibit - both physical and online - takes a careful look at the power structures, propaganda mechanisms and persecution characteristic of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Truth Prevails: 100 Years of Czechoslovak History
Throughout its history, the central-eastern European state formerly known as Czechoslovakia experienced tumultuous changes in autonomy and identity. The world watched the struggle for democratization and personal freedom throughout the 20th century. Their continued hope for freedom and willingness to stand up for truth in the face of brutality serves as an inspiration to the world. Despite unfortunate circumstances and the influence of invaders, the nation continued its struggle for freedom and truth.